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5/10/2019 Daniel Cilliers

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Durban. In the last 5 week period, 3/4 of my mango flights have been delayed. This is not even mentioning the delays I experienced last year. Flights are delayed by 1H 50min so that meal vouchers do not have to be handed out as compensation (which is for 2 hour delays or more). I fly frequently, and have experienced such consistent delays with mango, that I even factor it into my transport planning, setting up alternative transport ahead of time for when the flight get's delayed. Note "when", not "if", a flight gets delayed. As a result I only resort to mango as an utter last option for flights. If you are flying with mango, expect delays. The "extra leg room" is not worth it. Fly with another airline for the same cost, leg room and better, consistent service.

4/15/2019 Nerina Cronje

Not Verified | On 12 April I travelled from Lusaka to Johannesburg on SAA, and then from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Because it was a Mango flight booked via SAA, I was told I have a R70 refreshments voucher for the flight. At the start of the flight, there was an announcement that due to ‘stock shortages’ there are no muffins, sandwiches or croissants for purchase. So by the time the refreshments finally came by my row which was row 19, only sugary things were left. No chips, biltong, etc to purchase. Only chocolates and jelly babies. Thank you Mango, but I prefer not to have a chocolate for supper and the only thing I’ve eaten since the afternoon. And after running to catch the flight due to an earlier flight delay. Such poor planning from Mango. I will refuse to fly SAA via Mango again. The R70 refreshments voucher means nothing if there is nothing available on Mango.

4/5/2019 Lauren Groenewald

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. I have flown with Mango Airlines a few times and so have my family members and it is the worst airline. They are always delayed and not by 15/20 minutes, I was delayed by three hours and my family members are now delayed by 2 hours. You waste peoples time and then still charge the full price and dont make any effort to be on time. People plan around these flights and they are unreliable. Handing out free cup of soup sachets on our flights does not make it okay that your flights are delayed by over two hours, for a domestic airline that is absolutely ridiculous.

4/4/2019 Petrus Wessels

✅ Trip Verified | Mango Airlines is unreliable. On 14 March the flight from Johannesburg to Durban was delayed for 3 hours. On 1 April my flight from Durban to Johannesburg was once again delayed. Baggage was delayed. I missed my connecting flights and I had to book new flights for me. Mango Airlines staff didn't care that I missed my flights. I was stranded at the Airport and had to check into a hotel. Is Mango actually going to answer an e mail I sent to them?

3/25/2019 V Bhoora

✅ Trip Verified | Durban to Johannesburg. Worst airline ever! Most people book this airline as it is slightly cheaper than other domestic carriers. It's much better to pay a couple hundred more and be on time than have to encounter the 2 hour delay that usually plagues this airline! I booked a round trip, was delayed by about 2 hours on both trips. Totally unreliable. Will not use this airline again.

3/23/2019 D Malesha

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. Flight was for 06:30 on the 09/03/2019, myself and my partner. We were on holiday in johannesburg and left to the airport an hour earlier, there was traffic on the way as well. We got to the airline to check in at 06:05, the lady that assisted us told us very rudely that we cannot board the flight as it is closed. Everyone was rude and did not wish to assist us in any way considering that we didn't have enough money to book another flight. we were told to pay a "penalty fee" to board the next flight home which costed us the price of two extra tickets! Told us we were on standby yet when we boarded the plane there were seats available and empty like seriously. We just paid for the cost of empty seats? This happened previously with Safair but at least the safair staff made an exception for me to board the flight which is why i will continue to use their airline instead. Worst experience ever.

3/19/2019 Phillips Jacobus Van Tonder

✅ Trip Verified | To Mango Lanseria Airport: I want to give my thanks to Tsholo supervisor from lanseria airport for her professional assistance in helping me changing my flight ticket after I was longer hospitalised, (after i battle the whole weekend phoning around without any success, your professional approach and customer care is well appreciated.

3/2/2019 Simon Channon

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. Mango flight operated by local lease company Global Aviation. Elderly and cramped plane, but took off on time and landed a little ahead of schedule. All one can ask from a low cost, no-frills airline.

2/27/2019 Martin Day

✅ Trip Verified | OR Tambo to Durban. Booked in and asked for emergency exit seat aisle seat I was asked if i could assist in an emergency and replied positively. I was placed on an emergency seat 11D . On embarking the plain some rows was requested not board the plain Row 1, 2, and 3. on Boarding the plane had a business class in the first three rows hence the boarding delay of Rows 1,2 and3 , Mango being a low cost Arline you as customer must shut your mouth and accept everything dished out to you and this is the General attitude of all staff concerned. I entered the plane and low and behold 11D is not an emergency seat! So shut up as you as customer have no rights and sit down. Next minute chaos ensues as two children below 12 are sitting in Emergency Exit seats now the plane has to be replaced as this ends up being the biggest riddle of all time to split two kids from their mother away from the Emergency Exit seats and the most hilarious part is Mom was never seated next two kids ? Now Mango with all due respect shame on you as i have first hand experience of this when myself and wife and three kids flew to Cape Town in Dec 2018 our family was placed not in a row next to each other but in a row behind each other 5 rows long and guess what my one daughter 11 yrs old was placed in an Emergency exit seat so Guess what chaos ensued to remove her from her seat as the biggest crime ever was committed as how did she get a Emergency seat? Ok so it was the first Mango family trip and we take it with a pinch of salt as its a Low Cost Airline and you have NO Rights! 3 Weeks later on the return trip from CT to JHb they managed to bungle the seat arrangement again splitting our family up again placing us in three different rows. So 26 Feb 2019 bungling my seat arrangement again and again showing no empathy or compassion for a mother and two children traveling. The nightmare continiues on flight JE265 17.40 flight Jhb to Durban. After the seat drama sorted we are 30 Min late for departure. As the plane is pushed back and the engines start up we are pushed back into the parking bay as the Captain explains the planes de-Icing system is potentially problematic and the Eng has to investigate! Whilst sitting in the plane the Eng crew enters the cock pit and +- 30 Min later we are going to depart one hour late. The Captain announces that all is sorted and also apologizes that this is a back up plane thats why the seating arrangement was array . Now the concerning part is the back up plane is also suspect ? So question do we jump from plane to plane and all the seating arrangements are in chaos state as this talking to co passengers was also not their first Mango nightmare.

2/24/2019 J Darson

✅ Trip Verified | Durban to Johannesburg. I arrived at the airport 4 minutes late for check in and I was refused to fly. And had to book with another airline. People I dealt with were arrogant and just refused to assist. But when flights are delayed passengers need to just accept and carry on. But being four minutes late you lose your flight and all money paid. I travel with mango every month for both staff and myself. I would never use this airline again.

2/22/2019 Louw Kriegler

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. Worst service. Asked whether I can check my hand luggage, and explained it was a putter I just bought which is very expensive. Check in attendant gave permission. When I arrive at security gate, I was told I cannot check the putter. When I returned to the Mango desk, the lady didn’t even apologise for the mistake and made it as if it was my mistake. When I asked her how they would secure a R7000 putter, and made sure it doesn’t break or get stolen, she said stuff can get stolen and its not her problem, since Mango accepts no liability. This was in stark contrast to the friendly service and assistance I received from Safair. I cannot remember the last time Mango had a scheduled flight depart on time. And to top it all I received 3 sms’s confirming flight wad delayed / not delayed, which added to much further confusion.

12/29/2018 R Corbell

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town with Mango Airlines. Absolutely the worst flight I have taken. Started with no gate control where all passengers entered the gate for the plane. Only to have everyone stand on the hot airway and then call groups by seat rows - not in side the terminal like other airlines. Seated near the exit row which must have been the smallest seat that I have ever sat in. The flight attendants were functional, with limited customer service expertise. Ironic that they have a “senior trainer instructor” on board. This was a code share and not my selection of airlines - never again.

12/12/2018 H Garlen

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Durban. It was a long delay. Delayed for more than 1 hour for a 1 hour flight. This company not recommend at all. Also the seats are very small. Not comfortable.

12/3/2018 Lindsay Daniel

✅ Trip Verified | vI have now had two terrible experiences with Mango I flew to Johannesburg from Cape Town on Friday and had my flight delayed by 2 hours with no warning. I went from arriving at 8 to arriving exhausted at 10! It is now Sunday and my flight is once again delayed with no prior warning. This is useless service from Mango.

11/11/2018 J Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first (and probably last) flight with Mango. Boarding was long and absolutely chaotic. There were two different queues with airport staff screaming to explain what we had to do. Approved carry-on luggages of nearly all passengers were refused on board. People complained of being unable to work as they couldn't bring on board the necessary material. Instead of flying on board one of Mango's usual 737-800, we flew on an absolute worn out 29.3 years-old-A320 (Reg. ZS-GAO). Old, dirty seats and barely any legroom. We departed 45 minutes late.

11/6/2018 Caro Bruwer

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to George. The worst customer service of my life.I flew with mango airline a couple of times and I’ve always been disappointed by their customer service. The air hostesses has big attitudes and not child friendly at all, in comparison with other airlines flown over the years. Today’s flight (Monday 05 November) was my worst flight experience. To begin , firstly we got called after everyone was waiting at the boarding gate we had to board at a whole different boarding gate which was stated on our boarding passes. Eventually got onto the plane and sat down. Doors closed and we sat and waited for almost 40 min before we took off. In the meantime myself and my two year old daughter was so hot and I literally prayed to get in the air and get home. She got difficult because she had a Pooh Pooh diaper which we couldn’t change and had to wait till we get in the air & seat belt signs has been switch off. I got up with her and walked to the front (we sat on seat 7 A&B) the air hostess asked me if I’m going to change a diaper and I said yes. She advise me to walk to the back of the plane to the toilet at the back because the front toilet doesn’t have the facilities to change diapers. I wasn’t impressed by her attitude and the way she talked to me. Throughout the flight my daughter was behaving well, playing peekaboo with the Italian guy next to us. Eventually we had to land and her seat was window seat & mine was the middle seat. The air hostesses came pass advising me to put her in her seat. I tried to do so but she refused to let go off me and she wanted to sit on my lap and laying down her head on my chest. She always does it when she feels scared. The hostess kept on coming to me telling me to put my child in her seat. I said that she doesn’t want to because she is scared and the guy in the row in front asked her to give me a extra belt to put around us both and she refused to do so. Eventually I got her in the seat and she didn’t want to stay in it. The air hostess came to me again telling me to put her in her seat. I said to her that she is scared and I will keep her on my lap. She said that the will lock me up if I’m not going to put her in her seat and that the airplane can’t land if my child is not in her seat, the captain said that they are going to do a go around and it’s going to affect all the passengers on the flight. I got furious with her and told her they can lock me up when we land I don’t care. She told me to put her in her seat and a pulled her off my chest and forced my screaming child in her seat. She yelled and cried herself to sleep. I was so furious with their customer service the can’t speak nice to customers with children, if her approach was different and nice my child wouldn’t have been so scared. This was the second time I had a bad experience with mango.

10/20/2018 John Maritz

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Durban. Absolutely shocking service. Changed my flight twice without offering me a different flight. Made me late for my meetings. Mango are costing me money. Never will I fly with them again even if it cost me more.

9/28/2018 B Meale

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Cape Town. This is my second time flying with Mango Airlines. And also the second time which they are late. Indicating a 100% rate of being late. Quite disappointing.

9/22/2018 Shani Froneman

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Johannesburg. I have recently had the displeasure of flying with Mango airlines. I normally prefer to fly safair as they are more professional and their on-time rate is phenomenal. The only reason I booked a mango flight is because I had to arrive in Johannesburg for an appointment at a specific time and no other airlines had flights at that time. But the Mango flight was delayed by over an hour. We were sent from pillar to post and told to go to different boarding gates. Then the bus took us on a rodeo ride in the boarding area. Then we had to wait for the cleaning staff to vacuum the plane. And now I am typing this complaint while waiting for the plane to take off. This is the reason why Mango is not a trustworthy airline at all and I would never recommend this airline to anyone. This flight was extremely expensive and not at all worth the money.

9/1/2018 E Johnson

Not Verified | Mango Airlines is the worst airline ever. I flew in from Johannesburg this morning and arrived in Cape Town at 8:15am, little did I know my bags were loaded on the same flight. I went to the baggage counter and they couldn't even get a hold of their own Johannesburg branch then finally they tell me my bags will arrive at 12:10 noon. I get back to the counter at 12:00 noon and they tell me my bags will arrive at 2:00pm. I have been at the airport since 8:00 am with my wife and our 7 month old son thanks to this incompetent airline, they are the worst the fact that I have to fly back with them to Johannesburg makes me sick to my stomach.