Myanmar Airways

Customer reviews

2/22/2019 Thomas van Woerkom

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Yangon with Myanmar Airways. The ticket was quite expensive compared to other airlines on this leg, but paid the amount as I wanted to try them out. Arrived at the airport with literally no line with ground staff asking for details regarding my visa and return flight as I would leave the country via ...

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6/10/2018 C Marden

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Yangon. What a pleasant surprise. Clean aircraft. Pleasant, professional and efficient crew. On-time performance. Tasty snack for the short flight. Even the pre-flight service was great - email requests for special requests were answered within an hour. True 5-star service.

6/3/2018 H Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Yangon retjurn in mid-May. This is my first experience with this airline and it did not disappoint. The check-in at the airport for both flights were uneventful, efficiently handled and most notably, having little or no queues, which is always a welcomed sight when there are snaking queues at neighb...

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3/8/2017 Anders Pedersen

✅ Verified Review | Flew Myanmar Airways from Mandalay to Yangoon on an A319 on 8 March 2017. Initial flight, which was on an older ATR72, was delayed 1 hours and 20 minutes. I was informed about this instantly when arriving at check-in in MDL. Upon request, I managed to board an earlier flight (a more modern and quicker aircra...

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11/10/2016 Anders Pedersen

✅ Verified Review | Flew Bangkok to Mandalay return in November 2016. Faultless, punctual travel on a A319. Huge business class seat extremely wide and well upholstered. We were 5 passengers in business class which had 2x2 seats in two rows. Pre-departure Moet champagne, thereafter frequent drink rounds. Exotic, cultural, inte...

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8/14/2015 Harry Koo

Very clean aircraft. The cabin crew were very attentive and nice. Seat pitch was good, aircraft cleanliness was OK, but could use improvement. The inflight meals were sufficient for a one hour flight, I was served a chicken sandwich. The presentation of the food was good, and it also tasted nice as well. Overall, I would recomme...

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4/26/2015 Lawrence Cohen

NYU to RGN. First told flight would not be direct then 1 hour delay then flight cancelled. They book us on the evening flight with another airline. Story of operational issues with plane seemed less than truthful. Airline needs to improve reliability if they wish to serve and attract international passengers. Airline website lac...

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4/19/2015 Lawrence Cohen

RGN to Mandalay. Airfare considerably less than other airline. Flight was on a new airbus. Check-in while chaotic went well. Lots of airport staff. Everything was done manually with paper and counters. Cabin crew well dressed and pleasant. Flight was comfortable and on time.

3/4/2015 B Klug

Flight RGN-TVY-MGZ on an old ATR. Plane very worn from the inside and outside. Cabin crew very friendly and efficient. Small snacks and drinks offered on each sector. Recommended.

1/19/2015 G Becque

BKK-RGN all economy flight. Short connection from our late arriving EK flight from DXB was made easier by a meet and greet at the arrival gate to the transit MAI check in. Easy boarding for a 60% full flight changed seat row after takeoff fairly elderly A 319 showing its age light snack and drink on the short 1 hour flight. To o...

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2/5/2014 A Ohara

About a 3 hour flight from Guangzhou to Yangon and back. Outbound flight was delayed by more than an hour with no explanation or apology (as I remember). A friend who regularly flies with MAI on that route told me Guangzhou airport delays MAI every time in favour of Chinese airlines. No delay on the return route. Crew's English ...

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4/11/2013 T Gilmore

SIN-RGN-SIN. With the JetStar codeshare I actually ended up on a JetStar plane for the outbound leg for less than JetStar was charging - and this cheaper price included a meal drinks including beer and a checked bag! There were MAI FAs alongside the JetStar FAs providing different levels of service and all in all it was an effec...

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3/27/2013 M Swann

SIN-RGN-SIN. I found the service really pleasant. The crews are friendly provide decent meals even though it's a short flight.

11/15/2012 Yin Fong Tong

I travelled to Bangkok recently. Disappointed with the service provided on both sectors of the flight. The hostess rushed through the service in an unprofessional manner even though it is a 2 hours flight. On the return sector from Bangkok to Singapore the hostess even overlooked and missed serving us the meal and drink! When I ...

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11/3/2012 J Gray

RGN-SIN-RGN in Economy Class. Very satisfied with the whole experience - clean newish plane with Bulgarian Flight Crew. Cabin crew service was friendly and efficient and the food was pleasant. Both flights left on time and were uneventful.

8/12/2012 Paul Rex

BKK-RGN and return a few days later. Both flights left on time friendly cabin staff snack and hot drink served on a flight of just over 1 hour.

4/1/2012 A Halliwell

YGN-PNH (via REP). Flight was almost full. Meal service on YGN-REP sector - decent meal and drinks service. No IFE but the Mingalabar magazine was interesting enough. Transit in REP was fine straight through to the international departure hall which has a range of shops and internet access. Second leg much shorter although a dri...

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2/10/2012 Myo Kyaw Tun

RGN-REP-PNH-RGN both on Airbus A320 and price was $250. RGN-REP was comfortable and roomy food was a full service meal for a 1.5 hrs flight! However the leg room was a bit tight and the seats small. REP-PNH was also roomy and comfortable with peanuts and cold drinks for a 35 min flight. PNH-RGN was full but again served a full s...

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1/28/2012 A Krummacher

BKK-RGN on A319 leased together with crew from Air Mediteranee. Spotlessly clean plane but the leg space is just horrible so cramped (tall passengers will really suffer)! Luckily it is only a 1 hour flight. Service great and food ok. Plane left on time so overall nothing to complain about.

3/9/2011 R Blumm

I have flown Myanmar Airways several times in the last couple years. I have found the service to be fine on the ground and in the air. The flight which originates in Singapore and flies through Bangkok to Yangon is exceedingly tight and uncomfortable. However flights originating in Yangon are comfortable and roomy. In general pr...

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