Customer reviews

10/20/2019 Y Hanakov

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Paris. Being late for my planned flight I needed to find an alternative solution to get from Vienna to Paris. Last minute prices for Austrian and Air France began from 200 Euro, but Level cost just 130, so I took it. The website was very basic, but let me easily purchase my ticket and obtain mobile b...

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10/14/2019 Dave Seleij

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Amsterdam. The plane was 1 hour late, I made a reservation in Space plus. Put my and luggage above my seat but very rude staff moved my hand luggage to another part of the plane. They were so incredibly rude I would not recommend or use this airline again.

10/12/2019 P Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Level refuses to offer refund for cancelled Gatwick to Vienna flight booked for December 2019. My flight was cancelled ("not operating" according to them) and I was re-routed onto two new flights via Barcelona. According to EU Regulation No 261/2004 as well as Vueling's Passengers' rights document (which is wh...

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10/3/2019 K Vanteel

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to San Francisco. This was our first flight with Iberia. First of all, our bookings were with Iberia. Imagine our surprise when we approached the Iberia desk for our boarding passes and discover that we were not flying Iberia, but another airline: Level. We were given no notification of the change b...

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10/2/2019 Derek Salter

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Newark. Excellent all round. Having seen some really negative comments I was concerned but on this occasion no need to be. Easy to check in on line, deposit bag and collect boarding pass. Boarding straightforward, comfortable seat and attentive cabin crew. Flight left on time and arrived early. Couldn...

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7/28/2019 Inez Schröck

Not Verified | Vienna to Amsterdam. The ticket price was really cheap so i was very glad that the airplane was very modern. The staff seemed very young but they were helpful and friendly. I had an empty seat next to me but the rest of the plane was more or less full so I was lucky. The seats were comfortable and the flight was ...

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7/28/2019 M De Matos

Not Verified | Vienna to Gatwick. I just had a really good experience with Level airline via Vueling. My EasyJet late night flight was cancelled due to problems in Gatwick and they booked us the next day for the same late night flight, where all other companies were booking for first flight. So I purchased an earlier flight via...

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7/4/2019 A Dietrich

Not Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. This airline is terrible. Like many other reviews noted, we did not book with Level but with Iberia. Level has stranded us in Paris with no communication about next arrangements despite numerous calls to their customer service. We have booked a flight home at our expense. Iberia should recon...

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6/22/2019 Kevin Seaver

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Newark. They lost my luggage, no gate agent to report it to. Finally after an hour got a bag employee to take report. Impossible to speak to a human, only take email and unresponsive. Luggage still lost and no sign of compensation. I would pay more to fly with a airline that you can speak to some...

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6/12/2019 A Jemutra

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Vienna. I would encourage you to try to avoid this airline as much as possible because : I traveled from Copenhagen to Vienna (VK1021 : 2nd June 2019 ) and they lost my baggage. I tried to call them several times a day for 13 days and they had no information whatsoever so I believed them and didn...

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6/11/2019 D Anderson

Not Verified | Barcelona to San Francisco. We were originally supposed to fly on Iberia and were put on a Level flight, it was one of the worst flights ever. Attendants were rude, they didn't have much food on board, you had to literally grab an attendant to get anything, their credit card machine worked about half of the time,...

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6/11/2019 P Barisson

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. My experience was a nightmare. This was primarily due to the very rude and rough behavior of the Level Airlines Team, on board, towards me and other passengers. They were extremely rude, would not stop to ask passengers such as me if I wanted to buy something to eat or drink, would not reply w...

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6/6/2019 Diane Levy

Not Verified | Paris to Montreal. Excellent. Brand new aircrafts. Very happy. One of the best airlines I have seen. Even their safety movie is different, fun and modern. I recommend highly this airline.

5/8/2019 O Larkin

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. Do not fly with Level. The airline canceled our flight and the customer service following the cancellation and trying to get a resolution to all of the problems it has caused to our travel plans has been deplorable. The soonest Level would rebook us on an outbound flight was four days later, an...

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5/7/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Gatwick. The plane was new, and very comfortable inside. I was very pleased to see that changing my seat at the last minute had worked, as I now had 3 seats all to myself. Once onboard, we were told that due to fog at Gatwick, there will be a 2 hour slot delay. To their credit, the cabin crew came ar...

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5/6/2019 S Gorline

✅ Trip Verified | We thought we were getting a great deal, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. A few days after we bought the tickets, Level contacted us: "We regret to inform you that your flight will not operate as planned." The in-bound flight was going to get into New York much too late and we asked to fly ...

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5/4/2019 Rohn MacNulty

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Barcelona. I work in the industry and Level is the worst airline I have ever seen. The gate agents were completely incompetent. They had no idea how to manage boarding the aircraft. There was a pileup of passengers at the bottom of the Logan Terminal E boarding escalator that was extremely dangerous a...

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4/28/2019 B Markham

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Barcelona with Level. The Spirit Airlines of international travel. That should say enough. You will never regret not flying this mess of an airline and more certainly will regret it if you do fly with this airline. Why Iberia associates it's name with this outfit is baffling.

4/20/2019 Jim Lamprecht

Not Verified | San Francisco to Barcelona. On the positive side Level has excellent prices and the food is not bad. The seats even in Premium economy are too hard for a long transatlantic flight so, bring an inflatable cushion. The return flight is painfully slow (about an hour plus longer than other airlines), I am guessing th...

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4/20/2019 A Gatera

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Santiago de Chile. The trip was a bad experience, they didn't serve any food or drink and they didn't let this know with you just when we were already on the plain. I never had a 15 hours transatlantic flight without some basic service of food or beverages. When we finally bought some food for a l...

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