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4/17/2019 Tibe Sanders

Not Verified | Düsseldorf to Monastir. I found my seat and the table was broken and attached with tape. In the storage pouch in front of your chair there was chewing gum. The flight itself went well, but the rest can be better to my knowledge. We return from Monastir to Düsseldorf and there is no Nouvelair plane .. I found this very strange. With a 20-minute delay, we are taken by bus to a plane with another airline called Electra Airways. The chair of the person in front of me was broken and that of my mother was also broken. We were not even offered food? Also not paying or such .. we ask if we can order food, they say that they arrive within 5 minutes and 1 hour later there is still nothing, yet I have seen nothing of food the entire flight, I was at 3:00 got up and only landed at 11:20. The only thing we were offered was a cup of drink.

9/3/2017 O Anderson

✅ Verified Review | A very pleasant surprise for my first time on Nouvelair flying from Monastir to Paris CDG. Very friendly staff and excellent service on the ground and in the air. Reasonably priced food and drink on board. Flight was generally on time. Great and easy experience flying out of Monastir airport. Overall, so much better than the national Tunisian carrier.

7/29/2013 David Adamson

Outward bound flight was a joke when we booked in we got the boarding passes for the seats that we had pre-booked for £45. Flight arrived in to Belfast International from Humberside and when we boarded the aircraft we found a family sitting in our seats. When I spoke to the head of the cabin crew he told me to find an empty seat anywhere on the aircraft. Everything on the flight was priced in Euros and the staff was unable to work out the exchange rate on both flights and charged everyone in sterling. The toilets were a disgrace less said the better. The aircraft was an A320 which was over 20 years old and should have been scraped a long time ago. There was no safety whatsoever on the plane we landed with rubbish all over the floors tables still down and many had their seat back still down. This company should not be taking people on holidays until they train their staff to the standards that is expected in 2013.

6/26/2012 C Thornton

We left Manchester 40 minutes late (02/06/12) and were seated 1A 1B. The aircraft was TS-INI the oldest of their fleet the cabin interior was tired and the seats were uncomfortable. Before departure the cabin crew did not come round to check everyone had their seat belts on bags stowed etc. The safety demo was spoken in bad English. The flight was very uneventful. About an hour into the flight they started their one and only service for the flight which consisted of soft drinks and hot drinks sandwiches and beer. They had very little stock. No tax or duty free service. On a couple of occasions the Purser left the flight deck door wide open whist chatting to the Captain. 3 hours and 15 minutes we landed and we were all glad of it. After speaking to some other passengers on the flight at our hotel there were a number of broken seats about half way down the aircraft. On the return flight (16/6/12) we were delayed approximately 60 minutes. Our aircraft was TS- INL second oldest in their fleet. Our seats we 23C 23D and the aircraft looked in a better state of repair and the crew were much more helpful. We had 1 drinks/food service and the only alcoholic drink they serve is beer. They also did their Tax and Duty free service. The crew were happy enough for you to purchase alcohol on this service and open the bottle to drink for your flight. All in all I was pretty disappointed by Thomas Cook using this airline as were a lot of other people we spoke to there. If you want any food or drink for your flights take it with you!

5/15/2012 Rita Dobson

We went to Djerba on 5th of May. This has got to be the worst airline I have ever been with. The plane was old and grubby toilets needed a good clean. The crew served drinks once no alcohol even though there is a price list in their inflight magazine. No duty free the crew sat in the galley most of the flight their English was poor. The only plus side was that the plane was newer on the way home but still rubbish service and rude crew.

11/23/2007 Michael Clarke

TLS-DJE-TLS. No problems with check-in plane clean crew friendly & helpful. Did not try food but advised by others that it was satisfactory

3/14/2005 Tapani Utunen

Nouvelair Airbus 320 in March 2005 Helsinki-Monastir-Helsinki and found the airline good value. Being a charter carrier the leg room wasn´t too good for a tall chap (187 cm) like me but a hot meal and non-alcoholic drinks were served free of charge. It was the usual airline food both ways: turkey & rice plus pasta bolognaise and Tunisian red & white wine plus beer were available (wines 250 €/beer 150 €). The crew were professional and attentive and the flights were on time - that´s all I needed.

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