Seat Map Boeing 717-200 (717) Qantas Airways

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Seat Map Boeing 717-200 (717) Qantas Airways
Seat Map Boeing 717-200 (717) Qantas Airways

Airplane Boeing 717-200 (717) Qantas Airways with 125 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.


12/29/2018 Jerry S, seat 25F

If you are EVER offered this seat on a 717, do anything legal (or maybe even bribery) to avoid sitting in it. The engine is about a foot from your head and there is NO WINDOW, not an obscured window, no window at all. It is like flying in a coffin, you literally have no way to see out save craning over the seat in front and peer...

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12/5/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 23F

For my flights from Canberra, 23F was the final row seat on the right, which had NO WINDOW. Also very noisy because of the engine location. Return flight QF1525 where 22A on the left was the final row. Had a window but was obstructed by the engine! Also VERY VERY LOUD ENGINE NOISE.

2/3/2018 Pete Q, seat 7A

Comfortable soft material seat with a non offensive head rest which is set back further than most which i find more comfortable. Two seat pockets, one rigid behind tray table big enough for three magazines. The second is fkexible but open at the sides.

5/14/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 20A

The seats at the rear of this aircraft are affect by noise or vibration. The seats forward of row 13 would be more comfortable.

10/9/2014 Sapan B, seat 25F

The view from the window is completely obstructed because of the engines, which in turn means it's very noisy. The last 2 rows of this aircraft should be avoided!

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