56 Rwandair reviews

6/25/2019 Annie Ugbomeh

✅ Trip Verified | Hubby and I travelled via Rwandair for the first time from Johannesburg to Lagos via Kigali, upon arriving at Lagos, discovered our suitcases had been broken with all our valuables stolen. Made complains but no positive response yet.

6/20/2019 H Waltin

✅ Trip Verified | Three of us booked with RwandAir from Johannesburg to Brussels via Kigali. We pre-booked vegetarian meals and received confirmation from the airline that our meals were booked, but they did not have vegetarian meals for us on either flight. When we arrived in Brussels, four out of our five checked bags were missing, and there was delay and confusion with getting our fragile/oversized item. We were also informed that RwandAir does not deliver our bags to us, which is absolutely unacceptable as the negligence was on their part, yet we are expected to travel back from Leuven to Brussels to collect our bags. As an international student relocating to Belgium for studies, the contents of our luggage are all vital for relocation and relocating without them (even temporary while waiting for the bags to be found) is extremely difficult and expensive.

6/16/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew KGL-NBO on 14/6-19 on a well maintained B737-700. The ticket was reissued by Kenya Airways several weeks in advance due to a cancelled flight further ahead in my itinerary. They changed the flight to WB for smoother connection. Unfortunately, this night-flight (departing 1 min. after midnight) had an annoying stop-over in BJM at 1:30 a.m. where one has remain on the plane. The stop was suddenly changed to be in in EBB instead of BJM at the time of check-in. This happened without any reasoning or clear information. It extends the duration by 2-3 hours and deprived me of any decent sleep. This is not professional and can have implications for a number of passengers. Check-In online worked out. Thus, I entered airport and accessed the transit easily. Onboard, drinks offered inc. acceptable wines. Fabricated, useless snack provided on 1st leg while on 2nd leg a cold sandwich was given. Seafood meal (sandwich) requested and given. Flight on time. FAs were plenty and kind and caring. Airline appears to be fairly professional but could need more internationally exposed FAs. No IFE. Granted mileage for their FFP program, Dream Miles. Codeshare with KQ for onward travel.

6/3/2019 Siddhesh Patil

Not Verified | The food quality is not good enough. Seat inside aircraft with no comfort. I arrived with no luggage, my luggage was misplaced by the crew and they told me that we will deliver it after 2-3 days - if i need it urgent then I need to collect with no compensation by company, which lead to very disappointing situation. This will be my last travel with Rwandair.

5/18/2019 Marion Krieger

✅ Trip Verified | Rwandair cancelled and rescheduled our flights multiple times and did not reissue our tickets - which made it difficult for operating carrier (ET) to find us in the system and check us in. After RW assured us that they have fixed our tickets, they again made changes to our returning flight from Kigali to Addis without informing us. We purchased a direct flight from Kigali to Addis departing at 16:20 and without informing us prior, they changed the flight to 15:15 (one hour earlier) with a stop in Bujumbura. When we arrived at the Kigali airport, Rwanda airline representatives were not transparent with us about the stop in Bujumbura and the change of the flight times. When we wanted to receive some answers about the flight time changes and the sudden stop in Bujumbura the airport staff became rude and tried blaming us for this situation (this discussion took place at 15:09 - and they seriously wanted us to proceed through security and immigration) when the departure time was 15:15. When I asked them if the aircraft is still there and if it will wait for us, they did not give me an answer. Hence we were not able to board the flight because of their failure to inform us about the flight cancellation and rescheduling - incredibly enough they did not want to take responsibility and in all seriousness told us that we had to purchase a new ticket for $900 per person! After holding us at the airport for 9 hours without eating and drinking we spoke with airport security who finally decided that the airline was in the wrong and pressured the Rwandair staff to put us on a new flight (which was their responsibility all along). Rwanda Air is incredibly incompetent and unprofessional in providing customer support and service and have absolutely no training in how to treat their customers. Throughout our nine horrific hours at the airport, we were harassed by Rwandair staff - and called "liars who wanted to miss our flight" by the head of Customer Relations himself. They put us into an incredibly bad situation and took no responsibility until they were forced to by airport security. In addition they lost our luggage (it never left Mumbai and it is nowhere to be found), which still has not arrived in Addis. Do not take this airline, because you do not want to be stuck in their hands when they make mistakes and are unwilling to correct them. Simply a horrific experience.

5/13/2019 C Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Dar es salaam via Kigali. Plane has a good cabin configuration with good seat sizes and leg room in economy. Configuration at the rear of aircraft allows a large number of 2 seat, allowing easy/more access. Boarding at LGW was quick and easy. Cabin staff are efficient and happilyarrange passengers with infants and mobility to be in better seats/near bathrooms. Meals were very good, surprisingly, as the presentation was not great, it was a very bland looking tray when it arrived, but the food was very tasty, basic, in my case Salad, Chick curry and a chocolate sponge. On arrival at Kigali I was informed of a 6 hour delay to my connecting flight to Dar es Salaam, these are the moments that test airlines, how do they deal with this. In the same breath and informing me of the delay, I was informed we have a shuttle bus waiting downstairs to take you to a local 4* star hotel. Escorted to Immigration, front of que, a 10 second stamp of passport, to be whisked to the Hotel in 25 minutes to have a welcome juice/water, room keys and the wi-fi code. The room was a suite, toiletries and a note of what time lunch will be and pick up time back to the airport. Refreshed and fed, back 6 hours later, to have an uneventful connection to Dar es Salaam. Once again a bland looking lunch served on the plane, but again, it was very tasty, full of flavours. Kigali Airport, small, but works efficiently, the most armed Police I ever seen inside and surrounding an airport, but everything moves at a steady pace despite the numerous rigorous security checks.

5/7/2019 Antony Nimusiima

Not Verified | Entebbe to Dubai via Kigali. With great pleasure, I want to thank Rwandair for their excellent services. While I was on a flight from Kigali to Dubai, I started feeling nauseated and having a stomach upset at the same time feeling weak. A member of staff was called to see what could have been wrong with me. She made me green tea mixed with lemon that helped within a couple of minutes. Putting that aside, the way she handled me and extended great concern seeing the condition I was in, only this was mind-blowing. She kept checking on me from time to time and made sure I was fine. Even when we landed in Dubai she made sure to ask if I was feeling ok.

4/14/2019 C Maseni

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Kigali. The best way to get around Africa due to the young fleet of planes that is well maintained. Exceptional staff. Rwandair is always my first choice of carrier. Kigali is my favorite stopover city as well. I am glad they will be expanding with flights to New York soon.

3/17/2019 Sheena Varghese

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Kigali via Dar es Salaam. The staff service was good and the flight in good condition, that's the only good part. When we landed in Dar es salaam we came to know that our baggage has not arrived and we would have to wait longer. Not only that non of the passengers who were traveling with us from Mumbai received theirs. On further enquiry came to know that they have failed to board the luggage of all the passengers traveling from Mumbai. Really disappointed. It's been a day and since not got any information regarding the same. Will never travel with Rwandair nor would I recommend this flight to anyone. Customer service and communication pathetic.

3/4/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on a narrowbody B737-800 at midnight on 2 March 2019 from Kigali to Dubai. Direct flight (in contrast to fly opposite direction). This aircraft has no lie flat seats which is a disaster for night flights. I purchased the ticket in faith of their refurbished A330, but they made an equipment change obviously due to low load. Check-in online is a joke and waste of time: after filling some 7 pages with info online they eventually laconically inform that “check-in must be done in Airport”. Worst: landed in T2 in Dubai, which is a messy LCC terminal and fought my way to T1 for onward flights. Homepage misleading and systematically hide info on booking class. Even their most expensive bis-ticket give only few miles which furthermore only can be used on Rwandair. Lounge in Kigali is fine but they have blindfolded all windows with tape to deprive passengers any view of tarmac which is painful, embarasing, and a misunderstood security issue. Luggage checked in to next destination only, thus had to fight again in Dubai for further luggage transfers. These 6 issues deprives rating 6 points of 10, leaving us with a poor score of 4. On the brighter side is the nice atmosphere onboard, great traditional Rwandan decorated interior in business cabin: FA’s were great and well caring. Champagne and welcome drinks provided. Menu cards and drink lists provided. Sparse supply, e.g. only one kind of beer and only two dishes offered for supper (only 2 options). The food was only passable but plenty. Breakfast of poor quality. Punctual airline with stunning, tall statured FAs. However, their flight equipment is limited and they are not attached to any airline alliance, thus miles earning is only for their Dream Miles Program, which is very stingy with miles even for full fare business tickets. Will chose Kenya Airways and Ethiopian in future despite detours (over NBO or ADD) as they are considerably cheaper and mostly have a better product.

2/8/2019 E Baker

✅ Trip Verified | Amazing cabin crew, let me just say. Very attentive, funny and helpful. Very rarely do I see the cabin crew, literally, helping every single person to put their baggage in the overhead compartments. Very friendly wake up calls for food or landing! Very efficient with handing out meals and drinks, and didn't run out of anything, that I know of, on the flights. Seats were spacious and comfy (easily comparable to other big-name airlines). The Rwanda airport isn't impressive, but does offer free wifi and it seems like all connecting flights are only there for a very short layover (mine were 1 hour 19 minutes and the other 2 hours). Prompt boarding times! And every flight we landed roughly 10-30 minutes earlier then we were supposed to. I don't love the flight route, due to there being so many stops along the way, but definitely budget friendly, so can't complain over all.

1/18/2019 J Palini

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Libreville via Kigali. Was comfortable with flight as cabin crew were attentive and available. Clean and arranged flights all the way through. Didn't enjoy transfer at Kigali however as Airport was not as organized as flight.

1/14/2019 T Pamuniya

✅ Trip Verified | Harare to Gatwick via Kigali. Worst airline ever. Problems after drones at Gatwick in Dec 2018, some of us were more or less chased away and others later put in hotels. No back up planes to clear backlog which meant we flew 4 days late with little communication. Flying back to UK - stuck on a hot plane which was being fixed for 2hrs, no water given after asking, terrible comms. The sad and most incompetent thing is eventually we were asked to disembark only to be told to sit down after getting our bags from cabin compartments. The only apology for this or news of why we were delayed was on reaching Kigali. Rushed to catch connecting flight - cant understand why the security gate is where it is for connecting customers at the airport. Arrived - our fragile parcel was well looked after but our bags were ripped, dirty (very dirty, oily dirty) and unrecognisable. Poor entertainment choice especially for kids. Poor communication all round. They will get you there but you will be very frustrated to the extent of being grateful that you made it yo destination. Never ever will i use this airline.

12/27/2018 D Leane

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Harare. Rwandair recently started flying directly from Cape Town to Harare and the convenience made me book them. This airline is surprisingly good; an up and coming African airline which we'll be sure to hear more of in future. The cabin interior is spotless and all staff friendly and efficient. The inflight catering and entertainment are average. I've flown this route a few times now and they seem to have a problem with delays of over an hour each time on this route whenever I've flown. Advance communication of delays were lacking each time. Overall, I'd recommend this airline if you're on a budget and don't mind the occasional delay.

12/24/2018 M Zadrya

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Harare. Worst airline ever. Flight was delayed by 4 hours. Later heard from friends that their previous flights with this airline on the same route had also been delayed, so it seems to be the standard with this airline. Happy to say I will never fly this airline again anywhere and would say to anyone who would like to know, fly at your own inconvenience. Extremely disappointed and lost customer. I give them a well earned zero out of ten.

11/1/2018 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Aircraft very well maintained. Terrible to make transit transfers in DXB, had to struggle in the middle of the night with busses from T1 to T2 where there is always check in chaos and no signage nor separation of airlines. Had to insist on lounge access as the check-in counters could not care less about passengers. Was granted access to a sub par lounge in T2 called Marhaba. The bar sections was for smokers also so air was hazy. Poor boarding services: at gate on time but then shuttled around by bus for ages after waiting in the bus for 20 Minutes before it took off. Onboard nice atmosphere, great decoration of business cabin, great FAs, and good good caring. However, no menu cards nor drink list - sparse supply. Food acceptable and plenty. IFE worked well. Seats very nice and spacious, I slept well. Got dinner at night and got a full breakfast from Mombasa to Kigali. Good airline, though not attached to any alliance. Ticket not cheap, otherwise could have rated 8/10.

9/19/2018 Nashon Mwangemi

Not Verified | The routing was Nairobi-Entebbe-Kigali-Lusaka-Johannesburg. Crazy itinerary however a good deal in terms of ticket price. First flight from Nairobi to Kigali was satisfactory. A330 from Kigali to Lusaka and Jo'burg offered lots of comfort with hot breakfast and hot snack served later. IFE was pretty pathetic on flights where it was available and otherwise non existent. On the return a terrible sandwich was served followed by a hot dinner. Overall not a bad airline, the cabin crew were very friendly. However ground services staff seem to be overwhelmed (especially when we flew the A330). Check-in was very slow both in Nairobi and in Johannesburg (Was told I was not on the list when arrived at JNB for Check-in!) and all except two departures were slightly delayed without any explanation or any information given. Good airline if you're trying to save money.

8/23/2018 F Gearen

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Kigali return, with a stop in Brussels each way during which you stay on the plane. I was astonished at how good this airline was given prior experiences of African airlines, it is as good as the better European airlines. The planes seem to be pretty new (ours was a 2 year old Airbus A330). The seats were comfortable with plenty of leg room even in economy. The food was pleasant which is always a surprise on any airline in economy. The cabin crew were very friendly and professional. The return flight was on time and whilst there was a short hour delay outbound this was due to the ongoing air traffic control shambles in Europe this summer, not the airline. The only hiccup was a lost bag on the way back but this was resolved efficiently by the airline despite a complex onward itinerary - and the Gatwick luggage desk said it was extremely rare to have lost bag on this airline suggesting it is not a systemic issue. A final point, although we were not connecting in Kigali, many passengers were. They appear to hold onward flights in the event of delays so as a connecting option for various African destinations this airline could be a good option.

8/21/2018 Sifiso Dhlamini

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Abuja via Kigali. I was supposed to fly as per my boarding passes attached, we were notified that there is a flight delay and we won't make our connection, a promise was made that our bags will be offloaded and brought back to us. We waited and nothing happened, our business trip is compromised as all my presentation notes and suits are in the luggage, not to mention that the host had to make other arrangements as we were a day late. I am very dissaponted at how Rwandair treats its customers, we've made several communications to no avail. I will never ever fly Rwandair nor recommend it to anyone ever.

7/27/2018 Samuel Mugwaneza

✅ Trip Verified | The RwandaAir cabin crew were very friendly, informative, and could go the extra mile to ensure that the traveler's needs are met. The captain as well was welcoming. The food was enjoyable too, and people could be explained about the available choices before being served.