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10/25/2019 Shijirbaatar Badmaarag

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Ulaanbaatar. MIAT Mongolian is not ideal. I’m a MIAT Mongolian Frequent flying during 2014-2015 due to family vacations. Their customer service nor landings are good. Meals are okay but if you’re trying to get to Moscow use Aeroflot or a better airline. They don’t use inflight entertainment.

8/30/2019 P Harris

✅ Trip Verified | MIAT Mongolian Airlines from Berlin via Moscow Sheremetyevo to Ulaanbaatar. Well over 2h queuing in TXL, despite web check-in! There was no separate line for baggage drop. Long lines at the entrance to the hopelessly overcrowded departure lounge at the gate let to a delayed start. Further nuisance in Moscow whe...

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8/18/2019 C Han

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Ulannbator. Overall quality of flight is very bad upon Value to money. Firstly, business class seat has no entertainment at all. Nothing. Secondly, the seat was almost not able to recline. And Front to back space is still tight. Thirdly, food was just okay if it is economy class, but for business ...

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2/13/2019 Jennifer Chevalier

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Narita to Ulaanbaatar. They used to have 162 seats on an already uncomfortable flight; now they have 174 seats on what is the most miserable flying experience ever. No entertainment of any variety on this flight from Japan to UB, so bring a book. It's too tight to sleep. Babies crying, people cursing (ca...

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1/14/2019 dmlee, Boeing 737-700 seat 10C

Exit row. Plenty of legroom, highly recommended for a taller traveller. Because of the extra space, the tray doesn't extend all the way towards the passenger. Wasn't a problem for me though.

1/14/2019 Daniel, Boeing 737-700 seat 10C

Exit row seat. The tray doesn't extend all the way towards the passenger. Had no problem with that. Compensated by plenty of legroom, highly recommended for a taller traveller.

10/27/2018 Jeffrey Robens, Boeing 737-800 v1 seat 5C

Standard seat. Not cloth, so not very comfortable but had enough space. I’m only 175 cm, so it helps that I’m not tall. Row 5 was the second row from the front in economy, so convenient to get off the plane. No inflight entertainment, so make sure you have plenty of movies on your phone! Food just ok, what I would expect from Mo...

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6/13/2018 J Leane

✅ Trip Verified | I missed my flight to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from Beijing at 1:40am in the morning, as I arrived and there were no staff from MIAT airlines to help with check-in, or direct me to get onto the next flight or get reimbursed for the flight. Not one person was there. I went to the attending airport customer service...

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10/22/2016 N Vickers

✅ Verified Review | My return trip with MIAT Mongolian Airlines (four-hours each way) was generally smooth apart from the minor technical issue on the first leg from Ulaanbaatar to Hong Kong. Shortly after leaving the gate, while taxiing to the runway in preparation for take-off,the captain made an announcement that one of the ...

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9/13/2016 V Naidoo

✅ Verified Review | My return trip from Ulaanbaatar to Seoul Incheon was relatively uneventful. Check-in was smooth and my 2 pieces of hand-luggage was not weighed on either of the legs to check that is was under the limit. The aircraft was very dated and there was no IFE for the entire duration of the flight (4 hours). However...

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2/15/2016 M Sommerville

MIAT Mongolian from Ulaanbaatar to Seoul on Boeing 767. On time departure and arrival on this three hours flight. Cabin clean. Good seat. Breakfast good. Excellent staff service both on ground and during the flight. Fantastic scenery to watch during take-off out of Ulaanbaatar. Overall just a smooth, enjoyable experience.

8/3/2015 M Rogolskyte

Flight was delayed for few hours. And my luggage wasn't even on the flight. I arrived in Mongolia on Sunday morning and was told to come on Tuesday morning for my luggage. When I went to the airport on Tuesday I was told that my luggage will arrive on Thursday. Completely ruined my holiday and was a total waste of time and money...

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7/14/2015 J Wilse

I flew on a business trip to Ulan Bator from Hong Kong. The ticket price was really good! The crew and staff were attentive and catered to my requests, which wasn't much, but they're a good airline that I wish flew to more destinations,

5/31/2015 H Kaaber

April 1st OM136. Return April 15th OM135. Flew from Berlin Tegel to Ulaan Baatar via Moscow. Seats were comfortable IFE was decent enough food and drink was good service friendly but some staff had limited English. One hour layover in Moscow is essentially getting off plane gong through customs and getting back on again. Outboun...

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11/3/2014 D Field

Mongolia to Singapore and then Air Asia to Koto Kinabalu in East Malaysia. Worst check in service I have ever experienced. Purchased advance seats in row 6 (A and C) from ULN to Singapore via PEK for Oct 25 2014. No record of them when we checked in but after much debate got seats 6D and E. Agent could not get the fact we wanted...

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8/14/2013 Laran Bucharan

I have been flying with MIAT for the past 6 years and was quite eager to jump at the chance to avoid flying through China (PEK) while en-route to UB. HKG-ULN service is good (for Northern Asia standards). The lounge at HKG is the same one used by Air China and it sucks big time (they routinely serve sardines in cold tomato sauce...

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4/2/2013 Shanaka Gooneratne

Flew HKG-ULN-HKG. Both flights operated by B738. Check in process good and painless. Flights on time. Boarding was done efficiently. Cabin attendants fantastic and friendly. Food was good quality and quantity for Y class. Seat pitch a bit tight and there was zero entertainment on the B738 flown on board sectors. A good and impro...

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2/25/2013 M Hine

Flew Hong Kong to UB return June-August 2012. Planes a little old but very comfortable. They played a recent movie for inflight entertainment and the seats were nicely spaced. Food on the way there was authentic Chinese which is fine for adults but my 3 kids only ate the rice. My only other complaint was they decided to cancel o...

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6/28/2012 P Weemaes

HKG-ULN round trip. We had no problems with our flights and based on our round trip I think the two star rating is a bit harsh have certainly flown 3 star airlines which were considerably worse than Miat. Our flights left on time. The service was certainly above average exceptionally friendly cabin crew. The food was fine. The p...

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5/22/2012 Jenny Smitters

The worst customer service I have ever come across. I bought a return Moscow-Berlin because they were cheap and the flight times convenient. Outward flight went fine however on the return the plane was delayed overnight - they put us up in a hotel (no food though) and told us to return at 5 am for a 7 am flight. However once the...

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