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6/3/2018 T Waters

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Seattle. Their policy counted a fishing rod as an extra item requiring me to check a bag through my final destination jeapordizing the contents of in the bag. The lady scanning tickets was very rude and challenged the validity of my final destination. I would never book a flight with Sky West!

5/19/2016 Donald R Simpson

A big thank you to staff of Skywest Airlines at St. George Airport and on flight DL7393 Wednesday, May 18, 2016. My age related reduced mobility and endurance makes travel more difficult than in past years and I had dreaded this flight. However, Skywest staff made it one of the easiest flights I have had in years of travel. The male attendant in the boarding lounge saw my cane and luggage and without my asking came to me and asked if I would like help which I accepted gratefully. On boarding the female flight attendant also immediately took my luggage and placed it for me. On deplaning a male staff member offered to handle my luggage and proceeded to get me through the arrival lounge and to a wheel chair where I was taken all the way to the outside taxi stand. Given that the Skywest lounge at SLC airport is far removed from the baggage claim and taxi stand, this was more than just a convenience. I was able to arrive home without being exhausted. Kudos to the above mentioned Skywest staff - a team of champions.

7/20/2015 Jerry Krinsky

The plane was a CRJ operated by Skywest. I was warmly greeted at the door by a very nice FA. Service was excellent. The seating on the CRJ is 2-2 rather than 3-3 on the larger planes. The plane was very comfortable and quiet. No entertainment system due to the short flight.

4/23/2015 L Eriksson

I am a regular flyer but only had my first experience with SkyWest last week on a flight from Milwaukee to LaGuardia. Unfortunately I have to say it was the worst experience I have had with an airline. I booked the flight via Delta who did not include baggage in the ticket price and would not allow me to pay for this immediately - I had to wait until it was time to check in. Very inconvenient. They then proceeded to rescheduled the time of the flight about four times. As a result I had to call them to reschedule to a later flight which resulted in my missing several hours of my NYC vacation. The later flight took off as scheduled but was very old and had the smallest seats I have ever seen and I am a small person. Safety is clearly not a priority for this airline as the flight attendants did not explain what to do in case of an emergency and by checking the safety card I discovered there were no life vests or life rafts on board. In the event of us landing on water we were to use the seat cushions to stay afloat! Considering this flight crossed Lake Michigan and Lake Erie and flew over the Atlantic before landing at LaGuardia I find it baffling that they would even consider not having life vests on board.

1/5/2015 A Bastien

LAX to SMF on 12-10-14. Small regional jet economy but in an exit row with more than adequate legroom. Uneventful flight decent airline would fly Skywest again.

1/5/2015 A Bastien

SMF to SLC - premium economy on Delta's regional carrier Skywest. In my experience seats on Skywest are more comfortable than the ones on Delta's larger aircraft. However the recline is minimal. Pleasant flight on time flight no food for purchase.

1/5/2015 A Bastien

SLC to OKC. My spouse gave me her first class (upgrade) boarding pass. I can't comment on value for money because this was a free ticket. However first class was disappointing no food served or available for purchase on a flight that boarded at 1:20pm. (we had a one-hour layover). The seats were wider than those in EC and with more legroom. I'd fly Skywest again but would not pay for a first class ticket. Other than the lack of food the flight was pleasant the FAs attentive and courteous.

8/15/2014 Bill Hennigh

SkyWest does not honor American Express/Delta free baggage deals. They are the only carrier in and out of some destinations like West Yellowstone. As a result even if you get your free checked bag from your original departure location/Delta flight you won't get it on the way home. The SkyWest ticket counter employee at West Yellowstone actually thought it was funny. She laughed at me when I complained. This was a "Delta" flight operated by SkyWest.

4/2/2013 L Mackay

Traveled from Kalgoorlie to Perth. Aircraft used was a Fokker 100. The check-in was extremely quick. As always the plane was tidy and well kept the flight attendants are always polite and tidy. Skywest seats have more space then rival airlines on this route and are comfortable too. The flight included breakfast and unlike the rival airlines on this route you are given more then one option to choose from and a variety of drinks to select. I would recommend Skywest.

1/25/2013 A Plug

Perth-Kalgoorlie same-day return. F50 outward F100 return. Quick and efficient check-in. Aircraft ageing but clean and well-kept inside and out. Seats reasonably comfortable for tall people. Ground and cabin staff friendly cheerful helpful and very professional. Was promised breakfast but only a snack provided. Ticket prices quite expensive even considering late booking.

5/20/2012 Liam Waddill

Perth-Busselton on Fokker 50. Terminal was new clean large and attractive. Quick check-in. I lost my boarding pass but was re-assured it didn't matter (which was a great relief)! Cabin crew were easy going and polite. Aircraft spotless. Small snack (rice crackers) and water were served. Very quick flight and comfortable but forgot to go to the toilet and didn't have the chance to get up as it was so quick! Arrived early with a smooth landing. Great information given by pilots (altitude weather) fare was $104.

5/1/2012 Liam Waddill

Busselton-Perth on F50. Check-in great and nice baggage allowance. Fare was $92. Delayed landing at Busselton but made up time in air. No food - was a disappointment. Only water served. Cabin crew didn't smile and made little eye contact. Comfortable flight. Toilets were pretty average. Pilot made great clear announcements. Aircraft in great condition the cabin had no mess and a nice magazine to read.

2/9/2012 Mark Paulton

PER-KFE-PER Fokker F100. Alliance charter F100 on the way out to Cloudbreak. Cabin very old and worn out. Not surprising for mining charter flights. Breakfast not bad usual cold breakfast/cereal affair. Flight time nearly 2 hrs. No IFE or magazine. Return 5pm and F100 again. SkyWest aircraft this time. Meal was a very small snack but we landed at 7.15pm so dinner would have been more appropriate. Magazine provided but no IFE. Crew polite and easy going. Drinks were good and plentiful no alcohol unless purchased. Advice - don't sit in the last three rows as they aren't "window" seats as they are blocked by the engines and the noise is terrible.

12/18/2011 Anna Kleinzahaler

LAX to San Diego having flown into LAX with Delta and this was the connecting flight. Timetable for this flight allows 50 minutes but in reality it is nearer 20-25 minutes. Nice little Canadair jet very bright and clean inside. Left on time and arrived early. Two cabin staff seemed to be playing good cop bad cop. No drinks offered because it seems the flight is not long enough. Its a great little flight that does not climb too high and so you get a splendid view of Los Angeles. Once the plane was parked up we had to walk along the apron to the terminal building. Slightly longer wait then I had expected for so few passengers to get my luggage from the carousel.

7/5/2011 J Taylor

MEL-PER Via Kalgoorlie. XR22 Fokker 100. Due to not being able to locate the crew the flight was delayed by 1 hr at Melbourne. Due to strong winds between Melbourne and Kalgoorlie the flight was diverted to Adelaide to pick up extra fuel. The 5h20m flight turned out to be nearly 7 hrs. These tickets were extremely cheaper than the major airlines. Check-in was simple at Melbourne airport and the flight was extremely good. The Flight Attendants were down-to-earth and worked well for the full flight including the stops. They brought around food many times during the flight. Apart from this unexpected stop i would highly recommend Skywest for the Mel-Per route.

5/28/2011 Nathan Xu

Fokker 50 from Perth to Geraldton and Geraldton to Perth. Great service by cabin crew food provided was great. The disadvantage of Skywest flight right now is its delay. All my flights were delayed but mainly due to the small terminal of the airport. In addition the flights on this flight is very expensive due to lack of competition.

2/11/2011 H Ersoy

SLC-FCA-SLC Delta connection branded CRJ200. Both directions crew was informative and friendly. Aircraft well maintained and clean. I can't complain about the service we received in 1hr 30min flight. Check in people at SLC are very busy with constant Skywest-Delta Connection flights leaving but efficient.

1/2/2011 B Vincent

Perth to Albany F50 early morning flight. Check-in well staffed so no waiting. Aircraft in good condition for its age and seat pitch generous. Friendly crew and a reasonable cooked breakfast served on this 1 hour flight. Departed and arrived ahead of schedule. Excellent service - my only gripe was the fare $201 is a lot for a 400km flight. More than half the seats were empty - they would surely fill more seats if they kept the price down.

9/3/2010 B Vincent

Darwin-Perth via Kununurra and Broome. Light food and beverage served on each leg by friendly and hard-working cabin crew. Aircraft interior trim was a bit worn but the seating was the most generous and comfortable I can remember in an economy cabin anywhere ever - this is how it should be! All up the flight took nearly 6 hours and we had to stay on the plane during stops but I would have had an expensive extra night in Darwin had I flown with anyone else. I got a very good fare booking well in advance but fares shot up to over $800 a week before - perhaps they should review this pricing policy because the plane was less than half full on 2 of the sectors.

8/26/2010 M Tay

YEG-SFO return economy. We were placed in the exit row of the CRJ-700 on both flights. I'm not sure if this was pure luck or because of our FF memberships. Consequently we found the leg room excellent. The flight and cabin crew were good. The only beefs we had with SkyWest was that they charged for checking in our bag. We were not made aware of this charge before checking in.