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6/4/2019 K Balufa

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Munich. Once I got inside I thought I was going get a cool touchscreen remote like Business and First Class. But turns out it was only First and Business Class that got the remote. But we got a touchscreen like Oman Air. I sat in the middle and the legroom was fine. But the space was horrible. The flight was 5 hours long I spent half of my time watching movies and half of my time sleeping. I will never recommend this airline.

5/21/2019 Taoufik Hedfi

✅ Trip Verified | London to Colombo via Kuwait. I had an awful experience flying with KU. Both flights to Colombo via Kuwait City and back to London were delayed, which meant missing my onward connections in Colombo and Kuwait (from Delhi). Got no sympathy nor assistance from KU staff at the very poor Kuwait airport. I ended up re-booking my flight at my own expense in Colombo and being rerouted through Cairo to get to London, which added 7 hours to my journey. I received no apology nor compensation from any KU staff. Their customer service was so poor ,with an attitude of passing the buck, just to get rid of you. Twice,I was promised to be met and assisted at the gate, nothing materialized. This airline must be avoided at any cost, Their staff are poorly trained in dealing with delayed flights and service recovery. As a delayed passenger, you are helpless and can't access Kuwait Airways customer service managers because they don't answer their phones. Anything less than a star in your rating?

5/16/2019 Hana Softic

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Rome via Kuwait City. First time travelling with Kuwait Airways and barely have any complaints. Luggage drop/check in fast and smooth, normal (not incredibly organized) boarding. When it comes to the flights, much more leg space than what you usually get on other aircraft and everything was new. Big screen , not the widest western movie selection but you may find 4/5 movies that you'd like to watch. Food more than decent (good salmon quiche also), plentiful and fruit and veggie tasted fresh. Kind -and really pretty hostesses,I'm a girl and can add that on top! Only given a blanket, face mask and headcuffs. No problem with the luggages. The airport in Kuwait deserves mention: free wifi and free lounge with the comfiest recliner chairs and snacks for economy travelers. Add on top of this (and actually in the first place) a really competitive fare! Would gladly choose again!

5/12/2019 B Sharna

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to London via Kuwait. The staff is insensitive to the needs of the passengers. My flight from Delhi to Kuwait got delayed and consequently I missed my Kuwait to London flight. I had already made reservations in London for that day but could not avail them. They booked me on night flight to London which meant that I had to stay in Kuwait for about 7-8 hours.

5/1/2019 Manish Kaushik

✅ Trip Verified | Flight got delayed at Delhi. Subsequently flight which we supposed to catch in Kuwait, missed and Kuwait Airways allocated different flight which made us to wait at Kuwait airport for 4 hrs approx. We expect some refreshments from Kuwait Airways to mitigate the effects of late hours, we are traveling with whole family and badly disturbed by the insensitive attitude of Kuwait Airways. Crew is good and need more training to get accustomed to different culture customer.

5/1/2019 Karthik Dhamodharan

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait Airways experiment, my first and not a preferred one for another trip. There are few positives throughout the journey, but more negative aspects, will make me think twice before choosing this career again. Aircraft is brand new, maintained in pristine condition. Online checkin experience can be better, no clear steps of how to proceed. First time users, good luck with the process. but won’t complaint. Checkin at the airport was quick and can’t expect anything more. Boarding process can be improved, as there were no clear instructions for the lines. People were impatient and it was a mess. I was traveling JFK-Kuwait-Chennai (KU118). On time flight left the gate, probably since it’s weekend and peak hours we were taxiing for more than 30 mins. This delayed the departure quite badly. Snacks served right after take off, food was very good. Snack and Brunch menu have many options for vegetarians and kids as well. Crew were very friendly and was available to help the needy people. In my flight onboard WiFi was available. It is not free and it’s pay per use. $10-30mins, $20-60mins, $40-180mins. -Kuwait International airport, very unorganized arrival security and transit procedures. One staff handling the entire crowd and verifying the boarding pass. Airport have free WiFi, can be used to get in touch with dear ones. Transit, airport is under construction. You need to find the way around things and figure out on your own. Transit lounges are available, if there is a bigger layover (my case flight delayed by 3hours) you should use the facility. It’s free and has lot of seats. Connection flight, boarding again another chaos. Until last minute no clear information about the boarding gates. Once announced (literally one ground staffed shouted, no proper PA system) all the people came running to the gates. Could have been organized better. Since everyone came in random order, it took lot of time to settle down. Baggage, it could be the time of the day, but almost took one hour for collecting the bags. With the lean crowd, officials were not organized and bags in random order. Overall I will not recommend this carrier for family trips, if you are alone and want an adventurous trip then go for it. Be prepared for nasty surprises.

4/17/2019 S Wen

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Kuwait, my experience was great. The staff were very friendly at ground and throughout the journey. The seat was very comfortable and the leg room was great. The food was great and plenty. The entertainment system was good but could use some improvement in more variety of movies and music. All in all I would say it is 9/10 but considering the ticket price.

4/15/2019 Kevan Myers

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to London via Kuwait. Having read poor reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of the planes and the good service. Both flights were punctual enough and baggage delivery was speedy. Almost my best experience of flight from India to a hub airport.

4/13/2019 Sahin Klyne Lobo

✅ Trip Verified | We found the best option to go to Istanbul from Bangalore on Kuwait Airways having a transit in Kuwait airport. The trip from Bangalore to Istanbul was very comfortable suprisingly, the food was great, flight was comfy and great legroom in almost all the flights. Kuwait airport was not bad but lacked some basic amenities. Overall I would recommend Kuwait airways

3/30/2019 T Bashum

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Mumbai via Kuwait. The two major problems were with boarding, and seat assignments. During boarding, it was a bit chaotic. There is no structured line dividers or anything. It was a big confusion trying to board, and rather tedious. The second was our seat arrangements. We had already reserved a seat online while booking, but when boarding, the agent suddenly changed my seat and my parents seats. We got in the plane, and then 30 mins later a flight attendant asked us if we can switch our seats with this guy who had children. Apparently she can’t seat children by the exit, and that’s fine. But this needed to be sorted out by the airline beforehand. Most importantly, the meals are based by the seat numbers. So when we changed seats like 2 times, we almost got the wrong meals. We had to tell the flight attendant our selected meal preference during the booking, otherwise we would’ve received the wrong meals. I mean it’s a service we paid for. The food was decent though. It was an alright flight for the price of the tickets. However, I’d probably avoid this airline if I could. It’s only worth it if you don’t have another option or are on a budget.

3/4/2019 K Vohra

Not Verified | We traveled with Kuwait Airways recently for the first time from JFK to go to Chennai, India, specifically for a friend’s wedding. We had a group of 7 of us traveling to the wedding, including the bride and groom. Our flight left 3 hours late from NYC and we were told by the team on flight that we wouldn’t miss our connecting Kuwait flight to Chennai and that they wait for even 1 passenger. Sure enough when we got to Kuwait the connecting flight had left and they said they cannot wait for anyone. The next flight was a day later and after pleading they switched the 7 of us to a SriLankan Airlines flight and advised us to travel to Sri Lanka and then to Chennai and told us they were issuing the 7 of us the same flight. After waiting 6 hours in a very disorganized airport, the 7 of us arrived in Sri Lanka to find out that 2 of the members of our party (my husband and I) were issued the wrong flight that left 7 hours later from Sri Lanka. We begged the airlines there to let us on the earlier flight but since it was Kuwait Airways’ mistake we couldn’t get on the flight. After 33 hours of traveling to the other side of the world, we ended up missing our friends wedding in Chennai and the bride and groom lost money on several events they had to cancel leading up to their wedding. It was the worst travel experience we have ever had and we are frequent international travelers. Don’t fly this airlines unless you enjoy nightmares.

2/14/2019 Syed Hussain

Not Verified | London to Islamabad via Kuwait. Well, probably the worst airline ever. Check in staff allocating us (12 of us) seats to every single corner of the plane, my wife was lucky to have a seat with our little ones. Secondly, due to delay, we were rushed to our seats and hand baggage was placed everywhere. Food was excellent but our entertainment screens turned off mid air along with the assistance button, system failure or something. On top of all that, they lost our one piece of luggage on the way to Pakistan and as well as coming back. If this is the last plane to catch i will not catch it. Definitely avoid Kuwait as well, rude behaviour of airport staff and one star airport service.

2/9/2019 L Garoulle

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Manila via Kuwait. My story is not common but will prove the incompetence of this company. In early January, I wrote a message about Whatsapp to the airline, wanting information on the cancellation conditions because I was not sure I could honor my flight. The person who answered me was very responsive, told me that I had until 24 hours before my flight to cancel, that I would have 200 euros penalty, etc. The message ended on the fact that if I wanted to cancel my ticket, I had to send an email. Very clear. On January 26th, I went to the check-in counter at Roissy Airport to go to Manila in the Philippines. To my surprise, I learned that my ticket had been canceled due to this Whatsapp conversation. Namely that I have not received any notification by mail, or even by message of any cancellation. I transferred the conversation to the ground manager, who contacted them because he did not understand why such a decision, especially that on the messages, I had no mention of any cancellation. The manager at the airport of Paris CDG, despite having seen that I suffered the incompetence of the company for which he works, asked me to contact them. Of course I did not get any answer. He took my file very lightly. It works at the head of the customer from what I understood on the spot, he had the power to press a button and resolve the situation to let me ship but he did nothing. Good it was that my head did not pass! He told me that the staff on the other side of the phone did not find the person responsible for this error so I had a refusal to board and that the flight was complete. (My friend was there, there were free places) So I suffered the incompetence of their staff. By their fault, I had to buy a plane ticket one way Paris - Manila to + 570 € with another company to join my friend who had to leave without me. I sent emails to the company Kuwait, I received after 10 days a file number. FR: Mon histoire n’est pas commune mais vous prouvera de l'incompétence de cette compagnie. Début janvier, j’ai écrit un message sur Whatsapp à la compagnie aérienne, voulant des renseignements sur les conditions d’annulation car je n'étais pas certaine de pouvoir honorer mon vol. La personne qui m’a répondu a été très réactive, m’a dit que j’avais jusqu'à 24h avant mon vol pour annuler, que j’aurais 200 euros de pénalité, etc. Le message s’est terminé sur le fait que si je voulais annuler mon ticket, je devais envoyer un mail. Très clair. Le 26 janvier, je me suis présentée au guichet d’enregistrement à l'aéroport de Roissy pour me rendre à Manille aux Philippines. À ma grande surprise, j’ai appris que mon ticket avait été annulé suite à cette conversation Whatsapp. À savoir que je n’ai reçu aucune notification par mail, ni même par message d’une quelconque annulation. J’ai transféré la conversation au responsable au sol, qui les a contacté car il n’a pas compris pourquoi une telle décision, surtout que sur les messages, je n’ai eu aucune mention d’une quelconque annulation. Le responsable à l'aéroport de Paris CDG, malgré qu’il a vu que je subissais l'incompétence de la compagnie pour laquelle il travaille m’a demandé de les contacter. Bien évidemment je n’ai obtenu aucune réponse. Il a prit mon dossier très à la légère. Il fonctionne à la tête du client d'après ce que j’ai compris sur place, qu’il avait le pouvoir d’appuyer sur un bouton et de régler la situation pour me laisser embarquer mais il n’a rien fait. Bon c’est que ma tête ne passait pas ! Il m’a dit que le personnel de l’autre côté du téléphone ne trouvait pas le responsable de cette erreur donc j’avais un refus d'embarquer et que de plus le vol était complet. ( Mon ami y était, il y avait des places de libres ) J’ai donc subit l'incompétence de leur personnel. Par leur faute, j’ai du racheter un billet d’avion aller simple Paris - Manille a + 570€ avec une autre compagnie afin de rejoindre mon ami qui a du partir sans moi. J’ai envoyé des mails à la compagnie Kuwait, j’ai reçu après 10 jours un numéro de dossier.

1/23/2019 B Kackson

✅ Trip Verified | I had my reservations after booking with Kuwait Airways when reading some of the reviews, but financially I thought yep it’ll be ok. We departed England on the 16 December, Heathrow terminal 4, the check in was quite frankly horrendous and the member of staff was abrupt, rude and mean, but I thought you pay the price you take your chance. After checking in and all the security checks we boarded our flight to Kuwait. The plane itself was fine, the staff very hit and miss depending on who you spoke to, footnote the entertainment system is standard and certain meals run out, mainly the chicken courses, but I kept thinking of the price. Arrived in Kuwait, 6 hours of nothing, quite possibly the most desolete airport of nothing. We were given a free meal consisting of a cheese roll, stodgy cake and an orange juice. Our connecting flight to Manila was again ok, again staff very hit and miss. Enjoyed our three week holiday and returned to Manila Ninnoy international airport for return trip on the 7 Jan 2019. The check in was very standard and annoying and yet more security checks after the security checks, the flight itself was ok but the staff are again vacant not caring, food again was what was left! Arrived in Kuwait for 6 more hours of deep joy followed by 2 lots of security checks, we were boarding while people were still being security cleared! Flight back to England again ok but all the same issues as before. My thoughts on Kuwait Airways? In my humble opinion dont use them, they seem to think the customer has no choice, a ‘like it and lump it attitude’, the planes clean and tidy yet the staff were aggressive and rude. My wife and two children have flown many times but this is the first time we all said never again with Kuwait Airways, the savings are there but if you value your common decency and self worth look elsewhere for your flight arrangements.

1/9/2019 F Carter

✅ Trip Verified | London to Kuwait City. On arriving at Heathrow terminal 4 (1.17 hours before my flight departure) I was told by a rude man who works for Kuwait Airways that my flight had closed. He said I was too late to check in. He said the desk were checking in passengers (the people in the queue) for a later flight. He told me that I could not join the queue and I could not speak to another member of staff on the check in desk. I informed him that it was over an hour to my flight departure therefore I was not late. He said I was, and that I needed to step aside, “go over there” waving his hand dismissively and book another ticket for a later flight. Most people with a hint of empathy can imagine that at this point I was upset and anxious as I weighed up both the financial implications due to purchasing another ticket, and the work implications as a result of arriving in Kuwait a day late and missing work. Therefore, I ignored this inept Kuwait Airways employee, and spoke to a woman on the check in desk. My attempts to reach her were comical as he attempted to block my path the whole way while raising his voice to bark orders at me. To my surprise, the woman at the desk informed me that my flight was open. Even more outrageously, everyone in the queue was getting on the same flight and the people joining the queue after I had arrived were also getting on the same flight. It was at this point I joined the line to check in. The same staff rushed over to what I later learned was his supervisors during my exchange with the woman behind the desk. He later returned at my side to inform me that he would “allow me” to check in, but the incident was my fault, I should have got there 1.20 hour before the departure time. It was a misunderstanding, but It was my fault! Needless to say, I was astounded! I complained to his line manager who was also very unprofessional and obviously his friend, so I have placed a formal written complaint with their superiors. I have never experienced such incompetence by an airline. I would recommend other potential passengers consider if they really want to fly with this airline. The low star ratings and negative feedback from other passengers is reflective of the poor service they provide. The only positive in want was an experience that almost brought me to tears was a lovely woman who checked me in. She was very effective and embodied excellent customer care. If Kuwait Airways recognised and promoted their good staff rather than allowing a clique of obnoxious inefficient people to rise to higher front line positions, they might be able to start turning around the substandard service and negative feedback from their customers.

1/9/2019 J Joy

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Delhi. Never fly with Kuwait Airways. No responsibility for connecting flights. They might have better prices but they will compensate with their horrible service. Flights are overbooked so they would off load you and give you the next flight on the next day. And in this process they misplace your luggage and promise to get it delivered to your door steps however eventually charge you for the delivery.

1/7/2019 S Hamassah

✅ Trip Verified | New York JFK to Dubai via Kuwait. Very spacious legroom for economy but frequent Late flights. IFE had a small selection of movies, cabin Crew extremely rude and unprofessional. Ground Staff rude and unhelpful. Transfer experience at Kuwait is confusing and difficult. Kuwait Airport lacks many facilities common in most international airports Review: I initially booked this flight because it was the cheapest option to Dubai, around $60 cheaper than the competition; big mistake. I did not have a single flight with Kuwait, either on my way to Dubai or back that was on time. From JFK, my flight was delayed for 3 hours, causing me to miss my connection to Dubai. They put us in a Hotel on Airport property, which, although had a good view of the apron, was a sub-par hotel. The ground staff do not know how to do their job correctly. They are rude, and the airport lacks proper signage. You are bussed around from terminal to terminal with no real staff presence to guide you. We almost missed our flight to JFK because the gate was labeled Mumbai, so we didn't know that it was intended for New York. Kuwait Airport doesn't even seem qualified to be a domestic airport, lacking proper signage and two distant terminals which you're bussed around in. Ground crew does not care about you, and show no interest or courtesy when dealing with you. The same can be said with the cabin crew. They are rude, and do not know how to treat passengers. The meal timings are horrible, as they leave many passengers extremely hungry for long hours on the plane, and water service is extremely selective. You'd think an airline knows when to give out water and food. They also gave us no details about our stop in Shannon on our way back to JFK and could not be seen for much of the flight. The only good part about the flight was the legroom, which was spacious. However, that is not a reason for booing Kuwait over any other competent airline. Do not book Kuwait, they don't care about customers and lack the competency to even communicate basic necessary facts to customers.

12/21/2018 C Kartanar

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Kuwait via Mumbai. Worst airline ever, no respect for customer comfort. There was water leaking in the flight. Then on Kuwait airport where I was shuttled 2 between transit center at one end of the airport to the gate at other end where one is supposed to take the terminal transfer bus. With no absolute coordination between the staff for execution of a smooth journey.

12/15/2018 Munawar Hayat

Not Verified | I traveled from Dubai to Islamabad via Kuwait with my wife and we had one of the worst experiences. Our flight was delayed for an hour and by the time when we arrived to Kuwait we missed our flight to Islamabad and our nightmare started from there - we faced the rudest staff, we have been given one of the worst hotel. If you missed your connected flight because Kuwait Airways have no mercy, they will treat like your fault you missed your flight.

12/3/2018 S Amstell

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airline I have ever travelled in. Took flight to Paris from Delhi via Kuwait in September 2018 and back in December 2018. All flights were delayed with no correct and timely information from the staff. Technical failures are very common. For some unknown reason Kuwaitis are fond of security checks. Everytime to board a flight we had to go through security twice for no apparent reason. They have worst kind of customer service and in name of compensation for delay provide sub-standard meals with bread and juice. Even in case of a small protest from flyers security is called who are rude and have no sense of handling the situation. Never ever fly via this airline if you have even little respect for your time.