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7/3/2019 James Peacock

Not Verified | Boston to Raleigh. We had a mechanical difficulty with the plane we were on, causing us to deplane. I thought it would take forever to schedule another flight, but Jetblue had us on another plane within an hour. It was amazing and very courteous staff that turned a possible flight nightmare to a very well planned...

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7/2/2019 D Cariddi

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Charlotte. I've been a loyal jetblue customer for over a decade and they 'were' always my go-to airline. This changed on this flight from JFK to Charlotte that was delayed 6 hours. Now, we all know delays are possible and when they are based on weather or things not in an airlines control, you lear...

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6/27/2019 Gretel Abreu

✅ Trip Verified | Ft Lauderdale to Holguin. Worst experience and worst customer service. At the counter, the representative that was taking care of me was very rude, unprofessional, she hidden her name tag. Didn’t want to process my family tickets together even though I was paying with same credit card. She even sent me back to...

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6/27/2019 D Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Boston. We were in Portland Oregon. Had boarded and were then told we had to deplane. There was 'a crack on the engine exhaust'. Who knows what would have happened if we tried to make it to Boston but I sincerely appreciate their putting our safety ahead of our desire to reach our destination. We w...

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6/25/2019 Rosalie Morales

Not Verified | Fort Lauderdale to New York. Complete disappointment. TSA pre check was not on boarding pass. Our carry on luggage was checked in. Thank you very much but if you monitor passenger overhead suitcase use I would not have to be inconvenienced. Movies not available. No compensation for their lack of responsibility to...

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6/24/2019 Victoria Williams

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Ft Lauderdale. By far the worst travel experience I've ever had. I get being a cheap airline means I'm not going to get the same customer service, but everyone I spoke to in Ft Lauderdale was rude and dismissive. I equate it to being as bad as Frontier, but more condescending. I also spoke to someon...

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6/21/2019 Stacy Siko

✅ Trip Verified | Buffalo to Atlanta via Boston. Delayed flight in Buffalo, NY so missed connecting flight in Boston and had to stay the night. Next morning flight left on time but arrived 2.5 hours late so missed the noon connecting flight. They put us in the next flight at 4pm, the doors have been closed on the plane for an h...

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6/21/2019 G Berlano

✅ Trip Verified | 24 hours flight delayed from Quito to Fort Lauderdale, delayed on all my connecting flights. I’m still stuck in Boston. Have been traveling for more than 24 hours already. I won’t purchase tickets from JetBlue again and definitely don’t recommend anybody to use this airline.

6/20/2019 C Hadirez

✅ Trip Verified | Reno to Long Beach. Had hope this airline would prove me wrong, but sadly couldn't be more disappointed. Planned for this trip 6 month's ago just for them to cancel my flight because the plane was missing pieces?! Never flying through this airline again.

6/19/2019 M Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Medellin return via Fort Lauderdale. All 4 flights were delayed by an hour or more, the last flight was 3 hour delay . I have flown Jetblue a number of times, this trip by far is the worst with them. On June 18 flight to Boston, the plane sat loaded waiting to take off of an hour, excuse bad weather ...

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6/17/2019 Raoul Watson

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to New York. This review is on the booking process rather than the actual flight. I have always loved JetBlue but today my opinion changed. In February I booked a flight for my sister-in-law to fly from ATL to JFK and returning to ATL. Today I went onto the JetBlue website to try to get a better seat ...

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6/17/2019 Gino Serrao

Not Verified | Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale. Very disappointed with JetBlue, assigning different seats to My wife and I and not able to change seats just because the airline want to charge for the seat. Never will use this airline again

6/13/2019 R Marsino

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Boston. Late all because of lack of personnel. 5 hour delay and counting for a connecting flight to Chicago, all based on a policy of needing 2 attendants on each flight. No back up employees at the airport.

6/12/2019 Amarilis Rivera

Not Verified | Worst service & staff members.They are rude, unproffesional & disrespectful. No sensibility, empathy or consideration with customers that need help. Don't offer suggestions to solve problems or make the experience less stressful. Making the customers life into a nightmare by taking forever to find a supervisor or...

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6/12/2019 A Pena

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Punta Cana. I have been a loyal customer since 2011. This past two trips have been a nightmare. Their service agent at JFK was not very knowledgeable, had a short fuse, was rude to several passengers and just seemed very angry. I tried to go to another agent, but it seemed they all had a chip on th...

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6/11/2019 Tyrone King

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Montego Bay. I wanted to take 3 bags on carry on, they said it was full and I had to pay $130 for all bags to be checked In. Then our plane was delayed over an hour and a half and right before we switched terminals 3 times, they offered everyone in front of me to check their bag below the plane for ...

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6/9/2019 Brian Norton

Not Verified | Absolutely terrible organization. Flight got delayed which I understand. What I don’t understand is how you have to sit on the plan an extra hour after the delay with no information. And then wait an hour plus on the plane when we land to get off. Literally have been sitting on this plane for 2.5 hours with every...

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6/3/2019 J Garmina

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to San Francisco. Gate agents were overzealous in enforcing the carrying bags. I was carrying 2 bags and a paper bag that was 1 inch thick and 4 inches tall which I could have placed in my jacket pocket and was told that I had to check it in or one of my other bags. I understand the two bag policy, howe...

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5/31/2019 Kathy Kountze

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Boston. I have had the worse experiences with JetBlue lately. Today was the final straw when they didn’t load my bag and they don’t have enough people to find out where it is. Flights are delayed and not because of weather. They have definitely gone downhill in the last year or so.

5/30/2019 Sherief Habib

Not Verified | Newark to Ft Lauderdale. JetBlue has to be the worst airline I have flown. Been a member since 2013 for the past two or three years my work schedule has been destroyed because of their delays constant excuses for the delay. My flight was scheduled for 5:00 pm. Now it’s 12:02am the next day. Sat in the airport for...

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