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5/21/2019 J Karsanam

✅ Trip Verified | I had a flight with Peruvian airline from Cusco to Lima in May, (traveling with my one-year-old son) and two international flights, starting from Lima. I had bought the tickets separately each from the respective airline directly, with five-hour breathing room in Lima to catch my international flight. Long story short, Peruvian airline was four hours late. They refused to send me with LATAM that had several flights from Cusco. They lied about the extent they were going to be late. And when I asked them to return my luggage so I could buy a ticket with LATAM, they all went to lunch and didn't return for another 1.5hours. On top of that, the staff was very rude and verbally aggressive. Needless to say, I missed my flight and buying a new ticket last minute, plus an overnight hotel, etc. cost me over $1400 USD. Peruvian airline keeps saying it's not their responsibility. Big warning about this airline. One of the worst, if not the worst on the planet!

4/11/2019 Janaina Gonzaga

✅ Trip Verified | They canceled my flight and no refund. My boyfriend and I booked tickets from Cusco to La Paz for 12/02, just on 07/02 I received an email saying that the flight was canceled. Reason? From that moment on, they were no longer flying to La Paz. We were already in Cusco when I received the email, so we looked for a customer service point. Arriving, we were super poorly attended, the lady who answered us checked the system that was really canceled, was when we knew the reason, and could not do anything. We had to swallow it dry, for to make a scandal was not going to do any good. We returned for our stay and started looking for air tickets again. Great illusion, at that time of the championship prices were very high and schedules that did not favor us, because from La Paz we went to Uyuni where we had reservations that we did not want to have to change them. Anyway, we had to buy same bus tickets and face 14h of travel. We put it in our head that if it was happening this way it was because it was supposed to be like that and in the end we were saving. I contacted them as requested in the e-mail I received advising about the cancellation, to this day nothing, I only receive automatic responses. I already sent to the emails available on the site and also nothing, these nor automatic response I receive. The phones look like nonexistent. I do not know what to do to get my refund.

3/15/2019 Anatole Chivot

Not Verified | The flight was canceled without any notice. They offer no replacement solution and no refund at all. They are the only airline to link Bolivia to Peru so there was no other way to go to Cusco other than a 12 hours bus ride. I missed my connection and had to pay a thousand dollars ticket to go back home and miss a day at work. This is scandalous, never book Peruvian Airlines.

3/12/2019 H Cawlos

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Cusco to Lima was cancelled without warning because of "weather". It was lightly raining, and no other airlines were experiencing delays or cancellations. When pressed, the agent admitted additional restrictions are placed only on Peruvian Airlines by the government. Their airplanes are all over 25 years old, and they have experienced multiple accidents in recent years, which is likely why they are unable to fly when conditions are not optimal. The airline could not confirm when the next flight would be, refused to rebook us on another reputable airline, nor would they refund our ticket. The website also doesn't allow you to check in from a mobile device. Don't be caught by the low prices, this airline is a headache at best, and dangerous at worst.

2/27/2019 P Reischl

Not Verified | On 25.4.19 we booked our flight for a 3-day trip to Arequipa from Lima with Peruvian. The flight got canceled due to bad weather - that happens. The "solution" Peruvian offered was a flight 2 days later! No compensation for the lost time, the extra effort, the missed tours, not even a hotel to stay for the night or transport. It was 11pm when the flight got canceled (announcement was Spanish only, just FYI) and midnight until we could leave the airport. Well, thanks for that. Peruvian is a mere joke of an airline, on behalf the customer. Avoid at all costs!

12/20/2018 Hsin-Feng Wu

✅ Trip Verified | I chose Peruvian as the main way to travel in South America, we booked 3 flights: Lima to Arequipa, Cusco to La Paz, La Paz to Lima. all 3 flights got canceled and for 2 of them, there isn't any alternative flights to replace. The worst thing is they didn't inform the cancellation of the first flight at all and they inform the second and third ones less than 12h. We had no choice to change our travel plan and even had to book another flight back to Lima to catch the flight back to LA. We went to the office trying to get the refund and compensation but all the information we got is to send a mail to get the refund (including their original cancellation mails). On their term and condition, they will proceed the refund within 20 days but my first mail was out more than 20 days, I still got nothing. Two of my friends got an autoreply mail asking them to submit the refund with a URL but that URL doesn't work with any browsers. No one answer the customer service call. It just make people feel they are trying ignore all the refund requests. The reason why they couldn't do the second and third flight is because they had an incident while landing in La Paz but the incident happened on 11/22 and our flights are on 11/25 and 11/29. they don't event try to let the passengers aware the situation to make any changes. This is definitely the worst airline I've taken. I lost my original trip plan, booked transportation, hotel and spend more because of them but they don't event try to comfort us.

11/29/2018 Vyshak Vitobha

✅ Trip Verified | Peruvian Airlines is the worst airline I have booked with till date. 2 flights have been cancelled in last 5 days without any notification. My Cusco to La Paz flight was the worst thing as there is no other direct option on this route, which meant I had to buy a last minute flight through Lima at a massive cost. Peruvian Airline first offered us to take us to La Paz through a bus which later didn’t happen as they claimed there was a protest in one of the town enroute. Will never fly again!

10/23/2018 Freddie Deneira

✅ Trip Verified | Cusco to Lima. On October 18 I approached the desk of Peruvian air to ask if I could fly on that day instead of the ticket date, the attendant said there is no problem and directed me to their office. At the airport, I went there and the clerk said there is no problem, she informed me that I would have to pay a 47 dollar rebooking fee to which I agreed. soon after she spoke to a supervisor she ask me to comeback at 2 PM and confirm the flight, I agreed even though I wanted to pay for the rebooking then and there she refused to accept my payment and asked me to come back at two because there was a probability that the flight was going to be cancelled. I came back five minutes to two and waited, finally, after I went the front desk and asked for assistance they told me that the person at the office was late coming back from lunch, so I waited and the clerk showed at 2:25 PM and went in to his office to open the computer site, It took about ten minutes and, mind you the flight was to depart around 3:20 Pm he spent about 15 minutes supposingly checking the flight load factor. He finally told me that the flight was fully booked and there were two unclaimed seats that he could book me on if I pay 151 extra dollars. I paid up. Proceeded to the gate, went onboard, sat in the assigned seat and waited to feel how lucky I had been to get a seat not minding the price I had to pay. Waiting for the door to close and the rest to the people come on board I was surprised that the aircraft was over half empty.

8/6/2018 James Passafiume

✅ Trip Verified | Cusco to Lima. I would not suggest using this airline at all. They will bump your seats or cancel the flight without any warning. There is a lack of communication and transparency. Nor do they have any empathy. Use them with extreme caution as they are not reliable which can interrupt other flights and travel plans which can be very costly. LATAM seems to be more efficient and reliable.

7/31/2018 H Tarperik

✅ Trip Verified | Pucallpa to Lima. This has been my worst experience with an airline. I was traveling from Pucallpa on 24th July 2018 to Lima. The flight should have been at 16:10 and I was at the airport more than two hours before the flight. When I arrived together with my friends, my flight was not listed on the departure screens, and when finally the Peruvian staff got available, I was informed, that there was a delay 5 hours. However, I was checked in and knew I would not make my connection flight from Lima back to Europe at 8PM. I was forced to buy a new ticket, which cost me 700 USD. Not only that the new flight got me too late for my work and I lost a customer because of this. At the airport - the staff did not know any information about the flight nor the plane nor even when there would be the departure. Instead, we kept being promised (lied) that the flight will depart another hour later and later on again and again. In the end, the flight departed only at 23:45. This caused me so many problems with no compensation whatsoever, no apology, no support at the airport, no interest in the customer. This was for the last time I used services of this airline.

5/25/2018 Deborah Paul

❌ Not Verified | Cuzco to Lima. "Puntualidad y Servicio" meaning punctuality and service? I had neither. My flight was delayed over 1.5 hours and there were no announcements made in the Cuzco airport. Nothing on the screen displays. No online status update, not even the option to check flight status on the Peruvian Airlines website. I spoke to a Peruvian airlines rep in the airport multiple times, in English and Spanish, and she could not tell me what was going on or when the flight was expected to land. I told her I had an international transfer in Lima along with checked luggage. All she could do was give me the "yikes" look and there was nothing else to do. While boarding the flight, the flight attendants took down all of my information and tried very hard to get something worked out ("perhaps Peruvian airlines can reimburse you for your missed flight" etc). The same unhelpful airport rep as previously mentioned came aboard and told me that she sent an email to Peruvian Airlines staff in Lima and that once I landed, they would help me. Upon landing, I went to the Peruvian Airlines desk, and they had no idea who I was and were completely unhelpful stating "I don't know how they do it in the Cuzco, there's nothing we can do." I ended up having to spend $300+ changing my connecting flight, taking a taxi, and paying for hotel accommodations due to this delay and lack of service. I will never fly with Peruvian Airlines again and would not recommend anyone else do so.

4/20/2018 B Haliste

✅ Trip Verified | La Paz to Lima. Worst experience ever. They were late by 3 hours due to 'weather issues', which, we learned later, were just light rain and to really poor organisation. They said we would be fine for our connexion and that they would do the necessary arrangements for us at Lima. But they didn't. First lie. Then they said we would be reimbursed our missed flight. Second lie, we never were! They let us down at Lima with no flight options, no help whatsoever, they just didn't care at all. We had to buy new ticket to get out of there for a high price. I can't believe this happened but we weren't alone, many people were in the same situation as us. This seems like a very well organised fraud. Never ever fly with them if you have other options.

12/29/2017 Yuveen Suresh

✅ Trip Verified | La Paz to Lima via Cusco. I chose Peruvian Airlines as it was the only flight that suited my schedule. When we arrived at the La Paz International Airport, we queued in line for 1.5 hours even though there was only about 20 people in front of us. Once we reached the front, we were informed that there would be a delay of 2 hours. Having flown Peruvian a few times, this was not unexpected. However, after waiting in the gate area for about 3 hours, a staff member came to inform us that the flight was cancelled and we were to proceed back to the check in counter to claim our luggage. Many passengers, me included, had connections in Lima and needed to reach Lima ASAP. However the earliest flight that they were able to schedule was the next day and many of us were forced to miss our connections as the incompetence of the airline meant that they were not even able to put us on Avianca or Latam flights. Communication was poor throughout this process and the staff even had the nerve to ask me to take a 12 hour bus ride and a flight the subsequent morning from Cusco - even though this did not gurantee any of us being able to make the onward connections from Lima. Overall a horribly disappointing experience and if you have any option other than Peruvian Airlines, I highly recommend that you choose to exercise that option.

8/1/2017 C Neale

✅ Verified Review | Lima to Arequipa. I have to agree with most of the reviews on this website in saying that Peruvian Airlines is a bit of a joke. I booked with them because they were about 20$ less than their competitors but regretted it when I arrived at the airport and confusingly was put on standby (I bought the ticket the week before). The seat was obviously given to another passenger. Lesson learnt. Words of advice: guys just pay the extra 20$ to arrive at your destination as planned. The new flight they gave me was the next day. Luckily I was somewhat flexible but sadly their staff for whatever reason were absolutely unapologetic and basically said it was my own fault-but how? When I informed my Peruvian friends I was traveling Peruvian Air Line they pre-warned me (using language I cannot write here) that the company was very badly organized. Naturally I assumed it would be fine but I would like to warn fellow travelers about my experience and I will also add that the airline is frequently late, the online checkin does not work-even if you download their app, calling to check in before which I also tried is impossible and finally at the airport (which is usually very busy) their staff have zero presence other than at the check in desk. All of the other airlines had a representative on hand. Usually I'm a bit more forgiving but my experience on this occasion was in my opinion completely unacceptable. I have travelled with Peruvian before but do not intend to book with them in the future. Very poor job Peruvian Airways.

5/20/2017 Javier Sandi

❎ Unverified | La Paz to Lima via Cuzco. It's ironic that their slogan is "punctuality is our thing" while the only thing they can never get right is being on time. So if you have a connection flight that same day avoid this airline. In my case the flight was delayed "only" 1 hour so my connection with Copa scheduled 6 hours after the scheduled arrival went without problems, but as a regular user of La Paz airport I have seen flights delayed up to 6 hours(wich makes me a lucky man). The planes are quite old and doesn't look much taken care of, and the leg room is the smallest I have ever seen (and that includes regional jets!), their staff are ok, as long as you speak spanish(wich can cause problems in the stop in Cuzco and their crazy costums and inmigration proceedings) and the onboard service is ok taking count the trips are just an hour long each leg. Maybe is a case of you get what you pay for as their fares are most of the time much cheaper than LATAM or Avianca

4/30/2017 M Fuller

✅ Verified Review | Flew Peruvian Airlines from Arequipa to Lima. Departure was only slightly delayed (10 minutes). Plane was old, with uncomfortable seats. This was a short flight and OK overall, however staff seemed very disinterested and even rude (i.e. attendant sneered at me when I asked for milk in my coffee and generally smirked the whole way). The price was also quite high I find for a short trip. For these reasons I would choose another airline.

4/19/2017 R Thanaguran

✅ Verified Review | Cuzco to Lima. Peruvian Airlines are appalling. First, my flight from Cuzco to Lima was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting Copa/United flight in Lima to New York City. I was aware this was going to happen, so enquired in Cuzco itself about being put on another flight, but that didn't happen. The Peruvian staff put me on the delayed flight anyway, saying that there were 20 other people with the same connecting flight as me, and that "Copa might wait" (Copa did no such thing). When I get to Lima at 1pm, it takes me over an hour at the counter to wait for a staffer to replace the Lima-NYC flight I missed. Copa/United didn't have flights before 2am the next day, so I figured Peruvian would do better at replacing my ticket on another airline, than I would replacing it myself through United. Instead, the woman handling my case comes back after an hour and sends me off to a hotel to wait for a call at 9pm to confirm my flying out with Copa at 2am on the same flight I had enquired with United about. Come 9pm, nothing happens. I call the number she gave me and received someone on the other line telling me to "wait for their call". I call back again at 11pm, and they said that I will likely only fly out the next day in the afternoon and would confirm at 9am. Call them at 9am, they said they were still waiting for a confirmation from United and would get one by 2pm. By 11am I had had enough and contacted United myself and begged them to let me replace my missed flight with no charge. I got a flight out for 10:30pm that night. Peruvian still hadn't contacted me by 8pm when I checked out of the hotel. This was yesterday, for me and I am pretty sure Peruvian would have happily let me fester in that hotel room for a week while they do god knows what with their time. Bottom line is, this is an airline to be avoided at all costs. They are so incompetent that you are very likely to encounter a delay or lost luggage. I would have happily paid double just to avoid this mess.

4/18/2017 T Smith

✅ Verified Review | Peruvian Airlines has a total lack of respect for the passengers travelling from Cusco to Lima, flight 0213. First of all, in Cusco Airport, the flight changed gates from 4 to 1 but every passenger was unaware until some of us saw the flight number in gate 1. The staff didn't even bother telling us about the change. Then, the boarding was delayed for half an hour. The flight was supposed to leave at 6:50 but the screens indicated we should board at 7:22. Once we got on the plane, another half an hour (or more) waiting inside with no explanation at all. When I descended from the plane, I asked the staff to introduce me to the pilot so I could ask what happened. They said he was "busy" and said they had problems with the air traffic control in Cusco, but they didn't say anything when I asked them why they hadn't explained it to the passengers: we were all looking at each other wondering what was going on and no one of the staff was around. The top of the cherry: once we got to Lima, the luggage was supposed to arrive at 9:22 to the baggage belts (we arrived at the airport around 9:05). The luggage didn't arrive at 9:22, obviously, but the biggest problem was that there was only one person from the airline that couldn't handle the situation at all. He didn't know what to say, didn't offer an apology and never explained clearly what had happened to our luggage. We left the airport of Lima at 10:05 with our bags that came with another flight's bags, on another baggage belt (not the one that was indicated) and at more than 45 minutes after we arrived. Not only the delays were dreadful, but also the staff didn't offer explanations and never apologised for all the inconveniences.

4/7/2017 R Rabour

✅ Verified Review | This airline is unreliable and has ruined two days of our holiday with significant delays. Our flight from Lima to La Paz left 6 hours after the scheduled departure time. The last hour of this was spent on the plane sitting at the gate. They boarded us and did not leave for another hour. Then the return leg from La Paz to Cusco was also 4 hours late and we still do not have a departure time. 2 days ruined sitting in airports. There are no staff to provide updates and calls to the Peruvian call centre do not enlighten the situation. Basically they have no idea themselves when their planes will leave. This is an appalling airline to be avoided if at all possible. They do not care about the inconvenience caused and the impact it has on their customers. Unfortunately we have one more flight with this airline but have already started to investigate alternatives. Without exception the most unreliable airline I have encountered anywhere in the world.

4/2/2017 Luke Jordan

✅ Verified Review | Firstly the flight time was changed without notification and then the incoming aircraft was late. Then despite other aircraft's taking off, the captain was refusing to fly because of the weather. Then they said we could fly but only if there were 30 volunteers to take tomorrow's flight because the load was too heavy to fly. None of this was communicated by an official announcement. Communication was terrible. Eventually the plane departed 5 hours late. Because my connecting international flight was on 'final call' when we arrived the ground staff promised to send my luggage on to my next airline. I caught my flight just before the doors closed after running through the airport. Now my luggage is missing and I have heard nothing from Peruvian and they do not respond to my communications. Shockingly bad.