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7/27/2017 Ansie Swanepoel

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Durban. The flight back on 7 July 2017 was delayed, and, it was not a good introduction to Mango. But I flew down on Mango today to Durban again. On time, the airplane was so comfortable and neat! It was a pleasure to be greeted with so much flair by the cabin crew.The photo I took was an add...

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2/15/2017 J de Vries

❎ Unverified | Durban to Johannesburg. I checked in at 17.30 (departing time 19.15), on thát moment Mango already knew that our plane was delayed. Nobody give us that info! At 19.00: 1 hour later departing time. We told the crew that we had a international flight at 23.59. 'No worries, we will phone your company'. At 20.00 one ...

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2/7/2017 Robin Jansen

✅ Verified Review | Lanseria to Cape Town. When making the booking for a flight, the connection was lost. I called them, and they checked if the booking got through. They said it did not and said that I should make the booking again, so I did. I got one booking confirmation and was satisfied until I saw my credit card was charg...

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11/23/2016 Erich Herbst

✅ Verified Review | Yesterday returning from Port Elizabeth back to Johannesburg after a long day of meetings I again realised why I never fly Mango Airlines (SAA). You must have the most unfriendly staff of any airline. Out of my more than 100 local South African flights this year, I have been on Mango 4 times. You must be doi...

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8/31/2016 H Lister

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Cape Town. I have flown with Mango quite a few times in the year, and almost every single time they are 10-15 minutes late. This is considering that they are apparently the most on time domestic flight in South Africa for the past seven years. Clearly not always on time.

8/29/2016 O Ramires

✅ Verified Review | Me and my wife went to South Africa for my honeymoon, and bought a flight ticket with Mango to go from Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth. I've bought it back in February. The flight was scheduled to July 16 at 5 PM. We arrived at the airport at 2 PM, and came to check-in. There we were told that the fl...

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6/29/2016 Sandy Moss

We fly Mango Airlines from Cape Town to Johannesburg weekly. The online booking and check in are very user friendly and the inflight attendants are very friendly. But in the past couple of weeks Mango flights have frequently been delayed. We were delayed by 3 hours on Monday and were offered a R250 voucher? I can understand that...

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6/13/2016 Adrian Pickering

✅ Verified Review | Cape Town to Johannesburg. The ground handling and customer service on Mango Airlines are completely hopeless. Not only did they manage to forget to load my bicycle, which meant it didn't arrive in time for my connecting flight to London, but they also consistently gave me the brush-off when I complained. Wh...

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4/11/2016 Barrie Enslin

✅ Verified Review | Two flights on one day with Mango Airlines: Johannesburg - Durban and Durban - Lanseria. Easy booking and on-line check in. Timely and smooth boarding. Aircraft was clean. The crew offered an effective and professional on board service. Legroom was decent and we landed ahead of schedule in both instances.

3/5/2016 Sean Fulton

Johannesburg to Cape Town, and outstanding service from an airline previously unknown to me. The Mango Airlines cabin and ground crew were friendly and accommodating, whilst the leg room was incredible! I mean seriously impressive - if only all airlines offered this sort of space I'd be a much happier traveller. The whole experi...

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2/8/2016 Susanna Webber

I was unimpressed with the unprofessional service that I received from the ground staff when booking in for my trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg with Mango Airlines. The ground staff conspicuously chewed gum while checking-in my baggage and curtly informing me that I should have paid for my oversized bicycle bag before checkin...

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1/11/2016 Sharlene Ross

I booked a flight from Lanseria to Durban with Mango Airlines for my 75 year old mother for 18.30. When she arrives at the airport 2 hours before as stated on the ticket she was told the flight is delayed until 20.45 that evening, and that an email was sent to all passengers advising them of this. She was given a R60 meal vouche...

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1/2/2016 Cheryl Frankenfeld

On 27th December we flew Mango Airlines to Durban from Cape Town - our suitcase with all our kids Christmas presents did not appear on the baggage carousel. We were convinced that it was gone forever. We reported the lost suitcase to baggage desk and left the airport with very sad faces. When we got home I realized that I had al...

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12/16/2015 Nair Neresa

I booked a flight for three people with Mango Airlines from Durban to Cape Town. We were all excited until we got onto the plane were we had to sit, without air-conditioning, for over an hour due to there being a problem with the air-conditioning. Thereafter all the passengers were informed that we had to move to another gate to...

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11/23/2015 J Lawrence

Departed in the morning, returned on the evening flight that same day. Check-in at Durban King Shaka was quick and easy and we received all our boarding passes at one time. Both flights left and arrived on time. Mango is a good choice for domestic travel within South Africa if all you want is to get from point A to point B with ...

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10/13/2015 Vivienne Nel

The departure time was 10h00 on 11 October 2015. At 1245 we received a text message that the flight has been delayed to 13h00. The flight was moved to another departure gate without advising us. The flight was further delayed due to certain passenger that did not fly on this flight and his bags had to be removed which is totally...

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8/14/2015 Giovani Cal

Good budget airline with typical no thrills policy. Check in took forever however due to extra weight payment which is in another office (long queue and slow) - we were 3 pax and had 3kg check-in luggage overweight but don't expect them to waive this. Kind of normal for budget though. Flight on time, pitch is very reasonable and...

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8/5/2015 G Barker

I flew to Lanseria from Cape Town to see my sister who lives nearby and onward to New Zealand out of JNB the next day. I'd previously done the flight with Kulula, the only other airline flying this route and thought I would give Mango a try. Unfortunately Mango have overlooked the fact that some passengers on their budget flight...

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7/8/2015 David Viljoen

I was very impressed with my recent experience on Mango Airlines. While it was nothing out of the ordinary, the ordinary was done very well. Having traveled for 24 hours in the days preceding this flight I was not looking forward to it. Boarding and departure was on time. In fact, boarding was done from two entrances, so very ef...

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2/12/2015 A Gill

I travelled from Johannesburg to Cape Town last year on and could not believe how uncomfortable their seats were and the lack of legroom was terrible. I decided to try Mango to Cape Town on the 1st February and was amazed at the legroom! Fantastic and they will certainly get my business from now!