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4/27/2019 L Meade

✅ Trip Verified | Townsville to Brisbane Departure 13.40. Checkin & boarding online although printed out back up boarding pass . As always Townsville Airport very relaxed feel & friendly staff. This flight the 2-3 seat configuration & we travelled in the seats on the 2 configuration side which is good. We originally had I think chosen 2 seat configuration at back but allocated 2 seats at front which was good I think because the Cowboys Rugby team on board at back of plane sitting as a group. Snack & hot or cold drink served gluten free biscuit. A good flight & arrived safely.

4/26/2019 L Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Townsville to Brisbane. Check-in was done with ease and boarding was completed in a easy and timely manner. Travelled on the 8pm service and departed on time. As always, a very pleasant flight on the QantasLink 717; smooth, quiet and with entertainment supplied. The food service was acceptable; the serving could be larger, but was not left starving. Cabin crew were polite and approachable. Arrived ahead of schedule, as advised by the wonderful flight deck crew.

4/15/2019 J Dearan

✅ Trip Verified | I don’t know where to start with Qantas. If I could, I’d so choose another airline. Due to my work I fly Sydney- Tamworth and return every week. The return flight is frequently delayed, last week by 3hours. The excuses are usually technical errors, sick crew, etc. And when the plane then finally arrives in Sydney with significant delay, the connecting bus usually waits for 15min before unloading passengers. Whenever I raise it with the airline, the usual excuse is “we certainly aim to depart on time”. I’m so over Qantas.

3/3/2019 H Carson

✅ Trip Verified | Sunshine Coast to Sydney. Whilst the flight was nice, I would only choose it if I was flying on a connecting Qantas flight afterwards as for a 1 hour 15-minute flight Jetstar still has better value for money. Great experience, but for double the price to Jetstar it's just not worth it if you value your money over a small increase in comfort. Seat: Comfortable with plenty of padding and support, but a bit narrow. However, its better than no padding at all (Jetstar). Legroom: Decent, but I wouldn't want to spend long in it, for someone who is 6' 1", about an inch to spare. Cabin Crew: Helpful and polite, very professional and well kept. Kudos to QantasLink there. Food & Drink Served: As a morning flight (6:30 takeoff) a tasty scroll, juicy apple, some berries and a cup of tea were welcome and completely complementary. Aircraft Overall: The Boeing 717 is surprisingly quiet and is overall very nice to be on. As an aviation fan it has some very cool wing views from row 13,14 and 15, but for me I'd say the best are 16 and 17, as they have an awesome engine view. However, if you are not a plane nerd like myself, I would not recommend them as they are louder than the rest of the cabin. Quieter Seats are found forward of row 9. In Flight Entertainment: Whilst on-board WIFI and IFE is free for business travelers, economy passengers must rent IFE at an extra cost. For this flight it was no problem, and the in-seat literature were enough for the short hop.

1/28/2019 W Allford

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Melbourne to Sydney was canceled and moved to a later flight. Which would mean i would miss my brother's funeral which I'm a coffin bearer. Tamara at Mildura airport check in did her best and got me on a earlier flight.

11/2/2018 D Bray

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Adelaide. QF1957 30 October check in online and only taking hand luggage so quickly passed through security check at Brisbane. As in a previos review I enjoy flying on this configuration plane due to seating being 2- 3 configuration and I had bonus of seat 18c aisle on 2 seater side with the window seat vacant. Took off on time served 3 mini pies and a cold drink. This was a smooth flight and the cabin crew were helpful. Arrived on time in Adelaide

11/2/2018 D Rayne

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Brisbane. Checked in online,only hand luggage so quick process at Adelaide airport. Flight due to depart at 16.20 but delayed by about 1 hour. Seat 19c aisle on 2 seat configuration but unlike my flight down to Adelaide with empty seat next to me this was a full flight. Snack was celery & carrot sticks with a dip. To be honest not really worth having & the extra work cabin crew do to serve I'm sure a packaged sandwich would be preferable on the flight with the cold drinks served. We were kept informed of flight altitude of 23000 ft and slower time taking to eventually touch down at approx 19.25pm. During flight cabin crew kept busy due to enquiries about connecting flights. Although arrival over 1 hour late, arrived safely .

5/28/2018 Peter Pomeranze

✅ Trip Verified | Cairns to Alice Springs. Actually a pleasant experience. In many ways superior to Sydney to Melbourne business class on mainline. We bought emergency exit seats for a minimal fee and were very comfortable. The attendants were warm and efficient serving a small but tasty breakfast sandwich and a drink. The 2 hour plus flight was on time and well done. Bags came quickly and we were on our way.

3/24/2018 Mohammed Sarker

✅ Trip Verified | Very frustrated with Qantal Link/Alliance flights from Port hedland to Perth flights on regularity. I have to travel this route every month and flight around 5-6 pm on regular change and delay. Last month I had 6 hr in the airport and today again 1 hr delay. Why do you fly on this route if you cannot maintain timing. I was big fan of Qantas but now I will hate this airline like all those cheap budget airline. Very annoyed with the service. Customer care took 1 hr in the queue and unable to sort out issue. No apology from customer rep as well. Shame on Qantas.

1/7/2018 B Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Townsville to Brisbane. Check in at Townsville Airport quiet no queues and friendly. Flight took off on time. What I like about this flight was the 2-3 seat configuration which is very convenient when 2 people travelling together. Pilot gave out information throughout flight. Hot potato and meat pie, water and drinks from bar. Will mention that my wife who was travelling with me was served a very nice Gluten Free toasted sandwich early into flight & asked for some tea -the cabin crew member offered to get her one but my wife said she would be happy with water as didn't realise just cold drinks.Very good flight & friendly cabin crew safe flight & arrived early.

12/13/2017 B Burton

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Brisbane to Brisbane on Friday 8 December. Flight departed 2 hours late after 4 different notifications by board of delay. Three different reasons provided for the delay. 3 hour wait in the Departure Lounge but no refreshments provided. The Crew were inexperienced and abrupt. QantasLink seems to be adopting the haphazard service of its parent. This is what customers get when there is no competition.

11/10/2017 M Mitchell

✅ Verified Review | Flew QantasLink from Gladstone to Brisbane. Food was great, Australian owned and made selections, staff incredibly helpful. Phoned ahead to help me make my connecting flight and got a private car on the runway waiting for me as I arrived. Unbelievable service, delays due to weather put my connecting flight in trouble, I booked this myself and it was my own fault for cutting it close. Qantas went out of their way to help me.

10/29/2017 D Peters

✅ Verified Review | QF1790, October 22, Brisbane to Townsville. Booked to fly 21 October but got a message flight changed to very late evening so contacted customer service and told original flight cancelled. I asked for the next morning flight and was given that with no extra charge. Checked in on mobile and boarding pass on mobile. Very quick through security but my mobile boarding pass disappeared just before boarding so went to customer service desk and issued with paper boarding pass after being asked for photo ID which is a first at domestic but not complaining. Seat 22c aisle. What I like about this plane is 2-3 configuration. No gluten free meal on this flight but just ask if they have gluten free biscuits and cabin crew have some and drinks served. Arrived on time, quiet flight.

9/20/2017 John Curtain

✅ Verified Review | Hobart to Melbourne. I enjoyed the flight. The departure was punctual and check in and boarding was fast and efficient. The service was friendly and a very tasty and filling meal was provided. The quality of the wine was excellent as well. A lovely end to my break!

9/8/2017 B Francis

✅ Verified Review | There was a delay in departure due to late arrival of the aircraft to the airport as a results of bad weather. As a results some of us missed our connecting flights to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival in Singapore, a buggy was waiting for us and we were immediately taken to our new gates. We were told that the next flight will be in less than one hour, hence they could not guarantee our luggage would arrive with us. Upon arrival to our final destination, our luggage did not arrive (as expected). We waited for the arrival of another aircraft from Singapore, still our luggage was not delivered. We lodged a report, and our luggage arrived to our home address at 6 pm the next day. Why push us to the next immediate flight when our luggage couldn't 'join' us I wonder? Otherwise the aircraft is comfortable, food was delivered at speed and efficacy. Cabin crew were friendly.

6/22/2017 P Dean

✅ Verified Review | Brisbane to Townsville 21 June. Check in all done online and boarding pass on mobile phone saves time. Boarded 5.25 am with take off on time arriving Townsville early. Full flight, seating 2x3, seat 20c aisle as requested. Very good flight. Only negative on this flight stated you could not have Gluten Free meal request when requesting on bookin, so took my own gluten free nut bar and had hot tea. Other passengers were having quiche tarts which looked quite tasty. Cabin crew busy and Pilot kept us informed.

4/28/2017 Frances Jojart

✅ Verified Review | Adelaide to Perth. We were very disappointed with the flight. We had booked a flight with Qantas and it was changed to a Qantas Link. The flight was on a Boeing 717 plane - fine for flights intrastate, but we don't think they are acceptable for a 3.5 hour flight. There is no entertainment provided. Qantas should tell you when you book if the flight is going to be changed to this.

4/21/2017 Richard Moore

✅ Verified Review | We booked a return flight with Flight Centre from Adelaide to Brisbane April 2017. First leg to Brisbane was with Virgin Australia, an excellent flight very happy with this. On our return trip to Adelaide on QantasLink I don't know why Flight Centre changed carrier! This is what happened - to our complete surprise and astonishment we ended up in an old variant of the Douglas DC-9, a B717-200, very cramped, no leg room but we had to endure the most terrible noise levels bordering on torture. I asked the staff, who were great by the way, if they had any earplugs, she just smiled and said sorry it's very noisy isn't it. So please be careful travelling QantasLink, it's is not what it used to be! Make sure you dont end up on one of these planes you will regret it.

3/12/2017 John Lawson

✅ Verified Review | Hamilton Island to Sydney. Check In was quick and easy. There is no business class lounge at Hamilton island but this is not an issue as the check in time before departure is quite short. Flight was a little late boarding whilst the plane was cleaned. Flying a B717 was a first for me but was comfortable and smooth. Qantas had supplied Ipads for the inflight entertainment, although the battery was flat on mine, so I used another. In flight service was excellent. Good view of Sydney on final approach to airport. Flight arrived on schedule and bags were on the belt by the time we had walked to it.

3/8/2017 Michael Little

✅ Verified Review | Melbourne to Devonport and return. Smooth flights in both directions. Online check-in worked well, as did the automated bag drop in Melbourne. Both flights were punctual; indeed the return flight operated a few minutes early. Seats are a little narrow but otherwise fine for this short flight. On the outward, late afternoon, journey we got a large and varied snack pack along with a full drinks service (so I snacked instead of snoozed my way to Tasmania). On the return, early afternoon flight the offering was a nice friande with tea or coffee. All in all QantasLink offer excellent service on this sector.