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5/29/2019 Lawrence Warry

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Osaka. Peach Aviation have to improve your carry-on policy. I can understand if you have security issues that large objects would be an obstruction to go on full flights as carry-on but my object was a fragile guitar and the flight was half full. There was plenty of overhead locker space. Instead of telling the customer the size rules Peach Aviation would be more customer friendly in an agreement on negotiating a reasonable carry-on solution for guitars like most European airlines do.

4/15/2019 W Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. I have flown with Peach for 3 times on the same route (Hong Kong Osaka). Comparing with other LCC my other Hong Kong friends use, I would say Peach provides comparable prices nd services. Of the 3 times I flew with Peach, 2 returning flights from Osaka were delayed for an hour, both due to airspace control of mainland China. Since many passengers carried several bags as handcarry items, Peach limited the number to 2 handcarry items per passengers, and there appeared to be less chaos in the overhead compartment now. Though poor backpackers like me prefers grabbing a bottle of green tea from the vending machine before boarding, drinks can be purchased on flight with cash (Japanese yen). Seat pitch is just as ridiculous as the other LCC. For the price of approximately one bento, you can upgrade to the exit rows, so your knees won't be poking the back of the previous passenger :) You cannot change seats while onboard the flight. The airline loses some revenue with this stubborness, but this certainly ensures order when the seats were already so crowded. I also appreciate that Peach has its announcements in Cantonese too, as its crew speaks mainly Japanese and English. Being a poor backpacker, I will still choose Peach over other LCCs, with generally good management and similar price points.

4/11/2019 Carole Goldsmith

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Tokyo. Travelling Peach Airlines was terrible - not the flight - just the check in. In 30 years of flying airlines around the world, I have never been so humiliated and embarrassed because of the terrible way I was treated at Peach Aviation check in. Flight MM315 at 14:30 - Osaka to Tokyo. I only had 8 kg check in luggage and had paid for 20 kg. However the completely inflexible check in staff made me go to the side and tie my pillow in a little back pack, a small back pack and trolly together to make it one item as she said I paid for one item - I had paid for 20 kg and the weight of my check-in luggage was just 8 KG. Then she started on my hand luggage and made me take everything out of my front waist band and put it in my pockets like my wallet and passport - then my phone and camera had to go in my pockets - all in all to make my hand luggage 7 kg. What is the difference if it is in my purse, hand luggage or pocket as it all goes on board with me. After I went through all that humiliation and embarrassment and experienced the worst customer service I have ever experienced at Check In I walk around the corner and there is another Peach vulture employee there wanting to weigh my hand luggage - so that is twice I went through it Peach Aviation rude and horrible check in. I will never fly Peach Aviation ever again.

4/10/2019 A Allet

✅ Trip Verified | Fukuoka to Tokyo. Completely uncomfortable and full stupidity of the crew. Seat are so small I couldn't fit and I'm 190cm / 6ft 2. Could not sleep, could not work, could not eat. I asked to move to an exit row seat since there were 3 empty ones 3 rows before, but no. The stupidity of the flight attendants and their alienation to rules are stronger than common sense. I had to seat for 2 hours with my back completely twisted and my knees bothering my left neighbors.

3/1/2019 T Barton

✅ Trip Verified | New Chitose to Osaka. Went to add snow board baggage on the website, only had check in bags so I paid for all my bags. Get to the counter at the airport to be told that the snowboard bag could only be paid at the counter and that they weren’t going to put the money I already spent on the bag towards the snowboard which on their website doesn’t state anything about this. (maybe in the fine print), so I had to double pay to check in my snowboard bag. To add to this weight was only 20kgs when did that ever be a thing with sport equipment. To top it fly was late, stay away from budget airlines - ends up costing more then business class with a reputable airline.

2/14/2019 Lola Ajala

✅ Trip Verified | Okinawa to Taipei. I checked in at the counter and they charged me for extra luggage. I paid, then the check in staff tells me that I will not be able to board the flight due to a technicality. I asked for a refund on my luggage. I was told to contact the airline. I did. They argued with me. Gave me a lot of attitude. Finally the informed me that they would issue a refund for the luggage charge in the next 4 months. They told me that they are unable to confirm my refund by email.

11/6/2018 Carl MacIntyre

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Shanghai. They decreased the carry on weight from 10kgs to 7kgs and then raised the checked baggage rates by 300% to 6,800 yen per bag. I had booked the flight several months in advance but with these retroactive charges, I could have flown a normal airline in the daytime instead of an inconvenient red-eye. Also, this is the only airline that boards window seat passengers first which results in chaos. These folks don't have a clue.

10/20/2018 Vlad Serbanescu

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Tokyo. This is the best low-cost airline I have flown. They have a free allowance of a personal item and bag on board as long as it is under 10kg. In reality you can take 2 bags with total weight under 10kg. Although from 28.10 this changes to 7kg. Flight was on time. Planes are new and clean. Japanese staff are the most polite and kind in the world. Seat pitch is low, but that's because most passengers are small, but the seats recline. If you are a big person, I don't recommend flying with them, otherwise they are the best in terms of value for money.

5/11/2018 Dan T, Airbus A320 (320) seat 10F

Good View

4/21/2018 P Laing

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. This airline is beyond disappointing. I would recommend paying the extra bit to fly with a better airline, as at the end of the day, you really are not saving anything. When booking your flight, make sure you understand what is included. I had to pay 3750 Yen to check one luggage in at the airport. (Checked luggage allowance is zero). During the flight I was offered a bottle of water. I took a sip and the flight attendant came back and took it away. She said that my flight purchase does not include any drinks or snacks, and I don’t have to option to purchase it. Conclusion, a four hour flight with no water or snacks and no option to purchase any. If I could give it a negative rating, I would, because it’s not even worth a fraction of a star.

3/29/2018 W Kendall

✅ Trip Verified | Outbound flight from Hong Kong to Osaka MM068 scheduled at 1:25am. Arrived at KIX on time. Inbound flight from Osaka to Hong Kong MM067 scheduled at 9pm, delayed for 50 minutes. I took the same inbound flight in July 2017 and it was delayed for the same amount of time too, so I was prepared for possible delay this time. I had the Peach homepage opened with my mobile phone, so I could eat my bento in peace while waiting to board the plane and being able to check real-time updates of flight information. After touching ground in Hong Kong, I got the taxi calling numbers ready, so I could book one while waiting for my luggage. I also bought travel insurance before my trip, so I know that I would be compensated in case flights were delayed or cancelled. Given how I was prepared for all possible situations, I was happy flying with Peach as a LLC. Compared to my Peach flight in July 2017, I found that the announcements on board improved. E.g. Passengers were told about coming turbulence and advised to use the toilet before the turbulence. Pre-recorded announcements were made in both English and Cantonese. I was happy that Peach did not allow passengers to change seats, for security and safety reasons given many mainland Chinese tourists were on board. Both inbound and outbound flights were fully booked, seats were cramped as expected. Some passengers sneezed and coughed freely in the crowded cabin, so it might worth upgrading your seat to get some extra space and avoid getting the flu. I noticed that the Japanese passengers put on a mask once they got on board.

3/14/2018 Gordon McConnachie

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Peach Aviation from Bangkok to Okinawa. Check in on both outward and return legs was very efficient and the aircraft was clean and new. Seat pitch, as expected for an LCC, was rather tight. Service from both aircrew and cabin crew was excellent: safety was emphasised throughout. This flight has no inflight entertainment. Food sold for purchase on board was very tasty. The return flight was on time: the outbound flight had a two hour delay but this was not caused by Peach as the aircraft was in Bangkok ready for departure on time. Air Traffic Control in China closed their airspace due to overload on the last day of return from Lunar New Year. The pilot came personally to the boarding area to explain the issue and inform that he had obtained a new route via Philippines air space, saving a greater delay. A free meal on board was provided.

2/2/2018 T Patawan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Okinawa. Our flight was delayed 11 hours from departure time. We slept on the floor. Only got one bottle of water and one rice ball. No other support from the airline. We have tried to contact them through email, live chat, AI and facebook but couldn’t reach them .We need the official letter to claim the travel insurance. This is the worst airline!

1/8/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat NICE

as a standard seat, 4F is close to the entrance gate and feels quieter than the rear end seats.

12/24/2017 P Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | Kansai to Hong Kong. Peach delayed our flight for 2 hours. When that time was reached they delayed it again for another 2 hours. The agent says they did not know when the plane would arrive to Kansai because something was broken. If they did not know when the plane was going to depart I could have taken another airline and flown out to my meeting. Now I have no choice but to take this flight miss my meeting which has cost me. I will never travel this airline again because they do not want you to go to another airline. They had chances to tell us and they chose to say it was only a 2 hour delay when they did not even know when or if the plane was going to arrive at Kansai airport. We received no food vouchers or compensation as well. Overall one of the worst airlines and I would never recommend or tell people to travel. Many of their planes have broken items, other planes are delayed as well for broken parts.

8/8/2017 Michael Hollifield

✅ Verified Review | Flew Seoul to Okinawa last week for summer vacation with friends. For the short hop to Japan, Peach is perfectly reasonable in terms of service, cabin and price. As it's an LCC, there is an inherent understanding that you will be getting a simple experience. Yes, Okinawa terminal is a separate building by bus that is extremely bare bones. It is a part of the cargo area you must reach by bus from Domestic Terminal. As such, don't go there too early before your flight (there are only two airlines and flights staggered throughout the day, so it is never clogged). There is no shopping or cafe. Just a gate, some seats and a bathroom. As there were no irregular operations, there was no real ground service. I always do expect some delay with departure as they set the turn around time for flights very tight. The plane was clean. I always pre book an exit row so that I can check in late at the airport and not worry about where I sit. I would happily fly Peach again.

8/7/2017 C Thorne

✅ Verified Review | Yes Peach is a budget airline but this experience from Osaka to Shanghai was still deplorable. First they check in only a flight at a time, so don't bother being there too early as you will just wait. Then check in itself is nightmare as staff apply carry on rules more strict than their published rules. Anyway, the main issue is they have no supervisor, no feedback collection or contacting system.

7/2/2017 R Samsom

✅ Verified Review | Unacceptable behavior from Peach ground and cabin staff who despite the flight from Hong Kong to Okinawa not being fully booked assigned us different seats. Once boarded, we realized that my fiancée had two free seats next to her and asked if I could be seated next to her. The staff prohibited us to be seating next to each other and showed no flexibility whatsoever despite no one sitting in that row.

6/22/2017 Hoong Liang Hew

✅ Verified Review | Kansai to Fukuoka all turned out to go quite smooth for me this time round. I'm guessing it's a hit or miss for everyone and this was a hit for me. Peach Aviation is a low cost carrier, and for the price I've paid it was definitely worth the value for the money. The check in was very quick and efficient. Peach uses a self check in concept which means there's only booths available for you. You can check in earlier as long as you scan the bar code at the machine which produces a receipt which is actually your boarding pass. It takes quite a while to get to the aircraft at the Kansai Airport but overall the check in process was smooth and efficient. The flight was a short and nice one. The seats were comfortable with decent leg room. My only problem was that the sound of the engine was a little too loud but otherwise it's a pleasant flight on Peach. No delays and no cancellation.

6/2/2017 S Chang

✅ Verified Review | Worst ever flight, never again. Just a few hours before taking-off for the flight from Shanghai to Tokyo, I was informed that my Peach flight was cancelled. Cancellation is not too rare during travel, but there was no follow-up service, nobody took care of us at all except of a note in the worst ever copying quality. We had to run in the airport near midnight to find out available flight, because we scheduled to join a travel group in Tokyo the next day. The result was that we paid five time of the price for the one-way tickets to be able to reach Tokyo. The next day after we arrived Japan I sent email to contact the company, because we was told we have to apply for refund within a limited time, also I had to get confirmation for booked return ticket, no response until I asked my travel guide to call there directly. Six days later when I left Japan, I still had not received my refund, but I had a chance to experience my return travel to see what the Peach like. This company used an independent boarding building in Osaka airport, there was a long way to reach the check-in gate through display desks of duty-free store without a directional sign, a long way to reach boarding gate, and a distance to reach the flight in the middle of airport. Inflight, I found that there was no entertainment equipment on the sear, I could feel the knees of the traveller behind me through the soft chair back, I heard some travellers shouting because of luggage issues. We were able to calm down when we finally returned to Shanghai. Even until now, I still can hardly believe how a business with such a quality of service could exist, I lost my money and my vacation fun.