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7/1/2019 M Nameri

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Albany. This is the worst regional airline I have ever had to fly. They are always late with very poor communication. Fortunately for them, there is no competition in the routes they fly. Otherwise they would not have a business. They should be ashamed of the poor service they provide.

5/28/2019 Julie Wright

Not Verified | Just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Julie in customer service! We had an unexpected death in the family & I had to change my teenage sons flights to get him home early. Julie was so kind & made sure the flight crew were aware that he may be a little emotional. She even went as far as to ring me an hour before his flight to reassure me that they were going to keep an eye out for him. Thank you. Your kindness has humbled me greatly.

2/21/2019 D Masero

✅ Trip Verified | I have flown with Reginal Express or 'REX' as known locally several times previously. Last Thursday 14th February 2019 I boarded a flight back home to Adelaide from Mount Gambier where I had been on a business trip. I was greeted by Carly who was our flight attendant for the flight. I was pleasantly surprised by her level of service and professionalism. I can say every other time I had flown REX the service was good, although on this day it was outstanding. She made everybody on board feel welcome, she provided snacks and drinks to all passengers and walked the aisle regularly to enquire if any of the passengers required anything, I'd like to personally congratulate her on her level of service, well done! I would highly recommend REX to anyone flying regionally within Australia.

9/29/2018 Jody McDonald

✅ Trip Verified | Monkey Mia to Perth. The flight attendant Kiara was such a delight. She was so welcoming and made every effort to make the flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Her personality was a delight. I was lucky enough to have her on my return trip to Perth. So much nicer than the Virgin staff (Melbourne to Perth) who could barely crack a smile. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience.

8/25/2018 S Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Griffith. Always delayed. Overly expensive. Overall experience is beyond poor. 70% of the time I experience delays. The only reason I fly with REX is because no other airline goes to my rural destination. I understand delays are sometimes unavoidable, however, that should be the exception, not the norm!

8/24/2018 E Smith

✅ Trip Verified | I have been flying to work with Rex airlines every week since December between Burnie and Melbourne. Unfortunately it is the only airline operating in this route so I have to put up with their poor service. 80 percent of the flights have been delayed. The customer service is poor so that you can`t even get a proper explanation why your flight is delayed. In one instance, my checked baggage got damaged while traveling from Melbourne to Burnie. My damage claim got rejected on the basis that the damage is reasonable. I just feel bad that I am a regular Rex airlines customer.

8/22/2018 C Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Albany. Rex has a relaxed approach to service and information and punctuality. On board is very convivial - nice genuine service for the short flight, and with the pilots saying hello before you step up on board. But everything else can be weirdly substandard for 2018. Out of the last 8 flights on this sector, half have been delayed or cancelled. The fun starts with the latter. Little information or support is provided when things go wrong. You will receive no direction in writing what to do so listen carefully to the gate announcement if the plane is cancelled. "Recovery flight at 7am. Be at gate around six". That’s it. If you gave a hearing or sensory impairment, you are a bit doomed. There is an option to purchase a $5 insurance for delays at every ticket purchase. Probably a good deal given the frequency of delays. But little information on Website what to do if a delay. Also if the west coast, the call centre closed. So good luck! In summary, drive Albany to Perth if you can. If you can’t always purchase the insurance and make contingencies on travelling for business as it is not reliable. But if you get onboard and away on time, it is not an unpleasant experience!

5/1/2018 Douglas McDonald

✅ Trip Verified | Hats off to Rex for once again delivering the most exceptional service on their 7.20pm service from Melbourne to Albury on Friday 27th April 2018. From check in to boarding, from a laugh with the first officer at the foot of the stairs at how cold it was on the tarmac at Tullamarine, to the most outstanding cabin service. A particular staff member looking after us in the cabin always goes that extra mile to ensure not only mine, but everyone's comfort on board.

3/18/2018 N Baxter

✅ Trip Verified | Early morning Flight with Regional Express from Sydney to Moruya on 16 March 2018. The flight departed on time and was very comfortable. A huge thanks to the sole flight attendant on board. Not only was she cheerful and professional, her attentiveness to all passengers was by far the best customer service I have experienced in such a long time. 10/10!

2/8/2018 Jess Mason

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Mount Isa to Cairns. Absolutely fantastic service! Travelling with an infant at the age of 6wks on my own was a little daunting but Regional Express made the trip so comfortable and reassuring for myself and my baby. Would fly with them over a larger airline anytime. Thank You Rex!

1/6/2018 S Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | My husband, 2 young boys, aged 4 and 7, and I flew to Merimbula for a holiday and we were allocated 2 x 2 seats in consecutive rows. My boys chose to sit together and my husband and I sat directly behind them. As we ascended, both of them started to panic, one feeling sick, the other saying he couldn’t breath. There was quite a scene which all passengers were witness to. I’d leaned forward to reassure them, but was obviously constrained by my seatbelt whilst the seatbelt sign was on. Our flight attendant, when safe to do so, came directly to my children’s side, knelt down to their level, and reassured and comforted them. She was completely forthcoming and generous in her care. My boys were instantly calmed.

10/17/2017 N Lester

✅ Verified Review | Armidale to Sydney. A great country airline. Genuine customer service and hospitality. The whole experience was fantastic. The online booking was easy. The check in procedure was great. Onboard the solo flight attendant was exceptional. The catering was excellent. Comfort and safety outstanding.

8/5/2017 Bronwyn Tidswell

✅ Verified Review | I would like to offer my profound thanks to all Rex ground staff and our flight attendant for making my day of retirement so overwhelming. I have been travelling to Whyalla to work as a diagnostic sonographer for many years and I travelled back to Adelaide from Whyalla for the last time two weeks ago. The Sunday prior, on my arrival in Whyalla, Gavin met me at the airport and gave me the most exquisite gift of some miniature origami pieces he had made himself, a gift that moved me to tears. On the following Friday, on my departure for Adelaide, most of the Rex ground staff were there to farewell me with hugs and a very moving card. When I boarded the plane, Claudio indicated my seat which was festooned with a farewell sign and a bottle of wine! After giving his safety briefing, Claudio announced to the passengers that I was retiring and when he came with drink/snack service, I was presented with my own special cake! These wonderful people have looked after me for so many years and I consider myself so lucky to have known them.

7/14/2017 Jarrad Hutchinson

✅ Verified Review | Regional Express flight from Albury to Sydney delayed nearly 3 hours. We were notified 45 mins before planned departure however not the reason. If this was a mechanical delay then it's reasonable to expect that if it is fixed early we can board early so we continued to the airport. However on arrival, we find it is a 'crew rest' delay so there is a fixed time delay which passengers should be notified about so that they don't have to wait in the airport while the crew sleeps.

4/8/2017 SeatGuru User, Saab 340B (SF3) seat 4A

Seat was pretty tight but then again, it's a regional aircraft, commonly used on 25-30min sectors. Quite noisy because you are right by the propeller, but the service was good

10/20/2016 SeatGuru User, Saab 340B (SF3) seat 8C

Great view searved well. But the noise leval was high because it was behind the engine.

4/22/2015 Brendan McGarrigan

Flew ADL-PLO recently. Staff member at the gate was very unprofessional always on his mobile and was very dismissive of my query. Showed little interest in providing any level of customer service something as simple as boarding the 36 passengers on the flight seemed to be an inconvenience for him. On board flight attendant on the other hand was outstanding and looked after everyone on board very well even booking me a taxi inflight. Inflight service pretty good tea/coffee with snack and a Mentos for landing. The plane itself was very old being a Saab 340 I expected this but the plane has not even been modernised and the cold water tap in the toilet had been decommissioned and replaced with hand sanitiser. All up Rex operate like an airline that knows it has a monopoly on many of it's routes given the conduct of their ground staff and condition of their planes.

3/4/2015 E Smith

This has become the worst airline in Australia from one of the best. I used to live in Wagga Wagga and regularly used Rex and it was fine then. Now I only use it to fly from Moruya where we have a second home to Sydney and it is always a really unpleasant experience. The check-in and gate lounge staff are really rude at Sydney (every trip it is the same) and the flight attendants are unpleasant and seem untrained. At Moruya the ground staff always seem very unprofessional. Last time (late January 2015) we had to fly to Moruya via Merimbula and were told to leave our hand-luggage on board and so I left a magazine on board. When I returned it had disappeared. I went up to speak to the flight attendant anxious whether cleaners might have removed it and taken it into the terminal and we might take off without it. She ignored me for several minutes before finding it (she had removed it - although we had booked the same seats right through of course - and the plane wasn't full so she should even have remembered us!) and returning it without a word of apology. I am hanging out for the day when another airline services Moruya and I never have to fly Rex again. We could get to Moruya from our home airport of Melbourne via Merimbula and a drive from there but instead we choose to fly to Canberra with any other airline and drive from there as we hate flying Rex so much.

3/4/2015 Nicholas Janides

I had the pleasure of flying this excellent little airline from Melbourne to Albury and return recently and have to report two excellent flights. The aircraft the Saab 340 was really comfortable and ideal for the 40 minute flight. I was really delighted to be greeted by the captain and solo flight attendant at the entrance of the aircraft and on both sectors. We were served tea coffee or water and offered a savoury or sweet snack. I was also really surprised about how comfortable and spacious the seating configuration was and I look forward to flying with the airline again. Well done Regional Express.

3/3/2014 Craig Willis

Flew Albury-Sydney return and what a great experience. Flight was delayed by about 5 mins departing Albury but assured we would land on time which we did. Service from single cabin crew was great with tea and coffee offered with a biscuit and a pack of snacks. Return was also great with pilot greeting us at the stairs and we took off pretty well on time. A bit bumpy out of Sydney which were warned about but cabin staff looked after us and landed in Albury about 5 mins ahead of schedule. Overall it was flying as it was meant to be.