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6/18/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 757-200 (752) seat 3D

The seat has a faulty lumbar support which over-inflates and makes laying down uncomfortable. My wife had a similar issue in 3F. The flight attendant moved us to 6D&F which did not have this issue.

4/27/2019 D Chamosi

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. Not a great airline at all, thirty minute wait for check in, very tired 757s (hopefully soon replaced with new 321s), poor ground facilities (ORY 4 is not great although the Icare lounge is nice, on the other way EWR terminal B was just horrible). Bland food, limited drinks, lazy and class-less crew. The key advantage is the seat, although it is worn and not fully horizontal (should be better on 321) it provides much better rest than coach or premium economy, so despite the aggravation of poor service and infrastructure we came home fine. Good amenity kit, fine entertainment, the food was better than in premium economy on other transatlantic airlines. So it feels like business for the seat and feels not great for the rest. We paid $1200 for the return flight, cannot complain about that.

2/21/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 757-200 (752) seat 12A

Pretty Nice!

10/9/2018 Stacey Caron

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. Longtime customer of OpenSkies (when it was business class only) and the original L'avion. Chose La Compagnie, and glad we did. Our flight was canceled at Orly back to Newark, and it was a mess - the gate agents at Orly did not speak English well, and there was lack of information given, we had to rebook 2 days later on another flight home on our own with the airline, no one at the gate could assist us with that, and they only have 2 planes, and don't partner with other airlines. 2 days stuck in Paris with hotel hopping. so why the 5 stars? The compensation when we got home to the states and quick communication and customer service was great. They offered to pay for our meals, hotels and cabs for the 2 days stuck in Paris. The flights were so comfortable, great entertainment on the flights and great food. I was able to sleep comfortably with a pillow and the plane seemed very clean. The flight crew was lovely both ways and couldn't have been nicer. For the price, this was a fantastic value for business class, and was much better than United First Class to Paris. I hope they stay in business!

9/3/2018 Dominique Gervais Babel

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Newark. Service on board adequate and friendly staff. But the issue was that my checked luggage did not arrive in Newark. From that moment, no feedback, customer care nonexistent. The staff was not concerned and blamed the situation on Orly airport. No support.

7/27/2018 J Batchelor

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris Orly. I booked this airline, because my family and I travel to France, once or twice a year. I decided to try this airline alone first. As I got closer to the departure, I decided to read the reviews. As you have read, there are many that are not favorable. I became nervous, because I had a small window of time for my visit this summer and I didn't want to spend it with airline drama. I also want to point out that I travel 50-60K miles per year domestically for work and that I am a Delta Status flyer. Previously I have flown Air France and Delta to Europe. My review of this airline is superb. The check in was uneventful, the lounge was busy (it's summer!), the cabin crew were pleasant and the lite dinner (salad with large shrimp) was good. My arrival was on time (I carried on my bags). Returning, was the same; on time, pleasant and tasty. I am a seasoned traveller to know that things can go wrong; mechanical, weather, unpleasant staff and inedible food. But in this case and on my flight, it was a delight.

7/15/2018 Larisa Stark

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Newark. Sitting in a lounge for hours without any information. We are told that there are delays due to possible mechanical trouble. Feeling absolutely ignored. Will never fly with this airline again!

6/3/2018 B Merland

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris Orly. We all know what they say "you get what you pay for". However, there is a minimum standard of respect for your customers and I believe the La Compagnie staff just does not get that. My flight last night was supposed to leave EWR at 7PM. After 3 hours of wait in this dirty lounge (with cheap wine, like dirt cheap stuff) they ended up cancelling the flight for a "mechanical" failure. The trouble here is that you kind of expect to be treated like a business class customers (your ticket says business class) but in fact you are not at all. We were offered to go to an airport hotel until they could figure something out, what we didn't know. I politely refuse the offer and went home instead. "We will call you at 6am tomorrow and please be ready to go again". All right, not that bad, its 11PM i am on my way home in a Uber, I'll leave tomorrow. Guess what, none of this happened. No email, no phone call on the B plan, silence. I ended up call them, or being on hold for hours should I say. See the trouble with these little guys is that they really only have 2 planes, thats it. If one fails, you are done. This is the second time this is happening to me in a year. I am a regular on AF. Let's just be real, they are no comparison, Air France is by far better. The seats (specially the flat beds), the services, the lounges etc etc. It turned out i was offered to fly to Paris on XL (the airline) - I politely declined, changed my entire trip..

5/29/2018 W Jakona

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Newark to Paris. La Compagnie is terrible and a poor excuse for business class. The plane is old and worn, the lounge is cheap and overcrowded and the entire cabin smelled literally of urine. The staff were extremely rude, especially a staff member at Newark airport. Worst airline experience. I will never fly them again.

5/19/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 757-200 (752) seat 7D

All the seats on the plane are essentially identical since it's all one class. We have flown with them twice and while the experience wasn't as luxurious as (say) KLM or Aer Lingus (both of which have been very good, in our experience) it's also around 50% cheaper. The seats are in individual pods (so you never end up in the lap of the person behind you) and while they don't recline fully flat, they get pretty close. The planes also tend to be very quiet since they're converted 757s that formerly seated around 200 and now seat around 80—which also means lots of overhead bin space. Their tablet-based entertainment system has a tendency to run out of power before you land, in our experience, but then I don't spend an entire flight on the entertainment system anyway. Food and service have also been very good, easily on a par with business class in major airlines.

3/1/2018 Pol Theis

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. Cancelling flights without calling their passengers, let them arrive at the airport, inform them about the cancelled flight, with no additional detail, other than to show up following at 5am for a 7am departure, with a staff that advertises that it belongs to a 3rd party provider and relegates every question to Paris (what ever that means). Zero service.

2/18/2018 Bakary Soumare

✅ Trip Verified | An absolute disaster. I booked a flight from Paris to NYC, I was leaving on a Sunday afternoon and booked on Saturday night. My flight (with a different airline) from Warsaw - Paris that morning was cancelled, therefore I contacted La Companie to let them know I would not make my flight. To my great surprise, their Paris office was closed on Sundays and their voicemail stated that the NYC office opened at 9am which would have been an hour after the scheduled flight. When I was finally able to reach out to a representative, they gave me the run around and finally said "sorry, it was a no show". I tried explaining them several times that I had no way of contacting them to reschedule since their office was closed. They were rude over the phone and claimed they would call me, but never did. When I finally reached out one more time to get my flight reimbursed, they once again blew me off with no rational explanation. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for". While it's cheaper than a business class seat on a real airline, it's NOT worth it.

8/29/2017 S Porter

✅ Verified Review | I had a perfect round trip flight from Newark to Paris and back on La Compagnie. Both flights left on time and arrived on time. Check-in was drama free, and we enjoyed the use of private lounges in both Newark and Paris before boarding the flight. The food offering on both legs was very good, and the wines served were excellent. The seat reclines into a near flat bed, and was comfortable enough to actually get some sleep on the flight to Paris. In the sitting position the seat was quite comfortable, unlike most airline seats, and leg room was ample. The cabin crew on both legs was terrific, they could not have been more helpful and polite. I suppose the only "flaws" would be that the movie selection was sparse (I didn't partake, so that didn't bother me in the least) and there was no WiFi (to the extent that works on airplanes). I would definitely recommend La Compagnie - it is excellent value. I flew Open Skies quite frequently to Paris before they were acquired by BA, and La Compagnie definitely fills the void. I also found Newark to be much easier to navigate than JFK in terms of the security screening and the immigration/customs process. My flight landed at 5pm and I had collected my bag and completed the entry formalities in about 50 minutes, which had to be a record.

3/18/2017 J Kowalczyk

✅ Verified Review | Newark to Paris. Great experience from beginning to end. This is what all airlines should aspire to. It could be that I have gotten used to being treated like dirt by the major US airlines and my expectations are so low but this absolutely blows away any business class service that carriers like American Airlines provide to Europe and its a fraction of the cost. $1,600 vs over $5,000 for American Airlinesbusiness class. The service was excellent all around, the equipment was a 757 that was completely retrofitted with new fully adjustable seats, and the staff was very friendly and professional. The American carriers should be embarrassed. My only complaints is the limited destinations. Please reestablish the London route and expand into EU.

3/2/2017 K Brauthier

✅ Verified Review | Newark to Luton. Our experience with La Compagnie was wonderful. We purchased our tickets during one of the sales specials, so the cost was about equal to economy on other airlines and less than premium economy offered by some. Check in at Newark and Paris CDG was fast with no lines with courteous and friendly staff members. We took advantage of the lounge in Newark and the only quibble was its location before security. The lounge was clean with comfortable seating and a decent-to-very good selection of food and drink. Onboard we found the seats quite comfortable with unbelievable leg room and width. The controls were a bit fiddly to figure out, but soon found comfortable settings for sitting and sleeping. Note that the seats aren't proper flat bed, but we found them close enough to sleep comfortably. We liked the tablet entertainment for its flexibility - you can hold it on your lap for more comfortable viewing. The selection of entertainment was somewhat limited, but we didn't find this to be a terrible drawback. The noise-cancelling headphones were fairly good and did the job. Certainly they were not as good as my $300 Bose, but better than others I've tried. The meals were surprisingly good - as good or better than we've experienced in first class on some airlines, with the French attention to detail and presentation. The only minor nit on board was the attendant to passenger ratio. The plane only has 74 seats, but only had three flight attendants. This seemed to contribute to a drink and food service that took a bit longer than one would find in business class on other airlines. All in all, our trip on La Compagnie was delightful and a bargain compared to other airlines. Is it the same as business or first class on the major airlines? Of course not. But even at full-fare, La Compagine provides nearly as good an experience at a fraction of the cost. We've already booked a trip to Paris with them.

2/3/2017 Robert Riedlinger

✅ Verified Review | Newark to Paris. Our family has just endured a horror story at the hands of La Compagnie that I feel compelled to share with fellow travelers. We had a flight reservation from Newark to Paris scheduled for February 2nd. We booked it several months back, and applied a $600 ticket coupon we were given as a result of a 6 hour delayed flight on March 20th 2016. The tickets were $3200 total so less the $1200 voucher we paid $2000 for the tickets. One of our adult children suffers from mental illness. Regrettably she has taken a turn for the worse and on the advice of her doctors and therapists we had to delay our trip to France. I called La Compagnie’s customer service and explained the situation to a representative who was very understanding. She told me we could rebook our flight up to the day of the flight without any penalties. Accordingly I called last week to try and rebook for a later date several months from now when we felt it would be ok for us to go. I was told I was misinformed by the first agent, and that in fact there would be a $500 per ticket per flight booking penalty totaling $2000. The tickets were worth $1600 each including the vouchers, so our tickets were essentially worthless. Obviously I was shocked and confused. Luckily our credit card has cancellation insurance. I contacted them and was told that I needed to provide the flight cancellation email and a copy of La Compagnie’s flight cancellation policy in order to issue a refund for the $2000. I immediately called La Compagnie and told them I was cancelling the flight, and asked for this information. The customer service representative who I was working with said she would get me that information immediately. One week has passed, and despite calling pretty well every day, I still have not received what is a routine piece of information. Upon speaking with her, (they know me by name now) she said that they have no way to contact La Compagnie in France except by email, and that she has emailed the “Cancellation Department” several times per day and taken every step she could think of but no one would respond to her. It’s now February 3rd, the flight was last night, they never cancelled our reservation and I now fear I will not be able have the claim fulfilled. It’s infuriating. This is a company with 2 planes and they can’t deal with my request? On the topic of the voucher, I asked if we could get and extension on the voucher due to what was happening. I offered to supply La Compagnie letters from our daughter’s doctors to confirm her diagnosis and current condition. Again, the customer service staff at La Compagnie were very understanding and compassionate and two of them I spoke with confided that they had family members that suffered from mental illness and that they would do their best to get an extension. In this case there was an immediate answer from France. No. No exceptions, no accommodations, the vouchers expire on March 20th. So here we are likely out of pocket for $3200. We have enough to deal with in our family and to be treated so callously and indifferently is simultaneously appalling, and frankly cruel. The Customer Service department has been wonderful and apologized to me repeatedly and said they are as frustrated as I am that no one will answer their requests. We obviously will never fly on La Compagnie again. As a former business owner I have never witnessed such incompetence and callousness.

1/31/2017 R Saykem

✅ Verified Review | An absolute disaster! I booked a flight from Paris to New York, I was leaving on a Sunday afternoon and booked on Saturday night. My flight (with a different airline) from Warsaw to Paris that morning was cancelled, therefore I contacted La Companie to let them know I would not make my flight. To my great surprise, their Paris office was closed on Sundays and their voicemail stated that the NYC office opened at 9am which would have been an hour after the scheduled flight. When I was finally able to reach out to a representative, they gave me the run around and finally said "sorry, it was a no show". I tried explaining them several times that I had no way of contacting them to reschedule since their office was closed. They were extremely rude over the phone and claimed they would call me, but never did. When I finally reached out one more time to get my flight reimbursed, they once again blew me off with no rational explanation. I would highly suggest that anyone who is considering using La Compagnie in the future does their due diligence. There are several other airlines offering business class seats for the same price with a far superior customer service.

11/26/2016 P Mayhew

✅ Verified Review | Paris to New York with La Compagnie. To say I was disappointed with my experience is an understatement. Firstly the entertainment system is totally useless, an entire 8 hour flight without entertainment. Also 30 minutes before landing the Samsung tablets were turned off so we couldn't track our progress coming into land. The plane was filthy (we flew from Paris, which is their base airport so you would think extra care would be taken in cleaning) my partners so called clean blanket had clumps of hair all over it, there was crumbs around my seat and there was dust all around my seat. The food was passable at best. Although I have had better food on a short haul economy flight. The cabin crew crew service was poor, although friendly. Apart from the dinner service the service was almost non-existent. Apart from dinner the crew never asked us if we wanted any drinks and we felt awkward in asking for one. Also the crew seemed to ignore our call button, which was extremely infuriating. We were in the air almost 1 hour before beig offered a proper drink. The seats were OK in comfort but once made into a bed they were rather uncomfortable. They are not lay flat, with your legs being in a much lower position creating a very odd sleeping position. The toilets were horrendous as halfway through the flight one decided to stop flushing creating a very nasty surprise for all those who dare venture in. I found the flight to be extremely disappointing. In my view this is not a business class airline but a premium economy airline with extra legroom. The price was the only saving grace for this airline. But with the flight experience I had I foresee this airline will not be around for very long.

9/8/2016 F Welch

Newark to Paris. I booked the flight back in June 2016, a couple of weeks later I received an email that my flight was cancelled for 2 September 2016 due to planned mechanical work for the plane and had to reschedule the flight. I had two connecting flights that I had to rebook to accommodate the change but I had to pay both airlines $200 each to rebook. I asked for help from La Compagnie but all they would say was they were sorry even though they are the ones to cancel the original flight 2 months out. To top matters, I had to return home early and changed days to return thru La Compagnie and they charged me $800 to change. I asked for some help with the $800 fee. I mentioned the cost of the original flight changes cost to me and again all I received was "I am sorry but nothing I can do".

7/31/2016 R Devos

Just stepped off our return trip from Paris to Newark with La Compagnie. Overall, great experience both ways across the Atlantic. Both flights departed and arrived on time. Check in was a breeze at both airports and you can't beat the priority boarding. The lounge in Newark was better than the one in Paris. The Paris lounge was crowded with little selection on food and drinks. Once on board, the flight attendants were polite and friendly even with my crazy toddler. The food was okay and the Seats were comfy. The slight angle wasn't an issue for getting rest. For this price, this value can't be beat and I would definitely fly them again for pleasure or business. If you are worried about flight changes, I think the London route is more likely to get delayed or canceled. We met travelers in the lounge who were waiting for a flight to London since the day before.