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6/26/2019 P Vergin

✅ Trip Verified | Grenada to Guadeloupe via Barbados. Do not travel on Liat with a suitcase. Suitcase will not travel same time as you, even with plane nearly empty it take more than 3 days for the suitcase to arrive in Guadeloupe, and been opened by flight company.

3/9/2019 M Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Flew LIAT from Dominica to Martinique via Bridgetown. Excellent experience on this regional airline. Ground staff in Melville Hall very helpful and attentive, on time, wonderful flight and all in all great fun.

8/27/2018 H Wachtel

Not Verified | Piarco to Grenada. A no-frills airline, though efficient. Staff at check in at arrival/departure were polite, very helpful and efficient. I experienced difficulty in accessing and using the on-line check in service, though this proved to be no obstacle at the check in desk. The aircraft, while obviously well-used and aging somewhat allowed reasonable leg-room (I'm 6'5") and was comfortable enough to doze through the flight.

3/27/2018 S Lane

✅ Trip Verified | Myself and my fiancé were on our way back from Barbados in December 2017 and we had to get a connecting flight from Barbados to Antigua and then to London. When we checked in for our flight, to our shock that is when we found out that our flight had been changed with no prior notice. So at the last minute we found out that we were no longer going straight to Antigua but we now had to stop over at Guadeloupe first, then to Antigua. We were not notified of these changes to our outbound flight and we found this to be highly unprofessional! The biggest problem was having to stop off at Guadeloupe – in doing so, we lost a lot of time. Our stop off in Guadeloupe lasted for around 20 minutes and by the time we got to Antigua, we had lost a lot of time and we weren’t able to collect our luggage. Also, when we got to Antigua we were given the wrong information regarding where to go, it seemed like nobody knew what they were doing! So by the time we went to collect our luggage, it turns out our flight had already boarded and the gates were about to close. Just as we were standing near luggage collection, I could see my hand luggage but the staff did not allow me to collect my case before I boarded the plane so we were forced to go without our luggage. The fact that LIAT gave us an extra stop on our journey caused so many problems and it absolutely ruined our return flight home!! We payed £60 for our seats and we were so distressed about our luggage being left in Antigua that we couldn’t enjoy our flight or even relax. When we got back to London, we had to fill out paperwork and wait for 2 days before we got our luggage back. We found the entire service from LIAT to be a very disappointing experience, their customer service is very poor and they really need to do better! For our first time travelling with LIAT, it was so bad that we both feel like we will never take another LIAT flight again. The experience was absolutely atrocious.

3/23/2018 C Gearen

✅ Trip Verified | Barbados to St. Vincent. You have few options in this section of the Caribbean so you have to suck it up and board an old, crowded prop plane. The bathroom stink is very, very strong. The female flight attendant was surly. Beware! Do not purchase extra luggage $60 ahead unless you are 100% sure you will need it. IF you fly with one checked bag you will not get a refund for the 2nd bag you purchased.

2/12/2018 G Read

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Bridgetown to Georgetown. Everyone mocks LIAT but nothing to complain about. Flight left on time at 1945. All staff interactions were great. No one seated beside me helped as the ATR is a disgustingly cramped plane. Flight attendant came back with a full can of Coke when asked and announcements from the flight deck were exceptional. On arrival bags arrived quickly and it wasn't LIAT's fault that the Customs people were so laughably thorough. If LIAT kept this up they wouldn't be mocked.

12/19/2017 E Walsh

✅ Trip Verified | Grenada to Port of Spain. LIAT is one of the most poorly run airlines I've encountered. Our flight was delayed in Grenada, but still showed as "on time" on the display board at the airport even though it was 30 minutes past the scheduled departure times. We were given no explanation or estimate as to when the flight might depart. In fact, there were no airline employees anywhere to be seen at the gate. It would have been nice if they would have had someone come offer to help expedite checking in for connecting flights in Port of Spain. The airport closes the check-in counters quite far in advance of flight times and getting through immigration and customs is slow. Our flight ended up leaving about an hour late. The aircraft crew were the only professional part of the experience. Upon arrival in Port of Spain, the hour delay made it impossible to check in for my connecting flight, even though I found a customs agent willing to help expedite me through a rather lengthy line. I met a fellow passenger in the same situation as me, and we realized we had basically just been left stranded in a foreign airport with no idea how to resolve our situation. There were no Liat agents at the ticket counter to consult with about rebooking the flight or booking accommodations. A local Trinidian resident noticed we were seemed lost and offered to help, but didn't know what to do. A random baggage handler (not affiliated with Liat) noticed that myself and the other passenger seemed a bit lost and distressed and offered to call and see if a Liat agent was available. One finally showed up at the counter, but then refused to provide any compensation or explanation for the delay. He just played with his mobile phone and gave a half smile whenever I tred to interact with him. He told several other passengers he would leave a note for the connecting airlines representative (who also was not available) and we should have seats on the same flight 24 hours later. No confirmation of the booking, hotel vouchers, or food vouchers were provided. I rebooked the flight myself to ensure that I would have a seat the next day. The lack of customer service from the ground operation of Liat both in Grenada and Port of Spain was appalling. I will be rebooking my return flight through another carrier even if I have to eat the cost of the Liat ticket.

5/5/2017 Cecily Jones

✅ Verified Review | Trinidad to Barbados. I was planning a long weekend with friends in Trinidad. I live (mostly) in Barbados but also in London, UK. I'd been umming and aahhing between LIAT and Caribbean Airlines and I checked out the reviews for LIAT which are definitely not good. I regularly fly between Barbados and Jamaica via Caribbean Airlines, which involves a stop/transit through Trinidad and my transit experiences have not been good. Delays, cancellations etc. One time arriving in Barbados at around 3.00a.m. instead of the scheduled 9.45m and anyone who knows Piarco airport would agree that it has to be the most soulless airport ever, no information is given, few places to eat, get a coffee etc. Piarco departure lounge is BRUTAL. In the end, I decided on Caribbean Airlines for my outward bound flight and LIAT for my return. I rationalised that if the CA flight due to depart at around 8.45 was late, I could spend hours there, whereas if I took the afternoon LIAT fight, even with cancellations, that I stood a reasonably good chance of arriving in Barbados before midnight. As it happens, luck seemed to have been on my side. LIAT reviews are full of tales of delays cancellations, rude staff wtc. I'm happy to say that this was not my experience. The flight departed 5 minutes later than its scheduled 2.35 pm time slot,, which in aviation/airline term is not at all late, and got me into Barbados within the hour. All staff were pleasant and helpful as needed. We were served a beverage, which CA did not offer on the outward bound journey. Flight was pleasant, seats were reasonably comfortable, pilot/captain kept us informed, and I really liked their inflight magazine. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised, because as I said LIAT has very poor reviews and everyone that I had consulted prior to booking had warned me off LIAT. As I say, I may just have been very fortunate, but for this flight at least, everything went well, and if LIAT could maintain this standard, I would happily fly LIAT again, even though I'm a confirmed CA fan!

4/23/2017 L Tarminez

✅ Verified Review | Bridgetown to Marigot. We arrived from New York to Bridgetown and at 9 am was supposed to leave our flight with LIAT to Dominica. Until 11 am the crew didn't informed us that the flight was cancelled. The comunication was very vague and only if we asked. They put us in a flight at 6:45 pm. Was another flight at 2 pm but they told us it was full. They wouldn't allow us to leave the airport having to stay 12 hours there. At 6 pm without any comunication from the Company, asking around we figured out that half of the people in our morning flight left in the flight of 2 pm and that our 6:45 pm flight was delayed or cancelled again. Finally at 9 pm we flew to Dominica arriving at 10 pm. People had to book another hotel. Our taxi driver was not waiting us anymore because we were supposed to arrive at 10 am.Previous night without sleeping and we were stocked in the airport in Barbados 14 hours. They have no shame. The worst experience in my life.

4/3/2017 Bill Mapstone

✅ Verified Review | Barbados to Antigua with LIAT. All airlines can have technical issues but it takes Liats poorly trained, inefficient, rude, uninterested staff to make a travelling problem into a nightmare. We have a 10 hour delay and cancelled flight with no information given and staff that neither care to be at work nor help there customers to contend with. I have flown with many airlines all around the world over 40 years of travelling and visited 130 countries and this is the first time I have ever written about the experience.

3/31/2017 N Smythe

✅ Verified Review | Tortola to Barbados. Do not fly with LIAT if you have other connecting flights. A 3 hour delay in Tortola with not one apology or explanation which led to us missing our flight from Barbados to the UK. We thought a 4 hour gap in Barbados left us plenty of time but we reckoned without the super inefficient, uncaring LIAT. Lazy ground staff in Antigua failed to warn Barbados staff of the extremely tight turnaround thanks to the late flight and they in turn did not advise our connecting airline - which closed the desk without us. Left in the airport till midnight, transferred to poor quality hotel and basically abandoned. Just had to fork out again for flights that are now expensive and not direct. Very unhappy. Do not fly with them if you have alternatives. They need to learn to look after their customers.

3/16/2017 Jeff Stranks

✅ Verified Review | Antigua to Barbados. Just in the interests of balance (since nearly all the reviews here are highly critical, and probably with good foundation since we heard only negative things about this airline whilst in the Caribbean), I'd like to say that we had a perfectly okay experience with LIAT. Our first flight was unplanned - we got re-routed to Puerto Rico and bought a ticket on the spot to Antigua. This flight left 15 minutes early and arrived 15 minutes early - absolutely fine. Our flight Antigua to Barbados arrived 30 minutes late, and our return (BGI-ANU) was totally on time. All baggage collection and return was very smooth, though they were quite strict concerning weight of checked and unchecked bags. In-flight service is minimal (a soft drink, but then flights are mostly short hops) but staff were pleasant in the air and on the ground. So, we'd fly them again without problem.

11/25/2016 E Stanner

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Barbados to St Martin via Antigua. Flight to Antigua no problems but transfer from Antigua to st Martin was a joke! Cancelled flight with no direction from staff at airport. Poor staff being given hassle, found out same flight cancelled yesterday as well and other reports continued cancellations. Shocking service and a disgrace. This airline clearly needs competition.

11/20/2016 A Paul

Bridgetown to Dominica. LIAT is the worst airline - never on time. Delayed for 2 to 3 hours everytime I fly with them. If you can avoid flying with them please do. Once after being delayed for 3 hours, in the middle of the flight they announced they wouldn't be landing in the first country due to technical difficuilties they are proceeding to the next country. Fair enough. 23 passangers including I, had to stay until the next morning for the next avilable flight. The rooms of the hotel in which we stayed were hot and uncomfortable with very poor service. LIAT is very disorganised.

11/12/2016 Judy Phillip

I have never experienced such poor service, disdain and discourtesy from any industry. I travelled to St. Vincent in June 2016, My return flight which was carded the 19th June 2016 was cancelled and I was only informed of that when I went to check in on that date. The discourteous and disrespectful staff member walked to the Lobby and simply said that the flight was cancelled and LIAT was not responsible for our accommodation and transportation. I managed to get a return flight the next morning. LIAT you have messed up my daughter's wedding plans as I cannot be there. After an hour and a half delay, my flight on the 11th November 2016, was cancelled at approximately 10.45 pm. I think because LIAT have the monopoly on this route, they are taking advantage of your passengers. They have no problems accepting my money, at least deliver a good service. My experience with the Trinidad staff has been very courtesy, but some of the St. Vincent staff, their attitude leaves much to be desired. I hope that when the new airport opens in St. Vincent, that the competition LIAT get is more than enough to give a good wake up call. I am disgusted with the service of LIAT.

11/9/2016 Walter Helms

LIAT pretty much has a monopoly between the eastern Caribbean / West Indies so if you travel between islands via air, you're likely going to experience LIAT. I flew from Barbados to St Vincent and the flight left 2 hours early - really. Then flew from from St Vincent to Dominica - the flight left 2 hours late and sat on the tarmac without air conditioning for at least an hour - and everybody was drenched in sweat and miserable, and then my bags didn't make it - none of them. They were delivered to the hotel the next day by a LIAT contracted driver who wanted a tip for delivering the bags. I then flew from Dominica to St Kitts - and that was 2 hours late again. Bottom line is that this airline is not reliable, has a monopoly and knows it - I think I'd rather take a boat, but it's what is there - I don't like it, but it is what it is.

9/19/2016 Federicker Myal

My first encounter with LIAT was January 2014 when I was about to take up residency and work in the BVI. The employers asked that I purchase a one-way ticket for which they planned to reimburse but I was met with difficulty in doing so, even though I provided all the necessary proof of my reason for travelling. I was forced to buy a return ticket with promise that the airline would put up the balance as credit on my next flight (with a year to use it) however I had to pay $31. from this balance have this done. I didn't travel again until a year and a half later so I lost my money. My second encounter was July 2015 when I was returning from SVG, with my son. Our flight was supposed to be 3:15pm I never left the airport till 6:30pm but not before being switched to 3 different flights with 3 different sets of boarding passes, no proper explanation and some how they forgot to switch our luggage. It was not until I was waiting by the luggage wheel for how long until I realized I was luggage-less. I reported this filled the necessary paper work and they promise to contact me which they never did. It was up to me to make calls all of the time to follow up on my suitcases. After 3 days of hell and having to buy clothes for my son, I finally received a call to say my luggage had arrived in Tortola. My next experience was in November 2015 when I travelled to Barbados for a visa appointment with intent to return home the following day. On my way back I was left at St Kitts airport at 2:35pm to await a connecting flight. I remained at that airport until 9:45pm with steady announcements that the flight was delayed until finally an announcement asked that the passengers return to the check in desk downstairs. I was then told that my flight out would be after 6pm the next day and that transportation would take me to and from a hotel. Arriving at the hotel where there was no pre-arrangements for accommodations and had to wait hours for this to be verified. Thanks to LIAT for the $30 voucher for meal. So I was scheduled to work the next afternoon shift and so had to be calling my supervisor to get a shift exchange with a coworker so I wouldn't go down as absent. My next encounter was August 2015 when my son was returning home. His flight was cancelled due to weather condition, a fair reason. Next morning I show up at the airport and was told my son couldn't check in because they have to deal with the other passengers whose flights were not affected by the cancellations the day before and that my son could not get a flight out until the next 5 days. This I think was ridiculous and I actually had to quarrel to get some information or I would have sat there all day without getting any. In February this year I travelled to SVG again, on my return date I got to the airport from which I live many miles away only to be told my flight would be late and I would miss my connecting flight from Barbados and that I would have to return home and travel the next day. Hello, what's the use of providing contact info when no one bothers to use them to update you about changes? My most recent encounter was last month when my 13 yr old son was returning to SVG. Got to the airport at 11:00am to check in for a 12:45pm flight, and spent 8hrs sitting at that airport before 1 single LIAT plane landed at that airport. Fortunately my son got home after 1am next morning without any overnights and I was grateful. Travelling again next 3wks, better service please.

9/16/2016 T Clark

✅ Verified Review | The flight from St. Vincent to Trinidad was delayed and our luggage was removed from the flight with no information given. We arrived almost three hours later and our luggage was never placed back on the flight. When we inquired about our luggage there was no reason or response given. We explained that we were traveling the next morning and they were of no help. The luggage did not arrive on time the next day and we had to purchase other items as we were traveling with small children. I hope to never have to use their services again.

9/8/2016 Adrene Lewis

Originally flew into Barbados 22.8.16 to pick up LIAT flight to St Vincent that same evening, got through security to be told flight cancelled and we could either travel without luggage or stay overnight in Barbados, we chose the latter and flew out the next day. After a brilliant wedding and holiday we returned to E T Joshua 5.9.16 for a 15:40 flight to Barbados to meet connection at 19:25. Flight delayed and connection missed. No apology from LIAT and other members of my party still in Barbados waiting on standby. No apologies no explanations. Poor very poor. Until Argyle international completed and running we will not return to the beautiful islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines. One highlight was a friendly and helpful member of staff who wheeled my step mother through the airport and tried to go find a manager buy with no success. LIAT are causing much tourism to be lost. Once again very poor that one airline has the monopoly and feel they can treat the public with disdain and putting strain on crew and front desk staff who take the brunt of our complaints and seem to have learnt to shrug them off with the standard 'you just have to wait'. St Vincent and the other affected islands need to do something. Enough is enough.

9/2/2016 Cindy Moore

✅ Verified Review | San Juan to St Kitts. LIAT is awful. My husband and I checked in for a 6am flight, they sent our bags down the chute and then said come back in 7 hours - flight delayed! We came back, board showed no more changes, got through nightmare TSA line and then delayed 7 more hours! I had our bags pulled, cancelled our reservations as our vacation was disappearing - LIAT did not acknowledge their problem for another 24 hours! They promised to refund our ticket price. Every email says the refund is coming - no refund. Value for the money=zero.