Shenzhen Airlines

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10/26/2019 John O’Mahony

Not Verified | Shenzhen to London. Just got on board and asked to upgrade to business. Was told the price and agreed to pay. After 20 minutes the airline discovered they could only accept Chinese credit cards or wechat payment and international cards such as MasterCard couldn’t be used. We got kicked out of business. Very poor.

7/6/2019 Andrea Palockova

✅ Trip Verified | We were supposed to fly 10/06/2019 London - Shenzen - Kuala Lumpur. They canceled our flight Shenzen - Kuala Lumpur and give us another flight, but with 15 hours delay. Nobody in Shenzen Airport speaks English! After few hours and arguing we get a hotel, no water, no food! 23/06/2019 Kuala Lumpur - Shenzen - L...

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5/29/2019 S Maleni

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Shenzen. Our booking this year for our annual trip to destinations in Asia involved a return flight from Maldives to Singapore, Shenzen, and finally LA. The booking did NOT give us any indication that transfer via Shenzen will require an entry visa and complete customs process, immigration contro...

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5/11/2019 T Falathano

✅ Trip Verified | I bought return tickets London to Jakarta via Shenzhen. My trip from London to Jakarta in March was alright, yet I could not make it back. Shenzhen Airlines unprofessional gestures have caused me to lose the return flight. I tried to call and e-mail them to resolve the problem, but they never answered. It star...

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4/15/2019 S Johnson

Not Verified | I never fly with them before, so the only reason I was book with was the open tickets of going back to London. The worst experience in my life. The flight was 9:10pm and it was cancelled at midnight they put on the screen that it is cancelled. No communication, no customer service, no offers food and drink from ...

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3/27/2019 M Carmali

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Shenzhen. Pretty much the worst experience I had on a plane. Staff where highly incompetent, flight attendants where unprepared, the seats were extra small, on-board entertainment was a joke, I mean, there where only 4 movies and all Chinese. Try to avoid.

3/11/2019 Brian Halpenny

Not Verified | London to Shenzhen. Normally travel to Shenzhen via Hong Kong and was delighted to see this direct route to Shenzhen but unfortunately the return flight was terrible, food terrible, no in flight entertainment, cabin crew English not good enough, first class seating terrible. My thoughts are that Shenzhen airlines...

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2/13/2019 Mark Petri

Not Verified | Hanoi to Shenzhen. This is the worst Asian airline that I have ever flown with. The check-in personnel had almost no English skills. I was charged 75 USD for three kilograms of excess baggage and charged the same amount a second time as I transferred from Shenzhen to Hanoi. No apology or explanation was offered a...

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12/31/2018 S Marsh

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Shenzhen. 40 blankets for 120 seats. Get it together. It’s not that difficult to manufacture some blankets. Hair on the seats and dirty windows. On my way to Thailand from Shenzhen, it was delayed for hours and everyone expected that. It’s a sad thing when your airline is known, and expected, to be ...

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10/19/2018 Tshung Ching Tay

✅ Trip Verified | Xian to Xiamen in November 2017. Check in at Xian was hassle free. A320 without personal IFE. A drop down LED monitor is fitted on every subsequent 3 rows. The quality of the flight catering is similar to some other airlines in China, taste is average but the portion was sufficient. To conclude, the flight jou...

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8/8/2018 M Schlagwein

Not Verified | Guangzhou to Nanjing. I just tried to fly with them. My flight was cancelled without a real reason and the ground staff was the worst I ever experienced. I´ve been told that there is something wrong with my ticket and so they can´t switch me to another flight. Lufthansa confirmed thet everything was fine with my ...

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11/4/2017 Weichi Liu

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Shenzhen on a Boeing 737. First class a total of eight seats, two rows, four groups, the first day of the first class of passengers a total of four people, so each person sitting on the side. Because the narrow body aircraft fly, the seat can not lie flat, but Shenzhen Airlines first class seats a...

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6/30/2017 Zhang Ming

✅ Verified Review | Shenzhen to Xi'an. It took me 10 minutes to find first class check-in while there was no signs of priority check-in in the terminal, which is quite strange for me while Shenzhen airport is hub airport of Shenzhen Airlines. Check-in and security were efficient. Lounges were comfortable and food tasteful. Flig...

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6/25/2017 H Parlen

✅ Verified Review | Shubuling to Shenzhen. However did Star Alliance admit this low quality airline into their more prestigious alliance? The website is absolutely awful in English and in Chinese. After failing to purchase a ticket through their website, I managed to buy one on Ctrip. But then the online check-in did would not ...

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10/28/2016 Carmen Micle

I use Shenzhen Airlines 2 time per week from Shenzhen to Jinjiang and back. Never, ever is this flight on time. Delay 1 hour, 2 hours, and last monday a delay of 3 hours. How is it possible? And there isn't other choice, this is the only flight available for to go and come back. Maybe this is the reason: only this flight, only t...

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12/16/2015 Meng Wang

I've been taking Shenzhen Airlines frequently, and the experience today in ZH9149 was not as good as usual. During the flight a woman from economy class went to the first class area and sit by me, chatting with a guy and a kid, who sat in the same row with me. Most of the time she was standing in the aisle even during turbulence...

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9/23/2015 L Xu

First time with this airline flying from Shenzhen to Shanghai, and it was not a positive one. Shenzhen Airlines one of those state owned airlines in China (part of Air China) that has no incentive to take care of its customers. Shenzhen airport was impressive and comfortable, but as soon as we arrived at the boarding gate, howev...

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8/15/2015 Ray Yang

Flew from Osaka to Beijing. We got to airport 2 hours early, but check-in hadn't started yet. The minute we were supposed to board the airplane, our flight got delayed for 1.5 hours, which was very annoying.

6/25/2015 Jeff Osborne

Flew Shenzhen to Beijing Capital on Boeing 737-900. Whilst I guess its quite a new plane, the interior was quite grubby with surface stains and scratches to panels and seat areas. The flight was delayed due to traffic but that's normal in China. Lounge at Shenzhen Airport in need of further change if they want to meet internatio...

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10/29/2013 Julian van Podex

Shenzhen to Xi'an. Only foreigner on board got all the attention of the flight attendants - limitless alcohol. Very helpful in general with good English skills. They served dinner which was very reasonable. Check - in was done quickly professional and put a "fragile" sticker on my suitcase without me having to ask for it. All in...

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