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6/3/2019 James Southern

✅ Trip Verified | I was ripped off by the agents in King Salmon. I had left Anchorage to go to Naknek/ King Salmon for a three week job and before flying down I had called the baggage handlers and ticketing agents for PenAir to find out how heavy my bag was allowed to be before being charged an over weight fee. Both agents told me 100lbs limit before over weight fees would be charged. When I arrived at the desk I asked again because it seemed strange, most companies start the over weight fees at 50 lbs. Once again I was assured that it was 100lbs. I was charged $25 for a second bag and both were 55lbs or more. no overweight fees. However when I was checking in to return to Anchorage suddenly the limit became 50lbs. I had already paid the $25 for the second bag fee but now they wanted $150 for the over weight fees because 1 bag was 55lbs the other was 64.2lbs. After protesting, calling my company and also asking for the phone number to call PenAir headquarters in Anchorage to settle the mess I ended up having to pay the $150 to get my things home.

5/31/2017 G Dale

✅ Verified Review | Dutch Harbor to Anchorage. If I could give PenAir a negative star rating I would and I think that would be being generous. I have flown PenAir at least 30 times, I live in rural Alaska and they are the only carrier that services our community so that explains why I have had to use their services. Absolutely terrible customer service from almost everyone I have dealt with at PenAir. Lets start with bags - rarely do your bags travel on the same plane as you do even though they "promise" they will. Also when your bags do finally arrive they will not deliver them to you, you will have to take time off work and go pick them up at the airport (happen to me at least 20 times!!!). Gate agents - the ones in Anchorage are rude and do not care, the staff in Dutch tries and are nicer but are inept. Equipment - older planes that tend to have mechanical issues which cause delays and cancellations, not good. Air travel does not get much worse that with PenAir.

1/4/2017 L Storey

✅ Verified Review | Portland to Klamath Falls one way. Flight was delayed about an hour due to the need to get a part for the aircraft from another plane. Ground staff did their best to keep passengers in the loop. Aircraft was clean enough, but is clearly an old plane. Onboard service was friendly and professional. The single aisle row seems to be the most comfortable.

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