Kish Airlines

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10/18/2015 Amthony Lerona

First Time to ride this plane heading to Kish, Iran an island in a Persian Gulf. DC10 is an older plane so expect for a rough and noisy take-offs and landing. I also know that this is the only airline having a flight to the said island. It was delayed for half an hour and I observed that the plane was in poor condition. Since it...

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8/22/2015 M William

Travelled with my brother and mother. The travel operator booked the flights. I never heard or know this airline before. The route flown was domestic from Tehran Mehrabad to Shiraz. We were dropped at the wrong terminal. Apparently Kish Air operates from Terminal 2. We were dropped to Terminal 4. Ground staff at airport were pol...

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5/4/2013 JuYoung Han

Mehrabad-Kish not the best airline i have ridden. After a long delay we were all put in a little bus that took us to an ancient plane. The plane was very old seats were cramped seatbelts were broken and the plane itself was very small. I was very surprised to see food but it wasn't very wonderful. However Iranian standards aren'...

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