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5/27/2019 Christina Bascom

Not Verified | Never fly this airline. They boarded us, accepted our luggage for a full flight from San Juan PR to Beef Island BVI today and never told us that our luggage wasn’t going to arrive. Basically the entire fight did not get luggage. We’re then told our luggage would be guaranteed on the next flight. Did not happen, ...

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4/7/2019 B Keane

✅ Trip Verified | San Juan to Anguilla. This is the worst airline I ever flew. Lost my baggage for 10 days and then did not answer any of dozens of calls and emails. Fly directly to St Martin and take the ferry over, it will save you headaches. I am not the only one with bad experiences with this airline, check the internet for...

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3/13/2019 Melissa Hodge

✅ Trip Verified | Seaborne double charged my credit card in January 2019 for a booking. I have been reaching out to seabourne airlines via telephone, via emails and I visited their reservations' counter in Puerto Rico since mid January 2019 without success. To date no one has contacted me or provided any information regarding t...

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8/30/2018 C Burdill

✅ Trip Verified | We bought tickets to travel to Puerto Rico from St Thomas 8/19/18 unfortunately the flight time was mixed up. I call the Seaborne agent and found out the next available flight had only one seat wish would have cost us $99 each to change our same day flight and we were catching a cruise so we had to be there fo...

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2/22/2018 A Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Was supposed to take this flight with Seaborne after United cancelled all flights from St. Thomas. Seaborne called days before our departure to the Caribbean and cancelled this flight and the agent told me I would get a refund. I booked a replacement flight on Cape Air costing at least 50% more due to being las...

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10/18/2017 K Birley

✅ Verified Review | St. Thomas to St. Croix. We purchased tickets on Seaborne as part of a family Thanksgiving celebration scheduled for Nov 2017. My parents have several medical issues; availability of medical facilities are a requirement wherever they travel. The Virgin Islands were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in ...

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5/31/2017 C Dorlan

✅ Verified Review | St. Thomas to St. Croix. I have nothing good to say about Seaborne Airlines at this moment. I traveled from St. Martin to St. Thomas today via Air Sunshine and I had bought a one-way ticket from Seaborne in advance to travel from St. Thomas (downtown) to St. Croix (downtown) which was my ultimately destinati...

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11/22/2016 Robert White

✅ Verified Review | British Virgin Islands to Santo Domingo via San Juan with Seaborne Airlines. This is by far the worse airline I have ever flown on. Our captain after delaying our flight 30 minutes on a 45 minute flight decided that the luggage they demanded we all check in was too heavy for the flight. Instead of asking anyo...

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8/11/2016 Travis Grippe

✅ Verified Review | Beef Island Tortola to San Juan. I would not recommend this airline to my worst enemy. It's not the confusion from the check in counter, or the unscheduled delays. It's not even the fact that I missed my connecting flight, and was stuck for 14 hours. It was the complete and utter disregard for the customer. ...

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6/15/2016 Eric Rodriguez

✅ Verified Review | I am very disappointed. In February I got my air tickets, 4 tickets, mine and my family. June 9 to June 13 Puerto Rico to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I arrived June 9, 2 hours before flight (8:30) and the surprise was "this flight was canceled" . I thought was a joke, but not. I told her I have car rental...

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4/24/2016 D Wanat

We flew Seaborne as scheduled by United Airlines. We arrived at the airport with two hours to spare and were told that our plane was taking off in 40 minutes. The departure time was changed but no notice given. When we checked in we were told that our luggage would go through to our final destination. Not only did this not happe...

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4/23/2016 D Dorado

✅ Verified Review | San Juan to Tortola. My family and I have been stranded at the San Juan airport going on 7 hours. The crew here has repeatedly given us false information. And now there isn't a crew to fly the plane that is here!? This is mularky and I would never recommend this airline to anyone I know. Seaborne, you suck a...

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3/12/2016 Barbara Travers

Point a Pitre to San Juan. This is the worst airline ever. Flying at 8:20 in the morning, they had one man who couldn't make anything work. It took 40 minutes for one couple to check in. So flight very delayed and full. They charged or tried to charge everyone for bags. After we boarded and without notice they offloaded half the...

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11/13/2015 Anthony Betts

Having traveled via American Eagle for years from San Juan (no longer an option) unto the various islands in the Caribbean - I was interested when the best ticket deal was through Seaborne. Was totally surprised, left on time, arrived on time and luggage was claimed within 60 seconds of clearing immigration. As everyone knows, A...

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11/7/2015 G LeBlanc

San Juan Puerto Rico to Tortola BVI. Customer Service for Seaborne Airlines is wretched. Bags damaged on the carousel aren't reimbursed, don't waste your time trying. They don't take responsibility for their customers well-being let alone their possessions. I wouldn't ever fly this airline again, and wouldn't recommend it to any...

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