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2/8/2016 David Ruiz

Hong Kong to Bangkok, and my first time with Orient Thai Airlines, and I am very satisfied with both the price and service. Orient Thai was cheaper than Air Asia and the Boeing 747 was very spacious with comfortable seats. Also they served breakfast airline meal with drinks that tasted ok.

12/4/2014 Farouk Mogheth

Bangkok to Hong Kong and return. After several good experiences I only use Orient Thai for my flights to Hong Kong. Their price is "Set" regardless whether you're buying ahead or last moment. Other low costs can have their cheapest offers around 60US less however that distinction quickly fades with slapping you various charges before you click buy. Orient Thai's fare is all inclusive (inclusive of taxes a hot meal and 15KG of baggage too!). They used to fly an older B747-300 however now they use the -400 version. Flights were on time the plane was comfortable. Staff active and helpful. Seats and leg room superior to other low cost and many full fare airlines out there. Only drawback is that there is no online check in and you get seats at the airport so you might not get your "favourite" seat. All in all cannot fault them and love to see them fly to more Asian destinations.

8/12/2013 Nuti Damrongphatr

Phuket - Bangkok (Don Muang). Initially booked with Orient Thai for a round trip they changed their entire domestic flight schedule several times and finally cancelled several routes / flights permanently. On travel date change of aircraft result in my pre-selected seat being unavailable. The aircraft itself looked outdated with worn completely dirty seat cushion tight seat pitch and lots of noise. Crew are however look pleasant and are dealing professionally with their hardware problem. Nice service on board with lots of smiles a package of peanuts and several rounds of soft drink. On time departure and early arrival at passenger friendly Don Muang Airport.

7/24/2013 Paul Burnell

Flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok regularly I find Orient Thai very punctual friendly and the best value available without question.

3/6/2013 Bob Turnbull

Flew from Phuket to Bangkok on 28th February. When we arrived at airport were told flight was delayed 1 hour due to late arrival of incoming flight hours later when we did take off we were still none the wiser as to why the incoming aircraft was late.

1/25/2013 R Chan

Flight delay on 22 December 2012 from HKG to BKK for 7 hours. It was supposed to be an early morning flight ended up arriving BKK at 8pm. My family needs to transfer to Pattaya which ended up losing one day vacation. No customer service staff at Hong Kong airport to explain the situation and all passengers were stuck at the airport.

11/15/2012 David Gustafsson

Chiang Mai-Bangkok (Don Muang). Old but clean MD-80 in good condition. The evening before departure they sent a SMS about a 3 hours delay. And a second SMS says 4 hours delay! And it stops with 4 hours delay. No surprises in the air. Smiling and nice FA. Got peanuts and soft drink/coffee.

11/7/2012 Howard Cheng

HKG-BKK. It was quite a pleasant trip from Hong Kong although delayed an hour. They served nice food for breakfast and juice or water or fizzy drink. It was an old but clean 767-300 aircraft. The pilots were nice and apologised for delay. BKK-HKG. Delayed 3 hrs 30 mins it was an old Japanese 767-300 again and the food they served for dinner was chicken with rice orange pudding butter cake and peanuts and a drink. Recommend this airline.

11/3/2012 T Price

DMK - HKT. We flew from the old airport which was a very pleasant experience. The airport is very quiet and lots of OT staff available. We flew on a large 767 which was old but clean. They managed to serve some nuts and a soft drink to the full flight in the hour we were in the air. The only fault I had was that it too more than 50 mins to get our bags at the carousel. There's no way I could complain as the ticket was approx £20. I would use Orient Thai again!

11/1/2012 M Sun

HKG-BKK. I booked with them because it was the only airline available. Check in took 1 hr in HKG and plane was a 30 year old B747-300. Entertainment was pretty much nothing and seats were the most uncomfortable I've ever experienced. Plane and bathroom were unclean. I booked a seat in the upper deck and it was quiet. Food was horrible. Only good thing was the value because I you pretty much get everything for that cheap price.

9/3/2012 David Wheatley

BKK to HKG one way. Flight was on an all economy 29 year old 747-300. Flight completely full. Delayed out of HKG by approx 30 to 40 mins. No explanation for delay and boarding was chaotic! Interior of the aircraft was clean but worn and tatty. Ticket price was £150 each which was half of what Air Asia Thai etc were asking for so good value for money but you get what you pay for with this airline. Only water and juice served by the crew although they did come through the cabin regularly. Meal serves was ok. Most of the crew very young and didn't seem to know what to do or when to do it. Overall an ok airline and good value for money.

4/20/2012 Sukasem Tejatanalert

Charter flight from Bangkok to Wuhan. Flight delayed 1 hour from Bangkok to Wuhan 2 hours delay from Wuhan back to Bangkok. The plane is old however the seats ok and the meal decent.

3/19/2012 Marek Wrobel

Phuket to Bangkok. Plane (MD-84) was well maintained with the passenger cabin clean and very comfortable. Inflight service was nothing to complain about: cabin crew very polite and experienced. The free snack and a soft drink is a nice addition to this short flight. As for the price - it is usually the cheapest option on this route with no extra payments added when booking and paying on-line.

1/28/2012 I Geddes

Just flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong return. Found the whole experience pleasant overall. The cabin crew were great. Enjoyed the meal and was given plenty of soft drinks during the 2.5 hour flight.

1/9/2012 H Meehan

Our initial booking told us we would fly from Donmueng airport. When we arrived we were told it was not in operation due to flood damage and all domestic flights were operating out of Suvarnabhumi. We had to race back to the other airport to catch our flight. Upon our arrival our flight was delayed 3.5 hours without explanation. Flying back to Bangkok we arrived for our 4.55 pm flight 2 hours ahead of time only to find out check-in would not open until 5.30 and our flight would not depart until 9pm. We finally boarded at 11.30 and lost an entire day of travel. The only saving grace was the kind and professional staff.

10/5/2011 S Welch

I use Orient Thai regularly to shuttle between Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Standards of service always reliable with polite and attentive staff who speak good English. Even on this short hop passengers are always provided with a snack and a drink. Usually the cheapest option between the two cities only downside being that there are no flights between mid morning and mid afternoon.

7/28/2011 P Nunn

Chaing Mai-DMG (one way). I am surprised by this airline great cabin crew peanuts drink snack drink service on a 1 hr flight the only down side was the old (MD80) planes in use with at best shabby paint work. Great prices and baggage included.

7/15/2011 Angus McCoo

DMK (Don Muang Bangkok) to HKT. I bought 4 tickets for myself and other members of my family for this holiday flight expecting it to be the same quality of flight as the low cost flights I usually take with European low cost carriers. I was wrong. The plane though more than a few years old was clean and comfortable with a seat pitch more than adequate. During the flight snack boxes were given out along with mineral water on request all free of charge. This along with a free checked baggage allowance of 20kg makes this low cost airline more like the full service airlines of yester year that we all used to enjoy. On this single experience I will certainly use them again and would recommend.

2/23/2011 Farouk Mogheth

BKK-Hat Yai reservation by phone and you can pay the ticket at any 7-11 store in Thailand. Flying from Don Muang airport is great as its used only by Orient and Nok Air. Check in painless on time planes in good shape for their age. Mini snack and free drinks offered. Crew attentive hassle free flight.

1/18/2011 D Chan

A solid budget airline. HKG-BKK return both flights on schedule well organised and catered. Cabin crew well presented and excellent customer service. Meals are price-appropriate (peanuts cold chicken and rice lots of drinks). Aircraft OK our B747 looked visibly aged with some cabin trim still from its JAL heritage. Inflight entertainment is nil though not really required.