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1/21/2019 R Lang

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Tromso. Absolutely terrible service by 2 women flight attendants in particular. Right from the start they were reluctant to serve us drinks and gave us attitude when we asked for water. Spoke in a very rude way. We asked if we could have more water and they said no, only 1 half empty cup of water per person! If you want you have to buy water for $4. I pressed the call service button and asked for water and this lady refused and I was still talking to her and she turned off the service light and walked away. We had to get up and ask for water at the front. Only then other flight attendant said we can drink the tap water which we were fine doing.

1/15/2019 Lee, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 3A

A comfortable business class seat but the ‘A’ row seats are staggered so that one seat has the console next to the window with the seat by the aisle and the following seat has the seat directly next to the window and the console by the aisle. Those seats that are situated directly by the window have slightly more privacy and better viewing out of the windows as well. The seats that are directly next to the windows are numbered ‘2-4-6....’. Unfortunately, with my having seat #3A, I had my console next to the window and my seat adjacent to the aisle.

1/11/2019 S Davies

✅ Trip Verified | Kristiansand to Gdansk via Oslo. Due to completely overbooked flights, I've travel in SAS Plus this time and I'm really disappointed of service got for this price. You have to check-in your luggage with self check-in counter and choose you seat, which is nice. Also you need to tag your bags and drop them is self dropping luggage counter, which is even better. I was also able to use separate lane for Plus passengers but waiting time there was longer than in standard queue (the sold too much SAS Plus tickets). Also there is no lounge in Kristiansand airport which can be used to stay before flight. Flight was on time and service on board was poor (a softdrink and some snacks mixed from SAS Go menu). Service in SAS plus is comparable with Lufthansa economy. I had to wait for next flight 4 hours but lounge in Oslo is very nice and comfortable. However my flight was postponed for another 2 hours due to weather conditions in Gdańsk and finally cancelled. All passengers was send by buses to hotel for accommodate. Big disadvantage in hotel was only 2 staff servicing 150 passengers in one time. Waiting time to hotel check-in desk was around 1 hour but there was a lot of people behind me so I can imagine they wait around 2 hours (it was around midnight). Also there was no dinner and other catering service. After breakfast and checkout I went by bus to the airport, print new boarding passes and pass security without any problems. New flight was on time and I landed in Gdańsk without surprises. Service on board was fair level. My luggage arrive on time. SAS handled our delay in good level.

1/11/2019 S Davies

✅ Trip Verified | It was flight to Gdansk to Kristiansand via Oslo. Check-in process went very fast same as security control in Gdańsk. However again SAS didn't allow me to access the lounge even if I got *G card. Plane came to Gdańsk completely full but flight back was empty (around 20-30 people on board). Due to late departure from Gdańsk in Oslo I had only 30 minutes to change a plane. Flight to Kristiansand was on time. Very weird thing was rows from 1 to 20 on this flight was in SAS Plus and only 21-26 in economy. Service on board both planes was very poor (coffe, tea or water). My luggage arrived without any problems.

1/11/2019 S Marssen

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Newark. Upgraded from economy to business at check in. Best price used to be USD500 or 40000 point but was now told the best price is appx USD650 and 50000. Service was fine. One older female crew member was awesome but remaining staff was nothing special in terms of service nor politeness. Wifi worked great and was free for gold. Ran out of some food options but still had a few to choose from. The duck was nice. SAS has lowered their service on everything from baggage to food in order to try and boost profits. They have now amended the amenity kit as well, so gone is the Armani aftershave and in are useless want-to-be artesinal socks and lotions of poor appeal. So sad. Now the only reason for flying SAS is skipping a transit to Scandinavia.

1/11/2019 N Peale

✅ Trip Verified | Absolute worst airline I have ever travelled, would never use again. We were booked to flight to Tromso for the weekend, as was meant to be a trip of a lifetime. Our first flight from Manchester to Oslo was cancelled (were never given a reason) and we were then delayed for 8 hours and rebooked on to different flights, not due to arrive in Tromso until the next morning (24 hours after starting our journey). We were put on a flight to Copenhagen and then landed in Oslo after midnight. After getting a couple of hours sleep in a hotel (we were the lucky ones, one couple had to sleep on the airport floor as no hotel was booked) we were back in the airport at 6am. However when we tried to board our flight we were then told the flight had been overbooked and our tickets had been cancelled so we were then put on a flight 4 hours later. What was meant to be a trip of a lifetime was spent mostly sat in an airport with over 30 hours of travelling which was longer than we actually got to spend in our destination. Would give it 0 if possible.

1/9/2019 S Mealey

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Copenhagen via Stockholm. I fly 20+ times a year. SAS is not on par with other international flights. I've never heard of a 1 glass of wine restriction per meal and any additional glasses incurring a charge, not for an 8+ hour flight. On the flight back from Sweden I asked for a Sprite. I was told I had to pay for it because I only get 1 soda per flight. For a 9+ hour flight, I wouldn't expect to be nickle-and-dimed so much. If I can avoid it, I'll never fly this airline again.

1/3/2019 Yaroslav Kravchenko

Not Verified | We picked SAS without proper investigation which I deeply regret. Overall consistently negative experience on 3 flights during winter holidays: 1) all 3 flights were delayed by at least an hour. Surprisingly in none of the cases the delay caused any reaction from the airline staff, nobody even tried to move quicker, everybody acted as if this is business-as-usual which made it so frustrating. When you have a 45min flight, and it becomes a 2,5 hour struggle, you expect people to do something about it except say on the speaker “yes, we are late, but we’re flying already and there is nothing we can do”. You have to pay for everything during the flight (even on a 2-hour flight between Tromso and Oslo), although the airline doesn’t position itself as a low-cost carrier. We had a connection in Stockholm with a different airline (so we had to check in the luggage again) and the captain casually informed everybody that “due to lack of loading crew we wont be able to unload the luggage, so you might not receive it today”. No way I will ever choose SAS again.

1/2/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 17F

Best seat ever. Next to nice window, emergency exit and as the seat in front of you is removed, you have heaps of space for your legs.

12/28/2018 Antti Westerlund

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Copenhagen via Vienna. Our flight being delayed for total of 5 hours SAS offered total of 50 danish crowns of compensation/person and denied any further help to our family with two kids with our connection flight. Next time considering other airlines first before SAS.

11/22/2018 Kathleen Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | This week, I have already been on SAS flights 3 times, and will be on a 4th Saturday. My first two flights were quite enjoyable. Friendly, attentive staff and a clean plane. However, on my flight today (11/21), from Athens to Copenhagen, I experienced the worst customer service of my life. I was waiting very patiently for the restroom, when a flight attendant, who at this point had not noticed me, went to check to see if the bathroom was open. Upon realizing it was not, she glanced back, saw me waiting and pulled the curtain shut, hitting my face with it (no apology or acknowledgement of wrongdoing). (I also feel that it’s necessary to include that the same flight attendant pulled the curtain in my mother face in a very rude fashion as well.) When the gentleman in front of me left the restroom, she opened the curtain for him to return to his seat. I started towards the bathroom, at this point more confused than upset. The flight attendant proceeded to put her hand in my face, getting within an inch of me, and said “no, wait” and proceeded to go to the restroom herself. I can understand needing to use the restroom. I can understand needing to go before a paying customer if it was time to prepare for landing (which it was not, we were roughly 2 hours into a 3 hour flight). I can understand wanting the curtain shut to maintain privacy for the flight attendants. What I can not understand is the blatant rudeness and mistreatment of a passenger, especially without any signs of remorse. I am nothing short of appalled, I have never seen or experienced such horrific customer service. After my flight home Saturday, I certainly will not consider using, or recommending, SAS ever again.

11/21/2018 M Barlem

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Berlin. I am normally a friend of SAS. Flew them across the Atlantic twice this year in Business. Love their long haul business product. I find them nice in economy as well. This time though I was gutted. Next to me was a guy who is in adverts on swedish TV. He seemed like a nice guy. No problems there. The problem was the flight attendant. She got super excited. OK, I get it, nice with celebrities I guess. But this woman completely lost it and totally ignored me. I could not even order water while she offered him free champagne and kept waffling with him. In SAS economy you have to pay for all booze or snacks. So that was bad, but she repeats this on her way back again. For this lady the plane had one passenger. This was bad.

11/20/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 20B

I believed in the comment in here and was happy to get the 20B, but as mentioned by another commenter already the whole row 20 has definetly less leg room than the other SAS Plus seats because of the wall as seperation to the business class, luckily the flight was not that full so I could change to21F where I could put my legs completely straigt under 20F (1.82 m), this would be never possible in row 20.

11/19/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 4A

I highly recommend the seats closer to the window as they provide more privacy and better views. The footwells were larger than I expected and I found them to be practical. The seat is great and there is a lot of storage just like all other seats in this cabin.

11/17/2018 M Sommerville

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Copenhagen. Two fine flights on economy class, CPH to Newark and return. I got there and back again, safe and happy. As economy passenger my expectations are adjusted to the fact, that I get what I pay for. Clean cabin, good roomy seat for economy class, meals and soft drinks included in the fair price, I arrived happy in Newark and when I came back home. Will continue to fly SAS.

10/23/2018 Gustav Molin

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Los Angeles. I've lost my last hope in airlines. I enjoy flying with SAS and have previously never encountered a problem dealing with them, but I had heard rumors about their poor customers service and I couldn't believe how bad it actually was when I now finally had to be in contact with them. I tried rescheduling my ticket yesterday because of personal reasons and had problem after problem to pay for my selected ticket. After multiple tries to pay (including trying 3 different browsers) I finally managed to pay with PayPal (which isn't my preferred way of paying). The money gets debited yet I receive no re-booking confirmation. I cal in to their customer service right away, they say It's no problem and tells me to call back tomorrow If nothing has happened on my booking pages. I call back the day after, they say there's been a problem and that I will get refunded for the payment. I call again since the price went up for my ticket and I want the price I had been debited for, and I get to deal with this incredibly rude guy screaming at me like I was an idiot and trying to overpower me. He yelled things like ''Why didn't you call back immediately?'' and ''This is your damn fault!''. They wasted my time, money and definitely my trust in them. I hope they don't do it to you! Skip the hassle, schedule your tickets right so you don't have to deal with their ridiculous CS incompetence.

10/19/2018 R Jatish

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to San Francisco. Awful service. The staff at the check in counter had a very foul mood. The food on the flight was terrible and I was traveling business class. They changed the flight last minute to an old aircraft so the seats were not the best and the tv didn’t work for most passengers. Neither did the WiFi. I would choose any other airline if given a choice.

10/18/2018 L Pasirczyk

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Japan and I can purchase drinks? Are you serious SAS? You hand me some wine since no beer was available anymore, since one drink is free - ok well fine for me.. But with an unfriendliness I have never seen in my life. Thankfully I got a bottle of water on my seat before takeoff. How about you make the space between the seats even smaller? There was no choice in food, everybody gets the same. Never SAS again.

10/16/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 7C

Pleasantly surprised. I have been avoiding SAS save for trans Atlantic flights because I though their planes were uncomfortable. Not the case. Granted, this was a short hop from BGO to OSL and the plane wasn't full but even at 6'6", I had enough leg room. Service was decent given the short amount of time in the air.

10/10/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 1D

These seats are ok. There's no additional privacy being upfront and I was blinded by a light in the closet in front of 1A that flight attendants kept opening through the whole flight. The seat felt thin but it is wide. I've slept better on other style seats. TV screen was crisp and filled with movies. Service was friendly but it took 2.5 hours to finish dinner. There were at least 3 attendants in business but they would disappear for 30 minutes or more between drinks or food. Food was ok at best and not filling. Breakfast was solid, though rushed.