36 Level reviews

6/22/2019 Kevin Seaver

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. They lost my luggage, no gate agent to report it to. Finally after an hour got a bag employee to take report. Impossible to speak to a human, only take email and unresponsive. Luggage still lost and no sign of compensation. I would pay more to fly with a airline that you can speak to someone. Lesson learned!

6/12/2019 A Jemutra

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Vienna. I would encourage you to try to avoid this airline as much as possible because : I traveled from Copenhagen to Vienna (VK1021 : 2nd June 2019 ) and they lost my baggage. I tried to call them several times a day for 13 days and they had no information whatsoever so I believed them and didn't try to do anything else. On 14th day by complete co-incidence I called baggage lost counter at Vienna airport to ask them about my luggage, they gave the location of my baggage and tried to solve the problem. In any case I called LEVEL again just to confirm and they said 'sorry we forgot to tell you your baggage was found in Prague'. They didn't reply nor had any more information, so I hung up the phone I knew it was a waste of time ! I am still trying to locate my baggage. I have lost a baggage before and received it with respect and compensation. I am not against airline losing stuff but in this case I want to emphasize how terrible the services are. If the customer knows more about his lost baggage than the customer care, then company is already going downhill.

6/11/2019 P Barisson

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. My experience was a nightmare. This was primarily due to the very rude and rough behavior of the Level Airlines Team, on board, towards me and other passengers. They were extremely rude, would not stop to ask passengers such as me if I wanted to buy something to eat or drink, would not reply when talked to. One of the hostesses ran her trolley into my foot and did not apologise until I insisted ; another Airhostess was putting her elbow almost into my face while I was asleep in order to serve a passenger their pre-booked meal behind me, this woke me up and she refused to answer when I asked her politely if she could move the trolley up a little, finally after I asked 4 times in 2 different languages, she said no, she would not move the trolley and told me "there is no need to be unpleasant." Seats are poor quality with thin cushioning, very little leg space, they provide no headphones, and bundles it into a 16 USD package, same with blankets etc. The airline accepts payment in EUR or Credit card, does not accept USD.

6/11/2019 D Anderson

Not Verified | Barcelona to San Francisco. We were originally supposed to fly on Iberia and were put on a Level flight, it was one of the worst flights ever. Attendants were rude, they didn't have much food on board, you had to literally grab an attendant to get anything, their credit card machine worked about half of the time, when asked for water they told my daughter to go to the back of the plane and get it herself. The attendants did not speak English, and on and on. All the announcements were in Spanish so you did not know what was going on.

6/6/2019 Diane Levy

Not Verified | Paris to Montreal. Excellent. Brand new aircrafts. Very happy. One of the best airlines I have seen. Even their safety movie is different, fun and modern. I recommend highly this airline.

5/8/2019 O Larkin

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. Do not fly with Level. The airline canceled our flight and the customer service following the cancellation and trying to get a resolution to all of the problems it has caused to our travel plans has been deplorable. The soonest Level would rebook us on an outbound flight was four days later, and then Level canceled that flight too, meaning the soonest they could accommodate us was five days after we were originally supposed to fly. They ruined our vacation and we weren't able to travel at all. Level's customer service was unacceptable during the entire process. The night of the cancellation, clueless airport staff kept people standing around for hours trying to figure out what to do. All they kept saying was we had to call the customer service phone number, which was closed. It's ridiculous that customer service phone lines are not staffed at the times flights are operating to handle these issues. It took more than two hours before staff was even able to start providing hotel rooms, and then even then, there were not enough hotel rooms for all of the impacted passengers. Level airport staff were terrible at communicating information during the whole process. Level airport staff told passengers who weren't able to get a hotel room to find their own way to their accommodation and then the airline would reimburse them for any costs. Nope. Contacted Level after the fact and they continue to give us the runaround and try to weasel out of providing the reimbursement (which is required by EU regulations when the airline cancels a flight). More than a month later and they have still not done anything to resolve the issue. Then when we submitted a claim for the cancellation compensation we were entitled to under the EU 261 air passenger rights regulations, Level fabricated some story about the cancellation being due to "extraordinary circumstances" to weasel out of providing the compensation as required by the law, yet they have ignored multiple requests to provide documentation/substantiation of their claim of "extraordinary circumstances", as required by the European regulations. Every time you try to contact Level "customer service" they just copy and paste some irrelevant form reply and don't actually read or do anything about the issue you e-mailed them about. Avoid Level at all costs. It is not worth the risk and frustration to get burnt by their terrible customer service. Just think, if they stranded you in your destination city away from home for five days or more, not lifting a finger to help you during the process. It's worth the extra money to fly with a real airline instead.

5/7/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Gatwick. The plane was new, and very comfortable inside. I was very pleased to see that changing my seat at the last minute had worked, as I now had 3 seats all to myself. Once onboard, we were told that due to fog at Gatwick, there will be a 2 hour slot delay. To their credit, the cabin crew came around handing out glasses of water, and started a round with the trolleys, coming round and offering us things to Purchase. I bought a packet of crisps and a glass of wine, and was very impressed with the relatively low price. Once we finally got airborne, they did another round of service. The crew were kind and professional. Another benefit is that they have USB charge points at every seat on the A321s. We landed at Gatwick just under 2 hours late, but that was not the fault of the airline. Many flights on Level are very cheap, and if the price is right, I would not hesitate to use them again.

5/6/2019 S Gorline

✅ Trip Verified | We thought we were getting a great deal, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. A few days after we bought the tickets, Level contacted us: "We regret to inform you that your flight will not operate as planned." The in-bound flight was going to get into New York much too late and we asked to fly out the next day at a more reasonable hour. We had to call several times before getting someone who was willing to help. And then we learned that Level does not have flights every day so we'd have to leave several days later. So we asked to change the return date as well. We did not want our stay to be shortened. Once again, we had to call several times until someone was willing to accommodate us. And that doesn't even count the number of times we called where we waited for 15-20 minutes just to be told that all the lines are busy, please call back later. We originally bought the tickets in February, and our new itinerary was finally confirmed just days before our departure - the 3rd week in April. The actual flight was more or less uneventful, but you need to be aware that you have to pay for everything - checking in a bag, a meal, even water is not free. In fact, while we were checking in on-line we were told over the phone that there are a limited number of free random seats and we will have to pay for a seat. I said, "forget it, we'll stand." She was not amused and said we will have to pay for our seats. Level flights depart from Newark at 10:40pm to go to Paris. However, exceptionally (it was never explained why the time change) our return flight on May 3rd would leave at 00.20. On May 3rd, we arrived at Newark at 9pm. Much to our surprise, Level had no scheduled flight that night, no agents were anywhere to be found and the customer service number was not available at that time. In the meantime we had to spend hundreds of euros to extend our stay in New York. We had to wait until 3AM to reach a customer service representative to find out what was going on. We were informed that we were supposed to check in on the evening of May 2nd to fly out at 00.20 (which is May 3rd). The only solution they offered were to reimburse the tax - the first supervisor told us it was 230 euros, but the second supervisor said it would only be 75 euros). When we demanded to speak to another supervisor we were told that there weren't any other supervisors at this time that spoke English, only Catalan. An agent got on the phone and spoke Spanish. We explained the situation, he apologized (the only agent to apologize) and said he would need 72 hours to rectify the situation. In the meantime the supervisor invited us to purchase new tickets to fly out a couple of days later for $1900 (for 2 adults / 1 child) with the hopes of getting reimbursed.

5/4/2019 Rohn MacNulty

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Barcelona. I work in the industry and Level is the worst airline I have ever seen. The gate agents were completely incompetent. They had no idea how to manage boarding the aircraft. There was a pileup of passengers at the bottom of the Logan Terminal E boarding escalator that was extremely dangerous as a result of their incompetence. Then we sat on the plane for two hours while we were told there was a mechanical problem. Two hours later, we were told that the flight was cancelled and were marched aimlessly around the terminal. Apparently the agents had no idea how to get back to the ticketing hall. When we finally got back to ticketing , the agents told us to sit around until they could figure out what to do. This was all at 1:00 in the morning. After another hour, we were told that the flight was cancelled and we would receive an email about our options. Needless to say, the email never came and to add insult to injury, Level then refused to refund our tickets and the $100 they charged for my checked bag. I honestly don’t know how the people who run this ponzi scheme of an airline sleep at night.

4/28/2019 B Markham

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Barcelona with Level. The Spirit Airlines of international travel. That should say enough. You will never regret not flying this mess of an airline and more certainly will regret it if you do fly with this airline. Why Iberia associates it's name with this outfit is baffling.

4/20/2019 A Gatera

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Santiago de Chile. The trip was a bad experience, they didn't serve any food or drink and they didn't let this know with you just when we were already on the plain. I never had a 15 hours transatlantic flight without some basic service of food or beverages. When we finally bought some food for a lot of money, was very bad and service was very slow. When we ordered the second time, they forgot, and after 30 minutes I had to ask again, after wait another 30 minutes. Blankets and pillows were also not free, you could purchase them. By the way, the staff was nice, just busy and unprofessional.

4/20/2019 Jim Lamprecht

Not Verified | San Francisco to Barcelona. On the positive side Level has excellent prices and the food is not bad. The seats even in Premium economy are too hard for a long transatlantic flight so, bring an inflatable cushion. The return flight is painfully slow (about an hour plus longer than other airlines), I am guessing this is to to save fuel. Having stated the positive elements of LEVEL I must say it is clearly a poorly run airlines. When you call the US number you are given 4 options to press but when you press option 4 (other), you are sent back in an unending loop, in other words, you can't get to option 4. If you are able to reach a recording you are then told that agents are only available up to 1:00 AM Central European time and the conversation is terminated without saying good-bye. Good luck trying to reserve seats early. My LEVEL documents tell me that I can reserve seats early by going to an IBERIA web site and enter a special reference number printed on my documents unfortunately, that number is not recognized by Iberia. After calling Iberia I am told a couple of wrong information but finally I am told that it is not possible to reserve seats early. So, good prices, food not too bad, but everything else clearly indicates that management has a lot of work to do to improve the quality of their service.

4/18/2019 Shazel Suminguit

Not Verified | Vienna to Mallorca. The first time I fly with this airline and for sure this will be the last. The first impression is the Check-in service. At the counter I think these ladies don’t like their work there. The service is very poor that they don’t even care if you complain. It shows only that they are used to customers complaining. Anyway that’s what you get from a cheap airline, a cheap staff also! This unprofessional staff is in Vienna. In addition they said the plane is full that‘s why they cannot make any changes. The plane wasn't full. But on our way back, Staff in Palma de Mallorca is very accommodating and friendly.

4/14/2019 Jennifer Eklund Eklund

Not Verified | I am a seasoned traveler and have never crossed the Atlantic without free food or water being offered! A full plane from Boston to Barcelona and not a sip of water offered. When a passenger in front of me asked why he had not been offered a beverage the flight attendant told him he must have been asleep. I was awake and they moved right past me too. The worst cabin service ever! Never fly this airline again.

3/29/2019 Anna Marchenko

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Fort de France. I booked our Easter holidays trip at "cheap" price back in November 2018, and when 2 weeks before the departure date I wanted to check-in a bag, - I found out that my reservation is not valid / was canceled, in spite of receiving a booking confirmation, with booking reference, a reference to a successful payment, etc. Two days of calling and emailing with the customer support result in zero progress. "we are waiting for a decision from the head office, and can not do anything at the moment", and the only "solution" offered is to buy the tickets again, - at the current rates, at least twice expensive.

3/7/2019 J Meates

✅ Trip Verified | Definitely would not recommend booking through this airline. Just flew from Barcelona to San Francisco on an 11 hr flight without any food or drinks provided free (which I did not know until I boarded the plane). I ended up having to buy a meal which came cold after everyone else was done and the lights had been turned down. The crew staff were incredibly unprofessional. I had an aisle seat, and they kept ramming into my arm even with the many times that I tried to scoot myself in the seat. On top of that, they were loudly talking to each other in the back of the cabin which made it incredibly hard to get any rest. At one point in the flight, someone had opened a nail polish and started painting their nails. The crew staff behind me saw it (and probably smelled it) but did not do anything about it. All in all, the money you’ll save booking a flight with Level is not worth it. Book somewhere else.

2/24/2019 M Carnan

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Boston. The good: safe flight, seats are comfortable, they have TVs The bad: no beverage service and no warning of no beverage service. That doesn't stop them from running up and down the aisles with water for the people who paid for this. The inflight services were unavailable. wifi - who cares, but to order a meal or a beverage, you had to call a FA. Often with disappointing results - waited 40 minutes for curried chicken. Some of the FA treated the little folks like me with an attitude - like when I asked after 30 minutes if my meal was coming. We waited 15 minutes on the first bus to go to the plane. This was after a preboarding process that had us in line 25 minutes before the boarding time. Keeping people hydrated on an 8 hour flight should be a basic right.

2/8/2019 Miguel Miranda

✅ Trip Verified | I was extremely disappointed with this airline. I booked a flight from Barcelona to San Francisco through Iberia. I got a cheap deal through EDreams, a booking agency. At the end the price was deceiving as it went from 485€ to 600€, no luggage included (only carry-on). As I was making the queue to board, someone asked the staff member who checks the boarding pass if he had food included, I thought that was pretty obvious, it is a 13hr flight after all! So I asked as well and they said no! I went to buy a sandwich and a salad in a Café nearby before I boarded the plane. So to my surprise the aircraft is not from Iberia but from Level, I was confused but ok. The seats were tiny, they barely bend backwards and overall they are extremely uncomfortable, definitely not suited for such a long flight. They had no WiFi due to technical issues, if it were functioning though, you would have to pay like 8$ the hour. Crew members were overall not very professional and rude, you do not get a single smile and they do not ask you if you are ok. They would only care for those who had paid for the food (which btw, did not appear as an option as I booked the flight, total rip-off). They did not offer one single cup of water, nothing, just rude looks. I could barely sleep because of the uncomfortable seat. On my way back to Barcelona, again Level, same story. Only that this time the woman at the check-in told me I had the food included. Because I am very wise, I asked again by the boarding gate just in case and they told me no, I have no meals included in my flight. Again I had to go and buy a meal at the airport. Same aircraft, same rude staff, just dreadful. Do yourself a favor and never book Level, and beware of Iberia, as you might be actually booking with Level.

1/31/2019 Y Xee

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. I wish I read the reviews before purchasing my flight with LEVEL. This airline is a total scam! Their business model is to lure people in with their inexpensive pricing, do not deliver and then deny all responsibilities. Before my flight, LEVEL sent me an email to ask me to check-in online. I did and was provided an eboarding pass. Little did I know, that the eboarding pass I was provided is faulty and did not work when I was going through airport security. At this point, I was unable to find any person working for LEVEL to help me. I tried called the 1800 number, and was shocked that the office is closed for the day! (what legit airline does not have a 24-hr hotline?) So basically, I saw the plane took off without me even though I arrived 3.5hrs before my flight. There was another guy that was stranded just like me, who cannot even find the LEVEL counter to check-in! And he drove all the way to Newark from PA! I ended up spending so much more money buying a last min flight, traveling for 2 days without sleep to get to my Paris work meeting on time. When I tried to make a claim to LEVEL, they denied all responsibilities and did not once address their faulty eticket. This is flying budget at an expensive cost!

1/18/2019 T Nowak

✅ Trip Verified | My flight was canceled, as well as the one on the way to Martinique. So 2 cancelations within 2 weeks. Was trying to get the compensation from the airline but they refuse to confirm the real cause of both cancelations. They gave me a paper with technical issue reason and then tried to get out with weather reasons. Very bad experience with client service. No communication at all. Still wating (over 30 days) for their response to my other claim from canceled flight. Not helpful at all in fulfilling the contract between us. So be aware. Cheap airline with a very bad service. Their planes are brand new though.