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6/29/2019 J Carter

Not Verified | Disgusted with the horrible experience with Latam, would never recommend. We were on a connecting flight using the same airline we’re the first flight was all on time. Upon running through the airport to try and board out next flight they would not let us on the plane (which had 30mins till take off). When asked why we can’t board the staff said “It is our policy that passengers cannot board the plane without their baggage also in the plane and our baggage supposedly had not been loaded onto the plane. However, we later found out all baggage on connecting flights gets loaded directly onto the next plane no matter the circumstances, and our baggage had left. We were left for an extra 24hrs with no clothes, toiletries or anything as well as lost wages from work we planned on attending. In return for the inconveniences we received absolutely nothing. Not even when we repeatedly tried for something as a seat upgrade.

6/28/2019 William Adair

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Madrid to Frankfurt on Latam. I cannot praise this airline enough. The crew were attentive with a warm and genuinely friendly demeanour. We boarded on time and were lead to our, two abreast, seats in the middle of the aircraft. Upon taking our seats we were offered Champagne or water and a bowl of nuts to nibble. The seats were similar in layout and operation to other airlines such as LOT and offered the option of a full recline into a fully flat bed. The pitch was more than adequate. The TV was operated either by a handheld controller or by touch screen. The selection seemed fine (although I didn't take advantage of it, my wife managed a movie). We were taken back onto stand because of a late slot amendment owing to weather at Frankfurt. This delay was minimal however it did allow the cabin crew time to ply me with another cold Champagne (as a former Air Traffic Controller I abhor delays, however with Champagne, not so much). A short taxi and departure from one of the southeasterly runways and we were up. The lunch service started soon after take off. The food was very pleasant. A nice shrimp salad with a curried mayonnaise served with a fruit bowl and cheese course. It was washed down with a few glasses of very tasty Chilean white wine. Coffee was served in a large cup! Thank you for that, (I hate teeny tiny cups of coffee) and more wine or cold drinks were offered. I took advantage of stretching out and woke up on descent into Frankfurt. The whole trip was just over two and a half hours. I cannot recommend LATAM high enough.

6/24/2019 Fred Rocher

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Salvador. The company is extremely unreliable and I don’t recommend it. I booked 2 flights to go to 2 different cities. I missed my first flight. The agent told me that I could take the following flight if I pay 155USD with him over the phone. He said my credit card wont work (although it was perfectly working and my bank confirmed no purchase tentative has been made). The agent told me to go to the airport and I could pay There. I showed up to the airport and the agent told me the flight is overbooked. I spoke to 3 different agents to confirm that if I manage to go to the other city I could take my second flight free of charge. I asked them to send me a confirmation email they said no need and gave their name as a reference. Now I'm stuck in Salvador and they won’t let me take my second flight.

6/16/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) v2 seat 20A

Overhead TV, in this day and age, on an international flight? Unacceptable. And this is no low-cost carrier either.

6/9/2019 A Mayri

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Buenos Aires via Sao Paulo. Disregarding the fact that just about all of our routes were delayed, our luggage was mishandled and lost en route to Buenos Aires. Although the wait was quite long reporting the luggage hadn’t been received at the airport, the ground staff were quite helpful. We received an allowance for the day which would have been fine if it wasn’t for one of the large denomination notes being an unusable counterfeit. We’re a family of four, traveling with a one year old and a four year old, none of our checked in luggage made it to our destination. In fact, it took three days for us to be re-united (fortunately) with our luggage. Having travelled extensively, I’m aware that airlines allow for compensation to travellers who purchase essentials (Clothes and cosmetics), should luggage be delayed or lost. I made sure I retained all slips of such items purchased. All seemed fine and my claim for this compensation was lodged in mid January 2019, not an insignificant amount given this was for the whole family for three days without any of our luggage. In the months since then, I have experienced nothing short of #incompetence, neglect, lies and deception from LATAM Airlines. It took a month before a formal letter for settlement for the claim was received, which was laughable in its value in relation to my expense which was well within the Montreal Convention provisions. The staff handling the case were so disorganised, they misplaced the proofs provided. After several promised deadlines were missed I then received a reasonable settlement letter which was signed and I was advised that payment will be fulfilled within 20 days. This after queries from staff suggested they had no clue on how to actually fulfil an international funds transfer. Unsurprisingly, a full month later (End March 2019), no payment was received. It took another month until early May for the airline to acknowledge an apparent system issue and advise that payment will reflect in a further 20 days. Don’t bother trying to get any information from their call centre, they are so clueless and disempowered, it actually got to a stage where the agent I was talking to could not help me or put a supervisor / manager on the phone. There was no further course of escalation, only a “note” on the system for the relevant department to contact me, which they never did, for weeks! No prizes, for guessing, the second official settlement advice and a further 20 day period elapsed with no payment received. We are now in June 2019, almost six months after the claim and more than three months after a legally binding settlement letter was received and agreed. What a shameful disgrace of an organisation. In an industry where efficiency and Customer Service are paramount it is a surprise that LATAM has survived. Fortunately, there are several options for air travel in South America, do yourself a favour and entrust a different carrier with your trip!

6/8/2019 Mario Ramirez, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 31C


6/2/2019 D Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Easter Island to Santiago. The flight was delay for more than an hour but the airlines did not make any announcement nor apologies to guests. Flight entertainment was poor. We got connection to another destination with Latam but luggage could not go through to final destination we had to pick up the luggage and check in again

5/31/2019 G Hartley

✅ Trip Verified | Río de Janeiro to Iguazu via Sao Paulo. Had no issues whatsoever with either the flight or the luggage or the check in process. Carried hand luggage only. Found the staff to be pleasant and professional. We left on time. Most importantly they got me there safe and sound. I would use them again.

5/17/2019 F Malkenn

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Sao Paulo. Old aircraft. No livery and the body of the B777-200 was all white. No explanations given. Business class seat didn't work and was very dirty. No IFE, odd food and just a a tray with cold cuts and minimal portions. Full flight wit long queues on the lavatories because 2 of them was out of service. Rude crew with non sense answers for simple questions. Curious that on this route they use to fly an old 787 and until 20 hours of the flight LATAM´s website was showing this very aitcraft, 3 hours before the flight they have changed in there.

5/17/2019 Peter Kempa

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Lima. Flight departed on schedule, but it was generally not such a pleasant experience.The cabin crew never offered headsets, and although they were fast and efficient with the meal service, they acted notably miserable. The legroom on this particular plane was terrible - it turned the last 6 hours of the flight into torture. The quality of the food and drink was ok.

5/17/2019 D Munsen

✅ Trip Verified | Yesterday, I was going to fly from Boston to Sao Paulo on Latam. The flight was leaving at 5:30 PM and I used the Logan Express bus from Braintree leaving there at 2:40 PM. It is only 10 miles to Logan, but I did not arrive at the airport until 4:45 PM. There was no one at the counters, so I called the "customer service" number to explain. There were 5 other passengers who also arrived late. Customer service took 45 minutes to see what they could do for me. The flight the next day did have space. And to change the ticket to the next day would cost $7,910. Considering my ticket cost $1,600.00 I thought this was a mistake. No mistake. I opted for not flying with Latam the next day. Will apply the $1,600 paid for the ticket to another flight on them in the future. It is unfortunate they do not have someone at the airport to speak with directly. This was my first experience missing a flight. I thought there would be a better plan in place for this situation. How many people would pay or could pay an additional $7,910 for arriving 15 minutes late. The solution for me was to call American Airlines and they were able to get me on a flight 2 days later for a reasonable cost.

5/15/2019 Natasha Lew

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Santiago de Chile. The most disgusting and poor customer service I have ever experienced. Flight delayed 4 hours then cancelled at 2am in the morning with little to no explanation or concern. Forced to get up at 6am only to be told we would not be on another flight until 17 hours later. Missed international connecting flights with an English speaking attendant ignoring us and saying she does not understand English. A further 2 hours to check back in. Was then given a travel voucher only for all three of our party to be missing the last number on the printed travel voucher. Once back home in Australia we tried to claim expense of the voucher with incompetent staff who would pause and not answer a question that was asked for minutes at a time. Finally after much heartache was told the transfer was complete and would take no longer than 15 working days to show up in account, never showed up. Called/emailed multiple times to follow up only to get transferred to an alternative team member and told my case was still getting resolved. 4 months later no money has been transferred. Easily the worst experience i have ever had to endure in not only an airline but any form of customer service.

5/12/2019 Bruce, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 26C

Although close to toilets, this is a good sear w easy access to overhead lockers and for walking around.

5/11/2019 J Cano

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Cusco. They have awful customer service, they charge for everything. Staff is unfriendly and rude, I had a couple of issues in Lima and Santiago with the staff on ground. They were threatening me 40 min before the scheduled time to leave me if I did not board the plane immediately even if the boarding pass said gates closed 20 minutes before flight. I explained the staff that my elderly mother was at the restroom and that it was still early, they guy was threatening her to leave her on ground if she did not board the plane. Once we boarded the plane, the gates did not close until 20 minutes after, and when we were ready to take off the captain said theres was an issue with the aircraft, we had to wait almost 3 hours on the plane with very little information about the issue, until finally the plane took off.

5/6/2019 Nicolas Maiquez

✅ Trip Verified | Iguazu to Sao Paulo. Not the service they claim they have online. We had to wait for the staff to go to the check in counter because they will not help if is not 2 hours prior, very strict. Boarding was a nightmare! They opened aft and fwd doors and everything was confusing, people boarding from the back when their seats are in the front and vice versa, staff would only speak Portuguese and no English whatsoever. Passengers helping crew to translate to English or Spanish. Onboard everything was expensive for the small size it was and a bit outdated plane. Staff seemed to be rushing and not really helping. Entertainment was just ads.

5/6/2019 Pilar Zapata

✅ Trip Verified | Mendoza to Sydney via Santiago de Chile. Two times in a row, they cancelled the same flight. I paid extra for a flight with a certain duration, and it ended up lasting double the time. I offered them solutions by sending me on different flights that had space, but they said they couldn't do that, that they couldn't send me with other airlines (after two nights at airports, the next flight was with the airline I suggested two nights before). Their personal don't care about what happens, and nobody takes any responsibility on the matter.

5/2/2019 K Hassellah

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Melbourne. Flying for 15 hours they provided two meals. I missed the first meal as I was sleeping, when I asked them to provide it they said it couldn't be done because they were preparing the breakfast. When the breakfast came the options for me were with ham, which I cant eat because of my religion.

4/30/2019 L Pearce

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Sydney. Check-In was super quick as there was no lines, but once I reached security it took way too long plus it did not help as I wasn't given an express path pass. Boarding was early which I find efficient as an on time departure is promising. The Cabin Crew were very welcoming and professional, a much better experience than the last time I flew with Latam. Catering was mediocre, a menu was available but there was only two options for breakfast and everything tasted decent. The IFE was good, enough to keep you entertain for a 3 hour flight but any longer and you may get slightly bored. Lastly, the seat was very comfortable even though it's an older product compared to what's available on their 787-9 and A350 fleet.

4/23/2019 Ivo G, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v1 seat 13K

Economy class has great legspace. IFE System is old and outdated. Food is the best among Latin American airlines. No AC power or USB outlets (this is unacceptable given they fly long haul routes (8+ hr) with this planes (EZE-MIA for example)

4/23/2019 Ivo G, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v1 seat 15J

This seat does ia not only colse to lavatories and has limited reclining but also limited legspace. You get 3-5cm less of space between seats and you almost cannot use IFE as the screen is so close to you.