Customer reviews

10/22/2019 Claude Kabongo

✅ Trip Verified | London to Kinshasa via Kigali. More than 2 hours late with hard to explain poor customer service. We have been lied to multiple times about our departure. Our bags were intentionally left in Kigali and the number provided for lost property is not answering. We found other people’s bags on the floor at the airpo...

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7/25/2019 Peter Nkonge

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Nairobi via Kigali. What an awful and disappointing thing it was my first time to travel with Rwandair from Dubai to Kenya I arrived and I was looking and waiting my luggage for more than 3 hours and even after waiting it was all in vain. I called the main office and the gentleman who picked my calls ...

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7/9/2019 Cheries Van Heerden

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Johannesburg with Rwandair. I had the longest flight ever, my ticket was changed multiple times, the ticket itself did not say we stopped in Lushaka as well. My luggage was lost with presents in for my family and have not heard anything about retrieval.

6/25/2019 Annie Ugbomeh

✅ Trip Verified | Hubby and I travelled via Rwandair for the first time from Johannesburg to Lagos via Kigali, upon arriving at Lagos, discovered our suitcases had been broken with all our valuables stolen. Made complains but no positive response yet.

6/20/2019 H Waltin

✅ Trip Verified | Three of us booked with RwandAir from Johannesburg to Brussels via Kigali. We pre-booked vegetarian meals and received confirmation from the airline that our meals were booked, but they did not have vegetarian meals for us on either flight. When we arrived in Brussels, four out of our five checked bags were mi...

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6/16/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew KGL-NBO on 14/6-19 on a well maintained B737-700. The ticket was reissued by Kenya Airways several weeks in advance due to a cancelled flight further ahead in my itinerary. They changed the flight to WB for smoother connection. Unfortunately, this night-flight (departing 1 min. after midnight) had an annoy...

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6/3/2019 Siddhesh Patil

Not Verified | The food quality is not good enough. Seat inside aircraft with no comfort. I arrived with no luggage, my luggage was misplaced by the crew and they told me that we will deliver it after 2-3 days - if i need it urgent then I need to collect with no compensation by company, which lead to very disappointing situati...

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5/18/2019 Marion Krieger

✅ Trip Verified | Rwandair cancelled and rescheduled our flights multiple times and did not reissue our tickets - which made it difficult for operating carrier (ET) to find us in the system and check us in. After RW assured us that they have fixed our tickets, they again made changes to our returning flight from Kigali to Addis...

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5/13/2019 C Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Dar es salaam via Kigali. Plane has a good cabin configuration with good seat sizes and leg room in economy. Configuration at the rear of aircraft allows a large number of 2 seat, allowing easy/more access. Boarding at LGW was quick and easy. Cabin staff are efficient and happilyarrange passengers w...

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5/7/2019 Antony Nimusiima

Not Verified | Entebbe to Dubai via Kigali. With great pleasure, I want to thank Rwandair for their excellent services. While I was on a flight from Kigali to Dubai, I started feeling nauseated and having a stomach upset at the same time feeling weak. A member of staff was called to see what could have been wrong with me. She ma...

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4/14/2019 C Maseni

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Kigali. The best way to get around Africa due to the young fleet of planes that is well maintained. Exceptional staff. Rwandair is always my first choice of carrier. Kigali is my favorite stopover city as well. I am glad they will be expanding with flights to New York soon.

3/17/2019 Sheena Varghese

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Kigali via Dar es Salaam. The staff service was good and the flight in good condition, that's the only good part. When we landed in Dar es salaam we came to know that our baggage has not arrived and we would have to wait longer. Not only that non of the passengers who were traveling with us from Mumb...

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3/4/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on a narrowbody B737-800 at midnight on 2 March 2019 from Kigali to Dubai. Direct flight (in contrast to fly opposite direction). This aircraft has no lie flat seats which is a disaster for night flights. I purchased the ticket in faith of their refurbished A330, but they made an equipment change obviousl...

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2/8/2019 E Baker

✅ Trip Verified | Amazing cabin crew, let me just say. Very attentive, funny and helpful. Very rarely do I see the cabin crew, literally, helping every single person to put their baggage in the overhead compartments. Very friendly wake up calls for food or landing! Very efficient with handing out meals and drinks, and didn't ru...

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1/18/2019 J Palini

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Libreville via Kigali. Was comfortable with flight as cabin crew were attentive and available. Clean and arranged flights all the way through. Didn't enjoy transfer at Kigali however as Airport was not as organized as flight.

1/14/2019 T Pamuniya

✅ Trip Verified | Harare to Gatwick via Kigali. Worst airline ever. Problems after drones at Gatwick in Dec 2018, some of us were more or less chased away and others later put in hotels. No back up planes to clear backlog which meant we flew 4 days late with little communication. Flying back to UK - stuck on a hot plane which ...

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12/27/2018 D Leane

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Harare. Rwandair recently started flying directly from Cape Town to Harare and the convenience made me book them. This airline is surprisingly good; an up and coming African airline which we'll be sure to hear more of in future. The cabin interior is spotless and all staff friendly and efficient. ...

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12/24/2018 M Zadrya

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Harare. Worst airline ever. Flight was delayed by 4 hours. Later heard from friends that their previous flights with this airline on the same route had also been delayed, so it seems to be the standard with this airline. Happy to say I will never fly this airline again anywhere and would say to an...

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11/1/2018 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Aircraft very well maintained. Terrible to make transit transfers in DXB, had to struggle in the middle of the night with busses from T1 to T2 where there is always check in chaos and no signage nor separation of airlines. Had to insist on lounge access as the check-in counters could not care less about passeng...

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9/19/2018 Nashon Mwangemi

Not Verified | The routing was Nairobi-Entebbe-Kigali-Lusaka-Johannesburg. Crazy itinerary however a good deal in terms of ticket price. First flight from Nairobi to Kigali was satisfactory. A330 from Kigali to Lusaka and Jo'burg offered lots of comfort with hot breakfast and hot snack served later. IFE was pretty pathetic on ...

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