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10/2/2019 Joris Petragallo

Not Verified | Shanghai to Guilin. The company cancelled their 1st October flight without reason on September 30th evening (few hours before departure). Only option proposed was to take a flight on October 3rd instead (2 days of holidays ruined). We finally decided to cancel the whole trip as it did not make much sense and we we...

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4/12/2019 Julie Peters

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Phuket. I bought this ticket because it was cheaper than the other options. The flight was alright, the attendants were nice, but when I got to Phuket... no bag. I had checked just one bag with all my stuff in it for my trip. Now it’s been 2 days since I landed and no one can tell me where it is. I...

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2/5/2019 Kevin Lim

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Seoul. The first and last time riding Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. The check-in was chaotic because only 3 or 4 check in counters were opened. During the security checkpoint, the checking was way too slow for me, and I was waiting 3 hours. It was the final call for boarding- and I...

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11/11/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat A48

Flight was with a B737-800. The whole economy rows have plenty of legspace, far more than other airlines, so don't worry. The machine was really old and filthy. Armrests were broken, windows scratched. On my 2 h flight from Shanghai PVG to Dalian they offered a water and a warm meal: Big bowl of mixed rice with vegetables and a ...

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9/24/2018 T Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Kota Kinabalu. Shanghai Airlines code shares with China Eastern Airline. It was a new plane and the flight experience was good. Although one of the air steward seems like he hates his job but overall it was a pleasant experience. The meals served was exactly the one I was served on my trip to Shang...

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8/23/2018 Josef Sonntag

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai. The flight was more than two and a half hours late. We had to get on a follow-up flight and then we went on the connecting flight. Waiting for more than 4 hours - no basic refreshments were offered to the waiting party. We asked the desk clerk to call or send...

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3/27/2018 Jiaxin Kuang

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai Hongqiao to Lanzhou. As a Skyteam Elite member I could use the priority check-in counter and priority security lines. It was very wonderful. The service of cabin crew was just at the standard level. The meal was simple, and the kind of the drinks was not enough. The seat was comfortable.

11/13/2017 H Chaitin

✅ Verified Review | Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur. My flight is in December and they change the flight early and we don’t have enough time to connect. Expedia and myself have been try to contact them for the past week and nobody pick up the phone. They have the worst customer service and if possible do not fly on Shanghai Airlines. ...

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2/3/2017 J Bradley

✅ Verified Review | Never use your frequent flyer miles from one airline and get placed on Shanghai Airlines. We had a confirmation number and ticket number from our partner, and Shanghai Airlines could not locate us in the system so we lost our reserved seats and had to go standby. Ticket counter said we'd have no issues on re...

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1/8/2017 H Veynes

✅ Verified Review | We booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam via Shanghai with China Eastern Airlines. The part from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai was operated by Shanghai Airlines. Departure time was 2.10am out of Kuala Lumpur and expected arrival in Shanghai at 7.20am. The inbound flight already arrived 30 minutes late so...

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3/12/2016 Michael Hollifield

Seoul Gimpo to Shanghai Hongqiao return for a long weekend. As with all Gimpo international flights, it was 100% full and extremely short. Plane was clean, in good condition. Only a bottle of water was given with a tray of food. Ignore the food as it's just beef and rice in some kind of sauce. The food seemed the same in both di...

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2/19/2016 Jaime Gaskell

Tianjin to Shanghai. Terrible service, terrible food and terrible airplane. Dirty and smelly, the cabin staff so miserable and horrible. Delays again with no announcement or no apology. If you come to China and you fly on a scheduled not budget airline, don't choose Shanghai Airlines.

1/8/2016 M Goessi

Flew Shanghai Airlines from Phuket to Shanghai Pudong on a new Boeing 737-800 on an overnight flight. Best economy class experience, very clean and new plane, comfortable seats with lots of leg room. Very good and tasty food. I would fly Shanghai Airlines again.

10/16/2015 Tim Wilkinson

Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong on Shanghai Airlines. For reasons as yet unexplained to me, we boarded the aircraft at 16.45h and remained on the aircraft on the ground until 23.40h (yes, an unbelievable 7 hours), when we were then told that “the flight is now cancelled” and we deplaned again. During the time onboard neither the ca...

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7/5/2015 Neal Postma

The plane had a foul odor throughout the flight. The plane sat on the tarmac for nearly an hour before going anywhere. The food was hardly edible, though not necessary for the short 2 hour flight. Lukewarm beer was served free of charge. The plane itself was old and in need of retirement. The seats were about as cramped together...

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7/3/2015 Caterina Camerata Scovazzo

I fly with this airline regularly between Shanghai and Hong Kong because it's one of the few airlines that lands in Shanghai Hongqiao airport, which is more convenient for me. Convenience is my only motivation, as this airline is bad. Poor food. Staff will tell you to switch off your phone 30 mins before landing, but do not stop...

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6/1/2015 Andrew Cottingham

FM9312 May 28th 2015 Guangzhou to Shanghai. I have been traveling with this airline for four years when on occasion I cannot find another airline that suits my route/timing requirements. I find them to be consistently very delayed with little or no information in Chinese or English on the duration of the delays. I generally feel...

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1/19/2015 H Mitch

We bought two tickets to travel from Melbourne to Beijing via Shanghai (late Dec 2014). Without any prior knowledge we were put on Shanghai Airlines instead on both legs. Outbound aircraft was a bit old but the inbound was rather new and clean. IFE (English programs) are rather limited and not up to date. They didn't change the ...

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12/22/2014 R Walbeek

From Pudong to Shenyang on December 12. Flight on time which is already a big plus as most flights out of Pudong are delayed by "traffic control". Even with the heavy snow in Shenyang landing was smooth. Cannot comment on the food never eat airline food. Very annoying is the constant barrage of announcements in Chinese and not- ...

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9/14/2014 Zeng Yixie

April 6th CSX-SHA. On the flight to Shanghai the plane was very new and the lights in the cabin were warming and comfortable cabin crew were okay but not very impressive they were very rushed during the flight but understandable as it was only a 75 min flight. Inflight entertainment was a shared TV. Shanghai Airlines really need...

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