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22 Nepal Airlines reviews

6/3/2019 Rhia Mehta

✅ Trip Verified | Kathmandu to Mumbai. Terrible management. We were travelling with two senior citizens (80 and 77 years old) and they refused refused to provide us with two wheelchairs. They insisted that it was only a “2 minute” walk from the checkin counter till the boarding gate and that the 77 year old should attempt to walk it herself. This treatment was absolutely shameless. We would not recommend this flight to anyone. We are just completely appalled.

3/25/2019 Barun Singhania

✅ Trip Verified | Worst management by Nepal Airline. I am very upset. I am waiting past 5 hours at the Airport. Scheduled flight was of 8 am. Jet airways and other flight scheduled after it already departed. They themselves are not aware of flight. They told us flight will get delayed by 3 hours, but its still 5 hours and I am still waiting. Plus the canteen at the international is overly priced. Airport is overly crowded. Moreover, I have to take off from my office today. I can understand how others might have wasted their important time too. Worst management ever!

3/18/2019 C Maltin

✅ Trip Verified | Bengaluru to Kathmandu. The plane was a new A320 in mint condition. No entertainment system but it was a short flight around 2 hours and 45 minutes. We did take off about an hour late, and arrived 45 minutes late. The crew apologized for the delay. They served drinks during the flight, and later a dinner of a vegetarian curry, which was decently tasty for an airline meal. The toddler sitting near me received a special order child meal. Flight attendants were friendly and courteous. The seats were pretty basic, but had a small net storage pouch for items like the safety magazine or glasses case/headphones. Pleasantly surprised.

11/20/2018 Ashish Patial

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Kathmandu. Never ever opt for this airline. Such a pathetic service. They delayed the flight 4 times by a total to almost 7-8 hours. Harrassing behaviour of the airline and no compensation. No sorry.

11/17/2018 E Nisa

✅ Trip Verified | Kathmandu to Bangkok. I don’t recommend to fly with Nepal airlines. After my worst experience with traveling aboard, I advise you against Nepal airlines. I bought my first flight of return in Nepal airlines. It was a flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok, where I was going to take my second flight. First, I received that the flight had been delayed from 11 am to 4 pm by e-mail with only 12 hours I’m advance. As soon I received the e-mail, I call Nepal airlines office in airport because with the new schedule I would miss my second flight. In every call a different phone-extension was given. After my seventh call, I was advised to go to the airport because they could resolve my problem personally. In the airport, I was told to wait for someone, that had never appeared. I went to the police, that put me in (in Nepal airport, you have to have a ticket to get in). There, I was received with rudeness and unprofessionally by every Nepal airlines employees. For instance, I was told that I wasn’t allowed to be there and I was going to be kick out of the airport. Once again, I was told to be in the airport in the next morning because it was their responsibility to resolve my problem. Next morning, I was once again received with rudeness and unprofessionally. No one ever apologized for the inconvenience neither assumed the responsibility. Instead they only gave us one option going to the hotel. After getting upset, they started giving me other options, such us other companies flights and get into city center office. However, everything was fake. Never had been a option of flying with other company when I questioned them. Never had been a option to go to Kathmandu when I confronted them. At the end, I fly with Nepal airlines not even in 4 pm, but 7pm and I missed my connection flight. It was outrageous how an international airlines have dealt with their customers. Their were rude, impolite, unserious, liars and made fun of us. Therefore, I advise every traveler against flying with Nepal airlines.

8/12/2018 T Jachinga

✅ Trip Verified | I had a Nepal Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Delhi. The flight was 8 am but suddenly changed its time to 11 am and no one informed about that. Was surprised that on that day they were using A330. It was a new bird. So after sitting in the flight we waited there 1 hr due to traffic - so more delay. But the cabin was really good. They had entertainment System that was really good. Good selection of movies. They had veg and non veg food option - I choose the veg option and the food needs to get improvement.They also served soft drink. Overall the flight was good except the food needs improvement.

1/19/2018 C Tassigla

✅ Trip Verified | Kathmandu to Mumbai. Flight time was 13.55 in ticket. To confirm I called in office and the informed that time has been changed and been 4.30 but it got half an hour delay. Thats fine. Flights boarding finished just in 15 minutes. And We were in air in 5.30 pm. While talking about the legroom It was very good. A320 was new and cabin looked good. They served beer or cold drinks with the dinner. Food was good. Never expected that from Nepal airlines. It needs more improvement. There was no entertainment system just screen above our head that showed flight status. I took my own entertainment system. Otherwise flight was smooth.

7/5/2017 R Matchilan

✅ Verified Review | Doha to Kathmandu, the flight departure timing was scheduled for 0305 and on the same day when we reached at airport, we came to know that flight timing has been postponed to 1655 it means almost 14 hours delayed. We meet the staff of Nepal airlines and asked him for the solution. He suggests us to go back to the room or wait in airport waiting lounge. He also said that, "I will give you 35 riyal food voucher". How cheap is that? After a long time discussion (around 1-2 hours) they are agreed to pay the taxi fare and advised us to return back to our own accommodation. As we don't have any option so we agreed and returned back to our own accommodation. On the same day at afternoon: we came again in airport, and everything was going smoothly. But again we faced the issue over luggage. As per the ticket, it was mentioned 40kg luggage allowance. And again they were saying that, they reduced the luggage allowance and now it is only 35kg allowable. Afterwards, we paid 110QAR and proceed for immigration. On Board cabin crew behavior makes us totally disappointed. T I asked for water and they gave in small cup, when I again asked for another glass of water then she says, "Please wait until I finish to serve others." Return From Kathmandu to Doha we faced the same issue while returning, Our actual flight timing was for 11:20PM but when I called to their representative 01 day before, they informed us that, flight is scheduled for 08:00AM it means around 15 hours early. We went to their office and informed them that, we cannot travel 15 hours early and requested them to provide the ticket after that timing. Again they started arguing with us. After 1 hour discussion, they provided us connection flight (Jet Airways) via Mumbai. There was no any information regarding reschedule of flight and luggage allowance. I suggest that you do not travel with Nepal Airlines.

7/4/2017 P Reddy

✅ Verified Review | Kathmandu to Delhi. I flew Nepal Airlines as the national flag carrier of Nepal. Was a bit apprehensive choosing this airline but what a fantastic airline it turned out to be, flights were punctual, priority boarding at all sectors, attentive and smiling and also the in-flight food was very tasty. Apart from the security checks at TIA and Immigration, everything else was as good if not better comparing to some other 5* airlines I have flown. Give this airline a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

6/22/2017 D Graubard

✅ Verified Review | Flew Nepal Airlines from Delhi to Kathmandu on 16 May - 10.30am departure to allow for a full afternoon in Kathmandu. Friendly check-in agent gave my friend and I a full row to ourselves. Typical long lines at Delhi immigration but was able to use the lounge as my friend is an Amex Centurion member. Food and drink were available but nothing special. Flight boarded on-time to one of their newer A320's, friendly welcome from flight attendants and I liked the aircraft interior - the bulkhead had pictures of Mt Everest on it. Business class seats looked nice but that section was empty. Coach was pretty full but a few open rows in the front. Coach flight attendants were friendly and served drinks and a good meal once in flight for the 1 hour 15 minutes in the air. The toilets were busy so some people went to business class toilet and were literally chased out by the business class flight attendant. She was horrible - she was just sitting up there doing nothing - not even helping the coach attendants do their drink runs. It was nothing to let people use that front toilet. Landed on time with some nice views of the area as the cloud layer broke as we decended. Bags came off quickly and thru immigration. Overall a good flight.

2/13/2017 H Dinash

✅ Verified Review | Kathmandu to Delhi. I traveled in Nepal Airlines, in Boeing plane named Gandaki. Flight was good, as compared to many international flights, specially flying in and out of India and China. The ground staff were friendly, onboard staff were good too. The plane was old, and seats were less comfortable, and no entertainment on board. But the meals and drink were good, and fresh. The take off and landing were very smooth. Flight information were less than I expected. Overall, it was a good flying experience.

1/30/2017 Ben Taylor

✅ Verified Review | Myself and my fiancee flew business class from Dubai to Kathmandu return for a last minute trip to Kathmandu. At the time of booking i knew very little about the airline, but from the minute we got to the check in desk, if you are business you are ushered to the front of the queue and well looked after. The business class was comfortable for the price we paid, no in flight entertainment but the meals are served with china plates and really tasty, breakfast served was an omlette. On the return, Kathmandu business lounge was the best thing about this airport, it is luxury compared to the rest of the airport. The country is beautiful and I would highly recommend anyone to go and fly with Nepal Airlines, they were great!

10/15/2016 Nishikant Pathare

✅ Verified Review | Mumbai to Kathmandu with Nepal Airlines. The flight was on time, great food but could be improved. Smiling inflight service, pilots are great. There is no entertainment but overall for a 2.5 hour flight it is comfortable and looking forward to flying again with Nepal Airlines.

8/18/2016 A Vibhor

Delhi to Kathmandu with Nepal Airlines. Tried this airline again after a very long time. I thought after introduction of their brand new A320 they would providing smooth customer service on their new routes. I was wrong. The staff took about half an hour to check us in, which is ridiculous. Inflight, there are no IFE systems, which was expected, but there were overhead moniters that came out of the overhead compartments, albeit only showing flight status and route duration. The food served was absolutely tasteless. Peas, mashed potatoes, paneer sticks, apple pie (terrible) and drinks were served. Even though I flew economy, my friend flying in their business class complained of the same food dilemma. The airlines magazine was decent. The aircraft interior was very good being a brand new aircraft. The seat was semi-comfortable. All over, it was a less than decent experience and I wouldn't fly with them again. I'd rather choose Air India, Jet or Himalayan Airlines on the DEL-BOM route.

7/23/2016 Alok Mishra

✅ Verified Review | Boeing 757, "Karnali" from Bangalore to Kathmandu with Nepal Airlines. The staff at the Bangalore were OK. The check in was smooth. The flight was delayed by about 45 min. The plane Boeing 757 operated by our national carrier Nepal Airlines is probably 24 years old. It looked old, and the cabin was reflecting it's age. There were nothing for entertainment except for newspaper, not even the airline magazine. The food served was not upto the standard specially considering it was an international route. The flight though was very smooth and landing was good.

7/3/2016 S Kumar

✅ Verified Review | Bangalore to Kathmandu with Nepal Airlines. Food service was good. Staff nice and polite. There was no inflight entertainment but flight was on time. Aircraft was clean. Food better than Air India and Jet Airways.

3/18/2016 Suraj Sharma

Kathmandu to Bengaluru with Nepal Airlines. Despite unavailability of in-flight entertainment, the journey was quite good. Friendly staff, no delays, hot food and beverages and satisfactory ground crew makes Nepal Airlines value for money flight. Cabin neat and clean equipped with enough leg space.

12/26/2015 Shashank Goenka

Bangalore to Kathmandu. The ground staff was not friendly but inflight, the crew and service was okay. The food and the drink was excellent with the good cabin crew hospitality. There was no entertainment for the 3 hours flight. I didn't like the attitude of the ground service.

12/19/2015 Arnico Panday

Hadn't flown Nepal Airlines in years. Very impressed. Friendly check-in, on-time departure, comfortable seats with winged headrests on the new A320. Legroom was better than on the Jet Airways Boeing 737 of the outbound flight. Impressive hot lunch served on a 1 hour 10 minute flight (better than what Jet Airways serves on the same route).

9/6/2015 Sumat Rajbhandari

Bangkok to Kathmandu, I loved the Nepal Airlines A320 aircraft. The cabin service was efficent and good, and cabin crew were friendly. The food was good, and the seats are comfortable even though legroom is not adequate.