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6/5/2019 M Darmor

✅ Trip Verified | Pudong to Dongying. I sat in seat 18C. I was listening to music on my mobile with my headphones and placed the headphones soft case in the pocket of the seat in front of me. Since it was an early wake up I absent mindedly forgot to take the headphones case while unboarding the plane. I kept on listening to a podcast and therefore was not aware of forgetting the headphones softcase behind. Early in the afternoon I informed our admin manager who immediately contacted the airport lost and found hotline which took down the details and registered the case, at the same time she also contacted the airline which told us to check with the local airport in Dongying. Since I had a return flight from Dongying to Pudong on the same afternoon, we arrived to the airport and approached airport personell who referred us to the Juneyao cleaning lady on duty. She called the lady who serviced the morning flight who claimed to find no lost items of any kinds. Further attempts to trace the aircraft and contact the staff onboard were made but the item was not found. The thing is that I expect from an airline to respect the property of the passengers also after they left the aircraft and not treat it as loot or generic rubbish. I suspect that going through the formalities of reporting found objects can be a hustle to airline workers but what about sense of responsibility and duty to help passengers recover their lost items. The attitude of the staff onboard the return flight was impeccable and helpful but yet items were not recovered and that’s why I suspect the problem may be in the general approach of ground crew toward lost items.

5/31/2019 S Wang

Not Verified | Huizhou to Shanghai. A domestic flight so our family booked the First Class. Affordable at least and it's worth the money. Service was nice and the seating (2-2) was good. The entertainment was absolute zero. The cabin crew was attentive, and the lunch was normal. The aircraft's not old and taking off& landing was smooth.

5/21/2019 X Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Dongying to Shanghai Pudong. The business class ticket was 5 dollars more than the economy, but I think the whole flight, no matter which class, will be horrible with this kind of crew. First, the food for business class, even it looks ok, but the taste of the main dish was not good. The shrimp was dry and salty, the fruit was fresh though. Generally fair enough for short flight. Second, it`s about the cabin crew, there was one business passenger watching a sex type in the cabin without headphone during landing, all passengers in the business cabin heard the noise as well as the crew, but the crew just took a look at us with a sorry expression but did nothing to stop him. I was so disappointed and so shocked.

2/25/2019 M Gartin

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Shanghai. I wasn't able to use online check-in functionality, either because HKT does not support it, or because my ticket was purchased through Expedia. The website did not offer an explanation and just showed a somewhat disconcerting error message that no valid ticket was associated with my ticket number. Everything worked out just fine at the airport. Check-in counter was nearly empty when I arrived about 1.5 hrs. prior to 4:20am departure. The flight was on time. Juneyao use Thai Airways lounge at HTK. Boarding: Aircraft was parked at a remote gate. I got to the gate a few minutes before posted boarding time to find quite a few passengers already lined up. There was no separate line for business class, although it is possible that they were pre-boarded earlier. Onboard service: A320 has 8 J seats in 2+2 config. The seats are similar to US domestic first: about 20" wide and a decent ~38" pitch, but fairly small recline. Amenities at the seat: good quality slippers, a bottle of water, eye mask + ear plugs in a small pouch, a pillow in a pretty velvet case (see picture), and a blanket: adequate for a 4.5 hour flight. The crew spoke English on par with other Chinese airlines; enough to understand my requests. Service was efficient, courteous and professional, if somewhat cold. Meal: I picked congee for breakfast; there was also a Western option. The meal arrived on a single tray; drink orders arrived separately. Besides congee there was fruit, a croissant, and a few dim sum pieces. Chopsticks had to be requested separately. Nothing spectacular, but adequate for the flight's duration. Onboard entertainment: None. No Wi-Fi, no screens of any kind, no audio, no power, no moving map. A completely dark and disconnected flight. On-board magazine did have articles in English. Arrival: We parked at a remote stand as well at PVG. Business class passengers deplaned first and were provided a small van. Economy passengers boarded regular buses. I did not check luggage. There was no separate transit line available; all passengers had to go through the same immigration line. Overall: Perfectly acceptable, unremarkable flight. I'd fly Juneyao again, provided fares are competitive.

2/8/2019 J Fallen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Shanghai. Overall, it feels like an airline run by people who have never flown before. Juneyao is not a full Star Alliance partner, which was not disclosed on the United website when we purchased the ticket. So they are apparently allowed to set lunatic policies, like when transiting (even when travelling on a single ticket) via a Juneyao flight, you must go through immigration and customs, collect your bags, check back in and then go through immigration and customs again! I have never had this experience before, even when combining separate tickets on Star Alliance. We didn't find this out until checking in, and I don't know what would happen if you came from a country that China requires a visa for or didn't have at least 3-4 hours in Shanghai. Thanks to Juneyao, on a simple trip from Bangkok to Baltimore, we had to go through immigration 4 TIMES!! In Shanghai, we spent over 1 hour in the "transit visa" line where officials manually check the onward flight of each passenger. Then had to sit in the departure area for 3 hours since we couldn't check in or access the lounge. The flight itself was also awful -- staff are rude and don't speak English. They wake you up on take off and landing to make you take your headphones off, for no apparent reason! Food was gross, plane was new but had horribly uncomfortable seats and no entertainment options.

12/26/2018 W Measen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Shanghai purchased through United Website for BKK-BWI. A complete nightmare. At checkin, they told us they would only check our bags to PVG and not all the way through to our final destination. So, at PVG, we had to go through immigration, claim our bags, recheck in and go out through immigration again. This took more than 2 hours so be aware of this this is you have to use these jokers for a connection. Fundamentally, the fault is United's for booking this ticket. Juneyao is supposed to be a Star Alliance connecting partner but this was disconnected. United customer service said they have interline agreement. The flight itself was a cramped nightmare. The seats were small and incredibly uncomfortable. The food was a joke. The toilet was unclean. There were no entertainment options. The flights attendants were rude and unfriendly. Used a gate in BKK and but had to take a bus from the plane in PVG.

8/24/2017 H Chen

✅ Verified Review | Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong. Miserable flight experience and try to avoid it ! The flight was delayed for 2 hours due to airline reasons, but no explanation, broadcast or any apology ! Another hour taxing before departure. Thereby, no express service at Hong Kong Airport upon arrival in midnight, and I have to take a taxi. The most horrible is its cabin service. Flight attendants were very indifferent, impatient and grumpy when requested. No welcome and farewell at the cabin door, the crew kept chatting instead. The language skill of cabin crew is ridiculous, and pronounced Hong Kong in Chinese phonetics. The catering is the same as domestic flights, and far from quality and delicacy. Feel shameful about such a poorly-organized and unprofessional airline !

7/1/2017 T Pearson

✅ Verified Review | Shanghai Pudong to Xi'an flight with Juneyao Airlines. Delayed by two hours due to inclement weather, but the communication and information was very poor indeed - there was a blanket refusal to give any information (such as an estimated delay time or even where the plane has left the previous destination). Check-in online does not work unless you have a Chinese mobile phone number, which is a big minus when travelling and forces you to get to the airport early. Juneyao counters do have apparently convenient bag-drop locations. On the positive side, the seats are very comfortable and have head rests (even for a short-haul flight). A hot meal was served on this short 2.5 h flight and the service is better than many Chinese airlines.

4/21/2017 Ian Dabbs

✅ Verified Review | Flew Hong Kong to Shanghai with Juneyao Airlines. Due to bad weather visibility and air traffic delays we were boarded before we had an air traffic control slot. We remained on the aircraft for over four hours then we were deplaned and were marched through security again taking another hour and a half and reboarded. We eventually took off at 0600, seven hours late. I am amazed that the crew who said that they started at 1600h were within their legal hours. Absolutely no extra food or refreshments whatsoever during the 10 hour ordeal. Worse still no apology, in fact the pilot said nothing. We complained to the ground handling agent asking for refreshments but we were told that one of the worlds busiest 24 hours a day airport could not provide catering. I have been to over a hundred countries on thousands of airlines and never have I been delayed eight hours without an as much as an apology.

3/12/2017 D Phillips

✅ Verified Review | Juneyao Airlines was a complete surprise. After a painful experience dealing with the crowds of people coming back to China after New Year's Holiday, I was afraid the flight was going to be the same. The experience flying from Krabi to Shanghai was the opposite: the plane was modern, comfortable and clean. Since I didn't know anything about the airline prior to my flight, I thought it was going to be one of those horrible charter airlines, but it's not. The crew were really nice, correct and helpful. The snack was good and the seat was comfortable. The airlines website English version is not really helpful and when you need to do something it takes you to the Chinese version. The cell phone app (at least for iPhone) is only available in Chinese. Not really helpful, but not surprising since I was the only non Chinese in the plane.

12/20/2015 G Braidford

When booking with Juneyao Airlines you cannot book very small children online, you need to call. When you call you find out that the child pays 10%, everything still reasonable. Then you find out your ticket was a discount ticket, you didn't see the full price when you paid, your child pays 10% of full price ticket (which is hugely inflated), and will work out more than your adult ticket. But you already paid for your ticket and with all the cancellation rules you have to pay, so they have tricked you into paying a high price for your baby. What an immoral airline, only a snake could implement an idea like that exploiting families with babies. Of course everybody has to make a profit but you do it by being open about prices and charges. So be careful if you book with them.

11/30/2015 Steven Cao

Juneyao Airlines from Shanghai Pudong to Fukuoka return, both flights on time and with new A320 aircraft, modern, clean, spacious, ground service efficient, cabin crew friendly and helpful. Water and snack provided, no entertainment but it's acceptable for this 1.5hr journy. Airfare is very cheap (only RMB1000 including tax). Overall very enjoyable experience with Juneyao Airlines.

9/7/2015 Phil Brander

A reasonable flight for this domestic Juneyao Airlines service with basic food offerings provided on both legs and a choice of drinks on the Lijiang - Wuhan leg (which was the longer of the two). A short 20 minute stop in Wuhan enabled us to make up some lost time from the delayed departure. No inflight entertainment provided so bring your own. Cabin crew spoke limited English but were happy enough to help.

4/27/2015 J Patry

Flew Juneyao Airlines for a domestic flight PVG-WUH. The flight left within 30 minutes of scheduled and all announcements were given in both Mandarin and English. There wasn't any in-flight entertainment aboard but it did not matter on this short flight. There was a food and beverage service that began about 20 minutes after take off consisting of a bottle of water and a saucy pork sandwich that was quite good. Arrived in WUH within 20 minutes of scheduled time. Overall a good experience.

7/25/2014 T Lee

First time flying domestic in China WUH to PVG. Used Juneyao as first leg to fly back home to States - bad decision! Juneyao leg delayed by 2 hrs causing us to miss every subsequent connecting flight. We were delayed three days at PVG as our international flight was booked three days out. Juneyao refused to help us out in any way with accommodations or replacement flights. Will stick to trains for domestic travel in China.

3/7/2014 E Salvador

I booked a connecting flight with Juneayo from Hong Kong to Qingdao via Shanghai. At the check-in at Hong Kong Airport I was rudely informed by a Juneyao employee it was not possible to check-in for both flights and send the luggage directly to Qingdao. As expected I lost my connecting flight to Qingdao (the flight was delayed I had to pick up luggage in Shanghai and doing the check-in again). The truth is the Juneyao employee in Shanghai was much more polite and they changed my flight with a different company (China Eastern which I recommend never had problems with them) and no additional charges but I got to Qingdao with more than 6 hours of delay (that is later than midnight). It was a long day travelling for such a short trip. Of course I'm never going to travel with Juneyao again. Rude employees in Hong Kong and there is no previous warning about such company politics anywhere.

1/7/2014 Wang Ian

Booked Shanghai to Xiamen flight on 28th December 2013 at 2.15pm. Checked in and settled in the business class lounge. As soon as we heard the flight started to board at around 1.45pm we started to move out of the Business Class lounge and made our way to the gate. It was a long walk so we got there at 2.00pm. Behold the plane was already starting to reverse! Asked the gate agent they said our luggage had already been taken out so we missed the flight! We had to book on to a different airline as we were going to a wedding that night. So stay close to the gate when catching flight in China even if you travel on business class. Will avoid them from now on.

8/4/2013 J Mann

Checked in at Shanghai Pudong airport 20 minutes before boarding (boarding time: 4.20pm departure: 4.50pm). Told it was delayed but staff had no information on when the flight would arrive. Decided to go through security. At about 7.30 after about 3 hours of waiting they handed out food but still didn't offer any explanation for the delay and they still didn't know when the plane would arrive. After about 3.5 hours of waiting many customers started shouting at workers. After 4.5 hours the workers fled. Still no explanation or ETA for the plane. After 6 hours we were told that our plane had landed. We finally took off around 11.50pm. 7 hours late.

6/23/2013 D Bekkering

Shanghai Pudong-Macao round-trip. 3+ Hours delay on the departure because the airplane left its previous point of origin that late. 4 hours delay on the way back. Compensation meal tickets on the return flight were only redeemable for a bottle of water and a package of instant noodles. No compensation on the departing flight. This was a weekend trip to Macao and the delays meant we lost our Friday night and didn't get home until past 4am on Monday before going back to work. None of us will fly Juneyao again.

1/2/2013 I Gryko

Shanghai Hongqiao to Sanya and back (party of two). Check-in in Shanghai smooth and professional no issues assigning 2 aisle seats in the same row to us. must quite efficient we showed up at the gate in Shanghai 5 minutes after the indicated "boarding time" only to find ourselves greeted by a PA announcement that we should report to our gate immediately for the boarding of the flight. We were the last passengers to board after which the flight proceeded to sit at the gate for the next 30 minutes. In-flight on the positive side: brand new A320 aircraft. Seats reasonably pitched every seat had a plush pillow and flight attendants distributed free blankets before takeoff. Food during the flight was standard pork/chicken with noodles - but quite edible. In-flight negatives: my request for English newspapers was met with a rather curt no. The seat- belt sign was on throughout the entire flight for no rhyme or reason when I queried the flight attendant he either did not understand my question or couldn't explain why the sign was always on. During cruise one of the flight attendants also rather rudely asked me to turn off my smartphone which was already in flight mode. Sanya to Hongqiao: flight delayed 40 minutes with absolutely no information provided to passengers by ground staff. Ground staff spoke very little English. After boarding we sat at the gate for an additional hour waiting for ATC clearance. I unfortunately cannot comment much on the in-flight experience on the return leg as I slept for the vast majority of the flight. Overall Juneyao seems to be about on-par with China Eastern and Air China for domestic flights.