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6/16/2019 Keith Lockhart

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Wick. Delayed yet again, becoming more and more part of the trip. They do not care the delay has on onward travel. Commented to a gate staff female employee and was told “nothing to do with me, there is no pilot". Great customer service - not.

4/20/2019 Allan Brown

Not Verified | Travelled out on the Tuesday morning flight from Glasgow at 7am, slight 20 mins delay, but the flight now only takes about 35 mins in these newer Jet Engined planes, instead ot the Turbo Props which used to be used on this route. Offered a Drink and a snack with it, which was nice, and touched down enjoying some lovely scenery on The Isle of Lewis just after 8am. Back again on the 4.35 flight from Stornoway to Glasgow on the Wednesday, delayed 25mins due to the Island Air Traffic Control, but again, great flight and a snack and cup of tea some photos out over the Scottish Islands below, then straight back into Glasgow. Good flights, slightly expensive, but the ferry takes the best part of a day if you travel up from Glasgow, so these flights are superb, and now there are 4 daily return flights.

12/7/2018 Paul Gallacher

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Stornoway. Loganair provide an excellent service to Scotland. The crew are all professional and friendly, the airline is run very well. Its always a pleasure flying with Loganair.

6/7/2018 R Leane

✅ Trip Verified | Belfast to Carlisle. I booked a return flight with LoganAir in April for a journey in the middle of June which required an overnight stay in Carlisle. I recently received an email to say that this service will not now become operational until September and the flights have been cancelled. This was because "changing circumstances around the airport’s staffing means that this cannot be completed in time to receive scheduled flights as planned on 4 June". I booked a room which, not thinking anything would be amiss, was non-refundable. Apparently booking a hotel room is treated as being inconsequential even where there is an overnight stay (perhaps I should sleep rough!?) and cannot be refunded.

5/11/2018 C Leare

✅ Trip Verified | Islay to Glasgow. Through no fault of ours the flight was delayed which meant we missed our connecting flight to London To say the attitude was abysmal and non caring is an understatement. We were treated as of it wasn't anyone's fault but ours. An absolute disgrace with regard to customer service.

5/10/2018 S Hosen

✅ Trip Verified | Islay to Glasgow. Appalling customer service. We were delayed by 2 hours so we missed our connecting flight. Loganair took no responsibility and we've had to wait 11 hours overnight at the airport for the next available flight and pay for a new onward flight even though Loganair is meant to be in partnership with BA. From talking to locals at the airport, it seems this is a regular occurrence. Also, having said they'd make sure our bags came off first, they were actually the last 2 bags off! What a hopeless service. I won't be using them again and would suggest getting the ferry instead.

3/9/2018 Luis Santamaria

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Glasgow to Stornoway. Both the outbound and return flights were excellent with good practical service from the air hostess and the ground staff. Their website is easy to use. The seats and space are of a decent size for economy - how many airlines can truly say that! On the way back I had to stay in Stornoway for 2 more nights because of the snow on the mainland - the young man running the check-in quickly and efficiently arranged hotel, meals and taxi without any prompting. I suppose the really great thing about Loganair was that you received quality individual customer service appropriate to the circumstances and needs. It is way ahead of other flying experiences I have had - unless paying a small fortunate for elite classes. I do hope they can maintain this standard of service. I have joined there flying club and if they do maintain the standard of service it will be well worth sticking with them on relevant routes.

1/11/2018 M Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Loganair from Stornoway to Edinburgh. The flight was a relatively quiet one, but the single cabin crew member was polite, chatty and friendly. Take-off was in strong winds but the aircraft was handled with skill, and the in-flight complimentary service was not disrupted. The In-flight service was comprehensive, offering a breakfast option and drink. The entire experience was like stepping back in time to a more luxurious period.

12/28/2017 M Mears

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Manchester to Norwich on 21st December was unavoidably delayed due to heavy fog in Norwich. The pilot came out to the passengers to explain this and paid particular attention to two elderly customers who were in wheelchairs, even offering his (only) coat to one. He stayed with us the entire time and updated us constantly. The cabin crew brought us mince pies and were very comforting. I cannot praise them enough for the service provided and won't hesitate to recommend & use them again. The flight itself was smooth and the pilot landed safely in tremendously awful thick cloud. Thank you.

10/16/2017 Florian Schellroth

✅ Verified Review | Flew Loganair from Barra to Glasgow. Very nice airline with a great customer service. Our flight for the next day should be canceled because of a storm, so we got booked to a flight one day before to get our onward international flight for sure. Aircraft was small but okay and the pilots did a great job to keep it silent.

7/20/2015 D Davison

Great service from a great little airline operating on behalf of Flybe. The Dornier 328 is a comfortable aircraft, albeit a little small. The sole cabin crew member was polite, professional, very friendly and chatty. Complimentary snacks and drinks were served and the flights were on time departing and arrived early. In fact, the outbound flight only took 31 minutes, a record according to the crew.

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