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5/17/2018 Luke Greenfield-Liebst

❌ Not Verified | As per all other reviews, no refund for cancelled flight. Only actually notified of outbound cancellation. Return flight cancelled without even notifying us. It seems from locals that the company is collapsing after temporary closure for a public investigation following a tragic crash. It's a shame they couldn'...

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3/23/2018 Holger Hoffmann

✅ Trip Verified | No refund for cancelled flight and no email response My flight from San Jose to Bocas was cancelled a few days prior, and I was asked to confirm booking number and credit card so that they can refund the money. Nothing happened, and they have not answered a single mail I wrote to them. Never ever again.

3/15/2018 Peter Schiller

✅ Trip Verified | No refund for cancelled flight. Our flight from San Jose (Costa Rica) to Bocas del Torro 08Feb 2018 was cancelled. I got this information only because I wrote a mail to the airline because the airport on the ticket differed from that shown on the Nature air´s homepage. After a while the airline answered, that ...

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3/12/2018 David Ronald

✅ Trip Verified | San Jose to Golfito. I had a flight booked with them February 7th 2008 but they were not flying due to the government shutting them down. I have tried on numerous occasions to get my money refund. I even took out insurance. The company will not refund any of my money. If and when the do fly again stay clear o...

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3/10/2018 K Garten

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from San Jose to Santa Teresa was cancelled without notice. I only found out when I arrived in the airport that they were providing a shuttle instead. My 50 min trip turned into a 6 hours shuttle ride, 2 hour ferry ride followed by another 2 hour shuttle rise. My returning flight was also cancelled b...

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3/8/2018 N Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Zero notice for cancelled flights! We found out our flight from San Jose to Drake bay was cancelled when we got to the airport. We then called to see if our flight (in 5 days) from drake bay to la fortuna was still operating. That was cancelled as well. Again, no notice!!

3/7/2018 K Mealen

✅ Trip Verified | They took our money, canceled our flight and we are still waiting for a refund! Every week they give a new lie as to why we have not received our refund. While they were just down by the Costa Rican government they were still booking flights and charging people for flights they knew they were never going to be...

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3/3/2018 D Steane

✅ Trip Verified | Bahia Drake to San Jose. I booked two flights with Nature Air back in January 18, 2018. After the Nature Air crash, they canceled all flights through when I was to fly. They told me they would refund my fare, but no refund has occurred. I have contacted them over 20 times. Now when I contact them, they tell me...

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2/28/2018 R Jones

✅ Trip Verified | We booked our flights for our family to fly from San Jose to Tambor in November and subsequently booked our hotel and car rental. Today, 3 days before we fly they have sent us an email cancelling the flight! No explanation or help to change it, just a request for details to arrange a refund - awful customer se...

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2/26/2018 K Newell

✅ Trip Verified | Tamarindo to San Jose. Absolutely horrible customer service. Just finished our first trip to Costa Rica and Nature Air was meant to be our flight out of Tamarindo to San Jose to reach our connecting flight returning to the US. The day before our flight they contacted me via email to inform me our flight had be...

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1/4/2018 S Heane

✅ Trip Verified | San Jose to Golfito. We booked a 16-passenger charter for our family to fly to Golfito. A few days before the flight, we received notification that we were now flying two planes a 12-seat Caravan and a five-seat plane. Suddenly weight mattered, where it didn't on the 16-passenger. They had to refuel the smalle...

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1/1/2018 S Karivich

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Nature Air less than 2 weeks ago one way only, from San Jose to Drake Bay. I was lucky not to have any issues with the timing of the flight, nor did I need any assistance. I do not know how that would have gone, but my flight was competently executed, enjoyable and quick. There were 7 passengers, if I r...

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11/10/2017 D Kenton

✅ Verified Review | Puerto Jimenez to San Jose. Yesterday we returned to the US from Costa Rica. Our flight was scheduled to depart from Puerto Jimenez 10:15 a.m. but the plane schedule to pick us up had some difficulty and would not be able to pick us up. The gate attendant was very helpful and was able to call in a small plan...

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9/29/2017 Michael Joy

✅ Verified Review | Quepos to San Jose. My wife and I had booked round trip flights with Nature Air four months in advance. Over the four months, we received a few e-mails regarding minor flight time changes, no big deal. Our flight from San Jose to Quepos on 7/7/17 was fine. Our return flight 7/15/17 was anything but fine. Our...

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3/12/2017 G Murray

❎ Unverified | San Jose to Palma Sur. Totally agree with the other review. We received an email less than 48hours before we flew to say we wouldn't be going to our destination but to somewhere else. We tried to call Nature Air but spent 40mins on hold before giving up. We arrived early at the airport to try and get some custome...

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3/10/2017 Simon Oakley

❎ Unverified | Used this airline to travel from San Jose CR to Drakes bay, a short internal flight. A week before we went we were informed by email that Drakes bay airstrip was closed and that we would now fly to Palmar Sur, a 'nearby' strip instead. On arrival we had a take a cab (10 miles), to a river boat stop where we waite...

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