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5/29/2019 Lawrence Warry

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Osaka. Peach Aviation have to improve your carry-on policy. I can understand if you have security issues that large objects would be an obstruction to go on full flights as carry-on but my object was a fragile guitar and the flight was half full. There was plenty of overhead locker space. Instead of t...

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4/15/2019 W Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. I have flown with Peach for 3 times on the same route (Hong Kong Osaka). Comparing with other LCC my other Hong Kong friends use, I would say Peach provides comparable prices nd services. Of the 3 times I flew with Peach, 2 returning flights from Osaka were delayed for an hour, both due to ...

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4/11/2019 Carole Goldsmith

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Tokyo. Travelling Peach Airlines was terrible - not the flight - just the check in. In 30 years of flying airlines around the world, I have never been so humiliated and embarrassed because of the terrible way I was treated at Peach Aviation check in. Flight MM315 at 14:30 - Osaka to Tokyo. I only had ...

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4/10/2019 A Allet

✅ Trip Verified | Fukuoka to Tokyo. Completely uncomfortable and full stupidity of the crew. Seat are so small I couldn't fit and I'm 190cm / 6ft 2. Could not sleep, could not work, could not eat. I asked to move to an exit row seat since there were 3 empty ones 3 rows before, but no. The stupidity of the flight attendants and t...

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3/1/2019 T Barton

✅ Trip Verified | New Chitose to Osaka. Went to add snow board baggage on the website, only had check in bags so I paid for all my bags. Get to the counter at the airport to be told that the snowboard bag could only be paid at the counter and that they weren’t going to put the money I already spent on the bag towards the snowbo...

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2/14/2019 Lola Ajala

✅ Trip Verified | Okinawa to Taipei. I checked in at the counter and they charged me for extra luggage. I paid, then the check in staff tells me that I will not be able to board the flight due to a technicality. I asked for a refund on my luggage. I was told to contact the airline. I did. They argued with me. Gave me a lot of a...

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11/6/2018 Carl MacIntyre

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Shanghai. They decreased the carry on weight from 10kgs to 7kgs and then raised the checked baggage rates by 300% to 6,800 yen per bag. I had booked the flight several months in advance but with these retroactive charges, I could have flown a normal airline in the daytime instead of an inconvenient re...

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10/20/2018 Vlad Serbanescu

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Tokyo. This is the best low-cost airline I have flown. They have a free allowance of a personal item and bag on board as long as it is under 10kg. In reality you can take 2 bags with total weight under 10kg. Although from 28.10 this changes to 7kg. Flight was on time. Planes are new and clean. Japanes...

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5/11/2018 Dan T, Airbus A320 (320) seat 10F

Good View

4/21/2018 P Laing

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. This airline is beyond disappointing. I would recommend paying the extra bit to fly with a better airline, as at the end of the day, you really are not saving anything. When booking your flight, make sure you understand what is included. I had to pay 3750 Yen to check one luggage in at the ...

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3/29/2018 W Kendall

✅ Trip Verified | Outbound flight from Hong Kong to Osaka MM068 scheduled at 1:25am. Arrived at KIX on time. Inbound flight from Osaka to Hong Kong MM067 scheduled at 9pm, delayed for 50 minutes. I took the same inbound flight in July 2017 and it was delayed for the same amount of time too, so I was prepared for possible delay t...

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3/14/2018 Gordon McConnachie

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Peach Aviation from Bangkok to Okinawa. Check in on both outward and return legs was very efficient and the aircraft was clean and new. Seat pitch, as expected for an LCC, was rather tight. Service from both aircrew and cabin crew was excellent: safety was emphasised throughout. This flight has no inflight...

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2/2/2018 T Patawan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Okinawa. Our flight was delayed 11 hours from departure time. We slept on the floor. Only got one bottle of water and one rice ball. No other support from the airline. We have tried to contact them through email, live chat, AI and facebook but couldn’t reach them .We need the official letter to clai...

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1/8/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat NICE

as a standard seat, 4F is close to the entrance gate and feels quieter than the rear end seats.

12/24/2017 P Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | Kansai to Hong Kong. Peach delayed our flight for 2 hours. When that time was reached they delayed it again for another 2 hours. The agent says they did not know when the plane would arrive to Kansai because something was broken. If they did not know when the plane was going to depart I could have taken another...

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8/8/2017 Michael Hollifield

✅ Verified Review | Flew Seoul to Okinawa last week for summer vacation with friends. For the short hop to Japan, Peach is perfectly reasonable in terms of service, cabin and price. As it's an LCC, there is an inherent understanding that you will be getting a simple experience. Yes, Okinawa terminal is a separate building by bus...

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8/7/2017 C Thorne

✅ Verified Review | Yes Peach is a budget airline but this experience from Osaka to Shanghai was still deplorable. First they check in only a flight at a time, so don't bother being there too early as you will just wait. Then check in itself is nightmare as staff apply carry on rules more strict than their published rules. Anywa...

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7/2/2017 R Samsom

✅ Verified Review | Unacceptable behavior from Peach ground and cabin staff who despite the flight from Hong Kong to Okinawa not being fully booked assigned us different seats. Once boarded, we realized that my fiancée had two free seats next to her and asked if I could be seated next to her. The staff prohibited us to be seatin...

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6/22/2017 Hoong Liang Hew

✅ Verified Review | Kansai to Fukuoka all turned out to go quite smooth for me this time round. I'm guessing it's a hit or miss for everyone and this was a hit for me. Peach Aviation is a low cost carrier, and for the price I've paid it was definitely worth the value for the money. The check in was very quick and efficient. Pe...

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6/2/2017 S Chang

✅ Verified Review | Worst ever flight, never again. Just a few hours before taking-off for the flight from Shanghai to Tokyo, I was informed that my Peach flight was cancelled. Cancellation is not too rare during travel, but there was no follow-up service, nobody took care of us at all except of a note in the worst ever copying ...

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