Phuket Air

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8/8/2005 Brian Whitelegg

I'm travelling to Thailand in 2006. The travel group agent that I use bases their Thailand fares on Phuket Air - but no longer sell those flights as Phuket Air are barred from Europe. The agents comment "Even if Phuket Air get their landing rights back in Europe we wouldn't touch them with a bargepole". I think that qualifies as...

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5/24/2005 Chris Brown

Thank you for this excellent opportunity to add our voices to those who have had the dubious pleasure of travelling with Phuket Air. Our holiday was booked through Saga and although our flight out to Bangkok on 2 April was uneventful after reading in the Bangkok press about the catalogue of problems occurring whilst we were on h...

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4/22/2005 John Mundy

My family and I were due to travel with Phuket airlines in July this year Gatwick - Bangkok. In January I started to get concerned with the number of cancellations and late flights. I then discovered the Skytrax site and am extremely grateful to all of you who have posted comments. In January I re booked with Thai Airlines with ...

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4/20/2005 Jan Skinner

Arrived back from Bangkok Wednesday 13th April. Started out Saturday 9th April. Flight cancelled no explanation given. Put on a bus for a hotel sat there for over two hours outside the airport. After several trips to the airport and lots of lies later we were finally told we would be taken home by Lufthansa. Great. Not so we tak...

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4/20/2005 Lyn Jones

We were booked on a flight with Phuket Airways to fly out on the 26th March with family about a month before we were due to fly we found this web site regarding the disasters that had already happened we have visited Thailand several times and are not nervous passengers but upon reading the reports we tried to change airlines th...

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4/20/2005 Maureen Clark

Phuket Air on the 25th March 2005 to a lovely holiday in Thailand. What turned out to be a nightmare was the return flight from Bangkok to Gatwick on the 9th April 2005. On arrival at Bangkok airport on the 26th March 2005 we were handed a sheet of paper and told to ring the number given 72hours before the flight was due to take...

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4/20/2005 Philip Watt

We flew with Phuket Air in January but have only just found this site. We must agree with all comments made about this airline. Our outward flight scheduled for 2.00 pm on 18 January was delayed until 7.00 am on 19 January. The aircraft was very cold for the whole journey lots of people sitting with blankets around them. The cab...

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4/20/2005 Michelle Koretz

I have just come back from Bangkok via Sharjah taking off April 13th - 5am Thailand time and landing 2.15pm UK time. We were supposed to take off at midnight on April 11th got to check in desk where they were checking people in and then suddenly they stopped and we were informed the flight was delayed 24 hours till the same time...

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4/12/2005 Sarah Doughty

I work on a consumer programme for ITV and would be interested in hearing from anyone who was on the Phuket Air flight which had a reported fuel leak during a routine stop at Sharjah on Sunday 3rd April 2005. We would be interested in hearing your story. Please send your contact details using the Comment Form at the bottom of th...

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4/11/2005 Gillian Griffiths

A word of advice - do not under any circumstances fly with Phuket Air! If you are due to fly with this company to London Gatwick in the next few days I would strongly advise trying to change airline companies. We just landed after a hysterical journey from hell - which began in Bangkok on Saturday night and ended in London (via ...

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4/11/2005 Norma Robertson

I agree with other comments from fellow passengers on flight 618 on April 2nd. It was a complete nightmare and an exhausting experience for all involved. The lack of communication the standard of accommodation at Sharjah and the lack of food and water for hundreds of stranded and delayed passengers left a lot to be desired. Horr...

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4/8/2005 Maria Olsson

I was also on the same nightmare flight and got stranded in Sharjah. If Phuket air did not think they done anything wrong or that there were no problems with the planes they should have been available and around the hotels talking to us. We are still waiting for an apology.

4/6/2005 D Wade

I was on the same 72 hour nightmare from hell trip as the others but it is not a one-off. On our flight out we ended up taking 10 hours to get from Bangkok to Phuket but not before our first plane had set off only to return 20 minutes into the flight due to "technical problems" with no explanation ever offered to us except being...

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4/5/2005 E Wrynn

BKK-LGW with Phuket Air on 04-05-05 - total chaos!! Passengers on plane before us would not get back on plane after re-fueling at Sharjah - because of the "minor problem" of fuel leaking out of the engine! We flew in 2 days later to find them still waiting at Sharjah for our plane to pick them up. Bit of a problem though our pla...

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4/5/2005 Adam Benjamin

I have just arrived back in the UK after the journey from hell the April 02 flight 72 hours from Bangkok to Gatwick. After being stranded in Sharjah UAE for 60 hours and an almost total lack of communication from Phuket Air I can do nothing other than urge anyone who is planning on taking a flight to cancel their tickets immedia...

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3/22/2005 Gary Jackson

Gatwick to BKK. Flight to BKK was excellent no problems. The plane was old but everything worked and the staff were excellent. Plenty of food and drinks were available on request. I flew back on 16 march and apart from the hour to refuel in Sharjah which is a little inconvenient the flight was excellent.

3/11/2005 Dave Brierley

Intrigued by Fern Tuppen's comments below. We were on the same LGW-BKK plane on the 24 February and condition wise the cabin was dirty and scruffy. Torn and stained seat covers and staff service was offhand to say the least. Are the staff the Thai Airways rejects because they really do not come close to the Thai standards. I agr...

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3/11/2005 Fern Tuppen

LGW to Bangkok out 24/2/05 back 10/3/05. I had been dreading it. Maybe we were just lucky. The planes are a bit old and tatty but no worse than others I've flown - in our case the ex-KLM both ways. We were in Economy and legroom and seat width was OK both flights were around half full so we had a row of 3 between the 2 of us - m...

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2/21/2005 Claire Everett

Myself and my partner flew Phuket Air to BKK in Oct 04. The flight over was ok the plane was an old KLM jumbo which was tatty but comfortable. I agree with the comments about the cabin crew not being able to handle drunken louts. On the flight out there were a group of middle age men who were served alcoholic drinks from the tim...

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2/17/2005 J Forbes

LGW-BKK 05/02/05 and BKK-LGW 16/02/05 in Business Class. The flights were on time - Business Class cabin located upstairs and spacious quiet clean. Seats comfortable with good recline legroom and personal video display. Food was excellent and the service very friendly.