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10/25/2019 Grace Jean

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Key West. After 5 hours of being delayed they canceled the flight with no alternative flight option provided. Knowing we would have to rent a car and drive 6 hours to our destination we asked what type of compensation we may expect. The rebuttal to that was “leave us alone we’ve had a rough night ju...

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10/5/2019 Scott Mailey

Not Verified | My wife and I were scheduled to fly to Abaco, Bahamas on October 10. With the destruction from Hurricane Dorian that trip was obviously impossible, I contacted Silver Airways 3 times via their website and 2 times by phone within 5 days of disaster to request refund/transfer of tickets to new destination. I did no...

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10/3/2019 Valerie Procarione

✅ Trip Verified | Never again! We only flew with this airline because it was the cheapest route, and I promise we will always pay a premium from now on to never fly with Silver again. The flight was delayed by 2 hours. That’s fine things happen, I get it. But we had absolutely no communication from the staff to even say there w...

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10/2/2019 J Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Key West to Fort Lauderdale. This was my first time flying Silver Airways and I was pleasantly surprised. The hot pink airplane with the flamingo tail was actually very comfortable and it looked very new. The seats were very comfortable, reclined, and the leg room incredible, they even gave me bottled water for...

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10/1/2019 Katrina Ostrovsky

Not Verified | Tampa to Nassau. Never again will I fly Silver Airways. Extremely noisy and uncomfortable. Staff are not friendly or attentive. Our first flight was overbooked. Our flight back was overbooked too! It was changed from 3:15 pm to 12 pm! Then it was changed till the next day. Then it was changed back to 3:15 pm on th...

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9/9/2019 J Weares

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Key West. Silver Airways did a great job. After reading reviews I was wondering if I made the right choice. I was very pleased. Our flight to key west was on time and way better than driving from Orlando. The return flight was half empty. Left on time and our stewardess was very polite and let us mo...

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9/5/2019 James Coar

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Pensacola. Worst airline, cancelled all flights because of Dorian then just offered an airline credit for a future flight. Rescheduled flight for the first available and has been delayed so far from 8.20 am departure to a 1.20pm. Don't fly Silver Airways if you need to be somewhere in a timely manner. ...

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9/2/2019 Kenneth Wilson

Not Verified | I just wanted to thank the 3 Silver Airways employees that helped me and my family and 2 additional families on 08/30/19 get a hotel and a flight back home during the pre-hurricane Dorian process. The 3 Silver Airway employees helped us from 5pm to 9pm on 08/30/19.

8/31/2019 S Murray

Not Verified | Ft Lauderdale to Exuma. This was a horrible flight, never again will we use this airline. You put us on a plane, took us off that plane and then delayed our flight for four hours. Bad customer service!

8/25/2019 K Parmal

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. The agent who added check in bag over the phone was superb and very customer centric. However, when I reached the airport to drop bag , my experience turned into a nightmare and it spoilt the entire trip and the memories of my stay at Orlando. The agent was extremely rude. Didn’t wa...

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8/10/2019 Margaret Mitchell

✅ Trip Verified | We booked online direct through Silver Airlines website (not through a travel agent) and paid in full for 4 round trip tickets from Huntsville Alabama to North Eleuthera, Bahamas leaving June 30 and returning July 9 for a total of $2164.72. Every leg of our trip was cancelled and we never flew on a Silver Airl...

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8/9/2019 Terri Ryan

✅ Trip Verified | Tri-Cities to Tampa. In my experience the staff was friendly and helpful, flight did leave and arrive on time at my destination, it was a morning flight. This is my first experience in a prop plane with only 12 rows of 3 seats, definitely not like flying in a jet that most of us are used to when flying commerc...

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7/27/2019 Derek Reese

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airline ever. Had a flight scheduled from Orlando to N. Eleuthera. Flight was delayed multiple times because of not having an available Flight Attendant. After 6 hours the flight was finally cancelled and we were booked on a flight the following day to go from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale and t...

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7/26/2019 S Williams

✅ Trip Verified | My first time traveling with Silver Airways to George Town, Bahamas and I must say the flight was very enjoyable, the flight attendant was very professional. Our flight was delayed due to a issue with the plane so we had to wait for another one. Once we were able to leave, the captain apologized as soon as eve...

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7/10/2019 Julie Chisholm

✅ Trip Verified | Key West to Tampa. Silver Airways is the absolute worst airline I’ve ever flown. I have an expensive carry on bag that I always travel with. I was allowed to bring it on plane on original flight. On the return flight, an extremely rude and unprofessional flight attendant forced me off the plane to give ground ...

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7/10/2019 Sarah Updegraff

✅ Trip Verified | This airline has provided some of the most awful customer service I've experienced in my life so far. They strung us along at a gate all day- changing the story and not providing by updates. We waited over 8 hours unable to leave the gate to even eat since we had no information- then finally the flight was canc...

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7/9/2019 Patti Hood

Not Verified | Huntsville to Orlando. Booked our flight well in advance, to have them 11 hours before the flight was to leave to cancel! And of course they sent the text message after hours so you couldn't talk to anyone! I called this morning to talk to a Silver Airlines Representive and was told since I booked thru Expedia to...

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7/3/2019 W Kelly

Not Verified | I don't leave many negative reviews unless I'm really upset. And they really upset me and my family. Delayed leaving Orlando no big deal. Coming back leaving Eleuthera got to the airport building at 12 for 2:15 flight. Sat out in the heat until 5:30 before they cancelled us and 4 other flights back to Florida. We...

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6/30/2019 F Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is a joke - I'm not sure how it stays in business. It is habitually late which is verified by many of the local Bahamians and even the Customs staff in the US. Our flight from Marsh Harbour to Fort Lauderdale was over two hours late and as a result we missed our connecting flight to PVD. Had to spe...

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6/23/2019 Ryan Smith

Not Verified | Orlando to Pensacola. My flight was supposed to be from Orlando to Pensacola. I arrived at 4:45 PM for my 6:45 PM flight only to tell me the flight was cancelled because no flight attendants showed up. So now I have an 8 hour drive home, on little sleep, because I have an event early in the morning and staying ov...

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