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7/29/2018 M Garnecka

✅ Trip Verified | Split to Oslo via Stockholm. Friday, July 20, 2018, I received at. 19.20 a sms from SAS that the plane the following day will be delayed 2 hours. The departure should originally be from Split at. 10.10, 21 July 2018. Intermediate in Stockholm, and so on to Oslo. Arrival 14.35. It goes without saying that costumer service at SAS closes at. 19, and does not open until 9 days after. Split airport is one of the worst in the world. No doubt. I'm promised that if I want, I'll have to get a baggage in Stockholm. The departure will be moved to 12.15. It's over 2 hours of waiting without seating. I'm sitting on the floor for 2 hours. The plane is coming. On board we meet with happy and satisfied people. We are informed that the delay is due to crewet's rest. There is no stand by crew. For it is now everyone is settling their vacation. It is nice. We land and I rush to find a transfer service center. Arlanda has unfortunately no signs. I have gone wrong twice. There is absolutely no one who has been waiting for us or given us any information, it takes a long time before we understand we have to draw a number. But what should you press? The lady in the counter is alone and gets very angry that we are wrong. I get a new boarding card and a message that I will have to stay overnight. Now I have to go to the luggage hall and talk to the costumer service there. There is no costumer service there, just baggage help. The lady still giving me a sticker with reference to the hotel - 3 course dinner she says. I would like my baggage. Neeeej, I can not get that. I get totally desperate. Not even a tan brush. She gives me a bag. It will help. No, I do not want to scold out, she just says yes. Yes. Yes. I'm coming to the hotel, I'm told that dinner we can not get before 20.30. The hotel has more important guests. Kl. is 16.00. What's the matter with these people !! There I belong in addition to other passengers that they could get their luggage out without any problems. The following day we arrive in Oslo. I'm 20 hours late. When we leave the plane there is a friendly young man with a sign - transfer. They can do that enough in Oslo. I also notice the signs. Clear. All the way. The feeling that this was a well-organized demonstration is becoming increasingly evident. I understand. They want us to complain. We will do that of what I understood on my fellow passengers. But it will also have an opposite effect, I will not fly with SAS again. Only if I absolutely have no other choice. And that means fewer and fewer customers for the company, and that means there may be no job complaining to SAS employees. Fredag den 20 juli 2018 modtog jeg kl. 19.20 en sms fra SAS om at flyet dagen efter vil være 2 timer forsinket. Afgangen oprindeligt skulle være fra Split kl. 10.10, 21 juli 2018. Mellemlanding i Stockholm, så videre til Oslo. Ankomst 14.35. Det viser sig selvfølgelig at costumer service ved SAS lukker kl. 19, og åbner ikke før 9 dagen efter. Split lufthavn er en af de værste i verden. Ingen tvivl. Jeg bliver lovet at hvis jeg vil, så skal jeg få baggage ud i Stockholm. Afgangen bliver flyttet til 12.15. Det er over 2 timer med ventetid uden siddepladser. Jeg sidder på gulvet i 2 timer. Flyet kommer. Ombord mødes vi af glade og fornøjede folk. Vi bliver informeret at forsinkelsen skyldes at crewet skulle have sin hvile. Der findes ingen stand by crew. For det er nu alle afvikler sine ferie. Det er flot. Vi lander, og jeg skynder mig for at finde transfer service center. Arlanda har desværre ingen skilte. Jeg har gået forkert to gange. Der er absolut ingen som har ventet på os eller givet os nogen information, det tager lang tid før vi forstå vi skal trække et nummer. Men hvad skal man trykke på? Damen i skranken er alene, og bliver rigtig sur over at vi trykker forkert. Jeg får et nyt boarding kort og besked om at jeg bliver nødt til at overnatte. Nu skal jeg gå ned i baggagehallen og snakke med costumer service der. Der findes ikke nogen costumer service der, bare baggage hjælp. Damen der giver mig alligevel et klistermærke med henvisning til hotellet - 3-retters middag siger hun. Jeg vil gerne have min baggage. Neeeej det kan jeg slet ikke få. Jeg bliver helt desperat. Ikke engang en tanbørste. Hun giver mig en pose. Det vil hjælpe. Nej, det vil det ikke, jeg skælder ud, hun siger bare Ja. Ja. Ja. Jeg kommer til hotellet, der får jeg at vide at middagen kan vi ikke få før 20.30. Hotellet har vigtigere gæster. Kl. er 16.00. Hvad er der i vejen med de her folk!! Der hører jeg i tillæg fra andre passagerer at de kunne få sin baggage ud uden problemer. Dagen efter kommer vi til Oslo. Jeg er 20 timer forsinket. Når vi går ud af flyet står der en venlig ung mand med skilt - transfer. De kan det vist nok i Oslo. Jeg lægger også mærke til skiltene. Tydelige. Hele vejen. Følelsen af at dette var en velorganiseret demonstration bliver mere og mere tydelig. Jeg forstår det godt. De vil have os til at klage. Det kommer vi til at gøre, af det jeg forstod på mine medpassagerer. Men det vil også have modsat virkning, jeg kommer ikke til at flyve med SAS igen. Kun hvis jeg absolut ikke har noget andet valg. Og det betyder færre og færre kunder for selskabet, og det betyder at der måske ikke vil være noget job at klage over for de ansatte ved SAS.

7/29/2018 M. Dixon

✅ Trip Verified | Stavanger to Oslo. I have never had as unpleasant a travel experience as I have recently had with SAS airlines. Our flight from Stavanger to Bergen 4 days ago was delayed twice. When we finally arrived in Bergen, our luggage had not made it. The next day we left e-mail messages, no reply. We phoned and were kept on hold for 45 minutes, so we gave up. We tried the tracking system - it showed no activity. We finally decided go to the Bergen airport ourselves, and there, on the floor, was our luggage. Only 1 person was working at the desk, and she was unable alone to cope with the lost luggage complaints. Today, our flight from Stavanger to Oslo has been delayed twice. Other conference acquaintances of ours who were flying to Amsterdam said their flight was also delayed. We've been hearing stories of other SAS delays, leading us to wonder if punctual flights are the exception with SAS. I will never travel to a Nordic county again if SAS is the only available option.

7/27/2018 P Dawe

✅ Trip Verified | London to Hong Kong via Stockholm. This is the second time we have flown this route in the past 3 years, overall the flight is actually pleasant. Minor complaints regarding the inability for families traveling with an infant to check in online and the terminal malfunctions in terminal 2 that where not really their fault, aside. The plane is comfortable, the route well planned out though very tight for any delays coming out of London and the seats very comfortable. The food is basic but good and the in-flight entertainment limited but sufficient for a single flight. I would love to leave the story here, unfortunately the experience fell apart following our arrival in Hong Kong. One of our baby car seats did not make either flight and was still in London. With no SAS representative in Hong Kong we were forced to deal with the baggage handler Jardine. When we asked how we are supposed to get home with no car seat the brisk reply was they don't know or care. Getting no where we proceeded onto the main desk to be told that the airline will not provide a spare car seat due to the potential liability if there was an accident the airline could be at fault. The solution provided was to hold our child in the car and take our chance. I am horrified to hear a representative of the airline suggest that the company cares more about possible liability than the safety of a child. This lack of any option forced us to take a very long and expensive train journey home with two very tired children at 8am on a Monday (otherwise known as rush hour). I understand that bags go missing (BA also lost a bag of ours on this same journey). however i expect the airline to take responsibility and provide a solution when you lose a safety device such as a car seat. To rub salt in the wound 4 days later we have still not received the car seat. Last we heard it missed the following days connecting flight to HK from arlanda and is currently still in Stockholm. Yes the tickets where considerably cheaper however i shall not be returning to an airline that cares more about their company liability than the life of a child.

7/23/2018 W Merbene

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Paris. Exactly the kind of company you will hate. A lot more expensive than the lowcost companies doing the sames travels, you expect to get a better service and information. The gate changed for no reason, the plane is delayed 4 times without any explanation, nobody is there to tell you what's going on, after walking half the airport nobody knows what's going on at the SAS desk. I regret so much to change my ticket from low cost company for SAS.

7/23/2018 D Gassing

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Faro via Stockholm. Travelled in SAS Plus (European Business Class). The check in and priority boarding was great at Oslo Airport. However the lounges at both Oslo and Stockholm are overcrowded, and the food selection is at the best average. Too many big tables, too few toilets as there was a line the whole time inside the lounge to go. The only good thing is enough power outlets. The flight from Oslo to Stockholm was on a very cramped CRJ 900 - almost non existent leg room, and very poor roll with cream cheese. The flight was one hour late - no explanation or apology for this. The next 4 hour flight to Faro started boarding 10 minutes before departure, and hence got a delay of 30 minutes - again no explanation. On board they had a few selections for the economy passengers to choose from to buy, but in «business» class the only option was salmon salad. Even though it is in the same square boxes. Why dont they let business class decide between rhe options themselves first, and then sell the rest to economy. To the coffee they served some chocolate in some nice boxes. However when we took one of them and bit in we noticed mould on it. The mould was hidden under a hard chocolate shell, so impossible to notice on the outside. We told the crew and got one more box and same here. When we arrived at Faro Airport we waited for the luggage in 45 minutes, and the priority suitcases arrived as the very last bags at the carousel, just confirming the bad impression we had. Flew with KLM Business class in Europe a week earlier and just have to say that the difference is enormous.

7/22/2018 Rajesh C, Boeing 737-600 (736) v1 seat 10A

The tray tables are not in the arm rest, they are on the chair ahead. And the arm rests do move. This is the case for seats ABCD

7/17/2018 V Kalynov

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Amsterdam with SAS Scandinavian. The flight was delayed 40 minutes first without any prior announcement, we were supposed to depart at 16.15 and then several minutes before the actual take off time it was changed to 16.55. then, when we got on the flight, it was announced that the plane had missed some its takeoff time and the next time to take off was at 17.55. The cabin crew did not apologise properly, they just asked to "have more patience". Also, they didn't offer any free beverages and drinks despite the delay. Even drinking water was only available to buy. I don't think they deserve even those three stars status they claim to have.

7/14/2018 Daniel Conway

Not Verified | London to Tokyo via Copenhagen. What a nightmare this airline was! There was absolute chaos with them at Heathrow after they cancelled the flight to Copenhagen just one hour before it was due to depart (lack of crew and we actually saw the plane depart the airport with no passengers on!). Of course, this can happen with airlines but what was really the problem was the lack of knowledge and bad attitude of their staff ground and call centre staff. I received an SMS telling me the flight was cancelled and immediately went to the SAS transfer desk - a queue had already formed so I called the SAS call centre while waiting in the queue. To cut a long story short I had to make two phone calls and argue with three different SAS employees throughout the day in order to get onto a flight to Tokyo. SAS seems to have a very dysfunctional computer system and very little slack. In the end, I got onto an ANA flight 8 hours later. The return from Tokyo was late and I very nearly missed the connection back to London. And I am still waiting for my luggage to be returned 48 hours later! On board is OK - fairly basic food and no choice of food, but it was the chaotic scenes at Heathrow that would put me off flying with SAS again. If there's a problem they clearly don't have the capacity to cope and it shouldn't be the case you have to argue to get onto a flight in order to reach your original destination.

7/12/2018 K Haymes

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Berlin. Flew SAS for the first time in many years. I remembered a punctual airline with good service. What I received this time was anything but. My route was TXL to TLL via ARN. Besides the fact that all four segments were late, I was mostly miffed about the idiotic way SAS now handles something as simple as serving a cup of water inflight. On three of the four segments water was served to every passenger who wanted some along with tea and coffee for no cost. Because SAS aspires to be a budget carrier they cater ALL flights with small bottles of water. However, flights less than 80 minutes are deemed too short to sell water at exorbitant prices so they serve it for free. The problem is they use many more plastic bottles than an airline would use if they had the normally-used big bottles. So much for SAS’ supposed concern for the environment, or for their passengers. Those who were served this “precious” water were given a ration of less than a small cup full and no refills. On the final segment I was told that the only way I could get some water at no charge would be if I stated that I needed it for taking medicine. SAS seems to be winning the race to the bottom handily.

7/11/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 51H

Fantastic seat (as economy goes). Due to tapering of fuselage, this pair of seats is set at an awkward angle. 51G is much closer to seat in front but 51H gave me (6'1') lots of spare legroom. Air crew were fine too, forget the fact that alcohol is only available to buy, I knew that when I booked. Would definitely book this seat again. Oh, the views of Greenland were stunning.

7/11/2018 Maria Stolarz

Not Verified | San Francisco to Copenhagen. I was not sure about this Airline becuase of the reviews, but still decide to give them a chance, because the price was good for us. We flight from San Francisco in June and back from Copenhagen to Boston in July. Customer Service at the airport was good, no problems at all, same with flight crew. We have meals in our flights (both ways), good portions, movies to choose, not many but some. Also in the way back, we buy extra room to Economy plus.

7/10/2018 S Rasmussen

Not Verified | Vilnius to Copenhagen. The expected departure time for this flight was 15:00, however at 14:55 there was no evidence that this was going to happen. The monitor at the departure gate wrote "New information at 15:00. Expected departure 15:00". I don't know what this means in English, but fact is there was no SAS flight. No information was given. At 15:35 someone came up and annouced (only in Lithuanian) that the flight was delayed. I don't understand Lithuanian, so had no idea. I then asked a security worker in the airport about where the Information desk or Service Desk was located, only to be told that no such thing exists in Vilnius Airport. I would have to leave the departure zone, then come back. I decided to do just that, left departure zone and went straight to the SAS / Star Alliance office to ask what was going on about my flight to Copenhagen. The woman behind the desk then told me the flight was delayed, but that was all she knew. What an impressing service. I then tried to call SAS in Copenhagen only to learn that SAS customer service have no information about current flight operations. However, travelling on SAS Plus, I anticipated that I would have access to the business lounge in Vilnius Airport. This turned out to be untrue. As the only carrier in Star Alliance, only SAS business customers are not entitled entry to the business lounge even if SAS sell their business tickets with the understanding that you can access the business lounges. Finally boarded the flight two hours and 15 minutes after planned departure and got my seat in row 3 in the extremely cramped CRJ900 aircraft. Food served was actually OK, only later to see that deserts were one month over expiry date! Bottom line is that I fly SAS around 28-30 times per year, and even if they leased out the Vilnius-Copenhagen route to Air Nostrum and CityJet, it still states SAS on the airline ticket. Fact is, that I have had 6 cancellations and 5 major delays the past 7 months. SAS used to be a quality airline, and had a world known brand for service and punctuality, but how times have changed. To me SAS is now no better than low-cost airlines, and the quality and punctuality is long gone in the race towards being cheap which SAS is not. Other airlines in the Star Alliance are way better than SAS. Even flying SAS Plus is like flying cattle class. I have booked my final ticket with SAS, and will never come back.

7/3/2018 Jakob Blix-N., Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 28A

The cabin was very fresh and new, but the plane was still 17 years, so the flight was kind of bumpy. I am 1m 72cm and had pretty good legroom. Seat with and recline was good and comfortable. The food was very hot, but very good. The plane had not WiFi witch is very strange to not have in 2018. I talked to the cabin crew, and the plane was almost the only one without WiFi so I hope my return flight has WiFi. Good menus and magazines. The service was very good, the cabin crew was very nice and helpfull. At the end SAS was worth the money.

7/2/2018 Kristian V. S, Boeing 737-700 (737) v1 seat 11C

All seat is now fitted with usb power outlet.

7/2/2018 M Leyssen

Not Verified | Munich to Oslo. Paid for premium Economy got cattle class. Given boarding passes with the seats that we had reserved no problems at the check in counter. Got to the gate and our seats had been changed. Travel as a couple and shocked to find that we were no longer even in the same row, but squeezed between two other strangers. No space left for our bags the bins were filled by other passengers walking to the rear ended up put in the staff locker so could not access. No form of entertainment a very uncomfortable flight and certainly not what we had paid for. cabin crew seemed unfriendly and just going through the motions. I guess we were lucky only delayed for a short period before take-off but not a flight I would like to repeat in a hurry.

7/2/2018 N Varsten

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Amsterdam. Smooth boarding at OSL. Free coffee and tea. The Swedish crisps they sell are the best I have ever tasted. Could have included free food and WiFi. Crew is very pleasant and professional. Feels really safe and comfortable to fly with SAS.

7/2/2018 Fredrik Westerdahl

Not Verified | Stockholm to Newark via Copenhagen. I did not use the WIFI on this flight. There are mostly two things that set SAS down, Cabin crew and the IFE. Although on the flight down to CPH had amazing cabin crew, the one to EWR was less impressive. The IFE was good/decent. It will probably keep you entertained for a flight this long. The IFE offers some movies (around 58 if i remember correct) and some TV shows (Around 1-5 episodes for each one) That and the non-interactive route map. Although it might keep you entertained for just over the atlantic, maybe not a super long haul flight like from Scandinavia to LAX. SAS offers the In flight magazine and the menu digitally. Now this is a part with takes the IFE on this flight down. The games. There was only Chess under the "Games" category but there is some more under "Kids" and "Games" like tetris or something. The food selection for the cold part was good but a little bit overpriced although I do like that you can pay with Eurobounus Points on SAS so if you are a frequent flyer with them you can pay around (I think it was) 1,100 Eurobounus points. Although the cold food was food hot food can get a little bit bigger in selection in my opinion. You get a free meal and breakfast/pre-landing meal for free. The free meal was 10/10 according to my tastes. The seat was good, The recline was decent as well as the comfort of the seat. The seat came with a pillow, blanket, water bottle and headphones. As well with induvidual USB ports under the IFE and universal power outlet under the seat.

6/30/2018 H Dansten

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Reykjavik via Copenhagen. The flight between Stuttgart and Copenhagen and return was on a small jet as expected and of a duration of slightly more than an hour. No problems with either flight. The primary flight from Copenhagen to Iceland was the problem. - both outbound and the return. Having never flown SAS, I'd previously thought of them as a reasonably good national carrier. My assumption was mistaken. My experience with SAS ranks them as a cut-rate discount airline, but one that doesn't advertise themselves as such or acknowledge they are. I know what to expect if flying a discount airline so I'd have no rights to complain for lack of services/amenities, it would be expected - but this does NOT apply to SAS, nor their pricing! The 3 hour flight on the A320 to Keflavik had zero entertainment options, closely spaced rows, very narrow seats, and no more than a few degrees of "recline" - so the word really doesn't apply to these seats. No-charge amenities equaled exactly coffee, tea, and water. On the return flight we asked for a second cup of water (was give a max. of 200 ml in the first cup), but were informed we were "allowed" one cup and we'd need to pay €3 if we wanted more. Outward flight: aircrew arrived at gate 23 minutes prior to scheduled departure. The broadcast delay was blamed on "lots of baggage" which is a bogus explanation; the passenger and bag information is a "known" well before the flight. They were simply late and must think all passengers are mindless cattle. In the future if this airline's rates are competitive with other "discount" airlines, now that I know what to expect, I might use them again. But if that is not the case and unless hundreds of $ are saved per ticket we will never fly SAS again! I attempted to review/give feedback on the airline's site using the site info from the feedback card given us by the aircrew; I constantly receive a "404" error. Priceless! In closing, avoid if at all possible!

6/26/2018 J Evans

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Chicago via Stockholm. Just awful. Was scheduled to leave at 4:30pm. They announced a delay due to the plane needing digital scanning. About an hour later they announced another delay in boarding. At 6:30pm they let us know that all the beverages onboard needed to be scanned and they would keep us posted. At 7:30pm we were told we would leave at 8:30. At almost 9:00 they announced the flight was canceled. After waiting over 4 hours at the gate we had to stand in line another hour to get a hotel assignment. The staff was totally unhelpful. They wouldn’t tell us any new flight information, we were just told to go online. When I went online to look for my new flight it said I have already taken my flight. I feel like I’m being held hostage by SAS. This airline is completely incompetent. If there is a problem with the aircraft, bring in a new one. If there are problems with the beverages, take them off and load new ones. The staff wouldn’t answer questions, they were completely rude. I hope to never have to fly this awful airline ever again. I’m hoping when I get back to the airport I can get some answers as to when I will be able to fly home. I would not recommend flying SAS. United, Lufthansa and IcelandAir are much niceer and more competent.

6/25/2018 D Phillips

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Manchester to Oslo. SAS, why are you always late? My 42nd flight with SAS today. Well can I say other than delayed, delayed, delayed. Always delayed. I don’t understand how one airline can always be late. I flew with EasyJet a few days earlier and the trip was perfect. That’s right EasyJet the budget airline. I have to say I’ve traveled a lot with EasyJet and they aren’t without issue but SAS is just incompetent. I usually take 4 to 6 flights per month with SAS and I honestly can’t remember the last time a flight departed on time. Someone at SAS needs to be fired.