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7/3/2019 Kirk Riddell

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a ticket Bangkok to Singapore return at the same time from the Scoot website. As I normally do I checked the spelling of my name and the dates to make sure I hadn't made any mistakes and then paid by Visa. I checked to see which airport it flew from as there are 2 airports in Bangkok, most low cost airlines fly from Don Meauang Airport but some are located at Suvarnabhumi. I noted that this flight took for from Suvarnabhumi Airport. What I didn't check was the airline that the return flight landed in. This turned out to be Don Meauang. Yes, this was shown on the itinerary but I think it's a bit misleading. I never expected it to be a different airport and from reading complaints online a lot of people are thinking the same as me. I ended up having to pay for a taxi at Midnight on the return date to get to my car (40 minutes away). When I called Scoot to complain they were polite but said that it's my responsibility to know which airline the flight arrives at. Needless to say I'm not pleased by that type of response and Scoot will now be my last choice for air travel. They can't be trusted.

7/3/2019 Ting Qi Goh

✅ Trip Verified | Kansai to Singapore on 2nd July. If you like a great dose of uncertainty before you fly, then Scoot is the perfect airline for you! For a 19.35 flight, we found out our flight is delayed 1hr 40 mins! Before the gates open, we get another surprise delay again!

6/29/2019 T Koh

✅ Trip Verified | I have taken Scoot multiple times not because they are fantastic but due to the affordable cost. The staff were generally grumpy and unpleasant on both flights inbound and on the return. To sum it up: Scoot is the equivalent of Ryanair in Asia. I napped most of the outbound flight and did not eat or drink. My seat did not recline. I was hungry on the return flight and the staff got angry when my contactless card was declined, and prodded me to hurry up as I went through my carry on backpack to fish out my wallet for change- only to fall short by 10 cents and I had to pay in USD. I apologised and the attendant muttered something under her breath, dropped my items down on the table even as I said thank you, she walked away in a huff. Terrible customer service. The crew only cleared trash 30 minutes prior to landing so I was forced to sit with my box of pot noodles and soiled napkins for a good 90 minutes after eating. In addition, the staff kept barking out orders on the PA saying no outside food is allowed. Are we children in elementary school? Ugh. Overall, terrible service.

6/22/2019 G Wozlen

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Jakarta. Plane left and arrived on time. The bare-bones facilities were not much of an issue on this short flight, so unlike on long-haul, Scoot was fine for this journey.

6/22/2019 G Wozlen

✅ Trip Verified | Plane both left Berlin and arrived at Singapore over an hour late. As bare-bones a budget flight as they come. Seats thin, stiff and uncomfortable. No debit cards accepted on board so couldn't purchase anything. Not even shared monitors to show the plane's progress on such a long-distance flight. Even to watch the paid entertainment program you must download an app and watch them on your own cell phone or other device. The only positives: ever-present polite Asian crew and generous free hand luggage allowance.

6/21/2019 B Jay

Not Verified | Melbourne to Denpasar via Singapore. This is a budget airline so you get what you expect. In saying this, all flights were on time, departure was easy and carry on allowances are 10kg instead of the usual 7kg. Seats were ok, except no head rest, which you have to pay extra for. You also had to pay extra for food, water and any other beverages. Inflight entertainment was also at an additional cost as well as a blanket and pillow. You pay for a seat and that's literally all you get. Seats on the Dreamliner had better than average leg space however flights on the smaller A320 plane (DPS- SIN) were very tight. I would fly again for short haul flights, but i think for an 8 hr flight I need a blanket, meal and some sort of in flight entertainment included.

6/17/2019 E Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Bali with Scoot. It was a horrible and uneventful flight. Flight was delayed for nearly three hours and all Scoot compensated us with was a packet of snacks and a bottle of water. Onboard the flight, the crew were generally okay. Seat was uncomfortable and very narrow. Legroom was also quite tight. Overall a bad flight with Scoot.

6/1/2019 Teng Yong Khoo

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the not so nice service from the ground service, the flight was generally great. The cabin crew was generally cheerful and friendly but could be better.

5/31/2019 J Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Athens. I initially planned for a connecting flight 2 with a layover duration of 2 hours. Scoot however, revised their schedule a couple of weeks before my flight, reducing my layover time by 20 minutes. On the flight day, we saw that the flight was re-timed. We went to the check in counter to entire, but the counter staff were not even aware that the flight was re-timed. They checked and advised us that the flight departure time will be delayed by 2 hours, but the arrival time will remain the same, which is ridiculous. We went through the customs and went straight to the gate. The gate did not even display the updated flight time. There was no communication to the passengers, all waiting in vain and frustrated. No customer service representative came to address the issue. We called up the call center, which was outsourced, and they too, have no idea that the flight was re-timed. We went to confirm with the lounge staff, who advised us there was in fact a delay of 2 hours, arrival time will be delayed by another 2 hours too. We understand that the delay was due to the earlier flight being delayed, because they were waiting for 8 passengers who were performing their transit. In other words, Scoot opted to delay a whole plane full of passengers, just to accommodate to the 8 people. Very poor decision making and management on Scoot's behalf. While we were on the plane but yet to depart, the plane was being delayed for another hour. We understand that this was due to accommodating to the request of a single passenger who decided to disembark and then changed his mind to reembark again. This decision, again, costed the whole plane full of passengers another hour, just for the sake of a single passenger. We were seeking updates from the stewardess during the delay, but she does not have any clue as to what is happening, and she had this irritating habit of touching her hair once every 10 seconds or so. I missed my connecting flight eventually, and had to book another connecting flight. I wrote in to Scoot for the compensation. Their customer support team is outsourced, and have no clue that the flight was delayed. They kept insisting that the flight delay was less than 3 hours, until I requested them to show me the actual departure time and actual arrival time, versus the scheduled departure and arrival time. They kept replying with copy-and-pasted templates which added to my frustration. They have this "promise to you" page on their website which says that they will compensate with a travel voucher for any delay more than 3 hours. It has been more than a month since I raised this claim and till now, it has not been resolved. The issue being transferred from one customer service officer to another. Not too sure if they even intend to deliver this promise that they state on their website. Comprehensive travel insurance does not cover delay of less than 6 hours, but their customer service officer kept asking me to check with the insurance company for compensation. Scoot is an irresponsible airline, with poor customer service. With so many of Scoot's recent delays in the news, now I understand, this is of no surprise. Do avoid at all costs.

5/25/2019 T Marston

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Phuket via Singapore. Hit with hundreds of dollars of overage fees on two carry-on bags we had to check because my friend and I booked our ticket in one reservation instead of separately. So 2 of us only get the checked bag allowance of one person (and the ticket costs the same as if we would have booked separately). This is not clearly explained when you book or confirm. It’s a scam to get more money and they should be ashamed of themselves.

5/25/2019 C Birlantes

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Singapore. I had pretty low expectations for this flight/airline after seeing many negative reviews after I already booked but it was a good no frills flight. The cabin staff that I was with were all professional, kind and efficient. Can't say enough good things about them. Honestly, I was kind of annoyed with the ground crew though. For the to SG flight, the ground crew were bordering talking down to the people trying the board (I get any group can be hard to deal with when not following instructions but you need to have some sort of control and courtesy). They called for first row, seniors, board me first. I was in the first row so I went yet the lady kept raising her voice and telling me later. I pointed out the seat number and told her to look at everyone tickets first. For the back to MNL flight, the ground crew just seemed inconsistent and rushed, eventually giving up on the section style bordering and just took everyone. It is what it is. As one can expect from a budget airline, there is no IFE and the food is not included. I found the menu very very pricey though even knowing their strategy. No problem with the seats since I got the stretch seats, I think it's worth it for big taller people(around $20-25) even for a short 3 hour flight. This is probably your best bet if your usual airline has no convenient flight for your next destination

5/21/2019 T Marten

✅ Trip Verified | Gold Coast to Bangkok via Singapore. To Scoot or not to Scoot In just one single trip I have come to the following conclusion about Scoot. There is inconsistency in the way they treat seat luggage allowance wise at different airports which cost us a lot. The web portal crashed multiple times when I tried to book luggage ... in the crash dump it said that they had "been informed" ... right. Maybe if the portal had worked I could have paid $105 return for luggage for my son as well instead of the total of $540. The air hostesses seems to look down on people, at least my wife who is kindness incarnated. The air hostesses seemed to have no information on extra seats and who is entitled to use them. The air hostesses apparently just assumed that we were getting off in Singapore .... the way they handled the stroller part in the story border lines theft of $400 in my books. It was only that I broke a massive sweat to "pull it from the dumpster" that I got my property back. The people in service phone has no clue about prices of luggage, again it seems this case falls out of their flow chart. The customer support does not respond, responds consistently only after the 10 days probably to wear you down and will apparently try and make you give up by death by paragraphs ... but I can read and this has become a matter of principle for me. The main issue was the the fact that we got trapped on the return to Gold Coast with luggage conditions that were suddenly different in Bangkok than in Gold Coast. This cost us A$300 extra but even though thats a lot of money, there is a certain amount of unfairness to it which is why I am making my voice heard. I have written to Scoot regarding the excess luggage and waited the 10 days without a reply from them. Then I wrote again and have waited another 10 days without hearing anything. But then I heard from them with the following message: "Our record shows that you have purchased an extra seat for your infant, however, infants are not considered as a full paying passenger. You may refer to our Conditions of Carriage 3.3 regarding infant passenger." In fact under baggage allowance it says "Infants not occupying a seat have no Checked Baggage allowance" which must mean that our son, since he occupied a seat either had a checked baggage allowance or at least was allowed to have one. So, they seem they will do anything to deflect. I have written to them with this argument. And they replied back that they have considered it and that infants occupying a seat still cannot have Checked Baggage allowance.

5/15/2019 Steven Iwan

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Jakarta via Singapore. Booked a Scoot flight for 31st May with a 6 hour stopover in Singapore. A few days ago advised flight from Perth to Singapore was cancelled and put on another flight (SQ) a day early on 30 May. Looked online to view available flights on the 31st and there was another SQ flight on the 31st May with similar departure time to my original Scoot flight. They did not allow me to change flight as it they do not have authority over SQ flights (same organization that moved me from Scoot to SQ in the first place), forcing me to stay longer in Singapore.

5/14/2019 David Robson

Not Verified | I travelled from Singapore to Berlin on Scoot. It was a long haul flight and was able to get some sleep. Arrived in TXL and was bused to the annex of airport.

5/14/2019 David Robson

Not Verified | Flew from Gold Coast to Singapore on Scoot. Check in was quick.Service was good. Slept some of the way. Will fly them again. I like leaving from the Gold Coast airport because it is an efficient small airport.

5/14/2019 Kira Venugopal

✅ Trip Verified | Trivandrum to Singapore. There was no on line check in available to start with, which is nerve racking. Service provided by staff was horrible and Food served in the flight is good for nothing. There was no support for Kids meals. There was no pillows provided and the blankets provided were cheap. My wife and son struggled through out the journey, As There was no pillows provided. Seats are extremely uncomfortable and if the passenger sitting in front is use recliner then you’re are in real problem as their seat is resting on your knees.

5/10/2019 W Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Singapore with Scoot. Speedy check-in with friendly ground-staff, speedy boarding. Bare-bones, not reclining seats and downright rude, unhelpful lead flight attendant ruined the overall experience.

5/10/2019 W Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Berlin with Scoot. Bad start with one hour delay to departure after boarding. Last row, non-reclining seat allocated despite very early check in. Cabin crew courteous and ever-present.

5/10/2019 Yingqiu Zhao

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Taipei. My flight was at 6:10am in the morning, I only managed to reach airport at 5:10am because the taxi driver lost his way. I tried check in using the machine but was not successful so proceed to counter, by the time I reach counter already 5:20am, the staff at the counter said the gate already closed and because I didn’t do online check in so she can’t let me in asked me to proceed to another counter to reschedule the timing. I then proceed to another counter paid $220 for reschedule the flight. I don’t understand if she can let those have done online check in people go in at that time why can’t she let me in for my case.

4/29/2019 Nikk Peeler

Melbourne to Phuket via Singapore with Scoot. Worst experience in 22 years of traveling worldwide. Absolutely a budget airline. You get nothing but a seat to sit in. Plane didnt leave on time for departure. 3 and a half hour delay on the return flight, which left us hanging around Changi airport for 6 hours.