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7/29/2016 G Ball

Not a lot to say really as the Mandarin Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Taichung was only about an hour. It was a pleasant experience though, nice staff clean plane and comfortable. Just a snack for refreshments, nothing to complain about would be happy to fly with them any time.

10/26/2015 Robert Siebers

Flew Mandarin Airlines (an ofshoot of China Airlines) from Taichung in Taiwan to Hong Kong. Check-in, although relatively quick, was a problem in that my baggage seemed to weigh 29 Kg and the counter attendant was adament that I had to pay excess luggage. Explained to her that my luggage had weighed 20 kg a week earlier flying to Taiwan and there was no additional items. She would not listen and in a loud voice repeated her call for me to pay extra. Fortunately, my Taiwanes colleague who was seeing me of noticed that when I took by luggage of, the scales indicated 9kg. She reset it and my luggage now weighed 20 kg. She was not graceful about her mistake. The flight itself was pleasant, reasonable leg pitch, a nice wrap for breakfast with good coffee, and pleasant staff. Will fly this airline again, but will be wary of wrongly set luggage scales.

8/10/2015 Graeme Bray

Decided to fly this route to mainland China instead of my usual HKG. Flew from TSA-KNH return, on what seemed to be a new Embraer E195. This airline is the domestic offshoot for China Airlines and the English language version of their website is a simple cut and paste from the international airline. However the baggage allowance for domestic Taiwanese flights is only 10KG, so I had to really point out that the English information states 20KG and after some trouble, I was able to fly without having to pay extra. Despite that, the actual flight to and from Kinmen was quick, comfortable and care free. Only a snack and water was served on the flight but it was only 50 minutes long so it was not an issue. I was pleased to have been given the Emergency Exit row on both flights too, handy being the taller westerner that I am. Except for the baggage allowance issue, I can not find fault with them.

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