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10/26/2019 S Lanerez

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Santiago de los Caballeros. At the JFK terminal passengers have to check their own bags and bring it to the weight area: self-service at a premium price. A couple of employees for the airlines are there most of them with rude and unpolite attitude. Staff was completely unenthused about providing a ...

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10/22/2019 S Khaledani

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Detroit. JetBlue is the worst airline I have experienced. I had the flight with JetBlue on 16 August. When I reached Detroit, I didn't receive of one of my Suitcases (it had 23.5 kg weights). At the airport, I filled the form to track the status of my bag. From that time unitl now, every day I call t...

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10/18/2019 Shannon K, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 1D

Aisle bullhead seat had decent legroom but the loud noise from the engine & the comstant line of passengers outside the restroom, was awful. Video screens on wall were smaller than an ipad mini & the volune/channel adjustments were impossible to access as they were in seat against your hip.Slow wifi

10/18/2019 C Hess

Not Verified | Our flight was delayed before we boarded, after we board and pushed off from the gate we sat on tarmac for a couple hours and pilot timed out and returned us to the gate, then the manager said they were looking for another pilot. couple of hours passed, no news about the pilot and the whole crew left. We waited ...

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10/18/2019 Aaron Elcock

Not Verified | Philadelphia to Boston. I would not recommend scheduling a flight with Jetblue. In short, their policies allow them to cancel flights and provide no alternative without any financial responsibility if you need to book with a different airline. My wife was scheduled to fly to Boston for a wedding and her flight wa...

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10/11/2019 Chandler Scott

✅ Trip Verified | We were delayed 5 hours and 7 minutes flying from Orlando to DC. It was not related to weather, as very few other flights surrounding us were delayed. We were told that the plane we were supposed to be on was coming from Nassau and was delayed, so we were then put on a different plane coming from San Juan which...

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10/11/2019 D Gahmer

✅ Trip Verified | This is the first time I fly with JetBlue in many years, unfortunately it is a total disappointment, I will keep flying with Delta I guess. Their scheduling, communication, and the attitude of the agents working on Gate D3 Atlanta airport (October 10 2019, flight 696) all are unacceptable. They changed our fli...

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10/7/2019 W Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | We took the red eye from PHX - FLL on our way to Cancun for our honeymoon. We had paid to upgrade our seats to the first row. When we boarded we stowed our single backpack about 24”x12” in the overhead. We slept most of the flight. I woke up to the flight attendant stirring through the overhead. She took down o...

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10/6/2019 P Noufi

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Orlando. Very bad airway. Delay after delay with no justification, no attempt at apology, no compensation whatsoever, and not even attempt to help customers. I would never take this airline again.

10/5/2019 Marlene Miller

New York to Sacramento. To start off I was sitting in the aisle in row 5. Then a man arrived to sit next to me in the middle seat. His arm touched my arm for most of the trip. He wasn't huge but couldn't seem to fit himself in the seat allotted him. I have personal space. Not cool. I looked forward to free movies to take my mind...

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10/2/2019 B Allen

✅ Trip Verified | On my way to New York I asked for ear buds and was acknowledged and then ignored. I had to ask twice and a second flight attendant retrieved me some ear buds. On the way back to Palm Beach I had the same experience where I asked for tissues and was completely ignored after being acknowledged again. I’m not sure...

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9/29/2019 P Marie

Not Verified | Orlando to Newark. Unfortunately, Jetblue customer service is not very helpful or flexible. Their website does not provide clear disclosure. We have been in communication for weeks and the best they could do is say that if we are not traveling in the next year feel free to give our travel bank credits to a friend ...

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9/28/2019 B Foster

✅ Trip Verified | I will never fly JetBlue again. Two major issues: 1) Customer Service, especially the "Help Needs" service desk at the airport in JFK are rude, unprofessional and have zero interest in "helping customers". After arriving in a wheelchair - post surgery, I was informed by Check-In that I was too late for the flig...

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9/27/2019 E Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | Salt Lake City to Bogotá via Fort Lauderdale. The cost for my flight was about $300 less than I could find with any competitors, so I was expecting some kind of substandard service. But I have no complaints at all. I'm over 6 feet tall, and my seats had plenty of room. All flights were on time, and I was able t...

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9/24/2019 H Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Recently flew to LAX from Boston on JetBlue, the pilot announced prior to flight at the gate that the TV's were not working and that they would give us JetBlue points for the inconvenience. Later I find out Jetblue does not give out points for issues with travel. So basically I was lied to. On top of that, a ye...

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9/20/2019 Marcelo Aponte

✅ Trip Verified | San Juan to Ft. Lauderdale. Very dissatisfied with experience and will not recommend using them to save a few bucks. My flight was cancelled 5 minutes past boarding time. We were to leave at 5am and we're at the airport since 345am. The bathrooms, both, on the airplane broke and they could not fix it. We were t...

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9/14/2019 Laura Chan

Not Verified | Cleveland to Boston. Worst flight ever. I picked my seats when I booked. Got bumped out of my seat next to my boyfriend and told that I couldn’t do anything about it. They then mandatory checked my bag without my permission. It made my trip much longer because I wanted to carry on and wasn’t allowed to. I was sup...

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9/11/2019 S Ghalovic

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Los Angeles. I paid extra for the seat, and as the Jetblue itself says, “nothing worse than to discover that your neighbor is flying in a better seat, and paid less”. That was my case: I paid more and I was by the bathroom, with the noise and smell of it. Terrible.

9/10/2019 D Kaubiya

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Newark. We were on tour at USA and Jet Blue staff behavior gave us a strange feeling. Can not imagine that staff of a service provider in United States can act this way. At first on MCO airport while check-in they made two different ways of check-in for two different tickets of my own family. I trav...

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9/9/2019 Michael Dean

Not Verified | Bradley Intl to Tampa. I booked a flight on July 31, 2019. I printed the confirmation page including "Itinerary confirmation Your all set to Jet!" and a confirmation code. In September, I noticed I did not receive an email confirmation. I called customer service and after a 30 minute wait, I was told that my rese...

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