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4/8/2016 N Peters

Flew from Ribeirao Preto (RAO) to Sao Paulo (GRU). Passerado flies local routes around Brasil. I have used them on numerous occasions and I have found them to be just a budget airline with very few extras. They have now gone down even further in my opinion for two main reasons. The excess baggage fees have increased 500% to maximise as much profit as possible. It used to be R$2 per Kilo. Now its a whopping R$10 per Kilo. This fee can vary from where you are flying from, so expect to pay more (up to R$15) from some airports. Most people use the airline for either business or a holiday destinations, so the 1 bag of 23 KG per person is nothing for a small family wanting to get away. Its profit all the way with this company. On board you will get nothing to eat and the in flight drink will be a cup of water with 2 lumps of ice.

11/27/2015 Raf Willems

In July 2015 we were taking a flight from Ribeirao Preto to Belo Horizonte at 6.03am. We arrived around 22.00pm. There was mist, all the passengers flying with other companies could go sit in the plane, and they waited for the mist to go away, then they took off. The passengers flying Passaredo had to wait in the terminal for hours. Actually this flight goes from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte, with a stop in Ribeirao Preto. At a certain point a passenger received a phone call from a colleague who flew from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte on the same flight. The plane just didn't come to Ribeirao Preto, and staff had been lying all the time. We were forced to take the evening flight. We lost a whole day in Belo Horizonte and my 6year old was exhausted once we finally arrived. Now on 15 Nov I had to take a flight with Passaredo to Sao Paulo, connecting me on an AA flight to the USA. I expected problems, so I decided to choose a flight that gave me 5 hours to change planes. And yes, they messed up again, more than 2 hours delay, but I still made it. When I came back 25 Nov, Passaredo makes me pay 171RS for extra luggage, exactly the same luggage as going by the way. I explain what happened in July, and I show them the "Declaracao" they made on my outbound flight, saying it was their responsibility if I would miss my flight the USA. I thought they could make a little effort for a client who suffered so much already from their "services". But no, they need their money for the 19Kg of extra luggage. Staff was incompetent and irresponsible. By the way, don't expect anybody to speak english, their level is very poor. Once on the plane, the seats had crumbs and dirt everywhere. The back of the seats in front of me had been glued and loose pieces were just hanging down. As I am a photographer, I want to keep my laptop, cameras and lenses with me. That was not possible, my equipment had to be checked in. I was not happy with this, I know how people throw with it. This company has reasonable prices, but you cannot count on them. Staff has no idea what they are doing, flights being delayed seems to be the norm. My advice: avoid at all costs. Especially if you need a connection, you might end up in trouble. And for the connection Ribeirao Preto - Sao Paulo, the bus is probably a better option, at least the bus is on time.

4/29/2010 Rodrigo Mota

Ribeirão Preto to Curitiba regional airline on a regional flight. very nice experience with this type of flight the aircraft and ERJ-145 (50 seats) was clean but could be better. with a small delay (10 minutes) nice board service for an hour flight. There´s only one flight attendant there and could have one more because the flight was completely full. I´m very happy with this new way of flight here in Brazil you can go to many cities without go via São Paulo-Guarulhos you just have to choose regional flights and go via Campinas or Ribeirão Preto MUCH BETTER good airports clean no delays (long delays). I recommend Passaredo for other passengers. Just one thing if you choose the left seat there´s an individual window for you - only one seat not 2 or 3 seats like other jets.

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