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7/1/2019 Saleh Musaid

✅ Trip Verified | İstanbul to Sharja. The worst airline ever. Workers were rude, seat are not comfortable, the AC was low people were sweating. You had only 20 kilograms over that you pay $12 for each kilogram.

6/24/2019 M Timms

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Dubai. Worst airline in the world. Extremely rude. Paid for 25 kg of luggage nut they said it’s not in their system. Paid for better seats got regular seats. Charged $180 extra for nothing. Run, don’t walk, away from this airline

6/23/2019 Nour Ramadan

Not Verified | Istanbul to Beirut. Crew was really friendly but the plane got delayed for 2 hours without any explanation. Turbulence was really bad.

6/10/2019 Ibrahim Baydoun

Not Verified | Beirut to Istanbul. We left at 6 in the morning. We stayed around 2 hours flight to Istanbul, they didn't offer us any free drink or snack. All drinks and snacks are priced in euros. While they can at least offer us a free cup of coffee or tea.

4/20/2019 S Tekin

✅ Trip Verified | Trabzon to Izmir with Pegasus Airlines. I was in a rush and used online check-in to be sure. But I had to give my bag to baggage check. I was late but ground staff helped me. I thought I had already missed the boarding time but again, ground staff helped me. Flight was on time. Price burned down my wallet. No giveaways.

4/14/2019 Onder Canguven

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Doha via Istanbul. I traveled at seat 14D-F with my family. It was behind the exit seats. Seats were really narrow, it was a terrible flight. Additionally, the cabin temperature was high.

4/1/2019 Yara Harb

✅ Trip Verified | The worst ever. From Budapest to Beirut via Istanbul we’re allowed 20 kgs only and 8kg hand bag. I didn’t want to carry many bags so I had a bag of 25 kg. They made me pay 108 euros for those extra kilos even though I am allowed for 8 more kilos

3/22/2019 S Aksoy

✅ Trip Verified | Izmir to Trabzon with Pegasus Airlines. Flight was fast and good. Most importantly, it was on time. There is no treat from the airline but food and beverage menu is rich. Prices are high. In Turkey, Pegasus is well known with flight delays but I've only experienced one at a ten. Cabin crew is good.

3/10/2019 B Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | First time flying with Pegasus Airlines. Very impressed. I flew SHJ-SAW-STN (same outbound and return route). Airplane was modern (but with no TV on back of screen). Cabin crew were very friendly, attentive, well presented and approachable. They all spoke English. Safety briefing was conducted in dual Turkish/English. Airplane ran on time, no delays. Ground staff were efficient. I booked an exit row seat for the SAW-STN leg which provided ample room to stretch out. Even the normal seat had enough leg room for a large grown man like me. Pre-ordered food online (which gave more choice as to what to eat on board). Breakfast tray was tasty, fresh and well presented. On-board drinks/snacks were available and whilst expensive, were good quality and fresh. Pegasus' baggage policy means a lot of passengers opt not to check in bags (at cost) and take an 8kg cabin bag on board. Some passengers were being greedy by trying to stuff small suitcases into the cabin hold - the cabin crew did not complain but it caused some delays inside the plane trying to get everyone's bags packed away and seated on time.

2/25/2019 N Stanikuna

✅ Trip Verified | Sharjah to Amsterdam via Ankara/İstanbul. We passed the registration and handed over our luggage, Pegasus employees took our hand luggage from us near the ramp. Sports bag weighing about 10kg. And a suitcase of 8-10 kg. Flight RS0747 was delayed and we were extra urgently in Ankara. Our plane was three hours at Ankara airport. For reasons unknown to us. I see this for the first time. People began to leave in Ankara. About 10 people left the plane. Accordingly, their luggage was somehow given to them. The rest flew to Istanbul. When leaving I wondered where my bag was (hand luggage) I was told all the luggage would be transferred to the next flight. A Pegasus representative met us all and explained to whom and where to go. Some of the people stayed in the hotel. We went to the Pegasus counter for the next flight to Amsterdam. There we more than once clarified “Where are our bags ??”, we were told: “You will get all the luggage in Amsterdam!” I traveled not alone but with my boyfriend. We passed the luggage together. In Amsterdam, nothing of our luggage has come! All 4 pieces of baggage Pegasus lost. We have issued the lost baggage at the counter. We were told to wait 3-5 days. The next day we took 2 large suitcases. A day later, one bag of hand luggage. And to this day there is no one more last bag. In this bag were personal items: shoes, outerwear, handbags, perfume. Mood was spoiled. In Amsterdam was forced to wear what it flew into.

2/14/2019 H Barden

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Athens via Istanbul. Decided to give this airline a go because they had a fare for under £100 as a last-minute booking, with a 2 hour connection, compared to other airlines wanting double that. You can get the mobile boarding pass but there are issues with their app if you always dont have access to the internet. The boarding pass did not save down without you having to put in the booking reference each time and searching for it again which needs an internet connection. When i got to Istanbul i had no internet for my boarding pass but fortunately there was transfer desk who printed out a manual boarding card without a ounce of grief. I would recommend emailing your boarding passes until they sort this issue. Its very tight seating and the flight was full and the service was basic but i couldn't care less on a flight less than 4 hours. We got there and that's the main thing. Really overpriced food cart so make sure you stock up on your basic snacks. I thought that Istanbul Gokcen was a great airport to transit in great food court facilities and a cheeky way to stock up on cheap tobacco in transit back to Europe. The only thing i didn't care for was Stansted - worst airport that surrounds the London area. Hopefully they expand to Gatwick someday we need airline like this to keep the fares low.

2/9/2019 S Bardya

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Beirut via Istanbul. Terrible customer service experience. I had a flight with a transfer. My bag was a few kilos overweight so I paid the additional 75 euros before my first flight. At this point I was given a receipt and a bag sticker and was told to present this at the next airport if necessary. While boarding the second flight from Istanbul, I was stopped where they informed me that my cabin bag was overweight. I showed the staff members the receipt and bag sticker and yet insisted I pay an additional 45 euros (reduced from 90) and in her very limited English implied that I should hurry up because the flight was leaving and that I would not be allowed to board without paying. I have flown several budget airlines without trouble, but this one was by far the most incompetent.

1/29/2019 B Markione

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Stansted. Worst customer service ever. Flight delayed by 1.5 hrs and no proper explanation given why, aircraft not cleaned from previous flight, crew don't speak english, not greeted when entering aircraft, took nearly 2 hours to be served for a drinks and snacks and at the end didn't have what asked for as ran out of menu items on a row 19. Very incompetent staff. Will never ever fly with them again. Absolutely not recommended

1/26/2019 Aga Piotrowska

Not Verified | Muscat to Vienna via Istanbul. This is the worst airline I have used! The flight was delayed and I missed my connection but nobody cared about it! The delay was only 10 minutes and they didn’t wait however they can see in the system the I am checked in and their plane is late. At the airport office I was waiting 1 hour so that anybody talks to me and Change my flight. They poorly speak English so it took me a while to explain what happened and finally get help.

1/23/2019 Haissam Kassem

Not Verified | Dubai to Istanbul. Awful seats. Not comfortable at all for a 5 hours trip from Dubai to Istanbul. No entertainment and even the chairs are not going back so you can sleep like on any other airlines due to the very small spaces between the chairs. Horrible trip. Not recommended at all.

1/10/2019 Iree Klein

Not Verified | Tel Aviv to Budapest via Istanbul. Excellent staff and service. Our flight got delayed due technical issues and we had to stay overnight in Istanbul. I just would like to express my gratitude to the handling staff, air and ground. Everything ran smoothly and very efficiant. We knew what was going on during the whole time, the staff was taking care of all quickly and with a smile. Technical issues are part of life but what was excellent is the way the company handles these situations. We got compensated for the delay on time and without issues. Thank you Pegasus. Definitely my choice for next flight!

11/14/2018 David Robson

✅ Trip Verified | On October 6th I flew from Beirut to Marseille via Istanbul on Pegasus Airlines. On my transit stop I was able to visit a business lounge in Istanbul airport(SAW). Was able to relax and wait for my next flight in comfort. Overall a great flight. I will always fly Pegasus given a chance.

10/27/2018 L Sammah

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Pegasus from Beirut to Istanbul last week - rude flight attendants. It was a dirty aircraft with dirty bathrooms. People kept on trying to open the air vents above their heads, but no air come through. Everything on this airplane was for money. No screen, maps or No food. Moreover, on our day back to Beirut, they have changed the flight time an hour and didnt inform us about that - we missed our flight because of them and they have cancelled our ticket to Beirut and made us pay another one way ticket. However, we were not that stupid to use that plane again, we booked on Middle East Airlines. I would pay a few more dollars to avoid the worst airline conditions I've experienced.

10/24/2018 H Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Dalaman. I booked a flight months before as was travelling independently to Turkey. Pegasus was the best price for the flight times. Unfortunately as the Pegasus site seemed to run slow and never complete the booking, I booked via Olympic Holidays. The disadvantage of this was that you could not pre book seats/meals with either as Pegasus could not clearly use an Olympic reference and Olympic could not book any extras. At Gatwick airport check in was far too slow and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes. I asked politely for a window seat and was allocated. The flight was not announced until 19:40 for a scheduled departure at 20:10. Clearly we were not going to leave on time. The flight was fine but there seemed to be very few cabin staff so it took a long time for each sequence of drinks and food to occur. It is difficult for the staff & passengers as all the prices were in Euros despite being a Turkish Airline but they do have a lot of routed in the Euro Zone. The crew ran out of change for sterling and this again occurred on the return flight. Passengers assisted and I gather from one crew member this is not uncommon. What happens if they simply cannot obtain change? This took up a considerable amount of time. Pegasus support your crew with sufficient float! On the return journey, check in seemed late opening, I requested a window seat, the man dismissed the request saying seats already allocated. It was a rather bumpy landing at Gatwick but all was well. I decided to book for the same journey for September 2019 as the Facebook page was offering Summer 2019 flights. However none are available, other airlines have started booking

9/29/2018 David Bailey

Not Verified | I recently flew with Pegasus to North Cyprus via Turkey. Taking advantage of their pre flight menu I ordered Mushroom Risotto and my wife ordered Chicken Schnitzel. It would appear that something was lost in translation. My Risotto manifested itself into Ravioli and my wife's choice was like the sacrificial lamb. Never again. On the return journey we hoped to choose from the on board flight menu, but sitting in row 20 we where served last and consequently by the time they got to us most of the available food had been sold or not even loaded. We were later offered the duty free drinks menu and decided to purchase two bottles of gin. Again none available. If this airline wants to compete in international air travel then they need to buck up and get their act together. Next time I travel to North Cyprus it will be by the Short Route through South Cyprus and not endure the 10 hours flight via Turkey.