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5/27/2019 Christina Bascom

Not Verified | Never fly this airline. They boarded us, accepted our luggage for a full flight from San Juan PR to Beef Island BVI today and never told us that our luggage wasn’t going to arrive. Basically the entire fight did not get luggage. We’re then told our luggage would be guaranteed on the next flight. Did not happen, we put off leaving Moorings to sail all day because we waited for each flight to arrive. 2 pieces out of 7 arrived with no effort to recognize the major inconvenience to us... the dives we had paid for the next day - and now cannot go on because our gear is in the missing luggage. When trying to find our luggage we were told this is a occurrence on weekends with Seaborne. The first and very last time we will use this airline. Will go back to Cape Air - they may have smaller planes but their customer service is hugely better than this despicable company. Seaborne should not be permitted to stay in business as it is a horribly run company.

4/7/2019 B Keane

✅ Trip Verified | San Juan to Anguilla. This is the worst airline I ever flew. Lost my baggage for 10 days and then did not answer any of dozens of calls and emails. Fly directly to St Martin and take the ferry over, it will save you headaches. I am not the only one with bad experiences with this airline, check the internet for all the people who have suffered because of them.

3/13/2019 Melissa Hodge

✅ Trip Verified | Seaborne double charged my credit card in January 2019 for a booking. I have been reaching out to seabourne airlines via telephone, via emails and I visited their reservations' counter in Puerto Rico since mid January 2019 without success. To date no one has contacted me or provided any information regarding the above mentioned double payment. All I have been receiving is an automatic email response wish is unsatisfactory. It is unfair to me to have to incur credit card fees because of a mistake made by Seabourne Airlines.

8/30/2018 C Burdill

✅ Trip Verified | We bought tickets to travel to Puerto Rico from St Thomas 8/19/18 unfortunately the flight time was mixed up. I call the Seaborne agent and found out the next available flight had only one seat wish would have cost us $99 each to change our same day flight and we were catching a cruise so we had to be there for a certain time. I'm certain she realize we will not make that flight and you would think good customer service would kick in and say if you don't make this flight we will cancel your reservation. We bought tickets for $360 one way to Puerto Rico on Cape Air. On our return trip 8/26/18 gone to Seaborne counter we had no flights. Call the agent again and got the same lady. Her explanation was we were no show so they cancelled our booking. After I spoke to this same person before our trip she knew our situation and didn't even offer any instruction on the policy of the airline. So I spent another $330 to get a ticket on JetBlue to flight back to St Thomas. You would think she would try and assist me no instead she said it was $200 one way for her tickets a $25 booking fees to flight back to St Thomas on Seabourne. This was a very expensive learning experience. I lost over $1000 on a $300 trip. Your agent said to me I should have read the policy. This airline will never see us again and I will never recommend.

2/22/2018 A Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Was supposed to take this flight with Seaborne after United cancelled all flights from St. Thomas. Seaborne called days before our departure to the Caribbean and cancelled this flight and the agent told me I would get a refund. I booked a replacement flight on Cape Air costing at least 50% more due to being last minute. Seaborne is now trying to offer me a worthless credit that I can't use being from the Western US. I payed $942 for the original tickets, then $1400 for the replacements and the had no problem stranding us on St Thomas. Horrible customer service and won't use them if I ever get that way again. They cancelled and they still want to charge me, go figure!

10/18/2017 K Birley

✅ Verified Review | St. Thomas to St. Croix. We purchased tickets on Seaborne as part of a family Thanksgiving celebration scheduled for Nov 2017. My parents have several medical issues; availability of medical facilities are a requirement wherever they travel. The Virgin Islands were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017. My personal home was severely damaged, our island was destroyed, and most importantly, the medical facilities and electrical systems were destroyed. I requested refunds of travel tickets from both American and Seaborne for the same reasons. American refunded my parents tickets within 24 hours; Seaborne, however, has refused to do so citing a provision that it was not their fault and therefore they will offer a 1-yr rebooking option only. We are prohibited from even selling the tickets locally to someone else who could use them. Needless to say, this is not acceptable. We are leaving the island, we will never be coming back, and neither will my parents. Seaborne had an opportunity to rise above petty policy provisions and provide for a base of enthusiastic customer support and they have squandered it. The adage of a satisfied customer tells 10 people, a dissatisfied customer tells 1000 holds true in this case. I urge any traveler to the area of the USVI who wishes to travel between the islands to use alternate travel modes, there are plenty.

5/31/2017 C Dorlan

✅ Verified Review | St. Thomas to St. Croix. I have nothing good to say about Seaborne Airlines at this moment. I traveled from St. Martin to St. Thomas today via Air Sunshine and I had bought a one-way ticket from Seaborne in advance to travel from St. Thomas (downtown) to St. Croix (downtown) which was my ultimately destination. The one-way ticket on Seaborne cost $89.00. Due to inclement weather in St. Maarten, my flight left very late and I arrived on St. Thomas at about 11:25 AM. My Seaborne flight from St. Thomas (downtown) was scheduled to leave at 12:10 PM. Unfortunately, I had to go through Customs at St. Thomas Airport and by the time a took a taxi to the seaplane location on the waterfront, the time was 11:50 AM. When I arrived at Seaborne, I was informed that my flight had "already been closed" and that I would be put on "standby" for the flight leaving at at 2:40 PM. I was then informed that I would have to pay an additional fee of $75.00 to get on the 2:40 PM flight. I came back at 1:40 PM and was informed that there were seats available on the 2:40 PM flight and I took out my credit card to pay the $75.00 fee and I was then informed by the attendant at the counter that there was an additional $40.00 charge above and beyond the $75.00 that was already being charged for a ticket that I bought for $89.00. So, the total cost for a one-way ticket from St. Thomas to St. Croix would have been $204.00. Absolutely disgusted by the treatment that I got! I refused to buy the ticket and got home via the QEIV Fast Ferry for $50.00.

11/22/2016 Robert White

✅ Verified Review | British Virgin Islands to Santo Domingo via San Juan with Seaborne Airlines. This is by far the worse airline I have ever flown on. Our captain after delaying our flight 30 minutes on a 45 minute flight decided that the luggage they demanded we all check in was too heavy for the flight. Instead of asking anyone to rebook to a later flight they decided to leave everyone's luggage in BVI without informing the passengers. However, we paid the $50 for our bags to be checked. After clearing customs in Puerto Rico everyone sat in the luggage carousel area waiting to clear our luggage for our connecting flights. After an hour a member of Seaborne staff told us what happened and told us to go online to file out a claim as he had no forms. He did provide us a business card with a telephone number and email address for the online claim process. Off we headed to finish our vacation in the Dominican Republic with the clothes on our back, an iPad and our passports and wallet - how long could it take to get our bags back really? I mean BVI is a stones throw from The Dominican Republic. Well, numbers given to contact baggage claim did not work. One was out of service and the other went to a person who kept hanging up after saying he doesn't deal with bags. 5 hours of international calls on hold to customer service and 20 other numbers I managed to get someone and after 72 hours of begging and several emails with no response and our bags arrived. That $50 we paid to book our bags, what are the odds we will be getting that back? Never book on Seaborne - buyer beware I guess.

8/11/2016 Travis Grippe

✅ Verified Review | Beef Island Tortola to San Juan. I would not recommend this airline to my worst enemy. It's not the confusion from the check in counter, or the unscheduled delays. It's not even the fact that I missed my connecting flight, and was stuck for 14 hours. It was the complete and utter disregard for the customer. I work in a customer based industry, and have dealt with a lot of people in my time, but the customer service for this airline is by far the worst I've ever come across. When you call in, and the representatives say don't bother calling the supervisor they don't pick up because of the amount of complaints we get it says something. The people who fly with you are what gives you job security. There is no need to be rude, arrogant, and blame the customer for circumstances that they didn't ask for nor pay for. This airline is a zero in my book and I hope people don't have to go through what myself and other people on the flight experienced.

6/15/2016 Eric Rodriguez

✅ Verified Review | I am very disappointed. In February I got my air tickets, 4 tickets, mine and my family. June 9 to June 13 Puerto Rico to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I arrived June 9, 2 hours before flight (8:30) and the surprise was "this flight was canceled" . I thought was a joke, but not. I told her I have car rental reservation, tour reservation, it's my son birthday, what you going to do. Ten minute later, the woman told me all we can do for you is send you to Santo Domingo (about 4 hours in car to the place I going) and the flight was 8 hours later. She told me if I want appeal or claim that decision you can do it for this email (no phone number) I got my pressure up. I got the number because a woman that work in an airline partner of seaborne had it. But was the same the supervisor told me the same. I ask to the supervisor and why never advise me. I had to buy another airline tickets in other company and spend $750 more by buy the tickets the same day. I don't recommend Seaborne Airlines to anybody.

4/24/2016 D Wanat

We flew Seaborne as scheduled by United Airlines. We arrived at the airport with two hours to spare and were told that our plane was taking off in 40 minutes. The departure time was changed but no notice given. When we checked in we were told that our luggage would go through to our final destination. Not only did this not happen but we were unable to locate our luggage at San Juan airport. The Seaborne baggage office closed at 5.00 and there was no one available by telephone to help us find out what happened. The baggage office of United Airlines tried to help but we were informed that Seaborne does not take responsibility for transferring luggage to the appropriate airline and that we might never see our luggage. This is clearly a disorganized, poorly run airline and one that we will never again use.

4/23/2016 D Dorado

✅ Verified Review | San Juan to Tortola. My family and I have been stranded at the San Juan airport going on 7 hours. The crew here has repeatedly given us false information. And now there isn't a crew to fly the plane that is here!? This is mularky and I would never recommend this airline to anyone I know. Seaborne, you suck at what you do!

3/12/2016 Barbara Travers

Point a Pitre to San Juan. This is the worst airline ever. Flying at 8:20 in the morning, they had one man who couldn't make anything work. It took 40 minutes for one couple to check in. So flight very delayed and full. They charged or tried to charge everyone for bags. After we boarded and without notice they offloaded half the bags. People didn't find out until we reached San Juan. I was a lucky one who got my bag and made my connection but most did not. No help from Seaborne for the others who waited four/five days for bags. And no compensation either blaming American Airlines. Because they never changed the departure time In the computer AA didn't seem to know anyone was late. Absolute shambles.

11/13/2015 Anthony Betts

Having traveled via American Eagle for years from San Juan (no longer an option) unto the various islands in the Caribbean - I was interested when the best ticket deal was through Seaborne. Was totally surprised, left on time, arrived on time and luggage was claimed within 60 seconds of clearing immigration. As everyone knows, American has made a huge mistake in making Miami its hub - 2 hours plus for immigration and customs - we all try to avoid it. I know my return via SJU will be quicker than anything American can offer. Seaborne stay in business - because us frequent business class flyers will begin to use you all the time.

11/7/2015 G LeBlanc

San Juan Puerto Rico to Tortola BVI. Customer Service for Seaborne Airlines is wretched. Bags damaged on the carousel aren't reimbursed, don't waste your time trying. They don't take responsibility for their customers well-being let alone their possessions. I wouldn't ever fly this airline again, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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