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6/15/2019 Tony, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 9A

seats where small but this is a budget airline. And also mindful that this plane route has been replaced by the 737 Max which are currently grounded. Service by staff was first rate could not fault them in any way. Would definitely use them again but would go back in business class

5/19/2019 R Bahamit

✅ Trip Verified | Manado to Singapore with SilkAir in October 2018. Singapore Airlines may be the best airline in the world but its customer service is surely the worst! I called the customer service on 2 different occasions. In both occasions, it was not long until a representative picked up the call, but soon after I shared my enquiries, I was asked to wait for unreasonably long. And while waiting, I was put on hold. In the first occasion, I was put on hold for 46 minutes. Today, I was put on hold for 22 minutes when the whole call was 27 minutes! I wonder what took them so long to find my reservation. Lesson: Never ever call the SIA Customer Service. You may have saved some time by going to their office instead. I have done it a few times. The SIA office is far more efficient than the customer service line.

5/18/2019 Kah Kay Au

✅ Trip Verified | SilkAir is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. It recently started a 4-weekly service to Busan, South Korea. The outbound flight is a red eye flight which arrived early the next morning. As it was a late night flight, only drinks and snacks were served after take off. A simple breakfast was served before arriving into Busan. There is no personal inflight entertainment system on the B737-800. Instead, passengers have to stream movies and music over their personal devices via the SilkAir Studio app. The problem is that if you do not have earphones, you won’t be able to listen to the soundtrack. There is an overhead TV screen showing Korean comedy series. Nobody was paying attention to the TV as most passengers were asleep. I was seated in the exit row so the leg space was generous. However, the same cannot be said of the other rows. Being a service to Korea, there was a Korean flight attendant among the 4 serving the economy cabin. They were pleasant and efficient but somehow lacked the finesse of their counterparts in Singapore Airlines. SilkAir will be absorbed into its parent company Singapore Airlines in due course. It is in need of a re-branding and overhaul to its cabin product.

5/14/2019 Patricia Carvalho

✅ Trip Verified | I had the worst experience with SilkAir flying from Singapore to Dili-Timor. Not only my suitcase was delayed for one week, as they initially refused to take responsibility and pay any kind of expense. Silkair's representation in Dili did not contact me once with information on the location of the baggage. After more than one month of discussing this issue with costumer service, I was offered the compensation of 75 dollars as a token of apology for spending a week in Dili without suitcase on a business trip.

4/19/2019 Hernán Duque, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 9C

Legal room just enough for my legs.

3/18/2019 P Gandijaya

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Singapore. Bad airline, bad punctuality, not worth the price. Silkair has always prided themselves to be able to get the passengers to the destination on time. However after multiple times of boarding their flights, paying top dollars compared to other airlines, this airline is not worth the money. Cabin is at most average. It is clean, but it is not exquisite. Service is standard. But the biggest disappointment has always that they are late.

2/17/2019 Teng Yong Khoo

✅ Trip Verified | Flew SilkAir from Penang to Singapore. A very good airline with friendly cabin crew members. Foods and drinks provided on this flight are basic but it's still quite delicious and enjoyable to eat.

1/28/2019 L Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was delayed initially from 9.15pm to 9.45pm, then became 10.15pm. No water or snacks given for the delay, only apologies. I chose Silk Air expecting to be punctual whilst other budget airlines serving Singapore to Penang route all boarded on time. Such a disappointment. Seat was ok and good enough for a short flight. SilkAir has no personal IFE. Cabin crews were not bad. Food is terrible, only a wrap with fruits (the real fruits are only 3 slices of watermelon while oranges are sweetened can ones). It is ok to buy this flight if there is a promotion, if not better buy budget airlines.

1/28/2019 L Xu

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Wuhan. In general the service is satisfied. However, I can't agree that it's value of money. The price level of SilkAir is almost as its parent company Singapore Airline, but the cabin service is too far away from what its price suggests. I ordered noodle in this flight and the taste was plain. The only memorable thing was they do serve ice-cream. And the seat space was as narrow as budget airline. I couldn't believe that's what a Singapore Airline full service subsidiary looks like.

1/17/2019 B Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Luang Prabang. Knowing ahead we had downloaded the SilkAir entertainment on our iPads as it would have been a boring 3 hr flight. We boarded efficiently and the aircraft left on time. Not so slick as their parent company Singapore Air, and the cabin felt old and basic however it was fine for a short flight. The refresher towels were cold and in a pack. We were given a meal, it was not very nice but that wasn’t important. We returned from Vientiane and again it was okay, Not special but we got there and returned with no stress.

12/23/2018 T Bursen

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Male. Lounge in Singapore was very crowded, food choice was ok but quality not great. Very weak internet connection. Boarding was efficient. Very old and dated aircraft with old recliner seats, for almost 5 hours flight not great. Service was not convincing, very slow but friendly. Food ok but not really good, more like Economy Class food. I would choose them only if no better option available, hopefully they will invest when they integrate into SQ.

11/25/2018 T Yee

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Kota Kinabalu. Early morning departure flight from Singapore, flight crew were on their first leg and looked fresh and cheerful. Going out on the Boeing 737-800 and the flight was half empty, hence was lucky enough to have the side seats free which no doubt contributed to the overall sense of luxury. SilkAir B737's are decked out in an airy, light decor but the seats are a little bit spartan, with only the drop-down table and a large expanse of plastic moulding, which allows you to store any loose items you wish (and no doubt, forget about them when you depart). Legroom is adequate, if nothing to write home about, but certainly bit better than budget airlines, while the B737 is always a more width constrained than the A320. Pre flight service included face towels (disposable packets) and offers of newspapers. Despite a half full flight, they had run out of meal choices by the time they reached me, but small matter, the food was never going to be the reason to fly, anyway. Entertainment was via SilkAir Studio - bring your own electronic device, and stream via wifi. I was slightly amused to see that the music choices hadn't changed at all in the last 6 months, though I would guess that the movie options must have changed. The biggest downside is the limited toilet capacity at the rear - small, cramped, and if you are on a full flight, there will be endless queues. Not so on this flight, though, and we landed on time, uneventfully.

10/27/2018 Ralph Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Penang to Singapore. A nice regional airline that shares the relative same standards or at least approach as its big sister, Singapore airlines. Cabin staff speedy and attentive. A small breakfast pastry and fruit with coffee served on a short hope one hour flight. Captain kept us updated particularly for those with short connecting windows. Planes a bit old and shabby but apparently large investment coming soon to this small airline.

10/9/2018 Dereck Wright

✅ Trip Verified | Davao to Singapore. I have had no problem with Silk Air until 6 October when I was returning from Davao. The trip was fine as normal, however somehow my luggage, one bag, did not leave Davao airport in spite of checking in almost 32 hours before take off and seeing my bag complete with baggage stickers having been applied by check in staff and seeing the bag depart on the carousel. The non arrival of my bag at Auckland Airport caused me no end of distress as aside from clothing it contained my toiletries and important medication.

10/1/2018 Aime de Dieu Nkossi

✅ Trip Verified | Based in Germany. I flew with Silkair in economy from Phuket to Singapore on September 22th, 2018. For only one hour and a half flight (short haul flight), I must admit that I was really impressed about the very good service on board. We had two complete menus to choose and many kind of drinks for free. Enough space between the seats and the stewardesses was really friendly. Unlike for flights within Europe, I am no more used to that. We usually get at least a small sandwich or snack. By low cost airline, we need to pay extra if we want to get something to drink or eat. It was great pleasure for me to take this airline.

8/6/2018 Nilesh Bartlett

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Singapore. The check in at Colombo was extremely pleasant and the agent went above and beyond to ensure I had the seats I wanted, however this was the end of anything good about Silk Air. I found the crew to be robotic, unfriendly and rude. Meal service is mediocre. The worst part about Silk Air is that there is no entertainment, besides the app. Silk Air has disappointed me in the past but this trip with them is my final one. The cabin ambiance is depressing and they need to step up their game.

7/25/2018 Y Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Kota Kinabalu, my first experience of the SilkAir B737-800 product. Boarding was by zone number, and uncomplicated. I had the luxury of an empty seat next to me, so that made a difference when I took my seat. First impression was of fairly simple but clean-looking cabin environment. Seat backs were sculpted plastic and very basic, with only the tray table and a deep plastic pocket to lose your belongings in. The B737 always strikes me as a rather more cramped cabin than the A320; and so it turned out when checking Seatguru, with 1 inch less pitch and seat width than the A320. We were given cool towelettes and offered newspapers before takeoff, and a hot meal appeared (chicken spaghetti, which proved a bit difficult to eat for obvious reasons). Entertainment is available by the SilkAir Studio, and the choice of music proved disappointingly poor, although more movies appeared available. Service was generally friendly and efficient, and we landed feeling at least half human.

7/9/2018 B Walters

✅ Trip Verified | Myself and my husband booked a flight from Singapore to Cairns. We believed that we were flying with Singapore Airlines (the price reflected this). Then we got on the plane and there was no onboard entertainment. Let me clarify. There were a couple of screens throughout the plane with Asian entertainment. No headsets were offered. The cabin crew were not accommodating and when asked for a drink (Diet Coke) I was made to feel like this was an imposition. Further to this they returned with a cup. Not even a can. The first offer of a drink other than an orange juice or water was at least 4 hours into the flight. I would not recommend this airline. I am disappointed as I have travelled with this airline multiple times and always had a great experience.

7/8/2018 Nilesh Bartlett

✅ Trip Verified | Flew with Silk Air to Colombo from Singapore for the second time this year and nothing has changed in 5 months. The food is palatable but insufficient and nothing exceptional. Aircraft mainainance is practically non existent. There is no inflight entertainment except that you can purchase the Silk Air studio app and watch a limited range of a fairly pathetic selection of movies. The flight crew however are very friendly and can be chatted with easily. In short, Silk Air should not charge its premium fare because it is practically a budget airline with free meals and marginally better legroom. In conclusion a dissapointing experience and forgettable to say the least.

6/27/2018 Alan Coles

Not Verified | We flew SilkAir from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on May 7th. Newspaper given on aircraft, comfortable seats for my wife and I near wing. Attentive crew, refreshing towels handed out. A short flight, nearing Kuala Lumpur we struck turbulance causing the plane to drop slightly. The flight attendants immediately sat in seats in front of us, staying there until we landed No announcement from flight deck. Overall a great flight, clean plane, good service, Our return flight to Singapore was on May 16th. Once again a good flight, short, no complaints We enjoyed this airline, and we would fly with them again.