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5/29/2017 W Sanders

✅ Verified Review | TNR to SMS via TMM. A real delight--convenient, timely, clean, friendly, and attractively priced, serving routes where you might not generally expect that. It's great that they're introducing some competition to the national carrier, and we have nothing but compliments for the staff and the excellent service onboard.

11/3/2016 F Harle

✅ Verified Review | Saint Marie to Antananarivo. What an absolute pleasure flying with this new airline, Madagasikara Airways. Finally competition to Air Madagascar, with prices half the price of the national airline, reliable on-time departure, convenient schedules, and complimentary drink and snacks onboard with an extremely friendly cabin attendant who made announcements in 3 languages! Planes are serviced in South Africa. Sad to see that despite all this, the plane was only half full - hopefully more will hear of it as it really deserves to succeed!

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