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11/1/2018 Mauricio Canosa

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Paris. I decided to give LATAM a second chance after a bad experience between Sao Paulo and Frankfurt two years ago. After all, they have new A350s to Paris, with their "new" Premium Business cabin and service. Check-in at the GRU was fast and efficient, but the Business class boarding pass was a ...

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10/24/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 5L

Excellent seat but storage is lacking. Nowhere to put glasses phone etc except foot well. Lumbar support good. Seat controls a little fussy. Service ok on a short 4 hour flight. Lie flat comfortable up to 6ft height.

10/22/2018 H Marcie

✅ Trip Verified | Pereira to San Andres Island via Bogota / Cartagena. Terrible airline. Even though I showed the ticket agents both leaving and returning their baggage policy website from a link in my electronic ticket which stated I was allowed one free carryon and one checked bag their charged me twice for my checked bag and...

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10/21/2018 Kyle Seagrove

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Cusco. Awful ground service. Dirty, ancient aircraft. Cramped seats. No control over hand luggage. Flight attendant's English is incomprehensible and non-existent. Check in process was a joke, and not a good one. After checking in in the kiosk, we still had to stand in another line to drop the bags off,...

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10/20/2018 S Mcain

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline experience ever. I had 6 flights total, and only the very last flight was supposed to be with another airline. First my first flight to my destination was delayed an hour, which would have caused me to miss my connecting flight. I did luckily at that point have a super lady assist with fixing tha...

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10/15/2018 S Vardin

✅ Trip Verified | Quito to Ceunca. Worst customer service I have ever experienced! Had to spend 13 hours in the airport since they wouldn’t accommodate me with a delay from a prior flight from Miami which caused me to miss my flight. Had to buy an additional ticket to a Cuenca and also one for the returning flight to Quito sinc...

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10/13/2018 J Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | Despite the utterly chaotic and delayed boarding once we were on the aircraft everyone settled in quietly. Seat comfort acceptable, good recline, pillow, blanket and headsets on the seat. Soon after take off menus were handed out and then dinner and drinks were served. Food, dinner and breakfast, good although ...

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10/12/2018 Kezia Mcclelland

✅ Trip Verified | Calama to Buenos Aires via Santiago. I would strongly recommend that you never use this airline. We are seasoned travelers and fly a lot with many different airlines but LATAM are by far the worst airline I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They are incompetent liars and when things go wrong their cus...

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10/12/2018 J Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Boarding organised by groups. Premium, row numbers, etc. However, we all ended up bussed to the aircraft so a free for all at the stairs to climb up to the plane. Very comfortable seats, good IFE. Meals acceptable although the LATAM food plan is mean on quantities, no starter, no bread and small packaged sweet....

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10/7/2018 margarita carrasco, Airbus A320 (320) v3 seat 10A

fila 10 pésima viaje saliendo a las 2am de Sao Paulo, son un poco mas de 5 horas de vuelo, fila 10 que no se reclina, algo que me llamo la atención es que los asientos si se escoge los que son mas amplios tienen un costo adicional, sin embargo, cuando estas en el avion y si no tienes mas de 18 años y menos de 60 te piden que te ...

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10/7/2018 margarita carrasco, Airbus A320 (320) v3 seat 29-A

me asignaron el asiento, y es una fila muy incómoda, porque no se puede reclinar el asiento, son un poco más de 5 horas de vuelo, la atencion a bordo es apenas un sandwich y bebidas frias y calientes

10/7/2018 Felipe Kaufmann

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Santiago de Chile. LATAM delayed 5hours my flight. Call center with arrogant people they are obliged by Brazilian law to change the flight and somehow they dont comply with the law until you mention that you do know your rights. They are trained to lie to you, even though there are seats available...

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10/5/2018 Ronerto Flores

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Lima. This airline keeps getting worse and worse. From a terrible frequent flyer program which used to be good to simply terribly old planes, terrible entertainment options and low cost options at premium prices.

10/4/2018 Anil Chopra

✅ Trip Verified | Mendoza to Buenos Aires. 4 hour delay- every flight we have taken with LATAM has been delayed by at least two hours, it really defeats the purpose of flying. If you are flying with LATAM, make sure you have nothing to do that day.

10/3/2018 Ivan Oscar Sterza

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Sao Paulo. Latam lounge in Santiago nice, with lots of space and some privacy as well, food surprisingly good (some high quality chirashi, for example), with a wide selection of wines and drinks. Onboard experience with Latam today is a mixed bag, it used to be a premium airline let's say ...

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9/29/2018 Luke Faulkner Hall

✅ Trip Verified | Campo Grande to Fortaleza. I spent 1.5 hours trying to buy luggage for my flight with no help from customer service. I don't understand why its impossible to just buy something simple like luggage. They cant take my credit card over the phone and then say I can do it online but when I go online it says call cu...

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9/27/2018 S Lopez

✅ Trip Verified | When I arrived to London, my luggage did not arrive with me. Even though it was priority luggage (since I was flying business class and I am an emerald frequent flyer on one world and a premium black on latam). After 14 days Latam did not find the luggage and they have not given me any kind of compensation for ...

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9/27/2018 G Harper

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Santiago. I wouldn't fly with LATAM again. This is a long flight and though the Boeing 787 is a nice quiet aircraft the squashed 3-3-3 seat configuration and short distance between seats makes it a bit like a domestic flight. We found the cabin staff to be uninterested - except in an older couple...

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9/25/2018 R Meylen

✅ Trip Verified | Recently flew LATAM for the first time from Sydney to Auckland. I was extremely impressed. The service across the board was excellent. Check in was fast and painless. LATAM uses the Qantas Business Lounge at Sydney Airport which is always nice. The aircraft was a relatively new Boeing 787-8. Service from the c...

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9/14/2018 K Galion

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Santiago to Frankfurt with connection in Sao Paulo. Airplane arrived to Santiago with 1 hour delay, once boarded aircraft maintenance was required which delayed the flight an additional hour. During the flight the attendants made no mention about passengers who would loose their connections (30-40 ...

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