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11/10/2018 Heidi Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Ivalo. Flew with Small Planet to go and see Father Christmas - delayed by four hours coming back with no information or updates. Claimed for food that we had to purchase, it is a year ago now - I received an email stating they had received my complaint and would deal asap. Have chased them three times now and never get a reply. Staff were surly, plane was dirty and there was no food available on the flight as they had run out of everything! Avoid at all costs.

3/11/2018 T Mastan

✅ Trip Verified | Rhodes to Amsterdam. On my return flight my suitcase was destroyed. I filed a claim, and more than 5 months later I still haven't been able to get any word from them. Only automated e-mails telling me that they are very busy. Not even 1 human response, let alone an evaluation of my claim. Small Planet Airlines must have the most inhuman customer service I have ever encountered in any business. I would recommend never flying with them at all, because anything you want from them, other than the actual flight, will not be given to you.

11/13/2017 I Parker

✅ Verified Review | On time departure from Larnaca to Leipzig. Very friendly crew. I was surprised that 3 of them including first officer was from Greece and Cyprus. Very nice and colorful aircraft that makes your day. Wind in Leipzig was not calm it was about 20 kts. Perfect landing.

9/30/2017 K Nijman

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Heraklion. Low cost budget airline in our case chartered by Neckermann. Tickets were very cheap, but the service not! Good service departure on time friendly personnel. Seating tight but thats the trade off for cheap tickets. Airplane registered in Germany so safety and maintenance should be ok. We had no issues whatsoever.

8/3/2017 G Kemp

✅ Verified Review | Flew Lublin to Heraklion. Very comfortale trip, without delays, friendly, helpful and professional crew, good amtosphere on board, everything fast and without problems. I felt safe during the journey and I think that I will choose Small Planet for my next year holiday.

7/21/2017 Sally Mitchell

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Preveza return with Small Planet Airlines. Our flights both ways could not have been any smoother and the experience was faultless. I didn't try the food so unable to comment but all the staff were friendly and attentive. Would use again.

7/9/2017 Peter Grimshaw

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Prevesa. We have flown now this route three times with Small Planet Airline since 2015, most recently out on 29.06.17 and back 06.07.17, and consider that this airline just gets better and better. On the latest occasion both flights left on time and arrived early. The aircraft was spotlessly clean and comfortable with smart leather seats and bright multi-coloured headrest covers. The friendly cabin crew were professional and safety aware, whilst the commentaries from the flight deck both before take off, during the flight and before landing was informative and very well executed. For a no frills budget airline the catering was both plentiful and reasonably priced eg. full English breakfast with coffee (if you wanted it) for £7.50. Great to see that this airline has revived the old tradition of offering boiled sweets to all passengers with courtesy prior to the aircraft starting its descent. Based on our experience I would have no hesitation in commending Small Planet Airlines.

6/2/2017 Paul Elworthy

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Ivalo return. After a fantastic holiday in Lapland we begun our return Journey with Small Planet Airlines. Due to adverse weather conditions the flight was delayed 3 hours. After 3 hours the pilot said they we would be re routed to Luton Airport. Whilst waiting for 3 hours the airline run out of food and drink. This was a particular concern with small children on board. We were charged for food and drink despite the fact with a delay that long the airline should not be charging for food and drink. When we arrived at Luton we had to wait two hours for our baggage. I contacted Small Planet Airlines to raise a complaint due to the additional costs we incurred having to get home from Luton instead of Gatwick. After having no response for over two months I contacted Small Planet Airlines to see how my complaint was being handled only to be told they did not have my boarding pass. I had supplied this to the company with the other requested document but they had obviously lost this. I received a response from the company but it failed to answer the points I raised in my initial complaint so I contacted them again requesting they respond to the points I raised. Some four months later I have had no response. I have tried to contact the company but each time I am put on hold for 15 minutes then you are automatically cut off. It would appear that this is a deliberate tactic to avoid the complaint being dealt with. I have sent the company several emails requesting they contact me to discuss my complaint. All have been ignored. I have also sent an email to the their chief executive which has also been ignored. The company appears to have no respect for their customers complaints and makes it impossible for them to be registered. I would like to say that the pilot and cabin crew were excellent on our return flight it's just a shame they are let down by such poor customer service from this company.

5/4/2017 C Drew

✅ Verified Review | Newcastle to Ivalo return. Firstly the flight out to see Santa in Lapland was broadly on time. However, there was a significant delay on the way back. We were held in Ivalo airport which is pretty basic at best. On the plane, the crew informed us that the delayed flight was caused by the original cabin crew having excessive hours in the air. The cabin crew that served us had to take a taxi on their day off from Manchester to Birmingham where they were delayed by congestion into the airport. By the time they got to the airport they had already missed the departure slot and no ground staff were available to fuel the plane, hence the significant delay. Now to be fair with the cabin crew on the return flight they were great and really did their best. However on making a claim in December 2016 we are yet to receive a reply. We have tried to call the UK & Lithuanian customer care lines but after about 20 minutes on hold you are cut off. The frustration is you are told that you would be due a refund because of the delay but the lack of response or acknowledgement is just rude. So all I can say is this company are seriously let down by their after sales care and complaints team. I assume they just don't care and assume that if they continue to ignore complaints they will just go away. I would not use Small Planet Airlines again now would I advise you not to use them either.

3/24/2017 H Wells

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Santorini. 2hr delay going out but flight was reasonably pleasant, staff friendly and the plane appeared to be reasonably new. Coming back we had the joy of a 7hr delay. The delay itself wasn't too grim (it was during the day and was spent in a taverna up the road from the airport rather than the tiny departure lounge). We eventually left on a plane which had clearly been sourced in a hurry that looked like it was the only one in the scrapyard that still worked. Luckily we arrived back in the UK in one piece, and this is where the fun begins! Don't expect a quick response to any delay claims (weeks will pass). Don't expect to be offered the full amount, as stated in the regulations on flight delays. Don't expect to receive the payout within the time limit they state (13 weeks in our case, it's now 15 weeks since they promised a payout, and over 6 months since the claim was first placed). Don't expect to get a response to any chasing emails. They ignore Tweets too. The only response I got on social media was posting to their FB wall (along with many other disgruntled customers) - you can't post directly to the wall, you have to put a comment in one of their posts. Despite the actual flights being OK (staff are lovely), there is no way I would ever fly with Small Planet again. They suffer badly from delays and their customer service is one of the worst I've encountered. I'd rather walk to my destination, it would probably be quicker.

2/23/2017 Julie Gray

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Rhodes. A distressing 11 hour delay spent in the airport, with little information given, and any that was given to us changed every time we asked why we were delayed - various reasons given which appeared to be more like excuses for poor management. A small fleet means that it doesn't take much to happen for it to escalate, and like dominoes the flights all fall down, and never catch up. We arrived at Manchester airport (a two hour drive from our home) at around 0530hrs for an 08.00hrs flight and did not fly until 18.45hrs, subsequently landing at Rhodes airport around 01.00hrs the following morning, with a long journey to our accommodation, and finally falling into our bed around 03.00hrs shattered! I must say that on the aircraft the cabin crew and flight deck crew were extremely apologetic and looked after us as well as they could within their limitations. We would not fly with Small Planet ever again.

2/23/2017 Francis Moore

✅ Verified Review | Skiathos to London Gatwick. The flight was more than 8 hours late in arriving. Apparently this is a common experience with Small Planet Airlines and they have subsequently refused to respond to our claim for compensation for the additional expenses we incurred as a result. Otherwise the cabin was comfortable and the crew perfectly pleasant

12/19/2016 Mark Adams

My wife, three year old son and myself booked our Corfu holiday through Olympic Holidays. Our flight was originally supposed to be with Germania but was altered to Small Planet a month or so before we were due to go. To cut a very, very long story short. We were delayed for over 39 hours. We were shunted about, given zero information by Small Planet Airlines or Olympic and generally treated like cattle. On our flight there were numerous small children (all very well behaved), disabled and elderly people who were all left upset and confused. When we eventually got to Corfu two days later we heard nothing from our rep until the penultimate day. The response from the airline and Olympic has been nothing short of disgraceful and at times sarcastic. Small Planet Airlines seem to have regular delays, and not small ones either. Eight, ten or fourteen hours seem quite common. Why Olympic persist with them can only be down to the fact that they are cheap. Still awaiting compensation (and a reply from Olympic) five months later.

11/14/2016 S Woolham

Fuertaventura to Manchester with Small Planet Airlines. After reading all the negative reviews, I was really worried about flying with Small Planet but I was pleasantly surprised, we were delayed for 30 minutes but that was nothing compared to the 3 and 4 hour delays that a couple of the well known airlines had. The plane itself was bright and clean and the seats weren't as bulky as others which meant that they were comfy but you had extra leg room. The cabin crew where lovely and helpful. I would not hesitate to book with the airline again - delays happen which are not always within the airlines control. Some entertainment on a 4 hour flight would have been good but you don't get that with any of the other budget airlines either.

10/26/2016 M Rayman

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Kos. Flight delayed by 15 hours. Left all night in freezing terminal building. Missed a day of our holiday. Olympic Holidays rep who was fronting for this airline was unhelpful and actually bolshy when asked a few simple questions at the airport. Worst experience I have ever had with a travel company and airline. Home 3 weeks and still waiting for the email of apology from Olympic Holidays which the rep told us would be sent as soon as we got home.

10/22/2016 L Unsworth

Small Planet Airlines from Palma to Manchester with a half hour delay, no major issue. Staff were very polite and felt more approachable than other flights I have been on. Surprised to see full size cans of coke not the mini ones. Was given the extra legroom at no extra cost which was a great bonus. All round good experience and would fly with Small Planet again.

10/9/2016 A Farr

Manchester to Kos. We were scheduled to fly on 1st October at 1830, but at 1830 we were told that the aircraft had a technical fault and that they would try to repair it. At 2230 we were told that they couldn't fix it so another aircraft was being flown in to depart at 0500 on 2nd October. We were given a £12 card for food but the shops in terminal 2 shut at 2300 so not everyone managed to get any. Terminal 2 shut off the heating (outside temp 3c) and we had to sleep on the floor as airport representatives said they were not prepared to put us in hotels. The flight eventually took off at 1000 on the 2nd. There were babies and old people in a rough state. Shocking service will avoid them at all costs.

10/8/2016 A Bartle

Manchester to Kefalonia with Small Planet Airlines. My husband and I flew with Small Planet for the first time in Sept and were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and friendliness of the crew. It's not often on a budget airline that you get complimentary hot drinks first thing in the morning and it is years since we were offered boiled sweets on decending to help alleviate ear problems. What simple but nice touches. Our return trip in Oct was equally as pleasant. The crew were polite and very informative and the captain had a good sense of humour which made everyone relaxed. We bought hot food (bacon panini, cheese and ham toastie) on board and for the first time can actually say it was very tasty! On both flights we arrived at our destinations early what more could you ask for? The new style leather seats were comfortable and not too restrictive, lovely brightly coloured headrest covers made a nice change. We would not hesitate to fly with them again.

10/4/2016 R Johnson

✅ Verified Review | In view of many negative reviews I just wanted to say that I have flown with Small Planet on 4 occasions albeit the same route (Manchester to Kefalonia, the last time was 2 weeks ago. The flights have always been on time in fact twice the plane has arrived in Kefalonia ahead of schedule. My latest flight was delay free, the cabin crew were friendly and helpful. The Captain had a great sense of humour , kept everyone informed on where we were and if there was anything to see out of the windows. I will have no hesitation in using them again.

10/3/2016 Andy McCauley

✅ Verified Review | Skiathos to Manchester. First time with this airline. The crew were excellent, the plane clean and comfortable. Kept informed by Captain where we where and what we could see out of window. All in all I will definitely be using them again.