Sichuan Airlines

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9/18/2019 S Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Hi Chi Minh City via Hangzhou and Chengdu. The flight from LAX to HGH was normal and on time. Flight from HGH to CTU was delayed for about 1 hour. When we got to CTU, the Sichuan Airlines informed us that our connection left and refused to rebook us on the next flight. We will be stranded if we ...

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8/29/2019 T Zhang

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Shanghai via Chengdu. The food was very good from a Chinese perspective. The service was impressive. The crew members were nice and passionate. Also, for transit in Chengdu, the passenger is able to claim 50 yuan voucher, free 24-hour baggage storage, free transit commendation in Chengdu. Based on ...

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4/28/2019 Keerthy Sugumar

Not Verified | Beijing to Auckland via Chengdu. Horrible experience from flight delayed, no accomodation provided, the manager at the airport doesn't speak English in Chengdu doesn't understand a word. No specific meal requirements we were told to go here and there wasting our time and energy, no clear info give or as part of ...

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3/25/2019 Z Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Chengdu. Their cabin was fresh and clean and being a newer aircraft, was kept very well. The service is warm and professional. The seats fold flat and my kids slept for most of the 13 hour flight. We arrived relaxed and stress free considering that we had 2 young kids to look after and worry about...

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1/5/2019 Sumit Joshi

✅ Trip Verified | I was travelling from Melbourne to Kathmandu. I had two transit Chendung and Lasa. On flight to Chengdu I receive beef curry with rice however I ordered Hindu vegetarian meal. I ask for Hindu meal and air attendant replied me “we don’t serve Hindu meal. Really if you don’t serve why it’s in the option? I had o...

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3/7/2018 Tao Song

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Dalian via Jinan. I renewed my passport and I called to update my passport info. But the airline does not allow me to update my passport information. The only way to update passport is to cancel the ticket with charge. They said this is national policy. I recommend people stay away from this air...

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11/20/2017 J Memery

❎ Not Verified | Chengdu to Taipei. I actually heard myself say out loud well into the flight that I will never fly this airline again. I fly a lot. Sometimes the service is great, sometimes not so great; sometimes the food is actually good, sometimes it's just barely edible and I don't really care and I never complain. But the...

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10/17/2017 Narinder Singh

✅ Verified Review | Shanghai to Sydney via Chongqing. The fleet is new and spacious. The thing I didn't like is food for the vegetarians. The food they provide is vegetarian vegan. No provision for the hot milk tea. In the night flight they even didn't provide dental care kit. The worst experience I had was at the Chongqing a...

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8/5/2017 Graeme Bray

✅ Verified Review | Chongqing to Lanzhou. This was a typical standard of domestic flight in China. Flight was full as usual and the boarding process was not too bad. No IFE was available in Economy, no English literature or newspapers either but I was not expecting it. Meal service for the short flight was a simple fish or chic...

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7/17/2017 Xian Zhao

✅ Verified Review | Ordinary short-haul experience from Dalian to Xuzhou with Sichuan Airlines. Quite affordable. Cheaper than CRH train. Polite and well-trained flight attendants. Free drinking water and snacks provided during the 70-minute flight. Economy class seats are not so spacious as expected. No Wi-Fi.

7/2/2017 Y Jones

✅ Verified Review | I've been on many flights and I must say that I've been very impressed by the quality of service displayed by Sichuan Airlines. Cabin crew were very kind, and made me feel at home. Pilot flying skills were pretty good, I must say this was actually one of the most stable flights I've been on, with limited turb...

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5/10/2017 Brianne Buishas

✅ Verified Review | Kunming to Los Angeles via Chengdu. Sichuan Airlines and the way it treats its customers is completely unacceptable. They not only cancelled our international flight last minute (one we had booked months prior) but refused to help us over customer service and gave us two terrible options, to either fly home ...

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5/2/2017 C Harrington

✅ Verified Review | Flew Sichuan Airlines from Melbourne to Chengdu. Clean plane, friendly staff and great service. Food was great, 2 options for Chinese or Western style catering. Comfortable seats, and clean bathrooms. Flights were on time for both flights. From Australia the Qantas Business Class Lounge was available to use ...

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4/4/2017 C Marshall

✅ Verified Review | I was very pleased with the overall experience on my Nanjing to Chengdu flight with Sichuan Airlines. The staff went out of their way to speak to me in English. All announcements during the flight were in Chinese and English. Although a small tablet was provided in every seat pocket as the inflight entertainm...

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11/26/2016 Xinjia Li

✅ Verified Review | Terrible experience. Just 4 days upon reaching Chengdu from Singapore, we were notified that our return flight was delayed for a day. We went to the airport to ask for statement of prove that our flight was delayed so as to submit our travel insurance claim. The customer service lady was totally unpleasant, ...

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10/25/2016 J Gee

Chengdu to Hong Kong. I liked the staff, but twice I smelled cigarette smoke, I complained and the staff did nothing about it. She just explained it away, saying it comes from the outside while on the Tarmac. The second incidence occurred while in flight.

9/29/2016 H Samuel

✅ Verified Review | Dayong to Chongqing with Sichuan Airlines. Very disappointed as previous experience with Sichuan Airlines had been positive. Flight departure time came and went without any indication of a problem - the plane had arrived on time and was well visible from the departure lounge. With an eventual chaotic bus-base...

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8/23/2016 G Tamang

✅ Verified Review | Flew Sichuan Airlines from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Check in was quick though not friendly. The flight was delayed an hour but it happens to be a common occurence on this route. The Radisson lounge was okay but the staff seemed lazy and seemingly uninterested in providing quality service. Inflight meal served was...

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6/15/2016 Neil Turner

Lhasa to Kathmandu, and Sichuan Airlines did not load my luggage onto the plane because the aircraft was overweight. They then gave me the run-around for several days in regards to when they would send on my luggage, and when I needed to leave the country they gave me false contact information. They have not communicated back to...

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5/23/2016 Tao Yang

✅ Verified Review | Sydney to Shenzhen via Chongqing at an incredibly low price compared to Qantas and Cathay. The business class check-in at Sydney Airport was fairly slow. The Skyteam lounge was basic. No frequent flyer program available to accumulate miles into (except their own I guess). The cabin service with great crew. B...

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