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6/25/2019 V Alexis

✅ Trip Verified | Rhodes to Athens with Olympic Air. The flight itself was fine. The A320 was clean, with those typical hard-cushioned thinner type seats albeit with good legroom. You also get a free sugar kick via a paper cup of coke, a cookie and a candy in a swift non-dentist-friendly service which is not much, yet already 3x...

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6/21/2019 Ekatarina, Bombardier Q400 seat 11D

Olympic has an excellent service on board. Although the flight took only 45 minutes we got a drink and a snack. It was a pleasure to travel with Olympic. The cabin staff was wonderful.

6/10/2019 john wetzels, Bombardier Q400 seat 19A

Quiet small aircraft, excellent service on board (Olympic air) and despite some nasty turbulence safe and sound transport!

2/12/2019 Michael Papalamprou

✅ Trip Verified | Olympic Air flight from Athens to Rhodes was operated by Aegean. The flight departed on time and reached destination on time. No food or beverages served on 1 hour flight. Seat space was so limited. Very disappointing.

11/19/2018 Emmanouil Koumiotis

✅ Trip Verified | Direct flight a new service from Athens to Catania and return. It was full of Italian tourists returning home. I asked them why they do not travel with Alitalia. They replied that they got better service, lower price and they do not have to go via fiumicino.

9/21/2018 David Barritt

✅ Trip Verified | Kefalonia to Athens. I fly Olympic regularly between Athens and Kefalonia and there are always problems. This trip, the online check in failed. At the airport I had to pay 5 euro for extra leg room and it took them an hour to process the payment. Then I was told the plane was so full my hand baggage had to go ...

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8/28/2018 Ramon Badia

✅ Trip Verified | Myself and my girlfriend had a flight from Milos to Athens today 27/08/2018 arriving at 2pm to catch another 2 connection flights to Slovenia from Athens. For some reason the aircraft was small for the number of passengers booked in that flight, so they decided to leave us out together with some other passenge...

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8/14/2018 M Karagoumis

✅ Trip Verified | I had my flight booked in the evening at 23:00 from Chania to Athens. Due to unforseen circumstances my partner had to leave earlier in the morning to a different destination. I was at Chania airport from 11am for that reason and I asked at the Olympic Air desk about availability of earlier flights instead of ...

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7/2/2018 M Leventis

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Catania. Direct excellent flight, everything was on schedule, departure, flight time and arrival at Catania Airport. Service was excellent though not enough space in the aircraft. This is why the airplane was fully booked from Italian tourists. I would fly again. I saved valuable time instead of flyi...

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12/4/2017 Athina, Bombardier Q400 seat 6A

Too noisy. After the flight I had to go to the doctor for a problem with my ear

11/15/2017 Anastasios Plestis, Bombardier Q400 seat 01A

Very comfortable plane, perfect seats which are moderns and have big legroom, quite good trip with that and quite good hosting with free croissant and a juice

10/3/2017 Lars Bolander

✅ Verified Review | Athens to Tirana. After 4 hour waiting in Athens the smooth boarding process started. Bus transfer to the propeller aircraft. The flight was full and just took 1 hour 20 minutes. Usually on such short intra european flights there is no inclusive meal service. To my surprise, direct after take-off a sandwich ...

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10/1/2017 Alexios Doukas

✅ Verified Review | Flew Milos to Athens. I always like to fly Olympic Air (and Aegean) because I love the product these airlines offer, and this flight fulfilled my expectations. First of all the flight time is not even 25 minutes. The cabin was very clean and fresh, we had a great flight attendant who was a shining example fo...

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9/30/2017 Vassili, Bombardier Q400 seat 1A

Quite good seat but the best one is seat 1B. Easy boarding procedure polite crew.

9/4/2017 Ioannis Konstantinidis

✅ Verified Review | Kavala to Athens. Flight departed on time. Smooth boarding. Crew were extremely professional and polite. Snacks and beverages were served. Smooth arrival at Athens International Airport. Baggage delivery was fast. Highly recommended.

7/19/2017 Lone, Bombardier Q400 seat 5D

We had a very pleasent flight with this Dash 8 Q400 from Athens to Samos. I am a nervous flyer and before the flight I was a little worried about flying with a propeller. But there was no need to worry because we had an absolutely amazing flight and I will never ever worry about flying with this airplane again. We had a nice vie...

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7/4/2017 K Edwards

✅ Verified Review | Very good organization and attitude from Olympic Air flight staff. Continous non stop service from Athens to Thessaloniki and wide variety of drinks, foods and beverages. Short flight however all passengers were smiling with the friendly services rendered. Reached destination earlier than the scheduled time. ...

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6/7/2017 Sotirios Karykas

✅ Verified Review | Athens to Belgrade. Flight booked with Aegean Airlines but operated by Olympic Air. Relatively small aircraft for a short route (Athens to Belgrade) and a bit slower than jets, however it was pretty pleasant and the bonus is that there is no middle seats and also the views were great. Some Israeli passenger ...

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5/3/2017 Ellsyliv, Bombardier Q400 seat 01A

The window seat is slightly obstructed at the feet by the curve of the plan. The tray table on these seats are out of the arm rest. Over head bin are tiny on the plan but the stewardess put our luggage in a cupboard next to the toilet. This could not be accessed during flight. The toilets are the smallest I've been into. I'm 6'3...

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3/26/2017 Andreas Hartlieb

✅ Verified Review | Heraklion to Athens. After a rather fast bus boarding procedure and a kindly welcome by the cabin crew, the plane took off in time. The breakfast was excellent for a 40 minutes flight: warm criossants, a delicius cappucino with a perfect milk froth, greek yoghurt, local vegetables and a variety of cheeses wh...

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