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5/25/2019 S Veane

✅ Trip Verified | Anchorage to Kenai. Buyer beware, very poor customer service! This airline has new ticket change fees that are crazy ($75 for a $95 ticket). No exceptions. Also, their rules about check in/baggage are unreasonable and even mean (see other reviews). Don't risk it. There are other options with much better customer service. I come from a large family in the Kenai and we will now only fly this airline if it's absolutely necessary. We'd drive before booking with them again.

5/25/2019 Erika Phillips

Not Verified | I normally don’t complain or had any major issues when flying on Ravn Alaska. I always understood why flights were canceled due to weather. That was out of their control. No matter if you’re flying reserve or non-reserve you expect to be taken care of. That they would have great customer service. I will tell you that if you ever lose your bags, keep bothering them! I called their baggage office over 10x and then had to call headquarters to be able to speak to someone about my baggage claims. I’ve talked to a few of the workers and gave them my number to have them call me back for any updates on my bags. I will tell you right now, that they will not call you! It took two days for me to get an answer. I called and waited! I tried to be nice and understanding. But the fact that they never called me to let me know where my bags are or even to tell me that they found my bags makes me aggravated! I don’t think I would fly with Ravn again. This will be my last. I see why people get so frustrated with the workers because they suck!! They’ll say they’ll try and help but won’t follow through. Please don’t waste your time dealing with them. Fly with Alaska Airlines if you want to fly to and from Kodiak.

5/24/2019 Kaden Schrock

✅ Trip Verified | Anchorage to Kenai. Worst airline I have flown. They cancelled a plane an hour after it was supposed to leave then the next flight was an hour late. Then when we finally arrived we had to wait twenty minutes to get off.

5/21/2019 N Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Kenai to Anchorage. Flight was supposed to leave at 2130 hrs, I got to the counter at 2105, said they couldn't take me. Got slammed for a "transfer fee" of $75 to get on the next flight. I will recommend to fly any other airline except you.

5/16/2019 R Herring

Not Verified | Do not use this airline if you have any other options. I travel instate extensively for business. Over the last month, 2 flights into Kotzebue got cancelled. Last week, my flight from Homer got delayed and I missed my connection in Anchorage back to Fairbanks. Alaska Airlines, although a partner, said it was my problem that I missed my connection. Have a heated discussion, was finally given a seat, with a 5 hours wait in Anchorage. Yesterday, (May 14) I flew to Dillingham. Again, the flight out of Anchorage was delayed, and for some reason my one small suitcase was not onboard. I was told it would arrive on the 5:00pm flight and did not. This morning I was told it would be on the 9:30 flight, and it was not. The desk agent in Dillingham tried to call the Anchorage desk, and no one will answer the phone. A family member called the corporate office an hour ago, she was told the desk was too busy and we have not heard back.

4/11/2019 M Berner

✅ Trip Verified | Anchorage to Kenai. They will give away your seat even if you are in the airport. Not worth the risk to fly with them. I give them the lowest rating possible. Who gives away a paid for seat? These guys. Shouldn't I be able to use or not use my seat as I see fit?

6/12/2018 C Garilos

✅ Trip Verified | I flew on Ravn Alaska with my girlfriend back in February. We flew from Anchorage to Homer (and back) with ease. The flight was brief and enjoyable. The staff were friendly and welcoming. Check-in: a breeze. Boarding: a breeze. Baggage pick-up: a breeze. The overall experience was fantastic. Looking forward to flying with Ravn again and taking in those unforgettable Alaska sights.

6/5/2018 A McGregor

❌ Not Verified | Anchorage to Homer. I have had several issues with last minute delays in the past with no information on why and then today I go to check in and they've changed my flight to an earlier time with the justification that "they attempted to contact me". I've flown with Ravn forever but if I had any other airline options for my flight home I would take it in an instant.

3/11/2018 M Gearin

✅ Trip Verified | Anchorage to Homer. Last 4 times I have flown with Ravn Alaska my flights been delayed with no explanation given at any point. Starting to think maybe Ravn Alaska just doesn't know how fast their planes go? Other than that i have no issues but waiting an extra hour or more every time i fly is getting old.

12/21/2015 S Hasty

Ravn Alaska is so frustrating. First off, your carry-on items will all pretty much have to be checked, unless they're tiny. So my husband and I 'short-checked' our carry-on bags to our next airline, since the next airline we transferred to would have enough room to stow them overhead. Then, we took this tiny 19-seater plane, which (once boarding was finished) started up the engines only to have them shut off three times, before the stewardess announced "something is wrong, the pilots are going to try fix it" (that's comforting) and gave out cookies to passengers to shift focus. Finally we were told by the pilots that there was a technical issue that could be 'deferred for now', and once they get paperwork done then we can take off. At one point early on, we were told it would be about 15 more minutes, then about half an hour later they said it'll be about 10 more minutes until takeoff. Overall we were delayed IN the plane sitting there pre-runway for an hour. And our next layover was 1 hr 20 min, so when we arrived at the next airport, we had literally 10 minutes until the next plane terminal would close the gate, to deplane, get our bags from baggage claim, go through security, and run to our next gate. Upon deplaning, we asked the ground crew if we could just grab our short-checked bags right there on the Tarmac, they said no. We were told the baggage claim was close by - which it wasn't. My husband and I ran (not a good idea when you're 7 months pregnant and not a runner by nature), he ran to baggage claim to get our bags while I ran to our next gate to try keep the door open until my husband arrived with our bags. As soon as I arrived, I was told to get onboard right now, and when I begged them to wait just a couple minutes for my husband who was running up as we spoke, they said they could not and closed the door right in front of me. Thanks a lot Ravn, for making us short-check our appropriately sized carry-on's, having technically unsound planes, being untruthful about how much more time we'd be delayed on the Tarmac, not letting us grab our short-checked bags after de-planing, and not apparently notifying the next gate that multiple passengers (including us) were delayed and on their way running to he gate. It ruined our night and our trip home, and we felt so ripped off by this airline. We will certainly never be using Ravn again and have let our friends know to avoid this airline as well.

11/20/2015 Diana Hutt

I have flown out of Homer 4 times this year to Anchorage and Ravn Alaska was never on time. One time it was so late we missed our connectung flight. This is our only choice in Homer. If you take that flight make your connecting flights a few hours out and expect a delay. Then you won't be dissapointed.

3/27/2008 S Laird

ANC-FAI-ANC Economy Open Seating. Check in was difficult. The checkin agent did not understand how to read my ticket and almost seemed to blame me for the error. Once on board however the flight attendants both on the outbound and return were very nice especially on the return flight a definite sense of humor. Era offers low fares between Anchorage and Fairbanks and I will be flying with them again. It's also nice not to have to go to security when flying on the smaller planes.

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