74 Luxair reviews

3/11/2019 Gregori Quirós

✅ Trip Verified | Luxembourg to Faro. Nice and smooth flight, In contrast to LG flights from Faro, online check-in is available on flight to Faro. Crew was friendly and catering was good. However, again, the lack of English and Portuguese announcements is really unpleasant for passengers who don’t speak the 3 national languages of Luxembourg. To improve immediately.

3/11/2019 Gregori Quirós

✅ Trip Verified | Faro to Luxembourg. Very good flight, even though there’s some negative points. No online check-in available from Faro (but it is available when flights are departing from LUX). LG should maybe start considering installing wifi on board it’s planes. One of the biggest critic I could make though i’d the lack of any English and Portuguese announcements made by the crew during the entire flight. This is really not acceptable for a legacy company such as Luxair. Nevertheless the flight itself was smooth, the catering was good (and existing!) and the crew was very friendly, despite not making EN and PT annoucements. I still would highly recommend Luxair, but please LG, correct these basic mistakes!

1/9/2019 Fredi Schulze

Not Verified | Berlin to Luxembourg. On the 30th of November my Luxair flight was 3 Hours delayed which due to the EU passenger regulation (EG) Nr. 261/2004 entitles me to a 250€ compensation. I emailed the customer service and they claim that "the flight was only delayed 2 hrs 59 Minutes". I was on the plane and it did not leave after 2 hours 59 minutes - we were still on the ground. I will never fly with Luxair again!

1/2/2019 J Hosem

✅ Trip Verified | Luxembourg to Lisbon. On arrival I didn't receive my luggage. And I received no information on the whereabouts of my luggage for 3 days. The flight duration is less than 3 hours. I was forced to buy new clothes and toiletries since my situation was precarious. I don't understand how a luggage can be lost on a direct flight of less than 3 hours duration. When I received my luggage 3 days later, I was horrified by the condition of my Luggage. My Luggage was left opened and exposed for several days and was left damaged, not being able to close completely. I was missing a white shirt and tooth brush. My luggage was searched extensively and they could not put back my affairs correctly in the right order. And could not close my luggage. No information was provided to me during these 3 days to inform me that my luggage will be opened and will be treated so horribly. The way my luggage was treated is simply not respectful of a customer. I started my Christmas holiday in an horrible way with this horrible incident. And they did not seem to be concerned at all. They never called me. they didn't put any effort on finding my luggage quickly. Very bad after service customer interaction.

9/20/2018 Nicole Caimi

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Luxemburg. I have been flying a lot using Luxair in the last 10 years. The quality of service drop significantly in my view in the last years especially compared to the prices which remains higher than the average. Notwithstanding the above, the customer care and the communication is really terrible and poor. Recently (5th September 2018) my Luxair flight from Luxemburg to Munich was cancelled. I was travelling for business. I discovered that my flight was cancelled when I arrived at the airport where I was rebook on a Lufthansa flight. It can happen. What it must not happen is that the same airlines which has cancelled the flight and caused you the inconvenience, is refusing to grant access to their lounge (I am usually allowed to) because of no refund from Lufthansa. I prayed the responsible to help me as I had to work and I had some tough deadlines to respect and the fact that my flight was delayed cause me some problems. They simply refused... they also refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor... I call then directly Luxair... they told me to contact the Luxair personnel. I then wrote a complain to the airline, no answer after almost 2 weeks. If a flight was cancelled, not because of customer care, but just because of the normal rules, the airline shall treat the affected passengers with duly care. Is this the care? No time to listen to the problems of their customers (cause by the cancellation of their flight) and help them (just granting access to the lounge, nothing special). No answer to any complain and communications.

7/19/2018 Gregorio Quirós Dos Reis

✅ Trip Verified | Faro to Luxembourg. Web check-in is not available for LG flights departing from FAO. This makes check-in at the airport very long as everyone is required to go to the registration desks (there’s no self check-in machines for Luxair at Faro airport neither). Ground announcements for boarding were only made in French. Some Portuguese passengers had to ask the Portway handling crew to clarify what was going on as the 3 different groups were called for boarding, each at different times. Same for the flight and same thing as always; there’s a lack of English announcements, and even Portuguese announcements (even though all LG flights to LİS and OPO have them; not sure about Madeira flights though). The crew was of Portuguese decent but all announcements were made in LU, FR and DE. This is truly not acceptable for a legacy airline. The meal served on board was good, although the quantity was pretty small. A hot meal would be more than welcome instead of a cold one. Clean plane and cabin, enough legroom available and flight on time (the plane arrived in LUX ten minutes ahead of the schedule). Luxair remains a great value for money (although there’s a lack of Miles and more earning on this route!), but it must correct those mistakes to keep its image.

7/13/2018 G Degoros

✅ Trip Verified | Luxembourg to Faro. Luxair offers a great value for money. Although the ticket was quite expensive, the quality on board remains high. Things have changed with years and the quantity of the of the breakfast served on board is very small compared to what it used to be. Another fact to underline as for other LG destinations, the LACK OF ENGLİSH announcerments (there was a few American passengers onboard who did not sparks any of the 3 official languages of Luxembourg) and also Portuguese. This is just unacceptable for a flag carrier such as Luxair and knowing that Portugal is the second biggest market for the airlines after the UK. Still no miles on this routes either.

6/30/2018 L Galouner

✅ Trip Verified | Nice to Luxembourg. I have been flying with Luxair for over a year, almost every week end. Overall, I find the quality/price ratio very poor: low cost service at premium price. The staff is quite unfriendly and inflexible. I have now found alternative carriers and stopped using Luxair. I don't recommend Luxair.

6/24/2018 O Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Dublin to Faro. Flight was 2 hours late. When I looked at times for the week they were all delayed. Luxair need to advertised their flights at later times because it is ignorant of them to routinely/regularly have delayed flights.

3/18/2018 Gregorio Quirós Dos Reis

✅ Trip Verified | Very pleasant flight from Málaga to Luxembourg, but with the same “small mistakes” as viewed during previous Luxair flights on this route. No English announcements from the cabin crew, no pre-recorded Spanish announcements (as done on flights to MAD and BCN) and also, a bigger importance given to passengers travelling with the Flight+Hotel pack. No Luxair, not all passengers are using this route for holiday purposes. But appart from those small negative points, the biggest drawback will be (again) the lack of miles earning on the Miles & More program on the AGP-LUX route. Just, why? For the rest, as mentioned above, everything was very pleasant. Tasty breakfast, departure on time, friendly cabin crew, and a quite and modern plane.

1/13/2018 L Paxton

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Paris CDG to Luxembourg. Bad service, unfriendly staff, poor baggage claim service (closes at 7pm) and poor customer service. This company benefit from the fact that if people have to travel long distance they will end up on a Luxair flight code sharing with the company they chose. This is really irritating since Luxair is a terrible company with poor services.

12/8/2017 Gregorio Quirós Dos Reis

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Luxembourg to Malaga. Overall, the flight was satisfactory but with some disappointing points throughout the flight. The lack of English announcements is unforgivable for a legacy carrier as LG. Pre-recorderded or real Spanish announecements should also be displayed for Málaga (as they are on flights to MAD and BCN) knowing that there is a small but strong Spanish community flying regularly on this route. The lack of miles earning in the “Basic” fare is also not understanble from the passanger point of view. The introduction of onboard Wi-Fi would be more than welcome. Therefore, the avaibility of the online check-in for this route has made the flight experience much more enjoyable and practical. Clean cabin, friendly cabin crew, modern plane and flight on time.

9/18/2017 Clinton Pope

✅ Verified Review | Luxembourg to London City. Excellent airline with fabulous cabin staff. Really impressed with the full service that you now don't get on airlines like BA. Old school service with sweets handed out before landing. I highly recommend people from London needing to get to Luxembourg to use Luxair from City Airport. Absolutely well worth it. Our flight was bang on time and the check in was also seamless with a lovely check on agent.

9/12/2017 B Ranetta

✅ Verified Review | Faro to Luxembourg. Staff was very rude, we had to ask 4 times to bring us water for our toddler, and finally we got it with comment, "sorry, but I am alone and I have service to finish!' (there were 4 flight assistants on the board). After finishing snack they haven't picked up the meal tray for more than an hour, when we asked them 'can you remove this, we don't have space with the toddler on the lap' they were irritated and said "this is not the way to talk to us" . They seemed friendly with passengers without kids but very intolerant and unhelpful with passengers with babies or toddlers. We will avoid traveling with Luxair because of this reason. Very disappointed. When traveling to Faro the flight was dealyed by 3 hours.

4/15/2017 T Donovan

✅ Verified Review | The flight from Paris CDG to Luxembourg departed on time and arrived earlier than scheduled. Service on board was very good on this short flight. A small snack and water were served. The flight was quite bumpy as its a small aircraft but there is nothing the airline can do about turbulence. My only complaint is that the flight departs from CDG T2G which offers very few options for shopping and dining. Overall, this was a positive experience and I would happily recommend Luxair.

3/7/2017 G Andrews

✅ Verified Review | Flew Luxair from Luxembourg to Malpensa. Expensive airline, sold as "all inclusive" but service has decreased with the years, now you get half a sandwich instead of a full one. Cabin crew far too young and inexperienced. Those Bombardier are small planes, shaky and noisy which means you are unable to have a conversation with your neighbor or have a nap. Ground service: no comment as they are rude. I afterwards flew easyJet, and I highly recommend them as luggage and ticket were half price.

10/18/2016 C Edwards

✅ Verified Review | Excellent airline who always treat customers well. Luxair are the only direct way for getting from Ireland to Luxembourg (alternative being to fly Ryanair to Hahn or Charleroi and get a 90 minute bus). A few years ago this flight used to stop off in Manchester to pick up more passengers, but luckily that is no longer the case. The only drawback with Luxair is the premium price you pretty much always have to pay. If you see a bargain price, book it. On this particular flight, we got a decent deal. Checked baggage always free, food very nice (so fresh!), lovely aircraft in which you get immediately know this is a premium airline (leather seats, small plane, roomy). Luxembourg airport doesn’t have much going on, but still nice and easy to get through. If Ryanair or Aer Lingus decide to fly the route, it will provide stiff competition. Hopefully Luxair will fight back and not run away from the route.

10/9/2016 Greg Bell

Loved the convenience of flying out of LCY. For just a one hour flight, we were given a snack (a delicious salami and salad roll on very fresh bread), wine, coffee and a face wipe. Just before landing we were given a Belgian chocolate. The aircraft was small and rather cramped, but I realise that larger aeroplanes may not be able to land at LCY. Luxair is certainly a full service airline, offering the high standard of service that flying used to provide.

9/17/2016 R Lemon

✅ Verified Review | Stockholm to Luxembourg. Definitely old school but in an excellent way. Even in economy you got offered a choice of a cheese salad or salami sandwich and champagne/drinks. Service was excellent from check in through on board service. My only quibble that as a member of Star Alliance, Luxair should be able to credit my points through SAS. However, despite the check in clerk trying his best you're stuck with Lufthansa's Miles and More program. The 2 hour 30 minute flight on a commuter prop plane (Q400) is probably stretching the envelope in terms of comfort but the stewards did everything to make your life pleasant, prices are good if all your legs are with Luxair. They go up steeply if you have to take a connecting flight with another Star Alliance member. A nice touch is the meet your luggage at the steps of the aircraft (mandatory for an aircraft this size). Expect to be bussed into the terminal for the turbo props at Luxembourg Airport.

12/26/2015 D Graubard

Luxembourg to Madrid on Boeing 737-800 in Economy. Check in easy, no line and friendly agent. No line at security and into the gate area with plenty of seats. Not much choice for food (one restaurant with snacks). Around 80% full cabin, friendly attendants welcome on board in English/French/Luxembourgese. Departed 15 min late due to baggage loading. Good flight overall, just over 2 hours and served a snack and drinks. They had some entertainment on the drop-down screens but I was watching my own Ipad. Flight-map would pop up here and there to let us know where we were. Landed in Madrid at T4 and bags were out pretty fast. A good flight for US$150.