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1/2/2019 Richard Zheyu

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Barcelona via Tehran with Mahan Air business class round trip. The ground service is efficient and decent. The aircraft was kept in very good condition and the seating is very comfortable. Crew members are highly efficient, helpful and friendly in all four segments. Food and beverage is great with starter, three main course choices and desert, which is comparable to any international flights. Menu is written clearly. The airline provide everything they should for a business product (even a limousine at PVG from gate to aircraft) except entertainment (all PTVs are switched off maybe sanctions?) Mahan Air's lounges in IKA is excellent with nice sofa, Wifi connection and food selections. Ticket price 1100 dollars which is in really great value. Will fly them again!

8/31/2018 M Rahanari

✅ Trip Verified | Tehran to Dubai. Mahan Air is the best airline in Iran. The business class is convenient with a variety of dishes. The quality of food in this airline is great. Stewardess are very affable and responsible In the long-term flights, the amenity kit will be given to you. Generally, the flight will be satisfied.

8/3/2018 Xavier Pascual Calvo

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Bangkok via Tehran. Cabin attendant spills by accident a cup of coffee over my legs causing me minor burns and stains on my trousers and shirt. Purser writes a report and apologized. This caused great inconvenience because It happened on the first leg of the flight and could not change until arrival in Bangkok where I had a business meeting. I made a formal complain to Mahan Air customer services and do not even answer. They should compensate this inconvenience. Terrible customer service that do not answer any complains.

7/1/2017 T Pearson

✅ Verified Review | Short flight to Shiraz from Tehran. Mahan Air already has a reputation of being an airline of choice for travelling within Iran (for both safety and service) and I could see why. While the type of plane is old (an A300) it was well maintained and clean. The seating was very impressive - definitely the widest and the most legroom I have had in a long time in both long and short-haul flights. For a 1.5 hour flight, I was surprised to be served a substantial (cold) meal. Non-alcoholic beverages are served on the flight. The service was courteous and efficient but not warm. We landed 20 minutes early. The airfare was dirt cheap ($60 one way at last minute), You can't book directly on their website with an international card but can certainly book through third-party sites, but check-in is available online.

10/6/2016 Newsha Ghoreishi

Tehran to Copenhagen. Excellent value For money. Traveling alone with a baby can be challenging but I found Check in and boarding procedures smooth and without delays. The flight attendants were young and very nice to us. A340 with smart and clean cabin. Food and non-alcoholic beverages was plentiful as a hot breakfast was served at the beginning of flight and a cold refreshment before landing in Copenhagen. This was a 5 hour flight and I did not expect that. Inflight entertainment could be improved. This was a great flight and I would consider to fly with this airline again in the future.

8/28/2016 Newsha Ghoreishi

✅ Verified Review | Copenhagen to Tehran with Mahan Air. I used to travel with low cost carries like Pegasus and Norwegian and Air Asia. I'm a small size person but still had problem with the seats as they are very closed and small. The trip with Mahan Air from Copenhagen to Tehran was a great experience. The seats are very large and comfortable and the distance between seats are also good enough to be comfortable during long distance flights. Also, my one year old girl had bassinet which made the flight very nice.

12/28/2015 Yaser Khan

Flew Mahan Air economy class from Dubai to Tehran (IKA) with Mahan Air. A340 felt safe, the aircraft was clean and comfortable. Cabin crew service was friendly and efficient. Quality of food and beverages (non alocholic) were of good standard. Would recommend this airline to everyone.

11/1/2015 Maryam Saadatjoo

Mahan Air from Kuala Lumpur to Tehran. Check in was fast and friendly. The signage to find the premier lounge in Kuala Lumpur airport was almost non-existent and took me a while to locate the lounge which offered minimum amenities. Boarding was efficient and the A340-600 was packed for this flight. The aircraft interior was new and clean with smiling crew. The flat bed was great and plenty of food was offered for this 8 hour flight. Perhaps the refreshment (pizza and a burrito) at the end of the flight was a bit too much. Only negative thing I can think of was not much entertainment and it was limited to public LCD’s . Considering the business class fare was almost 40% cheaper than other airlines which operated indirect service, it was a good buy. I was especially impressed by the very attentive flight attendants. Overall a good flight.

8/9/2015 Elahe Rajabi

Business class on one hour flight to Tehran. Check in and boarding organized. The flight was via Airbus A310 with clean interior. Full hot meal was served which I consider unusual for such a short flight. The cabin crew were friendly and around to assist passengers. I found the business class fare rather low and I probably will use them again.

8/9/2015 Maryam Baniamam

Flew on a very large A340-600 in business class. The check-in was organized and the fast track provided was helpful in bypassing the very long immigration/security lines. They used the Thai Airways lounge which was fantastic. Boarding was via a bus and despite the airlines effort was not too comfortable. I found the flight attendants to be attentive and polite. Plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks and natural juices. The on board lounge was a nice experience and I enjoyed the Iranian treats. The business class seat was full flat with mattress and a nice blanket which improved the sleep quality when compared with other aircraft I have flown. A nice snack before our early morning arrival into Tehran. Overall a pleasant flight.

10/1/2014 Mohammed Zahidi

Outbound 11 March Dubai to Tehran and return on 13 March. I always select Mahan for my Dubai - Tehran trips. Its a budget airline but the food service and staff hospitality are on par with any top airlines of the world. Seats are comfortable enough leg room delicious food. Very smooth take off and landing.

2/3/2013 M A Adibi

Tehran - Ankara - Tehran just for $148. The aircraft was a new Airbus 300. Excellent flight experience friendly cabin crew and of course good food! Would recommend Mahan Air.

11/6/2012 Victor Kriventsov

Flew domestic Mehrabad - Mashhad - Mehrabad a few weeks ago. The lounge at THR is professional and maintained served and supplied with food and beverages. Food was served even in economy on a short flight and it was good according to time of the day. Service next to none really!

11/6/2012 Victor Kriventsov

Flew with them in both international business (BKK-IKA-BKK) and domestic business and economy (THR- MHD-THR) and was extremely pleased with everything. Seats (same as Lufthansa's long haul) food (excellent choice of both Iranian and international food 4-5 courses in business) and service by attentive flight attendants. Special credit goes to their business class lounges in both Tehran airport - full service and food/beverages free wifi etc. I was also told they are now installing flat beds in the business class which will be excellent!

3/13/2012 Shabab Attarzadeh

Tehran Iran to Almaty Kazakhstan on a relatively clean Airbus A310. The flight was delayed due to airport closure in Almaty nevertheless the lounge at IKA was well equipped. Onboard the food was superb and the crew were very polite and friendly. IFE definitely needs improvement. The inflight magazine was more like a classifieds section out of a newspaper with full pages of advertisements and not enough reading material. All in all it was a very good experience.

10/28/2011 M Ziaebrahimi

IKA-PVG business class. Check-in fast and efficient. Flight attendants friendly. Two choices of food for each course with plenty of hot and cold drinks. Breakfast served before arrival at Shanghai. Transferred to terminal by bus my luggage was the last one on carrousel - obviously no priority for business class pax.

9/26/2011 S Vahedi

THR-DXB. Airbus 300-600 flying regularly and without delay airport services good with nice hospitality. Onboard cabin was clean good quality food beverages and hospitality professionals in the service of passengers. Airplane toilets were clean and tidy. No inflight entertainment which was frustrating and boring.

3/7/2011 P Singh

B'ham to Amritsar return. The flight was on time. Flight crew were friendly and there was a good level of inflight service in terms of meals however the food was not of a very high quality. We did get some vouchers for food when we stopped over in Tehran both times and I was surprised at the amount of food you get with these vouchers. There is no inflight entertainment apart from a screen showing the flight map. B'ham to Tehran does stop for refuelling in Germany but the flight I was on stopped in Turkey. The stopover in Tehran is way too long : 3-4 hours just seems far to long. You get new boarding passes in Tehran and this leads to confusion as you end up sitting all over the plane. There is no point in families getting seating together in B'ham or Amritsar becasue when you get to Tehran they just do not care. What Mahan Air lacks is basic customer care and they really need to consider decent inflight entertainment.

1/2/2011 P Devi

Birmingham to Amritsar with stopover at Tehran. Inadequate baggage allowance resulting in passengers having to drag heavy hand luggage around. Flight from Birmingham queuing very disorganised. Departure 1hour late from Birmingham return flight from Amritsar over 3 hours late. Stopover at Dusseldorf came as surprise. Quick connecting flight from Tehran to onward destination. Old plane very noisy. Food onboard good quality constant supply of drinks. Male crew seemed to have a problem with passengers moving for comfort to section of cabin with several rows of empty seats. Female crew very polite and helpful but spoke limited english. No immediate access to qualified medic/first aid at Tehran airport for passengers in need. General cleanliness within plane reasonable same cannot be said for toilets! Very expensive flight all things considered.

10/20/2010 David Löhnert

THR-KIH on a 32 year old A300. Although the plane was old the cabin looked quite new and toilets were clean. The flight was very cheap (50USD one way).