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8/21/2018 John Weaver

Not Verified | Cusco to Lima. LC Peru is the worst airline I have ever flown. On August 19th 2018 one of their airplanes crash landed at Lima Airport. This closed the airport for over 5 hours as the plane was removed, and the runway repaired. My flight on LC Peru was diverted to Pisco and the delay caused me to miss my return flight to London. One would think that LC Peru would help passengers inconvenienced by their delay. Not a chance. I went straight to the customer service booth and was told nothing could be done to rebook my airfare. I was told to fill out a form and that I might receive a response in 30 days. This airline should not be allowed to carry passengers and I hope the Peruvian government performs an uncorrupted investigation of the incident. I urge you to fly any other airline.

7/22/2018 Bruno Zgorecki

✅ Trip Verified | The customer services on the ground is worth than poor. It is inexistant ! You need to come 1h30 before checking in otherwise they can deny it. If there is a long line-up (very often in LIMA), you need to negotiate with other passenger to move up in the line so you don't miss your plane. Dont expect a call from the ground staff. If the checking-in is closed ( 1h to h15 before the flight, which is never on time), you are directed to a lovely lady who will try to charge you an enormous fee to be rescheduled on the next flight. Better book yourself on another one way flight from another company. Planes are old - 737 > 25 years old. Service inflight is OK. Flight always delayed. Welcome to South America and don't expect apologies. Staff from Cusco are nice. The problem is at Lima Airport. Poor, very poor. True, the airfare is cheap but at best, you will be treated like animal or, at worst, you will spend more to get to your flight or you will have to book yourself to another airlines.

5/6/2018 Zihao Fu

✅ Trip Verified | It is a return trip from Lima to Cusco. In the outgoing trip, LC Peru cancel the flight and give me the ticket for the next flight (4 hours later) without any reason and explain. In the returning trip. The flight was cancelled. At the boarding gate and ground service, we were told there are bad weather. But in the cancel certification, the reason is operational reason. On that day (Mar. 5 2018), the weather was perfect, and almost all the other airlines operates normally. I have send e-mail for refund or the explain twice, but there are still no reply.

2/24/2018 P Steene

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Huaraz. We had a flight booked with them that was cancelled one week before it was due to depart. Although guidebooks and travel websites state that flights can be cancelled due to bad weather, this was clearly not the case in this instance. We have never received a refund. We have had lengthy e-mail exchanges with two different departments within the same company that do not communicate with one another, each time with a different person. They said they no longer had our details from when we booked the flight and demanded copies of our passports, bank accounts, and contact details via unsecured e-mail accounts, yet we have never received our money. We lost a lot of money and time as a result.

2/18/2018 Matthew Culver

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Cusco to Lima with LC Perú. Same story here, flight was late due to mechanical issues and they tried to blame the weather when I reached Lima. They went out of their way to avoid responsibility, and when they finally admitted guilt it was all my fault for not calling ahead, even though I was on the aircraft with few updates. To be clear, I had over 4 hours gap between landing and departing for the next flight - this wasn't a tight connection.

12/20/2017 P Nearen

✅ Trip Verified | Cusco to Lima. My flight was delayed and I was not notified, I found out when I checked the departure screen. Because of the delay I missed my connection flight, which according to them was not their fault/problem. I talked to the supervisor and she was trying to not assume responsibility. Plus they do not follow they own policies. Now I’m stuck in Lima!

10/31/2017 Jochem Vreugdenhil

✅ Verified Review | Flew with LC Peru from Cusco to Lima (1.05H flight). Small Boeing 737-500 (old Lufthansa). Legroom was limited, but okay for the duration of the flight. They offered one drink and a small snack (two cookies). Flight was smooth, the price for the ticket was low (included one piece of bagage of 30KG). Crew friendly, and efficient. Plane was old, it was ok. Overall, good value for money. Short flights are ok, plaen looks good, and seats were ok. Don't expect to much, but I would recommend this airline for domestic flights in Peru.

9/23/2017 C Malemos

✅ Verified Review | Cusco to Lima. LC Peru cancelled my flight twice. Once yesterday 9/21, which they rebooked to this morning 5:40am 9/22 2502. Both times all passengers had to checkin, go through security, wait at gate, wait to board, get inside plane, then be told there was mechanical issues and had us deplane, get our luggage, checkin again (in an impossible non-English) line. They never made clear announcements in English or Spanish to explain to everyone what was going on. I ended up having to buy an expensive same-day flight on a different airline just to get back to Lima to catch a $400+ tour I already rebooked because it was supposed to start today at 4:00am from Lima! Whereas I am still in Cusco. I am so very disappointed with this airline. I had a great time in Cusco but that was overpowered by this miserable and annoying and very frustrating and stressful time with LC Peru. I

3/20/2017 C Jakmin

✅ Verified Review | They schedule 4 flights from Lima to Cusco per day but seem to cancel flights until they can fill a plane. I witnessed saying they have 2 seats left and shouting at the terminal if anybody wants to get on that had a ticket for a delayed/cancelled flight. On Monday Mar 11 a group of 12 of us was at Lima airport at 6.30am, our flight was delayed, then delayed further (flight attendant was sick apparently), then cancelled. We flew to Cusco at approx 2.30pm on a different flight number. The plane was almost full. On Friday Mar 17 we had a scheduled 10.50am flight from Cusco to Lima and didn't depart until 2.30pm. The flight was again delayed coming from Lima until they had a full flight. Moreover, they left our bags in Cusco which arrived 2 hours later on other flights. Two other passengers on early morning flights had a 6.30am flight and a 8am flight cancelled.

2/27/2017 J Sallen

✅ Verified Review | Return flight from Cusco to Lima. Our outbound flight was delayed over an hour but we're on holiday so no biggie. On arrival to Cusco airport there's only one counter handling the checked luggage so things are slow. We're given boarding passes and are told the flight leaves an hour late. Then the flight suddenly disappears from the departure display. We're being told all is fine. This drags on for the next six hours for a take off at 17:30 instead of 10:45. No apologies, no explanation and info given very vague. "The plane from Lima was always just about to take off". The in-flight experience is ok, very little legroom but the plane is new and the flight is just over an hour.

7/30/2016 S Pickup

We booked 2 flights with LCPeru, Cusco to Lima and Lima to Chiclayo. We booked them pretty close together but we believed we had enough time to make the connection. From the start the staff at check in in Cusco were aware of our situation and when we were slightly delayed upon landing in Lima they made every effort to make sure we made the connecting flight in lima. They transferred our bags straight through even though the flights were booked separately and a staff member met us at baggage collection to streamline the check in process. If all low cost airlines were like LCPeru, the world of aviation would be a much better place.

5/30/2016 R Beck

I flow with LC Perú from Lima to Cuzco and back, service onboard was perfect, legroom okay, crew very friendly and professional and both flights on time. I also booked a flight to the north cost of Peru with LC Perú, unfortunately they canceled this route giving me an alternative flight with another airline (LAN), also giving me the possibility to notice that LC is by far better than LAN (now LATAM). But the servie of rebooking (paying far more for the new ticket than I paid for the LC flight) was quite good and surprisingly without any complications.

5/21/2016 F Kleinen Hammans

Just a short flight from Cusco to Lima within Peru, but LC Perú was cheaper than the other airlines, with good conditions if changes were made to an existing booking. Flight was on an ex-Lufthansa Boeing 737, legroom limited. Snack and drink service more than sufficient for this flight time, and I found the crew very friendly. Their english skills were rather basic though.

5/20/2016 Mark Judge

We flew LC Peru from Lima to Cusco return in April. On both flights the crew's attention to safety protocol was faultless. On Cusco-Lima flight we had some pretty bad turbulence and the Captain instructed the crew to be seated, but he was vocal in addressing the passengers as well, which was reassuring. The plane interiors were neat and tidy, service during both flights was attentive, I found the overall experience of the two flights much better than I had expected, to be honest.

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