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8/5/2019 David Bond

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Gold Coast. Check in then through security to boarding gate took approx.15 minutes. Minimal waiting. Departure delayed by 15 minutes, however kept well informed. Mid-morning snack of 2 large decent quality cookies. Friendly, professional staff in the air and on the ground. Luggage was on carousel ...

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8/4/2019 Chris Whiteside

Not Verified | Adelaide to Melbourne. I booked a flight on line and never received an electronic ticket via email - and rang the 131313 number the next day 24 hrs prior to my flight as they said the centre was busy they offered a returned call - this returned took 5 hrs before they rang- I was then put onto an automatic waiting...

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7/20/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 1 seat 36J

This seat did not have limited recline. In fact, I think it had more than usual. It was an excellent seat.

7/19/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) Three Class seat 14A

This was an excellent seat with unlimited legroom, meaning I could get out without disturbing the neighbouring passenger. There was no bassinet here.

7/15/2019 L Kraw

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Port Hedland via Perth. I fly with Qantas a lot for work and have done for leisure, and I just don't get why it's expensive to fly and the customer service is very poor. Contacting them is very difficult and using their chat service online is only useful if you have a whole day to waste on waiting ...

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7/6/2019 J Markeson

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Nadi via Sydney. I have never experienced such a disruption What should have been a straightforward flight was turned into a farce. Fog in Sydney delayed flights and so 12 passengers from Adelaide were late getting in and we rushed to the gate to find our International flight had left! We then had ...

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7/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) (Domestic/Intl) v1 seat 25A

It would appear that the aicraft has been refurbished since the previous comments. There are no boxes under the window seats as suggested and the trim appears to be new. The entetainment system now also includes a USB port. I was quite happy with the seat although nothing special

7/5/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 21J

Terrible aircraft and below par Qantas service. Avoid this plane and the Perth-Heathrow flights. This is not the real Qantas but more like Jetstar in Qantas livery. "Dreamliner" (or is that "Nightmareliner"?) Premium Economy (PE) falls well short of A380 PE. "Dreamliner" seats are rock hard, the seatbelt has a big airbag lu...

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7/5/2019 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Melbourne. An enjoyable flight. Again, as with the flight to Sydney it was cancelled. But I was able to take a flight departing 90 minutes earlier. The staff were very friendly and efficient. They served a very tasty and filling salad. IFE was limited. No personal screen, but that didn't matter for s...

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7/4/2019 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Sydney. Unfortunately my flight was cancelled, but it was a blessing in disguise as I was able to fly an A330 instead of a 737 which had a much better seat. There was a delay boarding and departing unfortunately. The staff were very friendly. IFE was OK, it's such a pity they no longer offer music...

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7/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 2A

Had this seat on a early morning flight BNE-CNS. Leg room was not bad but the tray in the arm rest was broken so the arm rest was in a partially open position. For IFE I was given an ipad which had a fair selection of entertainment but not as much as on the 777-300 I was on previously from LAX. On my return flight, CNS-BNE I...

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7/1/2019 S Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to London. I was very disappointed with my Qantas flight from beginning to end. As a frequent flyer I was able to use the lounge in Singapore which was disappointing in it's food offerings. The flight to London was on a very old A380 which I believe was to be renovated soon. Qantas has cut down on th...

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7/1/2019 L Pearce

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Melbourne return with Qantas Airways. Terrible weather conditions in Sydney/Melbourne caused delays which had a flow on affect throughout the day. I was lucky as my flight was just slightly delayed and arriving only 30 minutes late. The boarding process was slightly chaotic because of cancellations ma...

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7/1/2019 Jay Khan

Not Verified | Sydney to London Heathrow. Sadly Qantas has fallen way behind other premium carriers in many departments. I usually enjoy flying A380's due to generous cabin space and comfy seats, but Qantas offers perhaps the worst example of this aircraft I have ever flown. The seats were old and in a poor condition, tray tabl...

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6/28/2019 Andrew I, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22A

Stay out of premium economy unless you have a steel bladder, since they share just 4 loos with 150+ economy passengers. Qantas should address this disgraceful siuation.

6/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) Four Class seat 67D

Less than half the leg room remains, this seat NOT unacceptable

6/27/2019 J Buchon

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Gold Coast. After a long flight from Amsterdam to Sydney via Dubai on Emirates it feels like you are home when you board a QANTAS plane and this was no exception. Despite a short flight time of about an hour and a gate to gate time of about 80 minutes the service included a drink before takeoff and a...

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6/26/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) International seat 2A

This is the only A330-200 with this seating configuration left in the fleet (VH-EBG). OK for a domestic flight, but would avoid for International, as the seats are in the old 2+2+2 config for Business Class. Either look for A330-300, or A330-200 with new Business Suites in the 1+2+1 seating config.

6/26/2019 Patrick B, Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 1 seat 66C

Overall not too bad. Did the Sydney2London via singapore and even if the tray table and entertainment system are stowed away, the extra legroom is a life saver. Other passengers do hang out close while they are waiting for the toilet, but no claustrophobia issues.

6/17/2019 S Hearn

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to London via Perth / Paris. I am outraged to find out that in our next flight which is to Paris in July that we are not entitled to a pick u car in Paris airport as I was told today that our flight from London is on BA. Well that is correct as we booked from Melbourne to Paris and as Qantas did not ...

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