61 Kulula reviews

5/5/2019 Christian Fuhr Nilsson

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. We (parents, children and grand parents) had bought tickets for a connecting flight to Cape Town from J-burg more than half a year ago and only had a short time to find the Kulula check in counter, which wasn't so easy for us. We got there 20 mins before the counter was closing, but were told the flight had been overbooked. Everybody at the counter was hopelessly confused, and not very good at communicating to us. After a lot of waiting around, we had to wait for 2 hours for the next flight. Returning from Cape Town with Mango Air was way better.

4/17/2019 R Bamera

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. In-flight service is good, food is okay, beverages are okay, staff is friendly and ready to help but luggage handling is staffed with petty criminals. Had my luggage ransacked and robbed.

4/10/2019 E Gardener

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. Nice airline, and on time. My only gripe is the horrible cloth seats on the Europcar Aircraft, reminds me of British Rail seats of old. Time for a refurb me thinks

4/4/2019 E King

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. This is the third time I have used Kulula because of my vitality discount. I will never book another flight with them again. They are always delayed and take forever to get the luggage out.

3/16/2019 R Hanner

✅ Trip Verified | Kulula flights are always delayed. My flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, as well as this flight back to Johannesburg, are both delayed due to technical issues. I am beginning to wonder if Kulula are just so ill-prepared that all the last-minute checks find issues.

3/14/2019 Gerbrecht Jacobs

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. No communication, standing in queue for hours. How can we be on time for our commitment. Unfriendly staff. Rather drive next time

2/11/2019 L Coren

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. Although Kulula was aware (since the morning) of a 2 hour delay on their last flight out (making the flight at 10:30 PM!) on a Sunday evening, they did not feel it was necessary to let the passengers know of this delay! I am traveling with a 4 month old baby and being stuck at the airport for an extra 2 hours is just not something that is ideal when traveling with a baby, never mind getting home even later than scheduled! I understand that there could always be delayed but when the airline is made aware of the delay well in advance surely the right thing to do is let the passengers know so that arrangements can be made so one is not as inconvenienced! We phoned the car company to let them know of our delay but they were already informed, so why would they be informed but not the actual passengers! This service is just not acceptable, no one wants to spend an extra 2 hours at an airport especially with a 4 month old baby!

2/2/2019 Cara Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Durban to Lanseria. Every time I fly Kulula on a Friday evening the last flight is delayed! From 19.45 to 20.30 now. Which means I arrive home at midnight! If it was a one off I would understand, but it’s always a Friday delay on the last flight - absolutely unreliable. Kulula used to be the airline that was always on time. Service levels have dropped. I will definitely reconsider using Kulula in future.

1/21/2019 L Tiriwokunze

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. Loved the flight. The take off, journey and landing was splendid and in particular was the cabin crew who were professional and charming the whole flight even though it was only 45 mins. They made the flight comfortable and enjoyable

1/9/2019 S Larscher

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg, Our flight was operated by Comair, therefore this needs to be taken into consideration regarding the following review. After 2 hours of delayed take-off standing at the gate, the clerk tells me my seat had been changed. Usually one couldn't do much I guess, but this time I specifically paid for a seat in the front section in order to leave early upon landing. Everyone was stressed an I didn't want to fuss too much around, so they gave me a number to call later to get my refund. Great they give me the job to arrange my refund. The next day I call, they tell me a story, I have to write an email etc.. It's a typical situation where the customer gets pushed around, wasting time to get his rightful refund for a service not provided. I thought instead of writing them an email, with all the details, I thought it would be better to go public about this and warn against their paid seat service.

11/18/2018 D Varmis

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. Flight delayed by 3 hours. Checked in online with aisle seat only to be given a middle seat at the check in counter. Rude check in agent. It took me 3 attempts to get an aisle seat again. Cramped seats, unfriendly service. Use South African Airways for a better service!

10/15/2018 C Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. By some distance the worst low cost airline in South Africa. You have almost no chance of being on time for any flight after midday. Terrible legroom. Avoid!

10/11/2018 Msawayo Pereira

✅ Trip Verified | A month I flew Kulula to Durban from Johannesburg there were delays. Today I am flying Kulula from East London to Johannesburg, we have delays. Kulula is really dropping the ball. I honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone even if cheaper. Rather book an airline that is dependable .

3/3/2018 Kingsley Bye

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Kulula from Johannesburg to Durban. Long wait. Under staffed. Rude. Asked for seat with leg room and he put me in back seat with no leg room. Awful. This isnt the first time. Particularly poor is the attitide of the check in staff. Also not well presented or dressed but mainly lack of service.

11/22/2017 M Dornley

✅ Trip Verified | Durban to Lanseria. My wife was at check-in 40 mins before flight and only found out then that Kulula changed the check-in times from 30 mins to 45 mins before departure. No Kulula employee was willing to help even thought she had a small bag which could be taken in as hand luggage. This happened on the 13th Nov 2017 and I emailed Kulula on that day and to date I have not received any response. Pathetic customer service from Kulula.

11/9/2017 Carlos Brigolas

✅ Verified Review | Durban to Johannesburg with Kulula. Nice to be honest, simple planes, old, but crew were nice and not aggressive. Flight on time, a low cost airline that gives a fair service. Fast check in. 45 minute normal flight. Plenty of space for the bags.

4/14/2017 G Edwards

✅ Verified Review | Had a very bad experience with Kulula flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I had picked exit row seats when purchasing the tickets months in advance. When we go to leave the bags at the counter they said the flight had changed. They reassigned seats and I asked them to make sure to give us exit row seats. They agreed and said we had exit row seats. One of our group had a check in bag 2 kg over the limit. The other check in bags were 6 kg, 2 kg, and 1 kg under the limit. But they said for the 2 kg overage which would cost us R300 or we have to move things around. So after 5 minutes of shuffling things around they say we are good to go. Once we get onboard we realize not only are these not exit row seats but we can not recline the seat back. Customer service is deplorable.

7/7/2016 Cate Trathen

✅ Verified Review | I experienced over 2 hour delays on both Kulula flights to and from George from Johannesburg, which caused extreme dissatisfaction as plans had to be rearranged and some fell through. I also checked in online but my seats that I had specifically chosen were disregarded as another aircarft had to be used. The service was in my opinion a little unprofessional and I found it really disappointing as I felt that I did not get my money's worth regarding both flights. Not very keen to use this airline again as delayed flights seem to be a pattern.

6/16/2016 H Destervan

✅ Verified Review | Cape Town to Johannesburg with kulula. Bad service and unreliable timing. Paid more for front seat and did online booking. Flight was more than 2 hours late and could not use bag drop off, had to book in again and get in queue to book in. Was then informed about different seat, nor what we have paid for. Tried to change to earlier flight that was not full, but ground staff totally unfriendly to help. Very disappointed with their service.

10/7/2015 J Christoph

For a lowcost airline, Kulula has a very good product. Liked that baggage is included. The airplane was clean and the crew was smart, outstandingly friendly and very funny. They made so many jokes I primarily thought i wasn't flying but in a comedy show. Very impressive and still professional. Certainly recommended.