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7/3/2019 W Kelly

Not Verified | I don't leave many negative reviews unless I'm really upset. And they really upset me and my family. Delayed leaving Orlando no big deal. Coming back leaving Eleuthera got to the airport building at 12 for 2:15 flight. Sat out in the heat until 5:30 before they cancelled us and 4 other flights back to Florida. We knew it on Flight Tracker before they told us. Yeah they had to put us up half way down the island. Yeah they rebooked me but flew out of different airport 45 minutes away. Had to use taxis dropped $125 doing that. The "vouchers" they give you were only accepted by the airline that rebooked us and the room at the resort. The meal vouchers and taxi vouchers are worthless nobody wants and doesn't accept them. So we spent an extra day that I didn't really have from work getting back. Some people we met at the airport were on there second day of trying to leave and got stranded again.

6/30/2019 F Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is a joke - I'm not sure how it stays in business. It is habitually late which is verified by many of the local Bahamians and even the Customs staff in the US. Our flight from Marsh Harbour to Fort Lauderdale was over two hours late and as a result we missed our connecting flight to PVD. Had to spend the night which cost me an additional $500 (traveling with a family of 6) plus a lost day of work. Silver would not agree to provide us with a voucher. Please, trust me when I tell you to find another carrier - you'll be glad you did.

6/23/2019 R Elgar

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. While trying to book with United I was sent to this poor excuse for an airline. They literally don't care that they are so lousy and dysfunctional. Their employees must have to go through training to teach them how to stay calm while being cursed out by annoyed passengers. Once you are at the gate you are at their mercy. Our plane was delayed a few times, and giving passengers updates was not their concern. The plane I was on was filthy and I felt like I was flying in an aircraft that was on the verge of losing a propeller or wing. As we took off (finally) I looked over and another passenger was doing the sign of the cross. Do not fly with these people unless you enjoy sittting at an airport gate with no idea if you will ever make it to your destination. Trust these reviews!

6/23/2019 Ryan Smith

Not Verified | Orlando to Pensacola. My flight was supposed to be from Orlando to Pensacola. I arrived at 4:45 PM for my 6:45 PM flight only to tell me the flight was cancelled because no flight attendants showed up. So now I have an 8 hour drive home, on little sleep, because I have an event early in the morning and staying overnight in Orlando isn’t an option. The company was unapologetic and made no attempts to assist, whether by providing a rental car, etc. Absolutely would NOT recommend!!

6/19/2019 Misty Rowlison

✅ Trip Verified | Booked a 7.15 am flight to Pensacola. Got up super early, returned rental car, etc. went to check in to find our flight was cancelled. Zero notification that it was cancelled and even the monitor stated on time. Reason: no pilot. I’m a nurse. Could y’all imagine showing up to the hospital and me saying. Sorry. No nurse today. No. We take extra patients, we work extra shifts etc to meet the needs of our customers. The best they could get us was an arrival in Pensacola at 5.25 pm tonight. So here we sit with our luggage that we can’t even check in until 2 hours prior to departure. Happy first day of vacation. Thank you Silver Airways our hard earned vacation day at the airport was great. While in line I heard this is typical of this airline.

6/12/2019 Jacqueline Nobili

Not Verified | Orlando to Key west. Our fight was delayed because of weather last night 6/9/19 just want to say the girls working to get everyone on the flight were fantastic. So was our pilot what a nice guy thanks for getting us back to Key West safely. If my battery in my car was not dead when I got to it it would have been a perfect night. Thank you

6/11/2019 G Sherborne

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Key west. Worst airline ever! Our flight was delayed over an hour from Fort Lauderdale to west palm, but the board kept showing “on time”. No weather conditions, plane was sitting there for hours. No info. The staff didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Once we started to board, they said “oh sorry, wrong flight”. It was a disaster. We literally got on the flight and didn’t know if we would make it to the right destination. The flight attendant actually made a joke that we were going to Cancun. She got it! Coming home we are now delayed an hour so far, I’m sure it will continue throughout the night. Epic failure of an airline. Never again!!

5/31/2019 D Sheale

✅ Trip Verified | Worst travel experience ever and I travel a lot. This was my first and last time using Silver Airways and/or Priceline to book. Due to an accident I was in on the way to the airport, I was too late to check in for my outbound flight. They would not make an exception despite being at the airport in time to still catch the plane. I rented a car and drove 4 hours to Ft Lauderdale. Then when I tried checking in for my return flight, it was cancelled. I was told it was forfeited for being a no-show without notifying them even though I stood at the counter with two of the workers. They told me I had to call Priceline to get the flight reinstated and Priceline told me I had to call Silver. I spent all day on the phone with both and got nowhere. I ended up having to rent another car to drive all the way back to Tampa that evening. They will not give me a flight voucher even for the return flight. I did everything I could that day and nobody would help me. So I spent over $500 total for a flight ($350) and rental cars, and spent 8 hours driving in one day.

5/28/2019 R Brown

Not Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Pensacola. Very disappointed in this airline. I flew round trip and I did not see them get not one flight out on time. One hour to 2 hours delay. Not being informed until after departure time has passed. The staff at check in also act like they have no clue how to do there job like they are all in training. I had to deal with this experience leaving Pensacola and returning. I will not choose silver airways again.

5/27/2019 Chris Dittrich

✅ Trip Verified | West Palm Beach to Marsh Harbour. This is by far the worst experience traveling in my life. We have been held here for 24 hours with excuses that the plane is broken, the pilots are resting, the flight crew is on its way, we are getting another plane, to we aren’t really sure if we can get you there. The corporate office is literally a group of useless individuals giving people false information. I would start at the top down and fix this before these poor people are out of jobs due to their performance. The only reason this airline is still here is due to supply and demand. Do not use them. Read the other reviews.

5/20/2019 E Garner

✅ Trip Verified | Key West to Fort Lauderdale. Flight was delayed an hour for no apparent reason, In absolutely clear weather. This was from key west to Fort Lauderdale. Then, traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee our second flight of the day, flight was supposed to depart at 5:20. Ended up not departing til 7:26. Reason the pilot gave: “yeah, we got tied up in the Bahamas”. Aka, biggest load of BS ever. Again, the weather was completely clear. Was supposed to Land in Tallahassee at 7:25, ended up being 10pm. Not happy at work today. You get what you pay for. Still, not even cheap considering our flight was $368.

5/14/2019 Joseph Meister

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. We landed in the FT Lauderdale Airport on JetBlue to catch a connecting flight. We are flying from FT Lauderdale to Orlando. Flight was supposed to leave at 6:55pm and it is now 8:23pm and we have not taken off and have no updates. The board is still reading On Time 6:55pm. I understand there is bad weather but when you can’t update people of what is going on then there is a problem. All attendees don’t know what is going on.

5/5/2019 M Bennetts

Not Verified | This was by far the worst airline we have ever flown. Flight was delayed 6 hrs due to “weather”, meanwhile every other airline came and went seamlessly. Many asked when the flight will depart and the answer was never clear. They would come on the announcement and announce boarding in 15-20 minutes. Then 40 minutes later say due to weather it will be pushed to 8:00 - ultimately finding out the reason it was pushed back was not due to weather but because they were waiting on a flight attendant. The airline has learned if they say due to “weather” they do not have to provide amenities or ticket refunds to the guests.

4/30/2019 J Hallan

✅ Trip Verified | Tallahassee to Tampa. Easily the worst airline ever. Both flights delayed over 4 hours. In beautiful weather, they are already delaying flights 6 hours in advance. This tells me they are running by the seat of their pants and don’t have enough planes that are working. None of the workers know what’s going on and even when they do, they forget to tell you updates. “Oops forgot to add another hour to your delay”. Don’t fall for the Cheap fares... it comes at a huge cost and you will be held hostage. Good luck with customer service. Next time I will drive instead of flying with this circus show.

4/30/2019 Deana Wolkov

✅ Trip Verified | Tallahassee to Tampa. This was the worst experience that I have ever had with an airline. The flight you Tallahassee was delayed 30 minutes without any notification. The return to Tampa was scheduled to depart at 6:05PM the same day. The flight was delayed 4 times with a total of 5 hours delayed. We did not receive any alerts to inform of delayed. They gave. I reason for any delays and when I went to ticket agent they insisted that I contact reservations. After being on hold for quite a while I was told they could not offer any explanation or compensation and I needed to speak with ticket agent. I would not fly Silver Airlines ever again. I have spent 10 hours at this airport and could have driven home in 4 1/2 hours!

4/24/2019 D Colburn

Not Verified | Tallahassee to Boca Raton. Worst airline experience ever! No notifications at all about anything. Severely late flight departures and return was cancelled. Terrible customer service. Still trying to get a refund for my cancelled flight. The only positive thing I can say is the pilot landed us smoothly and safely. Which of course is most important.

4/22/2019 Christy Glaze

Not Verified | Daytona Beach to Bahamas via Ft Lauderdale. I can understand having delays when there is bad weather, this airline cannot seem to show up on time, ever. The staff seemed nice enough but, they don't have any issues with just leaving you sitting in the airport for hours upon hours upon hours. We were delayed 5 hours on our flight to our vacation destination and then coming back, we were delayed again another 2 hours. If that's not bad enough, my luggage ended up in Pensacola FL instead of Daytona. I was told that it would be returned to me the next day. Someone would call and they would deliver it to my home. That never happened. No customer service number to call. The one number I was given to call and get an update on my luggage, no one answers. The other number I finally found just keeps you on hold until you can't stand the music any longer. I give them a zero, big fat zero. You can't get a hold of anyone. They have a website with a form that has questions you can't answer in order to submit your complaint. It wouldn't matter anyone, it says plain as day they can take up to 60 days to reply. Thanks for nothing Silver Airways. I will never fly with you again. The worst customer service I have ever had.

4/16/2019 Lisa Chappell

✅ Trip Verified | Literally the worst airline ever. Said there was a delay in our flight to key west when we arrived at the airport. Thinking we had a four hour window, we left the airport to grab breakfast and were back in an hour and a half. Meanwhile with zero communication the flight reverted and left with all our luggage and only other flights out all booked. This was a birthday weekend 4 months in the planing. and I had to spend $300 to purchase a ticket on another airline and leave 6 hours later. Tampa Friend couldn’t afford to buy another ticket and went home. Now at key west airport for return flight. Flight delayed two hours. Sitting in an airport again for hours because we don’t dare leave.

4/16/2019 Robert Totsch

Not Verified | Pensacola to Tampa. This airline is horrible. Booked a flight to take kids in a cruise and there wasn’t a flight crew ? Really. A 0920 flight leaves after 2 pm and because there is no flight crew. Guy at gate said it "happens all the time". It happens all the time? How is that possible? To have a flight crew to fly a plane that you’ve booked months in advance. And they text you 2 hours before you are supposed to leave. I will never ever fly this low rate airline again. They ruined my family vacation and all they said was you can have a $200 coupon! No accountability for people and they could care less. If they didn’t have a flight crew they should have announced it the night before I could have driven. Do not use Silver Airways. Ever. Not if you wan to get where your going the day and time you planned

4/16/2019 R Lamevic

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Key west. This was my first and obviously the last time I’ve been flying by Silver Airways. 4h delays for the flight of an hour and there was no reason for it. Weather was perfect! So unprofessional, I didn’t show up for work and lost my money and my time sitting at the airport. So poor!