Seat Map Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

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Seat Map Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
Seat Map Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Airplane Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) with 88 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.


9/4/2019 Marit Broch Johansen, seat 17C

I checked the Seat map before choosing Seat. 17C is at the emergency exit. Good Seat, huge legroom, Nice, Nice, Nice. If there would be an emergency situation I would be in charge of opening the door which is 17 kilograms/34 pounds. That is something to think of. Not everone will be Strong enough to lift it.

2/7/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 17F

Very narrow seat with half armrest on the wondow side. This made seating very uncomfortable since the end stuck into my side when I tried to sleep. Lack of window blind made it also difficult to sleep. Plenty of legroom, but I wouldn´t choose to sit here again, too cold and very uncomfortable seat. I should have checked here fir...

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4/15/2018 Larry S, seat 3C

Supposedly a Business Class seat, the 31” pitch and 17” width was quite cramped on this 2 hr flight BLQ-CPH.

5/8/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 8A

Perfect location of window vs seat. Note that the rows on the right and left side are not aligned, so 8f has virtually no window view.

12/8/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 24A

This seat has ample recline, very large seat too and you don't get bothered by passengers waiting for the bathroom or crew in galley

8/12/2016 Sandro B, seat 16F

Good place, lot of space

8/6/2016 Robert N, seat 17A

The legroom at row 17 is enormous, more than enough no matter how tall you are. The downside is of course having the tray table in the armrest, but also the odd window which is placed far in front of the seat and appears to not have a shade (I might be wrong on this one as it was a really short flight and I only looked for the s...

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4/14/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 4F

Legroom was plentiful even if your 6"4' like myself. Although the armrests don't move, this does not hamper the seating experience. Be warned, the plane is small inside, so if your tall you'll have to do a lot of crouching down!!

2/17/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 2C

Seat 2C is just beside toilet, not funny at all! The airplane is great for one certain thing, it is extremely silent in the cabin and you get a feel of flying in your own executive jet in business class...

11/4/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 3F

I was on the morning flight to Zurich as a SAS-PLUS traveller on this plane, and the seat was really nice. As a PLUS traveller, you don´t have a person next to you, which gives you a lot of space for your legs and stuff in the storage. Good view from the window and really nice service from the crew, all thow, I always have a go...

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