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5/29/2019 S Maleni

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Shenzen. Our booking this year for our annual trip to destinations in Asia involved a return flight from Maldives to Singapore, Shenzen, and finally LA. The booking did NOT give us any indication that transfer via Shenzen will require an entry visa and complete customs process, immigration control and re-checking in. Shenzen Airlines food is lousy, weird Chinese option that my wife and I did not eat. Entertainment consisted of watching tiny ceiling mounted screens which require everyone to watch the same program which was Chinese material. Business Class seats were the same ones we get for a basic flight from LA say to San Francisco, except this is a five hour flight. Then there was the surprise upon arrival that we are required to have China Visa. We had been told our luggage would go directly to LA and there had been no mention of visa requirements. This involved about a dozen people. Other than the airline person who dumped us off at passport control, nobody spoke English: from the officer who got our passports and disappeared for about 25 minutes, to the immigration office who then stamped my passport and my wife's passport with the wrong sticker (visa is a sticker with name of holder and the name on it must match information on passport's photo page data. So the entire process had to be repeated. This also involved finger printing of all digits, email, US email address and phone number. Then we had to figure out mostly on our own how to get our luggage back, and take it to check in. After check in, we crawled our way to security check in which had a large line. They discovered via electronic transmission from check in area to security screening that there were batteries on our luggage and required us a stop by the inspection area. We had to wait for retrieval of our luggage and someone to inspect it, and that too took about half an hour. The few words they were able to tell us in response to my visible anger was - Sir, you have battery! Battery problem! We dive, we have lighting gear for dives and photography that are too heavy to add to carry on. So they had us empty our luggage to inspect the batteries. By the time we went through a second screening, I was so livid I was yelling at everyone at security. When we were done, we had wasted our 3 hours layover. By then I was so heated and sweaty, the only thing I wanted was to get a shower before our 12 hour flight to LA. Get this I was able to do it because flight was delayed by a.5 hours! So we used our additional time to shower at the business class lounge. Shenzen Airlines lounge had no showers, and the Priority Pass lounge near it had no towels. I showered there and dried myself up with my own polo shirt!

5/11/2019 T Falathano

✅ Trip Verified | I bought return tickets London to Jakarta via Shenzhen. My trip from London to Jakarta in March was alright, yet I could not make it back. Shenzhen Airlines unprofessional gestures have caused me to lose the return flight. I tried to call and e-mail them to resolve the problem, but they never answered. It started with their flight cancellation on the 5th May from Jakarta to Shenzhen. After much hustles and hours waiting at the airport, the airline (through the Travel Agency) confirmed to transfer me with SC for Jakarta - Shenzhen flight on the 8th May, to continue with SA to London on the same day. I came to the airport in Jakarta on the 8th May for my flights, only for getting rejected to board by SC check-in crew because I don’t have Chinese transit visa, although I have valid UK Visa. I didn’t know that I needed it because according to my previous experience flying from London to Jakarta transferring in Shenzhen, the immigration could give me, Indonesian passport holder, a 24hr entry permit without problem. The officers threatened me that if I would’ve not been allowed to enter Shenzhen without visa by the Chinese immigration, I had to be repatriated and buy my own ticket back to Jakarta. In short, I missed the flight to Shenzhen for this. The next day I called the Chinese Embassy, they said that Indonesian passport holder may enter Shenzhen for 24hr free. I tried to call Shenzhen Airlines to confirm about the correct policy and ask about their procedure in this case, but they never answered my phone or e-mail. Shenzhen Airlines final words to me was given through travel agency, saying that they cancelled my flights for no show and couldn’t change or refund it. I think it was an unprofessional gesture from SA since it wasn’t my fault to miss the flight. They made a mistake by cancelling their own flights at first place, passed me to an airlines that demanded me a transit visa to fly with them, yet Shenzhen Airlines never instructed it clearly to me, or opened their communication line with the client in trouble. This visa requirement unclear information has caused me to lose tickets, which remains unclear to me up to now. It was such a horrible and traumatising flying experience.

4/15/2019 S Johnson

Not Verified | I never fly with them before, so the only reason I was book with was the open tickets of going back to London. The worst experience in my life. The flight was 9:10pm and it was cancelled at midnight they put on the screen that it is cancelled. No communication, no customer service, no offers food and drink from 11/04/2019 at 9:10pm till the next yesterday we on the new flight on 12/04/2019 at 9am. Staff can’t speak English, shouting at Customers. The connection flight from Shenzhen airport, you will need to go out and back in to get your connection flight. So if you buy stuff in duty-free And put in your luggage and you go over 3kg it cost you €52 for 3 kg even them cancel your flight. I will never fly again with Shenzhen airlines.

3/27/2019 M Carmali

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Shenzhen. Pretty much the worst experience I had on a plane. Staff where highly incompetent, flight attendants where unprepared, the seats were extra small, on-board entertainment was a joke, I mean, there where only 4 movies and all Chinese. Try to avoid.

3/11/2019 Brian Halpenny

Not Verified | London to Shenzhen. Normally travel to Shenzhen via Hong Kong and was delighted to see this direct route to Shenzhen but unfortunately the return flight was terrible, food terrible, no in flight entertainment, cabin crew English not good enough, first class seating terrible. My thoughts are that Shenzhen airlines are just picking off the local traffic from Hong Kong, if they want to serve the western countries they need to prepare better. Would not recommend this service to anyone, back to Emirates who hold the mark for top class service.

2/13/2019 Mark Petri

Not Verified | Hanoi to Shenzhen. This is the worst Asian airline that I have ever flown with. The check-in personnel had almost no English skills. I was charged 75 USD for three kilograms of excess baggage and charged the same amount a second time as I transferred from Shenzhen to Hanoi. No apology or explanation was offered about why I needed to check my baggage out and then in again between the two legs of the journey, even though it was the same airline. We sat on the ground and listened to repetitious safety announcements made by a recording of a pathetic English translator. The scrap of food that was offered was abominable (a cold hot dog on a white bun smothered with ketchup). I would never fly with them again.

12/31/2018 S Marsh

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Shenzhen. 40 blankets for 120 seats. Get it together. It’s not that difficult to manufacture some blankets. Hair on the seats and dirty windows. On my way to Thailand from Shenzhen, it was delayed for hours and everyone expected that. It’s a sad thing when your airline is known, and expected, to be awful.

10/19/2018 Tshung Ching Tay

✅ Trip Verified | Xian to Xiamen in November 2017. Check in at Xian was hassle free. A320 without personal IFE. A drop down LED monitor is fitted on every subsequent 3 rows. The quality of the flight catering is similar to some other airlines in China, taste is average but the portion was sufficient. To conclude, the flight journey was a smooth and pleasant one.

8/8/2018 M Schlagwein

Not Verified | Guangzhou to Nanjing. I just tried to fly with them. My flight was cancelled without a real reason and the ground staff was the worst I ever experienced. I´ve been told that there is something wrong with my ticket and so they can´t switch me to another flight. Lufthansa confirmed thet everything was fine with my ticket but Shenzhen Air did not accept. Now I try to reach them for weeks without any reaction. This airline is a real nightmare.

11/4/2017 Weichi Liu

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Shenzhen on a Boeing 737. First class a total of eight seats, two rows, four groups, the first day of the first class of passengers a total of four people, so each person sitting on the side. Because the narrow body aircraft fly, the seat can not lie flat, but Shenzhen Airlines first class seats are very spacious. The flight attendant who was in charge of first class service was amiable. And the release of meals, but also to ask whether the need for chili sauce, mustard and other side dishes. The seats do not have a screen, but first class passengers can get a Tablet PC, which has movies, TV shows and other entertainment, the headphone jack bad contact, affecting the listening effect. After the arrival of the plane, the crew will maintain the order on board, so that first class passengers first off the plane, I love Shenzhen Airlines, of course, if it can be wide body aircraft like. Service did not say that food can also hope that the food can do better and more refined. Drinks also hope to be more advanced.

6/30/2017 Zhang Ming

✅ Verified Review | Shenzhen to Xi'an. It took me 10 minutes to find first class check-in while there was no signs of priority check-in in the terminal, which is quite strange for me while Shenzhen airport is hub airport of Shenzhen Airlines. Check-in and security were efficient. Lounges were comfortable and food tasteful. Flight attendants friendly and attentive. First class seats on this short haul flight was great. Recommended.

6/25/2017 H Parlen

✅ Verified Review | Shubuling to Shenzhen. However did Star Alliance admit this low quality airline into their more prestigious alliance? The website is absolutely awful in English and in Chinese. After failing to purchase a ticket through their website, I managed to buy one on Ctrip. But then the online check-in did would not work. However the verification function on the Chinese language website reassured me that my ticket did exist. Airport check-in was ok as I was first in line. However then the flight was delayed by an hour, then after boarding an announcement of another half hour, then half an hour later yet another delay. I wondered if it was a ploy to avoid paying compensation and why they just did not let us deplane and wait in the lounge. Being vegetarian I would have needed to pre-order my special meal, but as web check in was not available I was not able to order. The only positive was one very polite and helpful stewardess, whom my translator guessed wanted to please the foreign guest, as the flight crew was otherwise quite impolite to their passengers. In flight entertainment: Heidi, a German language film on a screen too distant to read the subtitles.

10/28/2016 Carmen Micle

I use Shenzhen Airlines 2 time per week from Shenzhen to Jinjiang and back. Never, ever is this flight on time. Delay 1 hour, 2 hours, and last monday a delay of 3 hours. How is it possible? And there isn't other choice, this is the only flight available for to go and come back. Maybe this is the reason: only this flight, only this airline and they think they can do what they want.

12/16/2015 Meng Wang

I've been taking Shenzhen Airlines frequently, and the experience today in ZH9149 was not as good as usual. During the flight a woman from economy class went to the first class area and sit by me, chatting with a guy and a kid, who sat in the same row with me. Most of the time she was standing in the aisle even during turbulence. Even worse, she used mobile phone to take pics for the kid. This behavior is dangerous and it happened at least three times during the flight. But there was no cabin crew stopping her all the time.

9/23/2015 L Xu

First time with this airline flying from Shenzhen to Shanghai, and it was not a positive one. Shenzhen Airlines one of those state owned airlines in China (part of Air China) that has no incentive to take care of its customers. Shenzhen airport was impressive and comfortable, but as soon as we arrived at the boarding gate, however, nightmare started. For an airport that spacious and modern, Shenzhen Airlines's plane that took us to Shanghai was parked far far away and it takes a long while for the shuttle bus to get there. We boarded the crowded bus and there was no air conditioning with temperature outside reaching 35+c. We had to wait on the bus for several minutes with everyone sweating like hell before the bus moved. After a seemingly very long ride, we arrived at our plane that was parked at a remote corner in front of a maintenance shop. We boarded the plan and our nightmare continued. There was no aircpn switched on onboard the plane. The pilot informed us that due to air traffic control, we had to wait on the plane for further instructions. A flight attendant came over and asked if we wanted blankets. Looking at her sweat covered face, I am like what .. a blanket! Did you say blanket? She was just doing her job. But the entire crew did not seem to get it.

8/15/2015 Ray Yang

Flew from Osaka to Beijing. We got to airport 2 hours early, but check-in hadn't started yet. The minute we were supposed to board the airplane, our flight got delayed for 1.5 hours, which was very annoying.

6/25/2015 Jeff Osborne

Flew Shenzhen to Beijing Capital on Boeing 737-900. Whilst I guess its quite a new plane, the interior was quite grubby with surface stains and scratches to panels and seat areas. The flight was delayed due to traffic but that's normal in China. Lounge at Shenzhen Airport in need of further change if they want to meet international standards, as its geared to Chinese only. Staff onboard were quite efficient, but language skills very poor and didn't understand anything that appears to not be on their script - a bit scary! Food is also geared of course to Chinese passengers, and wasn't good even by Chinese standards. There's not a lot of options for this route, but will go back to using Hainan Airlines whenever I can for domestic as they are miles ahead of all the other airlines here.

10/29/2013 Julian van Podex

Shenzhen to Xi'an. Only foreigner on board got all the attention of the flight attendants - limitless alcohol. Very helpful in general with good English skills. They served dinner which was very reasonable. Check - in was done quickly professional and put a "fragile" sticker on my suitcase without me having to ask for it. All in all a very good travel experience.

5/15/2013 Karen Leslie

PEK-NNG in Airbus 320. Flight was delayed due to air traffic control the plane was 30% full I was able to sleep and stretch out using the 3 seats. Cabin Attendant courteous and helpful food was inedible though a mysterious chicken noodle or spaghetti? Overall value for money and I can redeem points using my Air China Star Alliance card.

4/14/2013 Davis Li

Domestic flight from Guiyang to Shenzen. Flight delayed for 3 hours and everyone sat onboard with nothing to do. Luckily they served one meal while we were waiting which was good. When we asked if there were any coke or snacks they said no which was quite disappointing. Food and seat were ok. FA kept us informed about the delay. Not much inflight entertainment except for tiny TV's on the ceiling.