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1/3/2019 S Palela

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Bangkok. Rossiya fly some of Aeroflot's long haul flights with ex-Etihad Boeing 777's. Their concept is strange. They still have an old personal entertainment system but it only gives you a route map. Really. Instead they have an inflight wifi-system, but to be able to use it, you need to download Ro...

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12/16/2018 V Keicher

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Moscow. Hard product ok as the aircraft has been flying for Emirates before with angled seats providing acceptable comfort. Huge screen, but only showing airshow. IFE works on your personal device through a dedicated app. Selection of movies rather limited. Streaming with some issues during the fli...

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10/24/2018 christopher rainbow

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to St Petersburg. I was slightly apprehensive about travelling with Rossiya Airlines but need not have been! This was full flight from Gatwick to St. Petersburg on an A319. The plane had seen better days but was clean. When I checked in I asked for an aisle seat and was denied one. Boarding was very qu...

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10/8/2018 T Popov

✅ Trip Verified | VKO-AER. Overall, pleasantly surprised by the product. Online check-in via Aeroflot’s website was quick and efficient. Vnukovo airport is clean, spacious and comfortable with lots of Rossiya’s check-in counters and assistance desks. The aircraft was new and clean, although legroom was a bit tight, seats themsel...

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9/19/2018 F Novak

✅ Trip Verified | From Prague to Saint Petersburg and back, new aircraft Airbus A319, comfortable seats with a nice legroom space, cabin crew were polite, friendly and helpful. Rossiya Airlines is really good and I can say that they are much better than many other European Airlines.

9/12/2018 K Chalasevich

✅ Trip Verified | Simferopol to Moscow Vnukovo. As I understood, this flight is executed on a wide-body aircraft in summer, this time it was Boeing 777-300. The flight itself was good, the aircraft was rather old but very well-maintained, seat width and pitch are really big, cabin crew was awesome: very polite, professional and...

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8/8/2018 N Karudis

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Rossiya on a business trip Moscow to St.Petersburg return. First leg of the trip was OK, but the second one was terrible. First, they changed the seat, from 6D to 22D, unannounced. I first found out about it at boarding there a girl clerk (not smiling) bluntly crossed with a pen seat number printed out ...

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7/1/2018 L Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | This A319 business class operated in a 3x3 configuration, with 3 Biz Class rows, middle seat empty, ala typical Euro Biz configuration. Initially a disappointment as was expecting 2 rows of 2x2 (per Seat Guru) with more spacious seats, but seat 1F had plenty of room and the bulkhead had a cut-out for additional...

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4/8/2018 K Malexenov

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Vladivostok. Flight codeshared with Aeroflot. What can I say: Rossiya is cheaper but not worse. No IFE (personal screens existed but didn't work) - is the only major problem. But the cabin is more comfortable than in Aeroflot's 773s - its 3x3x3 seats while Aeroflot is using 3x4x3. So the seats are wid...

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1/12/2018 Michal Cupa

✅ Trip Verified | Friendly airline and friendly price tag. From Moscow (Vnukovo) to Prague. This has been already my third experience with Rossiya (previous flights to/from Barcelona). Normally, I prefer Aeroflot and in some cases used CSA or TravelService. Rossiya is fairly OK - easy online booking and check in, swift drop off...

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7/20/2017 V Pasarovik

✅ Verified Review | Simferopol to Moscow Vnukovo. Was very surprised when saw aircraft type Boeing 747-400 while booking, and actually it was - which happens rather rarely for a 2h flight! Booking and online registration were done via Aeroflot interface and were quick and efficient. Ground staff were a bit annoyed but not rude....

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6/7/2017 Thomas Andrew

✅ Verified Review | Moscow to Petropavlovsk. Needing to go to Kamchatka for work, I decided to pay for business class, as I didn't fancy the 8-hour flight from Moscow in economy. Nominally part of Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines is nevertheless far from an equal to its mother company, and I was disappointed when I realised that the ...

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2/28/2017 David Manaker

✅ Verified Review | I took a trip on Aeroflot from Moscow to St. Petersburg operated by Rossiya Airlines. I booked the flight late, so I paid a considerable premium on the ticket. That said, it was cheaper than the roundtrip ticket on the Sapsan high-speed train from Moscow to Peter. As expected for a holiday weekend, the fligh...

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1/17/2016 S Rose

I flew Rossiya Airlines from Tel Aviv to Yekaterinburg via Saint Petersburg in January. Both flights were on ancient A319's. No IFE of any sort. Flying from TLV-LED is 5 hours, and very long without any IFE. Bring a book. Crew very mature, probably ex Aeroflot, but very kind and attentive and you can tell they are serious about ...

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6/7/2015 Yevheniy Kahanovych

I used Rossiya around 30-35 times within last 12 months due to frequent trips to St Petersburg where Rossiya has its home base. Some good things happened due to integration of Rossiya and Aeroflot ground handing. Aeroflot is a quite civilized business so they taught Rossiya check in staff how to organize check in and how to poli...

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9/1/2014 L Luca

I flew from MPX to LED. The plane took off and arrived on time. The airplane and the toilets were clean. There was no inflight entertainment. The crew were very present during the flight but with basic English skills. The seats were very small and a very reduced leg space. They served us excellent food. Very surprised of the qua...

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8/28/2014 Ondrej Holecek

PRG-LED SU6222 15/8/14. LED-PRG SU6221 20/8/14. Worst experience ever! Very used old and dirty aircraft old staff! No shop (you can't buy anything) food was just some awful sandwich (thrown away) no alcohol no sweets. Staff were unpleasant. Absolutely can't recommend I hope it was my last flight with this company.

3/5/2014 G Wolf

A319 from FRA to LED on 2014-03. Very good seats sufficient leg room. Good food and beverages. I miss the glass of wine. No Audio / Video onboard but fine for 3 hours. However for this excellent price it is acceptable.

12/30/2013 S Yadin

Samarkand and St Petersburg. Check in took about 1 hour there was only a few people before us. The agent refused to check in our luggage until our final destination which was Paris. It took 20 minutes to explain that we could not check in them is St Petersburg because we had no visa for Russia. The boarding was very long and the...

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10/29/2013 M Gallagher

I flew from St Petersburg after switching from the international to domestic airport. We all crowded on buses to get to the plane then we all rushed up the stairway to the plane with no lines no order no controls. The plane was full the seats were horribly tight I am only 5'11" but could not slouch even enough to let my head res...

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